[Game]Aoki ookami to siroki mazika gentyouhisi

Game total pnts rank Rank 3,675in 6,115 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.78
Game rank of 1993 Rank 135in 223 titles
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PC-98 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1993/03/25(Thu)
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2012/06/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15414 Host:15377 Browser: 5458
The second work of the history simulation game of honor with the theme of Genghis Khan.
I played it because it is SFC version so evaluate it.

It changed to the first work which was difficult to understand what was useful other than the military force and physical strength of the person,
It has changed into easy-to-understand items that are also found in politics, force, command, charm and other honor works.

Although it is slightly strange if it is a country other than Mongolia, the Ordosystem was live and succeeded also to later productions and it became a synonym of this series.
Although the system which assigns residents to work is also alive, it is truly independent to soldiers to prevent in Loco tactics,
In order to make the inhabitants a soldier, I had to conscript them with money.

And the characteristic feature is only the cavalry, infantry, and archers in the first installment are the Mongolian Cavalry, Samurai, Knight etc,
It is that things reflecting the country's nationalities appeared.
Well, however, Mongolian cavalry is superior, and it is easy to proceed with ease if securing Mongolian cavalry for the time no matter what country you are in charge of,
It seems to be said that it is an honorable game, but it is regrettable that it was a great balance.

Evaluation is normal

2012/06/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14863 Host:14820 Browser: 9929
Harmony and Ordo balance.
This is the most annoying thing to play this work.

The final goal is unification of the Eurasian Continent.

Scenario 1 (1184), which aims to unify Mongolian tribe by picking one out of several chieftains such as Temjin (Jing Khan) and Jamka
Scenario 2 (1206) set in the time of fulfilling tribal unity and setting out outside Mongolia, scenario 3 (1271) set in the era of Fabylai,
It consists of scenario 4 that aims to unify the Eurasian Continent by starting off from 1185 with the tribal unification thrown away,
In the middle of Mongolia, allied with the tribe which dominates the ninth country which divides Mongolia into the east and west, enhances national strength by flattening the surrounding territory during the alliance,
At the same time as the end of the alliance, at the same time the theory of the previous work which attacks in a stroke at the same time is acceptable so that the works themselves remained remarkable in the work of the previous work.

In this work, the physical strength is set for the king and general, respectively, and funds and weapons are procured by trading supplies such as fur to Chinese and Islamic merchants,
Each time you execute internal command such as conscription and training such as recruitment and training, it decreases and repeats the process to shift to the next turn (the next season).

In addition to that, Ordo diversified the command compared to the previous work, select command by lighting the character of the princess, the ability of the king,
Every time I executed the command, I was improving to the point that it was not comparable with the previous work such as exhaustion of physical strength.

Therefore, when playing with a king with low physical strength, it is required to trim the ordo and make the play more efficient.

However, given the strength worn by the troops under his hands and making the expedition almost never loses, I was concerned about the sweetness of making,
Evaluation is "good" stop.