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Game total pnts rank Rank 4,157in 6,113 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.78
Game rank of 2009 Rank 115in 172 titles
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Japan Released:2009/07/15(Wed) Application software
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1. http://wiki.livedoor.jp/rpg_gx/d/%A5%A2%A5%B9%A5%C7%A5%A3%A5%D0%A5%A4%A5%F3%A1%A6%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AC%20%B9%B6%CE%AC
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1. http://www.exe-create.co.jp/kei/as_kei/as_pc.htm (Translation)
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2009/11/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48177 Host:48197 Browser: 8935
[Total playing time]
28 hours

[good point]
Items and mastery techniques, backward dungeons after the second lap and bosses have elements to interact with, the volume is sufficient.
Character design is excellent, relationship that fellow characters appearing are kept to a minimum, each character is involved in the event firmly and the presence has come out.
The battle scene has an auto mode and if you keep pressing the decision button it will be even faster and comfortable earnings are comfortable as well. (Though it was not necessary to earn much experience value though)

[Bad point]
There is no particularly novel system, conservative. In other words old-fashioned classic RPG.
There is no fatal sense of various naming such as country name, item name, magic name appearing. It is too easy too.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A royal road RPG application that gathered well in bad or worse. The system imitates the Final Fantasy of the Super Nintendo Entertainment era, and the battle is an active time system of the side view. The interesting thing is "skill" which learns with weapons dependence separately from ordinary magic, and the SP necessary for using it is one point accumulated every time a turn comes around to me in battle. There is not a whole attack technique but there is a technique that can attack in a vertical row or a row, and it can be activated at a point different from MP, so it is interesting to use it comfortably in battle. It is a pity that I do not remember anything until the end as I have diversified the auto mode in the Zako battle because I must consume SP to remember the new technique.
Also, since the auxiliary magic is strongly balanced in this game, if difficulty is overlapped with various auxiliary magic firmly even against boss battle difficulty level is quite low, it is contents which can be enjoyed even by light users.
As written in the synopsis, the main country name in the game is "light" to "dark" and it is a very easy and stale naming, but the scenario is a firmly made rather than a promised royal road story The guild work which is also a waypoint element is also prepared to some extent, so the volume of the whole game was enough to say as a portable application.
Especially excellent is character design, since fellow characters appearing are only four people who can participate in battle, there is no irritation that fellows who raised themselves repeat departing midway, conversation scenes at each event inevitably As it becomes more numerous, I can express well the character of each character, I think that the direction of the neighborhood here will give you a point.

Although there is no wacky innovative system, I think that it is a work that can be recommended, with a simple, old-style RPG that can be relieved with confidence, a hidden dungeon after the second lap and back boss etc. are prepared and the volume is also high.