[Game]Devil's Invitation

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Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1989/09/29(Fri)
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2015/04/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
Shadowgate who made fool a low-key.
In a word, this work is like this.

The story begins where the hero wakes up in the car.

When you actually play, the content is to say that you will scratch demons and traps using the color, the spells and items you got in the hall to find the older sister whose hero disappeared,
I do not become bad end frequently as "Shadowgate", and idiots are also powered down.

However, the fool's level is still quite high, the live commentary of the main character is still alive, she sits in the car and does not go out,
"Hit" -> "self" and the hero murmurs "Good idea does not come up", ignoring ghost warning and going out of the iron grid,
I will show off the curiosity and the last moment that I will spontaneously blow out red skull and face to face, such as "using" 〓〓〓"owner" 〓〓〓"self".

In addition, it is a good impression that the good place of "shadowgate" remains as it is, such as simple save function and continuity.

In consideration of idiot power down and functional aspects, the evaluation is "good".

2014/12/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1531 Host:1502 Browser: 7420
It is an adventure game released from Kemco which is said to be too difficult in the streets.

〓〓〓System 〓〓〓
As it is called a Chemco trilogy in combination with Djab and Shadowgate, it tends to acquire items as they select commands such as "Looking Up, Taking Off" as well as the previous two works, as an adventure game type.

However, this game is made to have a lot of puzzles which are difficult to understand, so that difficulty is high and it is not simple.
Also the horror part is conscious, and ghosts etc come out in key points.
In other words, it may be suitable for people who like full-fledged ADV games,
But light game players and small children are not so much ....

The story is "The hero surrounds the mansion in order to find an older sister who is no longer in the drive"
There is not much like a hint and it is something like it is not in the end.
If I adopt a horror element I guess I'm glad I could have brought a bit deeper here.

〓〓〓Graphic 〓〓〓
Although it is a distinctive touch, the fear of FC is firmly expressed and the atmosphere is perfect.
Skull of Pikaichi when it is time to play the game.
I guess they will be traumatized unintentionally when they are small. (I am one of them)

〓〓〓Operability 〓〓〓
It is not bad. However, if you leave out what you do, you will be caught in a few places
(Because the door is not opened properly, there are many places where it can not pass or you can not use it because you have not opened the lid,
Be careful there because there are games that you may have.

〓〓〓Difficulty 〓〓
It is quite difficult. Even though there is room to save it,
Adventure game It is hard enough to assert that it is not suitable for those who are touching.
There are many places that promptly decides death, and there are many things that do not know whether to use or not to bulk the number of items, it is hard to understand,
Also there are scenes that have to take advantage of a bit of a change or there are scenes where you have to use the item you got in a while ago.

〓〓〓Volume 〓〓〓
In fact it seems like there is little and it is comparatively small.
I think that it probably feels longer than the actual length, since difficulty is high and trial and error often happens.

〓〓〓BGM 〓〓〓
A terrible atmosphere, the atmosphere to be impatient is out considerably. Although there are many creepy songs for the convenience of the game,
BGM of a woman who is behind the front (but ...) is bright and fabulous.
Of course creepy songs are possible as well.

〓〓〓This is GOOD
Creating a consistent atmosphere such as eerie graphics and eerie events, eerie BGM is good and it is a good impression.
Personally, when the action is slow in the scene in the very first passenger car, the gasoline will ignite 〓〓〓The pattern of death remains in the impression strangely as it is, I admired that I am doing this game well Thing.

〓〓〓This is BAD
The degree of difficulty is rather high. And there are some unreasonable parts so it certainly is a game that picks people at that time.
Moreover, it may be that there is a person who is frustrated and is doing how it seems like a jokes about the hero's speech, and the appearance facing here (players).
After that, there are also some places where I wanted the graphics to be better just for a little more story.

〓〓〓Comprehensive evaluation "It is normal" I will.

2014/05/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7817 Host:7782 Browser: 5666
Play time about 20 hours

The story started from inside the car that caused the accident suddenly and the elder sister who had been with the hero's noticing ceased to exist, and got off the car and entered a mysterious building and search for a sister story

It is a difficult difficulty to proceed with advancing in adventure format and not solving the mystery for every command.
Although it is not without hints, I think that stress will accumulate as it is hard to derive the hint.
Moreover, because there are a lot of items, I thought that the threshold was high because the number of commands I had to hit each year was high.
Besides, although there are items to grow and grow watering the flower pot many times, the degree of difficulty of solving the mystery that the complicated action of taking water to the giuro and not doing it to the flowerpot in the process is necessary There are quite a lot of serious things.

It is a purpose game to look for my older sister, but I do not feel like searching for my older sister when entering the building.
Just go inside the building to catch a spider, or to defeat a ghost of a woman or go dull, so it's not funny.
The last person adventured underground labyrinths or the like did not feel like adventure game too much.

About the hero it was a bad feeling of shit. I also have syscon, but I did not like liking the line too low age or suddenly poisonous tongue.
Because it loses to a simple cat and there is also a game over, it is also a point that is a rather weak hero.

Evaluation "bad" command Because there are many patterns that can be hit everything, it is amazing to make it to Famicom Soft, but it was a problem that I did not feel like searching for my older sister and going dull.
Honest fun game