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Game rank of 2014 Rank 28in 59 titles
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INTI CREATES Inafune Keiji
Kaito Ishikawa
Sakuragawa Megu
Yukita Masashi
Ishiya Haruki
Otaka Moemi
Ayumu Murase
Kawakami Koji
Miwa Takahiro
Yuta Kasuya
Onishi Mao
Nogami Sho
Masuo Kosuke
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Japan Released:2014/08/20(Wed) NINTENDO 3DS
Outside Japan :Released:2014/08/29
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1. http://gunvolt.com/ (Translation)
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2016/06/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9075 Host:9228 Browser: 5766
I got a high reputation by creating Rockman Zero Series and Rockman 9, 10 etc. I tried to buy it as Creates production.

The main character's attack method of this work is unique,
It locks on the enemy with a bullet and guides the electric shock flowing from the stroke scale (capability of the main character).
The effect of this lightning strike scale is very flashy, the pleasant feeling of defeating multiple enemies together is quite mild.
Once you turn on the enemy, it automatically flashes electric blasts as long as you are deploying a lightning strike,
It is a powerful attack method combined with a battle that can devote himself to avoid while giving damage to the enemy.
It looks good and it is also excellent in terms of performance, so you will want to actively use it.
Other actions follow the above-mentioned Roquero, you can quickly run through the stage as you can,
There are also the above-mentioned attack methods, making it refreshing.
However, when you are just beginning you do not know the enemy's placement and attack pattern,
Hitting the enemies and receiving attacks will make playing far from refreshing.
But this work has been devised so that players will not be frustrated before they notice the appeal of this work.

That ingenuity is a number of beginner relief measures.
There are many powerful things such as equipment items that can do multi-stage jumps, skills to fully recover physical strength,
Among them, the system called "electromagnetic barrier (windfall)" that consumes EP when it receives an attack from the enemy and invalidates the damage.
This is not triggered when the stroke scales are developing, when the EP remaining amount runs out,
When the remaining amount of EP is not 0%, since you fully recover by just pressing twice under the cross key,
If you frequently recover EP, it will be almost invincible.
Even if you make a mistake, retry markers (restart points) are installed a lot during the stage,
Because there is no concept of the remaining machine, you can restart from that position as many times as you want,
It is thought that difficulty will fall into the low class if it only clears.

However, even if it is low difficulty, everything is not sweet enough to push it gently with the electromagnetic field,
If you are in a tone and you are repeatedly struck by a lightning strike, you suffer damage from an enemy attack,
It will consume EP when it is severe, can not recover for a while, will expose your defenseless you.
Also, some enemies forcibly release an attack to zero EP,
There are troublesome elements such as attacks and traps of instant death type although the number is small,
To some extent trial and error, you need to find a strategy by yourself.
While there is a system called "unbeatable under easy conditions", where there is a good break-
This is why the difficulty level in your vote is not "less than" very easy, "easy" stops.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that this work is the difficulty level of the electromagnetic barrier assumption.
Because the hero's ability to exercise is very high, and it is possible to prevent some attacks such as missiles with lightning stroke,
At first glance, scenes that are difficult to evade without the electromagnetic field can often be dealt with in a surprisingly simple way.
Indeed such as Sunshine Nova of the boss of the chemical factory "Daytona"
There are some attacks that are difficult to avoid even those who are accustomed to the action,
By accumulating experiences over and over again, it will become possible to avoid enemy attacks without relying on the electromagnetic barrier unnoticed.
In order to see the real ending, it is necessary to equip the table rasp boss equipped with the item which becomes the state where the electromagnetic field does not activate,
Afterwards you have to fight against real rasubos boasting one of the best strengths in the works,
Since other equipment items and skills can be used as before, it will be within the range that you can fully aim at action beginners even if it takes time.

While there are many elements for beginners, there are also ways to achieve quests and score attacks,
You can play for a long time even after clearing the story.
To earn a score you save the cudds by defeating the enemy,
By touching the retry marker or using attack skills, you can liquidate the cudds to score,
In the meantime, when attacked by enemies, the specification that the accumulated Coods is 0 irrespective of the presence or absence of the electromagnetic field.
The electromagnetic field that I have relied on for that much makes little sense.
Fortunately, if you pick a marker, score earned earlier will be saved, and if you resume from there, your skill points will be fully recovered,
It is not difficult to take the SS of the highest rank in the normal stage.
However, SP missions 1 to 5 released after clear have no retry marker at all,
Since the above-mentioned method can not be used, it will suddenly change to a very severe difficulty level,
Even advanced players who have worked on past action games will face a crispy play.

Also I wrote that it is not difficult even without the electromagnetic field before, but in this SP mission the story apart from the normal stage, dislike the placement of enemies and traps,
Since there is no retry marker as described above, once a mistake is made, it is returned to the beginning of the stage,
When binding the electromagnetic barrier, you are required to play very carefully.
Especially the boss rush stage of SP mission 5 is a tough stage that can not even clear even if there is an electromagnetic field, unfamiliar.
(90% of the reason is true las boss which appears at the end.)
After all it is clear that there are only stages.

In this way, a beginner is assisted to the extent that the fun as game is not impaired,
Would not it be one of the reasons for success to cover a wide range of layers by incorporating numerous elements for intermediate to advanced users.

I touched only the game part, but the other parts are also attractive.
A conversation with a friend or enemy is frequently entered while the stage is in progress but this is the role of the worldview and the digging of characters,
Among them, especially a hot-blood-like appearance, Daytona who spits a metamorphic speech contrary to the tone,
The conversation with Geno which frequently shakes parodies of other works remained impressive.
However, the display range of the conversation window is slightly wide, which tends to disturb the progress of the game.
Once you can turn off the display with one button, it is disappointing that you can not play comfortably unless you turn off the function which is one of selling.

In the scenario, someone with supernatural power called "Seventh wave (Seventh)" appeared,
Under the name of those management, it depicts the fight between the "Imperial (Sumeragi) group" that repeats inhuman experiments and the organization of the hero side against it, "Feather".
Although there is no novelty, hot expansion is carried out in the royal road and I do not feel bored at all.
Also, against the easy game difficulty, the development from the defeat of the table rasp boss to the real ending is hard and sad.
Because it becomes spoiler, I do not write in detail, but it was pretty shocking.

The difficulty is that besides the conversation window, the complexity of the interface of the mission selection screen,
It is a hassle to gather the jewels needed to make the items necessary to see true endings.
The hiding place of that gem is more complicated than the lifetime of the Rockman X series,
Without the capture information, it may be more difficult than to defeat the true rasubos if you do not do it well.
If you know the location, you can usually get it without difficulty,
If there is clear data, will it be better to be able to start with the item from the beginning?

Although there are minor disadvantages, the high degree of completion as an action game,
It will be inferior to the masterpieces mentioned at the beginning.
For the price of about 2,000 yen, although it seems to be a total stage 12 + 5 at first glance,
It has the charm that you want to repeatedly play the same stage over and over again,
When I actually played, I got a satisfaction above the price.
Although it was decided to release the sequel because of popularity,
Because I thought that it was a waste to end this fascinating game with just a single work,
When I knew it, the tension went up.
By all means, I expect that it will be finished in a work full of charm, beyond this work which is the first generation.