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Arcade Playstation Dream Cast Playstation 2
Toshiyuki Morikawa Yuji Kishi Yuko Miyamura Unsho Ishizuka Tessho Genda
Yamada Yoshiharu Masashi Sugawara Yuji Ueda
Koichi Yamadera Shinichiro Miki Norio Wakamoto
Yuko Sasamoto Akiko Koumoto Jinguji Yayoi Tomomichi Nisimura Osamu Hosoi
Nonakamasahiro Kunihiko Yasui Satoshi Hashimoto
Usuimasaki Sogiakoya KONG KUWATA
Koji Ishii Johnfraton Arai Toshimitsu
Yumimasae Monster Maezuka Harumi Ikoma Nobuyuki Hiyama
Japan Released:2000
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2016/05/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44659 Host:44507 Browser: 10902
Capcom and SNK. Co-starring of two large manufacturers who have produced all kinds of masterpiece games. Many outburst users in the production announcement of that work will be excited and will be looking forward to the operation.
But, as soon as I open the lid ...
[good point]
The situation itself that Capcom and SNK coalesce. At the beginning of the announcement that I was thinking, "It is feeling that my dreams in the age that compulsory education is not over yet reality became reality!" ...
Personality selection.
.BGM. Songs of old days are also recorded and are impressed.
[Bad point]
Anyway the ratio system. I will skip the explanation because it is troublesome, but this is one of the reasons why this work was not popular.
Even though a signboard character of SNK is in Kyoto it must not be uncomfortable. Terry is older and sexuality also seems to be the protagonist, so I think it is appropriate for the role of cutting stoic ryu and palpation. As opposed to Kyoto, the career is a one-digit year, bad guys are not good guys ... and there are too many disadvantageous factors. Not very, but I can not accept Ryu's rival. "History and instrument are different (of course, in a bad way)"
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Sweetly with "good" closer to "normal". It is an honest impression that I wanted you to make it a bit more ordinary.

2012/12/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11601 Host:11433 Browser: 5682
* It is pointed out also in the site called the gated term and there are points that I can incur with the past logs written in old days,
Re-editing. I will re-evaluate it.

[good point]

Each of the street fighter ZERO, KOF Orochi extra based Capcom, made SNK groove, I think that it was easy for beginners to get attached and not bad.

Although the attack button was a 4 button system closer to SNK, the character of Capcom side also saw consideration to Capcom users such as skewing obliquely downward + strongly kicking and squatting during a conventional squat down with Ryu, so there was not much discomfort It is.

Except for some characters There are EX characters in most characters, so that they can be used,
There was fun similar to other hidden elements, and the motivation to earn Versus points also increased.

In the voice acting group, there is also nothing else to say in the KOF series Ignis, Lou Girl (2002 and Neo Wave only), Johnny of the Guilty Gear series and Samurai Spirits flash and appearances as well The acting of powerful young lady Norinori got shining.
"Life seems regretful ... ..." "I will give you death !!" ETC ........
Regardless of Mr. Toshimitsu Niigata and Mr. Toshimitsu Shinko, considering that the performance has deteriorated unfortunately since the VS series with Capcom, it is said that "It will be good to come over with all the money!" Or maybe it seems to be a superfluous line ...? ......

[Bad point]

The ratio system was a failure. The idea itself was not bad, but eventually, for example,
All four people team of the ratio 1 than the two team of the ratio 3 & 1, it depends on the performance of the character was totally strong. It was a hidden element, but the pair match mode would have been a better match-up. (In Legal's past appearances it is probably the weakest character after KOF 98 no mark.

Character graphics also mentioned in the past logs, Capcom side was also inconsistent, such as the use of ZERO series was not seen consistently.

I mentioned the ending and past logs too, so I do not think that details are necessary, but it was funny and funny.

The victory message of the villain character also mentioned in the past log, well Kim and Ryuji Yamazaki were totally wrong in KOF at all in bad meaning, even even in the former SNK, in ultimate flow karate,
Even Masashi (hungry MOW) has been accredited for comedy, so maybe it was impossible for Capcom to claim to understand the charm of SNK characters.

Regarding the selection of characters, I mentioned in the past log, but rather than saying "Capcom VSSNK"
It was a selection of "Street Fighter II VS King of Fighters". But,
Since there were nothing else that was noticeable, it seems that now it is not enough to make such a frustrating .........

Even BGM and all of the original songs of this work were so plain and lacking excitement, the quality was usually low. Morrigan and Richard Maiya (Maya himself did not appear as a player character.) Etc. BGM of the past was also a masterpiece at all .......

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The reason for realizing this series is that it was said that the sales representatives of Capcom and former SNK were friendly with each other, but in the end it was a product of both stalemate, and in reality it was not a bright one It is.

Speaking about Capcom, in the SF series of signboards ZERO and III eventually the world view etc. failed (eventually you will have to face the "reality" you must rely on the glory of the past 〓〓〓 Although it was a big hurdle that the old SNK and Hyper Neoggeo 64 etc. also hung,
In KOF, the striker system in the Nests edition practically fails, especially after the real bout special after the real bout special, a bad place such as "funny legs" (Kim, Yamazaki, extremely karate karate faces etc. mentioned above) etc. in KOF spreads I think that Samsupi did not need to change Remiguru 's character and voice actor separately, but I still could not deny that Bushido Retsuden and certain OVA version etc went through.

To be sure, the [bad point] which I pointed out again in the version upgrade PRO has been improved to some extent,
Although it became a gorgeous contest game of a dream in the true meaning in the sequel 2, it was not neglected that there was a pitfall called a forward cancellation, and although each problem was not solved in this series,
As a result, it can be said that it was inevitable that Miso was attached in the playmore chaos.

After that, Capcom went through the blank through the IV series, but in 2008 it will also be a good reputation for the crossover with Tekken with the restoration of the characters that Masashi Nagashi ignored the time series and the reprocessing without a long-term perspective I can not hear it, I thought that Ash's edition finally ended over 7 years with playmore,
In the last 13 we revealed the lack of adjustment, and in April this year we will be releasing the upper version climax, etc. We are struggling with each other, but because of that situation, "What was this VS series? "There is a false question to surrender. Although it got longer,
In that sense, evaluation is changed from "normal" to "very bad".

2012/08/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33498 Host:33523 Browser: 11259
Play DC version
[good point]
There are a lot of characters BGM
Background graphics & directing Because the work is different in normal mode and extra mode, you can enjoy for two people Voice actors
[Bad point]
Ratio is fixed Fixed partial use of the character graphics Announcement seems to be like a long-awaited scary
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway the background was good.
The favorite stage is a transcontinental railroad (locomotive runaway stage)

2009/03/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6047 Host:5938 Browser: 6399
[Total playing time]

[good point]
CAPCOM and SNK finally played together in arcade game! It will be impressive for fighting game fans !!
Background graphics and BGM. I'm pretty (Nyari)

[Bad point]
The ratio is fixed. It was a type fighting game thinking about the original team but it was somewhat disgusting how to treat like cost.
The gauge system is not yet completed.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I am happy with CAPCOM and SNK, but something is unsatisfactory. I feel it was incomplete.
At that time I mistook the red guy and the girl well. (Laugh) Gile was surprisingly easy to use.

2008/09/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21652 Host:21631 Browser: 6034
When it was time when it seems that it was considered to have passed a long time since it was in operation, miraculously I was working in Gaesen two to three times.
How, with fixed character ratio?
Even though "4" is the limit, if you use Sagat of "3", you can use only the character of "1", Nakoru is "2" so you can not use it.
Well, like this, I can not use it as a team,
Was not there any way for the system to say "What's this?"
I thought it was extra because I did this after Capie 2 of the sequel?
However, at the time of character selection, this one was better, and when I remember the things I did, it is a game that seems to be "good".

2007/09/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19923 Host:20016 Browser: 3162
Why are you doing nothing very well in my favorite VS series?

As it is rather a festival, the feeling like "a broken dream once again" is strong?
I do not know well, but I did not get it.

Perhaps the timing was outdated.
I got a lot of pins because I was immune from the scattered VS series.

I did not get along well. I have only this feeling.

2006/10/01 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9800 Host:9607 Browser: 4184
> It is a work that may be gathering and reproducing the faded dreams of the 90's.

That is strange to say.
As I said a couple of times before, the CapuSe series was followed,
Capcom, who had been forced to stay in the past glory of strike II, and the expansion line came backflip and became deadly body
Since SNK's contradiction is a collaboration series created by them, I have not expected much from the beginning,
Sure enough that attempt was only a temporary success,
Among them, the role of Vega and the good performance of Wakamoto Oki glowed.
Dialogue such as "to succumb", "to give me death" was expressed well by the intrigue sense which Vega originally possesses, giving hopeless fear as the emperor of evil. Psycho impacts and heart break diversity was a cool technique, but it was a pity that I got lost in 2.
I think that SNS side bosses, GEASS and KONG Kuwata are also good actors against VS, but if possible we would like Mr. Katsuhisa NAKASE to act like Mr. Katsuhisa Nuuse. Even for performance
3, It was closer to the special than the real bout (it does not matter?) The other surprising thing was that Zanghiev CV
It is thing that Mr. Genda Tetsuaki who was Gail CV in TV anime version V and EX series. Mr. Nobuo Ishizuka (Although regrettable that it was not a very good role in Hagaren Shambhala.) Gile also had a different charm from him.

Capcom seems to be drawing a lot from the arcade,
Although it might not realize collaboration as such a fighting game anymore, even if they have the crystal capabilities of both companies, they eventually become complicated to respond to the expectations of users who are improving year by year, I could not resist the flow of 2D grade games after the strike ZERO 2 and it certainly felt "I feel sad air"
In that sense can never forget, "Co-star series of dreams"
Was not it. The three pieces by Capes series.

2006/10/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20475 Host:20486 Browser: 5234
Although SNK who finished the historical mission and its follower, Capcom that had already had no capacity to create original works already has a strong image, which means that the image of a dream co-star in that sense I feel empty.
If this was produced in the middle of the 1990s, evaluation may have been different yet, but SNK which the body as a company has not been established and Capricone which originality was already exhausted come out For this work, I feel a feeling of emptiness rather than a good mood, "Now ... ..." "Where this could be done ...".

This is not limited to SNK bankruptcy talk, but Capcom was sticking the story of neta since the time of "Marvel VS Capcom", and I can not play original game characters and style games, If it is thought that cooperation with Bandai and so on, and so on, the power has been applied to the people for the home, the image of the work that appeared late for the remainder Because of that, at that point, I think that fans of the appearance of this work were stronger than the feeling of "I was waiting !!" rather than the feeling of insensitivity "I could do it now ...".

In the first place, these types of dream matchups were things that had been overflowing from the time of the gauge of the mid 90's, the doujinshi and games magazine and it was thrilling excitement, so in that sense that It may be said that there was still a dream. However, it took too much time to realize, and even if it was realized, it could not deny the aspect that the portion "late ..." remained more intense than the element, and in that sense, Despite my desire, I can not deny the image which has been idle.

Thanks to these things, this work can not compete with the character of this game! "And when thinking about the aspect of" It is possible to create it now ... "rather than a zoku feeling, he is not obediently obliged, and later Namco's character is added Even though, somewhere emptiness and the image of "the collaboration with another company's work has become complicated" inevitably comes out. Given such a part, since the game property is completed, I will not say it anyhow, but there is an image of a work that has been late for all aspects, and I will dig up what has already become a thing of the past and let it participate I also get the impression that it is. With this, feeling of emptiness comes out rather than a throbbing feeling.

Having a dream is important, and it is certain that the work can be shining or deflated whether the dream will come true or not. However, for this work only the image of the latter comes out, and in that sense it can not be helped as a work too late.

A work that may have gathered and reproduced the faded dreams of the 90's. Considering that part, I feel sad sad somewhere in this work.

2006/09/30 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8533 Host:8521 Browser: 5234
Now, I bought the PS version PRO.
I have touched the unmarked version of the DC version of the arcade and acquaintance as it is,
Murrigan comes out occasionally for the random characters, I can not see the demon at all.
Or, I think that the system itself as a groove point which always decreases unless it is dominant is a defective item.
You should only repeat the supercomputer finish like the ZERO series.
However, when playing at home carefully, it was a work that felt quite rough.

Well, certainly the bad movements due to the reduction of the character pattern of the PS version (the dots of eyes are also dirty and collapsed)
Even if the victory pose of each character has been drastically reduced (for the sake of breaking up the character multiplication between the characters trying to reproduce it)
Even if the degree of portability is somewhat low, it is only a poor transplant as compared with ZERO 3 where there was Jojo with super story mode and world tour mode where you can play funny.
I heard that PS edition PRO was produced as a part of Capcom 's new career development in one article ... ....
I do not say that I bought a loss, but it is an honest place that I do not think that I was happy to buy it.
It was a shock as I believed that Capcom's transplanted work could play even if the machine power was low.

... Anyway, although I have been fighting games from the first strike II,
It's the first time that I'm playing a CPU fight and thinking "Was I so bad?"
Even after all, it is a bad game of bad skill, but it may be good even if the CPU is weak a little more.

In the price mode too quickly the characters gathered and the illustration seen in the gallery was also very small.

I do not know how long it will be to buy PS version PRO at this time,
It is safe to stop those who have a strong image of a successful PS transplant like the one of me like this, which is the capcom work earlier this work.

2005/11/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45461 Host:45437 Browser: 6287
It may be because it is not Gatefan, but I got tired of it on the way and I will not be motivated now.
It seems that old times were good

2005/09/14 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8967 Host:9073 Browser: 4184
> Destroyed Emperor

I see. However, I think that certain ZERO-like graphics were still better .............
It certainly feels a bit painful to continue using the ZERO style as it is for ten years.
Even if the detailed Dodd picture is compared with the change of excellent KOF ..........
As for Dan. Joe Combi again, there is only Dragon's Kombaro mug cover. (Laugh) I wanted you to appear in 2, but there were still various impossible ...............

2005/09/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8533 Host:8564 Browser: 5234
Recently I evaluated because I had the opportunity to play the MUJI DC version (too late?).
Information of the work was stocked in real time, but the index finger did not move anyhow.
I feel a sense of play a bit nostalgic.
Even players like me who got stuck in the sense of the old strike series can fight fairly.
Ratio system may not be honest. Because there is some performance difference, I think that it is the player who decides the strength of the character.
It seems that the character's rating has been done before the player moves ... everything ... (although it may be a mood problem).
The loneliness of ED is tolerable because it is delicate to emphasize the story in a festive game well, high.
However, Joe & Dan's combination certainly just like the latter pulls his legs (bitter smile) as other people say.
Although it is not a bad game, it is never a bad game, but evaluating sweetly with the plus / minus of unbalance on the person selection of the character and the system and balance as the evaluation of only the mere indication will be the place like "ordinary".
(Including knowing that when you learned that a battle that eliminated the barriers between manufacturers will be realized, they were expanding their expectations)

> TCC Mr. late but ultra slow, but while the graphics of Ryu are developing ZERO style and the finished version was 〓〓〓style,
Even if I use the graphics of the ZERO series, I thought that it was because there was a painful place for Ryuken and others to co-star with the SNK characters such as headphones balance such as Kyoto and Han.
I personally wanted Zanghiyev, etc. who was deformed too much muscles to be subject to redrawing as well as they and Vega (bitter smile).
It seems like JAM, but the graphics of the ZERO series (even though I'm redrawing the details) have been using it for nearly 10 years ...

2005/07/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40026 Host:39878 Browser: 3875
It seems that this game is pros and cons, but it is good for me.
Group has some personality and it is interesting.
Also the last Omega Lugard or True Ogre is too strong ...
But after winning there is a sense of accomplishment.
It was good not to seamlessly connect the continuous skill with moderate so easily.

But it is regrettable that the capcom side is almost the character of Stowey.
Everyone except Kyosuke and Morrigan at Sta fi?

I wanted such a variation.
Personally I'm happy that Haou Maru Revival.
There are many characters and individuality and it is interesting.

The degree of difficulty is also reasonable and good!
Just the last boss is too strong ... (cry)

But it was fun to devise a variety of things.
So sweetly with "good".

2005/06/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10445 Host:10485 Browser: 4487
It is a sad work that makes the impression of SNK character descending to Capcom 's army gate.

I wonder what I thought was never a trash, but I feel a very lonesome SNK character. I felt the company collapsed and came to work.

It is complicated in that sense.

Well, I think that "dream co-star" is interesting.

2005/06/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34047 Browser: 2047(Mobile)
Play PS 2 version 2

Four years have passed since I already left it, but it is the best

It is an additional element that makes it possible to use God Rugby and God Rugal for home use, and addition of murderous ryuu and rampowanchi that did not appear in the arcade version

Since the basic system is substantial and there are also a lot of characters, it does not make me get bored easily (even in my home it is still active)

However, although I am a bad man's daughter, it is difficult if I do not get used to the blocking of Oricon and P groove of A groove ... (tears)

2005/02/15 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4230 Host:4066 Browser: 4184
The last boss of 2 was still a version upgrade version of the boss character that represents both parties, but that naming is nothing more.
God man loser, God rugal .... Both of them added names that emphasize strengths variously like Mecha Demons and True Demons, Omega Legals, but once they come this way they are monsters or something It will look like (laugh). Among them, Makarukaru and the space demonoids appeared (laugh).

2005/01/09 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4665 Host:4491 Browser: 5978
> Classical school guy

Although I was not confirmed, it seems that Carman.Call seems to be in the background of Capcom vs SNK 2,
I got such a minor character, but it feels like Capcom is pretty familiar with key points.
Because the title of "Ryuga no Ken Gaiden" itself is not known at all since the appearance of Carman Cole ....
Dragon tiger national news, probably not famous, it is a good match with the wind cloud Super Tag Battle.

Carman Cole, definitely was a character who came to bring Robert back? Akira kyara is talking with Billy brothers at the UK stage of Capuz 2. I thought that I was Lawrence with three fighter connections.

"Ryuushu no fiste Gaiden", "Fuyu cloud series" are really minor. Both of them were hardly seen at the town shops and game shops where game centers and MVS are located in our locality, so it was KOF 96 that we could see Todo's daughter, Kaosi. In addition, although limited edition of "NEWGEO-CD" "Ryuushu no Ken Gaiden" was sold to the game shop, there was a sad event that the shop there was not sold until it closed. I remember barely by the past posters etc that I put in the game center, but the first one is barely remembered, but (it has disappeared soon ...) Where is it after the second work Also I did not know at all until I heard existence from my friends about six months from operation.

2005/01/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41357 Host:41578 Browser: 3650
> CQ, you are right.
Since all the characters except for Blue Mary and Ryuji Yamazaki were buried in the darkness as the new character of hungry wolf 3,
Compared to the old character, that would mean that the fan's uke was bad.
To what mind Qin brothers are determined to be reviving at NBC ... ....

Capcom vs ~ Even Kim, Mai and so on, the character of the past was prioritized,
Even from the side of Capcom, it seemed like you could talk about "Bob, Wilson, Franco.
Well, the popularity of characters declined is not just about hunger wolves,
The special characters of SNK 's new character since 1995 are limited to some characters such as Ani and Leona,
Especially in the non-KOF, there is only a moonlight that the character popularity has gotten decent.
Characters that get mass popularity like Nakoruru, Kyoto, and Ya are hardly born in later years,
It was such a sad situation that only character of popular popularity such as Limulru, Rock, Shimaru etc gather popularity ... ....

However, although I am not confirmed, apparently it seems that Carman. Cole is in the background of Capcom vs SNK 2,
I got such a minor character, but it feels like Capcom is pretty familiar with key points.
Because the title of "Ryuga no Ken Gaiden" itself is not known at all since the appearance of Carman Cole ....
Dragon tiger national news, probably not famous, it is a good match with the wind cloud Super Tag Battle.

Speaking of Dragon Tiger, it was "Todoke Ryuhaku Revival" that was quite popular in this game.
As usual, "Specific mortem techniques are overlapping only", the specifications that kept tradition was attractive.
I think that there is only Ryu - Haki as a "character that pleases those who do not increase their deathblow skills".

2005/01/08 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38888 Host:38908 Browser: 5978
> Classical school guy

> Falling in hungry wolf 3 is pretty awesome, and "Real Bout Fatal Wolf Legend" came out almost without leaving from 3, but "The purpose was to get fans away in 3 at an early age" Because it is said that it is.

Indeed, I understand why Real Bout has come soon. By the way, in Real Bout, popular characters called Kim, Billy, Duck were reviving. This was to get the fans back.

2005/01/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41357 Host:41578 Browser: 3650
> Falling in CQ's hungry wolf 3 is pretty awesome, and since "3 real bout farewell legend" came out almost from 3,
Because it is said that "The purpose was to get back fans who were away in time as early as possible".
Capcom VS ~ At that time already unlike in the past, hunger was not the biggest representative work of SNK, so it can not be helped.

Capcom vs ~, the first work is clear, it is only the completion degree of SVC CHAOS level,
Although the second work penetrates "Simple is best" which is the theme of Capcom vs SNK,
I think that it has evolved into a highly completed work that can be enjoyed even by experts.

Significant changes in the groove system were also attractive, but the best point is that,
It will not be "Street fighter vs KOF", is not it?
Variations of characters become abundant, "Co-star of dreams of two big fighting game manufacturers"
It was worthy to say.
That is why, although there is a good precedent, I changed it to "Street Fighter vs. KOF" again (degraded copy)
SVC CHAOS gets an extra low evaluation ....

Given the incompleteness halfway in which the motivation of the creator of JAM can be felt and the poor general reputation,
I can not help thinking that it was better to finish it endlessly here as long as you make halfway games.

2005/01/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37689 Host:37653 Browser: 5237
I recently (now), 2 (DC version) I bought and practicing Hibiki just.
Compared with 1, grooves increase, characters increase, ... (Other, omitted) ... It is quite interesting. Computer is also stronger than 1, yet I can not overcome G. Rugal (the strongest level). Genocide cutter or something too hot! Stop it! (Tears)! ... Gambaro.

2004/12/13 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16533 Host:16443 Browser: 5978
> TCC Mr. Nakamura Daiki is the same as the 3D version of Haou Maru's voice of this work.

Is that so? ... There is no production of Terry vs. Ryu because the hungry was stalled at 3 ... Personally 3 was pretty much done, so I did not realize that the surroundings went apart It was. By the way, even at NEOGEO Rom, the price of hungry woman 3 quickly declined. I certainly could buy a brand new at around 6980 yen. On the contrary KOF 95 remembers the price did not go down at all.

2004/12/13 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8436 Host:8688 Browser: 4483
> CQ
> Ryo before, it should have been the same voice as Sakazaki.

That's right. Although CV of 3D was Mr. Nakamura Daiki. Cappeus 2 is probably the same way. 2 did not go so far as to get involved .....

> As a person who is honored by hungry, I wanted the production of the beginning of the match as Terry and Ry, not Terry and Ken. The main character of SNK and NGOGEO was not Terry!

This is probably the effect of the difference between the brightness and darkness of the KOF series and other series. Although I mentioned similar things in the evaluation version of KOF,
While the other series stalled one after another, only the KOF series that changed from a pure festival to a story-oriented type incorporating the elements of Japanese myths continued to keep high popularity. Without a stall of hungry wife 3, Capes
The main character on SNK side may have been Terry instead of Kyo.

2004/12/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16533 Host:16443 Browser: 5978
1 was not so interesting and disappointing as it had features of both companies halfway. But 2 is different. Aki will not come even if I do it now even though it has passed. What I was happy to do on the 2nd system from the beginning 2nd thing I was happy about was Rock and Haou Maru Especially since it was a long time since Haou Maru became 3D ... But the voice actor has changed Sorry. Surely Ryo was sure to be the same voice as Sakazaki. Since Ryo is also participating in the same voice, it was good even with the same voice? I wanted to hear the voices "yo! As for those who are more honest with hungry than KOF, I wanted the production of the beginning of the match up with Terry and Ry instead of Terry and Ken. The main character of SNK and NGOGEO was not Terry! 2 is an excellent game with no problem in particular other than this.

2004/11/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30030 Host:30054 Browser: 5234
I think that the balance of the game is improved well.
There are a few hidden characters, but I feel like I could have been a little more.
There is nothing like this in BGM.
That's a "very good" game.
It is a character that I often used, but is it around Lugar, ancient and vice?
The length of the reach kick 's reach is amazing
Can use genocide cutter
Overall powerful high school
Even if anyone has stable performance
Cool !! (Personal thing ...)
A vise
Power is high for female characters
Nevertheless the speed of the technique is quite impressive.
It is not a bad game in general.
By the way, because KOF characters are sometimes hidden behind them, such things are also fun.

2004/08/02 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20237 Host:19916 Browser: 3875
> Hibiki no Lv 3
I think that this is quite usable. Especially, the person of the corpse is advantageous if it stops on the way even if it is guarded, and it is easy to incorporate even in continuous skill.
Well, I think that there is not much need to use for death, but I wonder if we can decide even after we take ourselves.

> Rocking Rock This is not to hit when the opponent approaches, but to hit when the opponent fly.
Or, I think that it is a technique to hit the opponent who tried to hurt by hating vacuum throwing.
Rock is a character that is difficult to handle, but I think that it is quite an interesting character when it becomes usable.

> There is no meaning of combo This is a little I do not understand.
Was there a meaningless combo?

> Leona It certainly was on the desert stage, I think.

2004/07/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I could not win middle grave 2 (Level 8) and I did it many times. The movement is too fast. I could not have had the speed MAX ... No it would not be so late. How many times have you been cried by "〓若〓quot;. Tornado From the whirlwind leg to the dragon fist combo all at once. But it was still a work that I enjoyed.
If there is a problem ... Terry or rock? I wonder how to advance arcade mode with Rising Tackle alone. I can earn points well. Well, that's fine, though. In the case of interpersonal relationship it does not matter. However, the special skill for LV 3 suffered. Especially Hibiki. It is not practical to use it in practice. While thinking, practicing. However, as expected, it does not play an active part in interpersonal life. I wonder if my arm is also relevant.
Terry 's power gazer was okay. Because it can not be guarded in the air, it was almost guessed when flying. Buster Wolf was later using Terry because it can be connected to the PowerGizer. Rock looks like Terry and does not look alike. Raging Storm will not shoot until approaching.
Since it had a meaningless combo (name has been forgotten), Aman is subtle. You do not have to do it.
By the way, did Leona be on some stage?
1 was subtle, but 2 was quite funny so the evaluation was "very good"

2004/06/29 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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A Guru of Cap 2 has no idea how to manage it ...
Especially for the characters that are called A ...
I feel unreasonable as usual. Thanks to that, it seems to be a blanca phobia (lol Ya Okon is the most powerful in any age ...
The people using K, P Guru, how many times have you bitten bitterness ... (I'm C-Guru)

I want you to have a solid fighting jam.