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Game total pnts rank Rank 4,169in 6,332 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.84
Game rank of 1990 Rank 132in 194 titles
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Taito Corporation
Japan Released:1990 Arcade
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2013/05/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10902 Host:11118 Browser: 9831
"Night striker" changed from "Space Harrier" system to "afterburner" or "outrun".

If we were to express this game in one word, it seems to be this.

[Total playing time]
Because it is a minor game, I do not do much.

[good point]
Although the content is a 3D shooting game, as it is said to be as the title, it is the main wrestling fight in the hovercraft, and while progressing down the water it will progress while defeating the enemy character naturally attacking naturally, but first mentioned There are also common scenes of fears that obstacles come closer to the street, graphics and characters similar to the company's game's night striker (who also appeared in the enemy character and also in the niist and similar characters) .

To the shutter appearing from the water, bargaining and patterning as to how to go through it was also required, it is certainly a difficult game. However, the pleasant sensation and power that pushes forward while striving to the fullest extent of the destruction (Abueneho ... ...) is the feature of this work, there are beautiful graphics, and its power is further increased I feel it.

[Bad point]
The game balance will be bad and difficulty will be high.

As mentioned at the beginning, as compared with Space Harrier, which is a revolution of all 3D shooting games, afterburner has restrictions on movement and number of bullets, so that the degree of game freedom is limited compared to space harrier So it was not as fun as Space Harrier.

And the night striker which is a space harrier type shooter was able to move anywhere, up and down, right or left, making use of the specification called hover machine because of its own machine, but this is because the aircraft is a hovercraft, so the jump function is limited There is a phase that can be progressed even if there is it, and there is a phase that can not be advanced unless it depends on rapid acceleration and bomber, and this is also close to afterburner, the freedom constraint is remarkable.

The knight striker deforms to the motorcycle form on the final stage S, but in that case the up and down movement is restricted and the bike is basically avoided by moving it right and left. Because it is so difficult to proceed with that condition, it is more difficult than a night striker, not a life system, but a stock system, so your aircraft will decrease more and more.

It might have tried to put out a different aspect from the night striker, but it may be a failed work game that it all did not work well.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In addition to the remarkable appearance peculiar to Taito in this game, there are appeal that various kinds of company games are packed.

Because it is a night striker-like game, there are things that smell such scenes, directories are there, things like water stages and canal stages are also there, and furthermore it turns out with ED, but the company's game "Ninja Warriors" Boss, Bangla is the masterpiece of the game, so many things can be seen.

However, it is also a fact that the poor game balance and the difficulty level became a bottleneck, and it seems that the service life has been shorter than the night striker. The music may not have been the ZUNTATA sound by OGR, but it may have worked on such a negative side.

It is a fact that it is a regretful work, and I want you to show the sunny eyes of Taito Memories etc. .......