[Game]Astro Robot Sasa

Game total pnts rank Rank 5,849in 6,256 titlesTotal -3 / Deviation 46.52
Game rank of 1984 Rank 59in 61 titles
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Nintendo Entertainment System MSX
Japan Released:1984 MSX
Japan Released:1985/08/09(Fri) FC
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1. http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Knight/7865/sasa.html
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2009/06/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54442 Host:54417 Browser: 5600
To concentrate and patience and to play the controller upside down.
These three things are necessary to play this work.

The genre of the work is an action shooting of all 16 planes.
Contents are to shoot a shot just below to float in the air, move to the right by shooting a shot to the left,
While collecting energy packs by controlling player characters with a special operation called shooting to the right by shooting a shot to the left,
It is said to scratch your enemies and obstacles and go ahead.

Even if the hit judgment of the enemy and the obstacle was slightly hurt in severe, it suffered great damage,
The trap of the creator was also doubly tripled so that the movement using the recoil shots that shot the shot was likely to cause confusion for players.

Although it is my favorite work, since the construction of the work is the extreme centering on the operation system, it is not possible to evaluate more than "good".

2009/01/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 763 Host:612 Browser: 6224
[Total playing time]
When I was a kid, I remembered a bit and I remembered a little After a long time I can only go to about 10 stages ...

[Good point, bad point]
Better or bad inertia g

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A confusing game that the act of "shoot cancer" is not only to defeat enemies but also to move themselves.
Walking and moving itself, probably not much.
If you shoot at the ground, you fly towards the sky, if you shoot at the sky you shoot down to the ground.
If you collect or destroy an energy tank in such an inertia world, you clear the stage.

The biggest enemy is neither scraping cow nor scissors flying in the sky, "inertia".
Anyway, I can only get used to this "inertia".
Every time I shoot a cancer, I will speed up, and if I decelerate, I will decelerate towards the direction in which I am flying (turn his back) and shoot the gun ...
During playing, I will adjust my character 's movements with almost the same condition.

Energy amount (so-called HP) is set for your character, 1 consumption each time you shoot cancer,
If you take an energy tank, it increases, but if you attack the enemy's attack or touch it, it decreases, and when it gets 0, you make a mistake.
Since there is no setting of the number of remaining machines itself, if mistakes, that is, the game is over.
The stage is also ground (gravity), somewhere warehouse (wall obstructs) ?, in the sea (ocean current), and the space stage (black hole)
It has all kinds of situations.

In terms of "enjoying inertia", I think that it is a handy game that is easy to do, but since I care very much about the adjustment of my character, if you are from a rough personality person or the like, it will be a great fecal gaming Something.
It is definitely difficult for me to say that as a myself, but I feel like people are honestly liked!
Just like this game.
However, if you hit the bullet that an ally shot when playing 2P at the same time, damage, damage even if you touch a friend ...
Even if you touch the debris of a defeated enemy, there are parts that do not quite understand such as damage ... ....

2008/11/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25881 Host:26185 Browser: 8090
It is the fifth bullet of "Kousoge (attachment) series of attachment (memorial)", but if it keeps evaluating too bad it will probably be about penalty, so I will quit once.

I may restart when I think to try again in a mood.

[Total playing time]

A bit of a friend at a house .....

[good point]

BGM was comical and sloppy.

"Reaction gun" received personally (laugh).

[Bad point]

Well ... before I did it at a friend 's house, I was looking forward to what I was asking "kusoge" to that friend, but I do not think it' s enough to criticize here. .......

It is certain that it will not clog.

Just avoid avoiding enemies, just avoid it .....

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Personally, "I like that shoveling !!" Because there are also sides, put it as "bad" stop.

2007/12/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8732 Host:8464 Browser: 5234
I think it's interesting, but it was a difficult game not to be a huge.

Air movements shoot bullets and proceed with repulsive force, but energy continues to decrease while shooting, and it is hard to break the goal walls because it will not break unless they shoot quite a bit.

The sea and other stages are extreme. Even though it is hard to move even hard, it is more difficult due to the tide.

I have done with two friends with my friend, but it was no good at all. Even if you are 2 people, damage by your own character's contact, even if you eat bullets, damage. It was hard to do.

I will make the evaluation "ordinary".

2007/02/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23982 Host:23954 Browser: 4184
If you collect or destroy all the energy packs on that side with action shooter that can play together at the same time clear

The biggest feature of this game is the existence of inertia, when you want to fly up when you want to fly upward except when you are walking on the ground except when you are walking on the ground If you want to fly downward and want to fly right Shooting toward the left after shooting, firing bullets in the direction of being flushed when you want to apply the brake, etc. In addition to the very moving speed of movement, in addition to moving speed in the air moving to the place you want to go with the presence of inertia Often it is very difficult to make it difficult to make a momentum and collide with an enemy often, and depending on the stage, it is also difficult to do this by the tidal stream in the sea or pulled by gravity on the universe.

Another problem is the energy of the aircraft, which is quite small, it fires bullets or eats attacks of enemies or decreases energy when they touch it. The means to recover is only to take an energy pack, There are difficult surfaces that are better to destroy.

The strategy of this game is a simultaneous play with a good human being and it is impossible to clear unless it is a perfect combination or a two-player combination (by the way, if it is two play, the amount of energy increases from one person and the transfer of energy between players is also I can do it) It was very frustrating game nature.