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Game rank of 2003 Rank 92in 196 titles
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Dream Cast Playstation 2 Windows NEC Interchannel
Hiro Suzuhira
Minami Nagasaki
Rino Kawashima
Mari Oda
Junko Kusayanagi
Japan Released:2003/09/25(Thu)
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2010/04/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19600 Host:19363 Browser: 11162
A joint life between Ms. Chika's father (female teacher) and Chika ...
To this situation, it is what I came to thinking!
To interact with her and children,
It was heartily pleasing and heartwarming.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will say [very good].

2006/08/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 959 Host:1076 Browser: 6342
I played an aukai play.
〓〓〓It is spoiler attention.
It is PC version by example. I hope to fit the content to the consumer version.
If you said something wrong with the consumer version, Sumi Marsen.

〓〓〓About each route 〓〓〓Chikaro route I think that it is strong and such feeling whether it is a point of view about becoming like a person different from other works.
Joy and suffering of becoming like people.
On the day of graduation ceremony, I heard the story of Chika.
A girl named Chika. I think that she saw her goodness.

〓〓〓I do not think that it is Ayane route, too much ... but it looks like a person?
I feel that it is impossible for friends to take pictures of themselves, to fight quarrels, to link them to family ties, not gags or the like.
A mysterious combination of hysterical homeroom teacher with perverted friends ...
This series of scenes enters the ranking of Gyaru unpleasant scenes.

It is a pattern common in Galge that makes you feel good only at the end.
However, what it says, the part which the heroine of this work talks is very impressed.

〓〓〓Yuuki Route In the end, it is an expansion that gathered up with a good feeling (though it is an ordinary thing, that father who fights a political marriage tries to take her until he hits and grasps his hair, I can feel it and accept it.
Well, I feel like it's too convenient, but I wish I could be happy (wry smile

Chika, when I was at the graduation ceremony, I cut off my hair like a bisari.
She ... ... Do you think she cut her hair as a deliberate desire to give up the hero of Senka confidence?

〓〓〓Megumi route I think that it was the best that it was the most stable.
Compared to the other route's new life living in Chika, a message to her sister, etc., although it is inferior to the instantaneous value, it was a route that seems to be a "good work" as an average value.
Megumi's story at the graduation ceremony was not very climactic, but I think she was like her, and I think that atmosphere was like that atmosphere.

〓〓〓Comment on each heroine (delusions and something
Congratulations on your pregnancy, Chika. Even if it is a baby mother when the child grows a little bit ...
Ayane, it is ... Nani, because you do not give me a wedding ceremony for you. But I'm sorry (Tsundere? W
Yuuki, I do not care, but I am a tea school (so what
Megumi, there is not a thrusting trap w

〓〓〓About the picture It was a picture that had a favorable impression on the Official HP, such as game magazines.
However, the standing picture of the actual game, etc. is full of uncomfortable feeling as "What is this".
It is a shock just because the balance of the body and various things, the image which I was holding was good.
Especially, the face of Yuuki and it is subtle. I liked it most in the standing pictures I saw in the book at the time of sale.
In other words, Toshiya 's face is not for this work (Even if I am dogmatic, I think that Chika' s picture is getting better overall.

I think that event CG is better overall.
I think that Yuki is still more attractive to draw. (The difference with Chika ...

About Character Voice
I did not feel particularly good or bad of CV.
Well, is not it a valid place? (Even if you are throwing in, the part of the name of the hero is glad when the name with the default value is with sound.
There should have been alternative means such as "Kimi" "You" or put an alternative word instead of a blank.
Actually, all parts of the name are not silent, there are also parts that are being recorded in place of "Kimi" or something, but there are also many parts of silence.

〓〓〓About the scenario what it is, if it is too convenient so far, there is nothing to say.
I really have no choice but to really divulge as Galge (lol

Encounter while Chika is changing clothes is sometimes good, to some extent.
However, I will not stop thinking as much as this.
I will not learn the hero. . .

Route composition, choices are severe.
Although it has nothing to do with the work of the work, there are quite a lot of capture sites of wrong strategy charts (a bitter smile

BADEND is not only true, there are also happy BADEND.

Also, I would like OP / ED to be able to skip or fast forward.

〓〓〓Comprehensively major ... or F & C makes the original, but what it says it seems like it?
Although it is a serious point, I can not give a rating more than a certain amount.
Depending on the sales per one, it is more quantitative than quality or quality.
There are also aspects to think that it is a work that is enough to port consumers.

〓〓〓About evaluation There are quite a lot of parts, there are not a few disillusioned parts to play.
However, since some parts I liked were also included, they are "normal", offsetting each other.
A good part is good, but I can not give a little "good" (wry smile