[Game]Aquanaut's holiday(akuano-to no kyuujitsu)

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Art Dink
Japan Released:1995/06/30(Fri)
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2016/12/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:22102 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Looking at the place where the sequels also appeared, I think that it might have been popular as it was, but it was a work that was based on the concept of submarine creatures and submerged creatures from the perspective of the submarine.

Anyway, as soon as anything started without any explanation starting from the scene in the ocean, there was a dull feeling that I did not know exactly what to do with the PlayStation software "Tail of the Sun" However, when drifting in the sea suitably, they encountered a group of fish. The kind is also various, I wonder if there was something fun that I have watched, from deep-sea fish to sunfish, even sea turtle.

In addition to maneuvering and retreating submarines to operate, you can also raise or lower the submarine, which makes it possible to smoothly move terrain that is difficult to move forward. In addition, it is possible to put ultrasonic things from submarines, and the response of fish to this is also various. Especially when given to sunfish, somehow spinning round and so forth, unique, enjoying the difference in the reactions of various other fish, I am immersed in the mood of exploring submarines I think that it was a work.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

2014/02/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8202 Host:8102 Browser: 5655
It is the evaluation of "Aquaworld's Holidays Memories of Summer 1996".

A healing game where you explore freely in the sea.
Although it does not have to move by himself and explore, it moves without permission, though.
Even just watching the screen while doing something is a good game.

Basically I like pretty games more and I like watching beautiful ocean and fish Well ... I do not feel something is missing.
Evaluation is "normal".

2008/10/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7192 Host:7430 Browser: 2256

Although it is "environmental software" flatly, there is no change,
A story has been added.

Personally I think it is unnecessary, but it may be better than nothing.
I think that it is for all people.

There are also things called PS3, the number of pictures, movements, creatures is amazing.
Just to the last game, it is processing disappearing, it is occasionally doing a mysterious behavior.
But beauty is beautiful.

You can meet various fish shellfish, mammals, molluscs, etc in various places,
I think that I am able to go to ruins and sinking ships, deep sea, etc. and the width is wide.
Because there are quite a few types, it will be difficult to find out.
Because it is also registered in the pictorial books, it will be quite useful for studying.

Taking pictures, looking around the ocean with an aqua monitor,
Depending on how you explore or play, I think there are various ways of playing.
Just a story may be slightly unfriendly.

The operability of the submarine is sometimes felt to be incompatible.
There is no such thing as getting used to it.

It is a game of the same type as "Africa", I personally liked the sea, so I decided to do it.
I saw how a whale swam slowly, I was able to do it.

Improvement of the submarine and progress of the story, if understood, is simple, but if you do not understand it will not proceed as far as the ocean, so you may end up in the way.
It is a rewarding tappuri to satisfy the complete soul.

Very recommended for those who like it.
Would not it be nice if you do not have difficulty doing things over aquarium you see on wide TV?

But searching is very hard ....

2007/11/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50312 Host:50251 Browser: 5234
It is one of the work which is very difficult to evaluate, I think that the evaluation will change by 180 degrees by people.
To put it simply, the game is to fully enjoy the sea in a submarine.
There is no purpose at all.
If there is no story as written in the instruction manual,
There is no ending, a game which can only say "avant-garde".

It is not suitable for everyone, even if it does not match, it does not fit.
I said that I did not match at all and I was frustrated on the way.
If you ask "Highly flexible game", it sounds good,
It is conditional that it is "restricted freedom" to the last,
It may be just boring to have no purpose and not do anything.

The sound was wonderful, I felt like I was exploring the ocean floor.
There is something that can be said to be the best among BGM's in creating an atmosphere.
Meanwhile, I would like the Graphics a bit more ....
If it says that it can not be helped because it is an old game, until then,
Because it is visible that graphics will be a game like fish and the sea bottom,
I felt that I could put more effort.

Overall, I want this game "limit".
Although playing elements increased in 2 which is the sequel to this work,
After all it was a thought that it was a game where there were no elements to play just about making reefs.

If you can enjoy the view of the world, it may be fun as it is,
I think that bee will not hit even if we incorporate a system with more story or complete elements like fish illustrations ....

Evaluation is "bad". It was a good impression that there was something like an archaeological site as a hidden element.

2007/08/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19923 Host:20012 Browser: 3162
This game is a game that enjoys the view of the world rather than enjoying play.

I like the sense of dullness in a good sense. If you are going to explore the ocean floor, feel empathy and fun to sea the ocean floor.

The idea is pretty good, is not it? I will be careful.

2007/08/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14103 Host:14416 Browser: 5234
Own view type adventure game where you take a submarine and take a walk on the vast ocean floor world with free firing.

It was a game with a very experimental smell, which has not been decided specifically for the purpose of the clear or the game. Anyway, if it can taste this garden-like ocean floor world, it is good. If you are looking for a stimulus or challenge, you may be pushing the brand of Kusoge immediately.

There is "drawer" in this game anyway in various forms. You can also explore the undersea world where beautiful graphics (although it is a polygon which is a little coarse though), the playful staff's plentiful staffs and objects are sleeping as well as freely searching for colorful fish You may spend your time watching the herd, or you can make contact with a passing dolphin by sound signal. In particular, the acoustic signal is one of the few actions that players can take in this game, but this allows you to touch its various "drawers". If you are interested in using the signal, reactions that you do not anticipate will also come back ... Pleasure is free.

There is no action and there is no strange production, and the search activity is also different from "the recruitment element". In that sense, it can be said that it is scanty for elements that attract players, and it is clearly a game to choose players. If you put it in a bad way of saying, since it is a box garden space after all, there is a limit to the range of action and the ability to do. However, the degree of freedom to the extent that it is possible is expensive as it is, and finding a new area by finding a cave that I did not notice until then, you can feel the sense of sync that you fumble and explore without doubt. Not only "touched" this undersea world, but if you enrich the "possible" aspect as a player, you may also have increased pleasure.
It is a work that gives an impression like a landscape painting rather than a game. It is a mysterious game that apparently has a different coat color but does not feel like denying.