[Game]Another Century's Episode 3 the FINAL

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BANPRESTO From Software
Hitomi Shimatani
Toru Furuya Shuichi Ikeda Tomokazu Seki Hikaru Midorikawa Wataru Takagi Rika Matsumoto
Sigeru Nakahara Mika Doi Jun Fukuyama Rikiya Koyama
Nojima Hirofumi Rena Mizushiro Otoya Kawano Takehito Koyasu
Kenji Nojima Akira Kamiya Show Hayami Eri Takeda Yuko Sanpe Hideo Ishikawa
Japan Released:2007/09/06(Thu) Playstation 2
Official sites
1. http://www.ace-game.jp/ace03/top.html (Translation)
Opening movie (1)
PS2 - Another Century's Episode 3 OPPS2 - Another Century's Episode 3 OP
Song:Hitomi Shimatani Arrange:Yuta Nakano [Fan reg.]
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2011/04/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26848 Host:26998 Browser: 10531
Because I like Eureka Seven, I just used Nirvash and it became a habitual operation method and the Gundam system can not be used
It was good, because all Nirvash spec 123 was out
1 was able to use the rifle was a snake feet as an original work lover
(In the original, Eureka shot a nonresistive person with the rifle of Nirvash)

2 is very easy to use and strong attacks, but it was punch that it was dropped in 5 seconds after invocation even though Sevenswell was thin even though the armor was thin. Gasudd Kahn 〓〓〓Bush! ___ ___ ___ 3 Approximately three seconds the opponent's attack comes

3 was coming out I was glad that the technique was original specifications, "Why is this type of defense !!!! ????" I am a bit disappointed with the armor that is as good as the getter It is making real, King gainer palm Approximately the size ...
If you try to hit that regret (?) Against 〓〓〓Gundam and Turn X, your compatibility is too bad ...
"Moonlight butterfly" Ah !! "After 3 seconds" Wow !! "
Double moonlight butterfly leg slow spec3 Packed distance, Doctor !!
"Actually I do not want to use the moonlight butterfly !!"
Well then I will not use it !!!

Well, the aircraft that is out there overall was good and also many sub-characters were out but there is no W-Gundam family shock

Evaluation is very good

I'm sorry for just talking about Eureka Seven

2010/08/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2624 Host:2708 Browser: 11744
[Total playing time]
Clear hard mode about one hour in about 25 hours.
1, 2, 3, R played and cleared except 1.
Because R was so regrettable, I remembered that this work was uncleared and restarted.

[good point]
Modeling of graphics, especially robots, is considerably clean even if PS 2 and playable characters are taken into consideration (comparable with Taka R). OP is a metamorphosis level (praise) that can be said to be a flaming stone, the impression of the moment when I first saw the King Gainer jumping out of the gap of the building at the same time as the introduction is tears.
Production is not complicated, the reproduction rate of the original is finely comparable to the original spa Robo (Photing ring and monkey dance when King Gainer dashes, sudden braking due to deformation from Valkyrie fighter to Gawk instantaneously, sudden turning, etc.), occasionally enter The line of words and SE of each motion can be immersed in the feeling that it is comfortably moving rightly "freely original moving" aircraft freely move with your own hand.
Ease of use is also generally good, the basic is similar to 2, but it became specifications that makes it easier to move to a dash after a melee attack and reaching a refreshing feeling and an itchy place. There is room for improvement regarding lock on, but somehow it is somehow manageable by camera movement .....
I think that if you think about the volume saying 29 stories, such as the original crossover while replacing the original, I think that the story was working hard.
Because the briefing related conversation is full voice and the crossover conversation is no voice at the head family, it is the supreme extremity that Amuro encourages Renton, Kane is having fun talking with Garado with voice. As Ruri-chan (the bigger one) reaches Matcia in the strategy and situation explanation, if it goes bad it will be talking from the original movie version.
BGM has a song. I think that it is unnecessary explanation, but I can not stop it 〓〓〓
Of course it also tutorial, explain it in a clear way, but the explanation tension of G Gan is too amusing beyond the previous work.

[Bad point]
Map is only basic ground and universe. Although the universe is good, but the ground changes the background with the enemy who uses the widely spread plain, it is rich in variety such as invasion into the terrain intertwined by the previous work and enemy fortress.
I am delighted with singing but I am lonely only, I got tired of getting tired earlier because the hoops loop is fast.
The character that appeared in the previous work (the talk ended) can not be helped, but it was too short for Lean's wings to be in the first race, and it ended about 2 episodes. Still it is a better one SEED and Turn A entrance only to the aircraft, SEED is disliked, but even this treatment is cute so even if it turns to turn A is serious desperation (the reason for abandonment is kore).
Character modeling is 2D standing as good and 3D is bad feeling.
The original character is a system with a slight pain in both the enemy ally and the ally side, and the friend side is too aggressive without the hypothesis, and the enemy side seems to be drunk by his own circumstances and position.
In the last battle Oriyara emerged as a fleet fleet. Well ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As a simple action, there is no interest in stage composition, but if your favorite work is participating in the stage, you can enjoy it at all like the good points above, and it comes into a classification that was very good as a carague.
At last near "the last" he counterattacked, so I thought that he would do "an event" that is the usual cross work but really did it, and this place was only CG beautiful and unnatural, it was nice Amuro companions are full! It is!
ENDING is the last parting greeting when all the characters participate (probably) regardless of branching. I did not care about the bad point I wrote above the moment I saw it, it was so impressive.
Finally "Some of the stories have been modified to this effect and may differ from the original," a good impression with a very low attitude.
Evaluation is the best. Personally ending is a big point addition point.
So that's why Sequel's sequel will do that .....
Personally if you are interested in ACE now more than R here (those who want to stick to it because the story is connected, I strongly recommend it).

2010/08/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:22019 Browser: 2058(Mobile)
Is it good or bad .....
I like the works whose 2's are out so it was hard for 0083 to disappear.
It is a terrible work like only Zero Case from W Well It is interesting and graphics are also good, so evaluation is good
Nadesico has a good getter only in Akito and there is no Mazinger

2009/07/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 687 Host:378 Browser: 8130
[Total playing time]
About 10 hours.

[good point]
You can use a variety of aircraft of various works. Just this is satisfactory.

As the title of. ACE, you can do an Ace - like battle with easy operation.

[Bad point]
Anyway it is monotonous and tired quickly. I'm getting bored before clearing ....

Although the theme song of the sortieur flew in and out, I am introducing such a wonderful system,
Every time an event occurs (depending on the stage all the time, there are too many), it will not be another music.
During the operation, the theme song will burn, whether it is a rasp boss partner or not.

Whenever you press a button with a briefing etc., it is very annoying to ask "I do it?

Particle field. A hindrance.

Many battles while protecting ally battleships, I am tired.
(If you leave it for a moment, it is shot down and shot down soon for game over)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Regrettably it is easy to get bored. Efficiency play is also urged to increase the number of aircraft used.
However, the trial itself is interesting, and if you use your favorite aircraft, the excitement will rise, so the evaluation is "normal".

By the way, other series works are unplayed.
Although it is a final work, it is honest thought that it is unnecessary to finish with this.
... By all means, I'd like to play an improved sequel.

2009/01/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17822 Browser: 2044(Mobile)
Compared to 2, it was a very nice change point that the map became easier to see, and the original aircraft likes this one (although I like the last time, of course)
When I learned the great increase in the number of aircraft, I thought I would spur nosebleed (laugh)
Before buying BGM with vocals, "Whether it is not that (whether it is vocal or not) is not it?", I was wondering why, but when it comes to that scene, it gets up like a tension idiot (Laugh)
Not only good things, it's not only good things, but first of all the overall difficulty level (which is a pros and cons) and less of a variation of the mission (in the near future all the obstacles you want to get busted are in almost every mission Come out)
Although it is good that the number of aircraft is increased, at the same time, even if it involves a considerable thing or even a story, air works (not involved in the story), since the absolute number of participating works is large, I feel a sense of incongruity I can not help feeling anything subtle relationships of the characters here I feel a sense of incompatibility w (I thought it was okay if I did something more like this,
And above all, the deterioration of the story (I felt that way)
It got shorter and there are alternatives = If you inevitably have to make two laps, you will not have all the aircraft (no matter where you are, reminiscent of Nancharan ManeGuze 4 ...)
This point was obviously better the last time. Also, personally Rasubosu also original ...
The disparity of the performance of the aircraft is still alive this time, no rather it became severe
... I made a lot of fun, but it is a flip of that I was hoping for that much, and it is certain that the current work is a final game, it is certainly a game that will regret enough. Evaluation is "good" I thought I was going to do it, but I made it a little extra and made it "very good"

2009/01/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19733 Browser: 6791(Mobile)
Compared to .2, there is a sense that the stage and mission became easier.
2, it penetrated into the stereotypical fortress, hiding behind the destroyed base, going past the explosion, aiming at the top of the tower alone, and so on.
In this work, the stage composition is patterned, wide plains 〓〓〓small fish, sweeping fleets, opening the area 〓〓〓shivering the boss class, this repeated.
Because the boss classes come out every time the same feeling, I will suffer spiritually.

Map is easy to see. It is wonderful to see the remaining AP on the ally if you look at the map information when going to aid for ally. This is good because map was too hard to see in 2, so it was serious.
The handling of participating works continued from. 2 is subtle.
Especially Lean and Gundam W are involved in the main story, but there is no everyday conversation at the end.
Global meeting, cockpit demonstration, long after battle scenes.

The hero and the aircraft are imadoki. (This is a personal preference.)

Macross was the main in 2, it was not a feeling that it was "hero" but since this work deals with the main scenario, that is good.
.RX-78-2 Gundam .....
Full remodeling, no longer enemies.

Overall operability, viewability of the screen etc. are improved, it is easy to do,
I think that it is balanced to be able to enjoy from beginners to gamers.

It is an exhilarating action game as ever as you can easily use your favorite aircraft freely and easily.

Although it will surely be compared with the previous work, there is no difference in an excellent game.

2008/03/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12515 Browser: 2904(Mobile)
As a robot action game, it is a work that is regarded as the final version of Another Century 's episode series.

Opening movies are intense and beautiful through the series. Graphics are high in the whole game as well. There are no complaints on the graphic side.

The greatest advancement is the sound aspect. The point where I put all songs in BGM was very good. Tension will rise as songs of your favorite work flow.

The number of aircraft increased from the previous work. The scenario slightly decreased.

Just a problem scenario. Anyway, there are overwhelming pneumatic works. There are no other choices if it can not be said that there are no choices because half of the works were out in 2, but I think that it was unnecessary to cut Raisiner or Elgyme in this case.

It was nice to be able to cooperate with two people, but again the place where air work is concerned is anxious.

Therefore evaluation is good. Since there are a lot of wearing elements, it is unlikely that it will end soon

2007/12/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20557 Host:20719 Browser: 7449
[Total playing time]
This work is about 48 hours

[good point]

Graphic ... Very beautiful, I was able to get into the game very much
Appeared aircraft ... It was fun to use works of various expectations
System aging ... Improvements on the system side are remarkable, as funnels can come back and shoot down. Of course I think there is still room for improvement.
The end was the best! ... It was a very fun machine when I was using it. After releasing the limiter it will be a very reliable aircraft.
[Bad point]
Many expectations of air participation
Weakening of Black Salena ... Uh ... It was overcorrected as it was too strong for the previous work and the previous work.
Moonlight butterfly is not covered by limiter cancellation ... orz Well natural. That would be the best one.
I do not need a getter ... something is wrong and it 's floating. Of course I have never used it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I played everything from 1 to 3. The number which got the most was 2, and the playing time is about 70 hours.
Like the ACE, there are only games that can handle various types of aircraft like ACE besides spa robo, but since I felt unsatisfactory simulation game like SPAROBO, when ACE was released I remember being very happy.
The system also evolved much more than 1, and it became possible to carry out battle smoothly.
I have not seen the original yet, but I like Eureka Seven very much. It is impressive by the light movement that just ACE!
As a game it's quite funny and I am generally satisfied.

As a discontent, there were many air entrants. Many works were participating in the story, such as SEED and G gun, although they do not get involved in the story. I did not need to force it ....
And in this work super getters are participating as the first trial (?), But I think that I did not need it (I'm sorry for the fans) The characters were too dark and I was totally at ease I felt it was not cool. (I am sorry, I grew up watching Wings when I was little) ...

It is a game you will not lose by buying, so please try it once!
On the official website, the ACE project is finished, but I would like to expect a sequel to PSP and PS3!

2007/12/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12883 Host:12787 Browser: 3020(Mobile)
First word. Enemy casual ..... Besides, the deployment of enemies is spurring it. I did all the missions, but I never had the strength 5000. Moreover, I will clear it as soon as I start the mission like Freedom M and W Gundam if I release the limiter. But this time it was good as the chain is gone. Also, I used the vocal song of each animation to BGM and it was pretty good. I felt sick of it. Whether the scenario was suitable at the end. But what is that rasubosu ... .... However, it is a game that you buy and there is no loss. Although there was a scenario branch (ending is the same) it is troublesome to go from the beginning to the branch point. After saving at the branch point, the aircraft strengthening was a par.

2007/10/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50053 Host:49941 Browser: 4483
[good point]
It was awesome to put a supermarket in that real robot that enthusiasts of getters were quite surprised ...
Furthermore, it is still good that the song is HEATS ...
I have never played 2, so the difference between the 1 and 3 manipulation feeling has gone back. But it was easy and it was the best fuel efficiency of Vernier. When strengthening, it is a good thing to do slot throwing, and the wing is EW version.

I guess so much ...

[Bad point]
What is the song like? So what do you expect most if you expect it ...
I also do not understand something about multiplay, the story is thin,
Besides, there are only a few works tangled around the story ...
First Gundam Is it meaning meaningful? Damn it easy to use ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is disappointing. I did it for the first time for two weeks in a day ...
If you make it this time (Tsukadase) I want you to do it in Okira of SPAROBO.
Singer is crying and Masaki can run ... Is not it good, but the story slipped in, is it this kind of thing ...

2007/09/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19737 Browser: 7798(Mobile)
Works that made it an action game version sparbo with the appearance of getter.

The result as a game was well refined from the previous work A2, and it was nice that the weapon made it easy to use It was frustrating A3 After I played A2 I got irritated.
The story is far better than the previous work, there are plenty of air and haze (Kasumi), people who have not gone through are progressing better than the previous work, with me.

It is also a prominent work in bad places because it is good for stuffiness.
Most of the single-unit director of the combination looks badly and looks bad, and the previous work is better except for the EX linkage.
If there are so many air entrants, I wanted you to make it entrance warrantly or not to participate in a race, maybe Bren is there because the staff had Brenn, but L Gyim and Reisena fans want to be discriminated, they do not feel bad Well, you also say "Why can not I use it! I got a lot of air entrance warrior" so I was a little unlucky.

Since the progress from the previous work is amazing, I think that the evaluation is "very good", I think that a new series will be made with PSP or PS3, but I expect further evolution.

2007/09/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15702 Host:15632 Browser: 5234
[Total playing time]

About 20 hours
[good point]

I think that the entry of King Gainer and Eureka Seven was good.
I enjoyed cooperative play.
[Bad point]

The story is bad
Less number of stages
There is a work which is not involved in the story, so-called air participation

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was good that cooperative play was able to be done, but I wish had a few more stages.
I have a lot of aircraft but I did not feel like using just like aircraft.

2007/09/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9197 Host:9172 Browser: 3650
I bought it because the previous work was quite funny ...

As for me, air entrance and the story have never done it neatly, but of course it does not matter so much. What I do not like this more than this is monotony of the content of the mission and boring.

First of all, it is an escort system. Beginning with Nadesico, we have to protect our friend warships that we do not know what works are coming from the end. It is also brittle. Even the anti-arson attack will just push forward. That's going to be a pinch. Follow macross!
When I am enjoying the ghost and the high speed battle, I really wish the mother ship how to do it. If it is about several talks yet I can still stand but two-thirds of the mission. It is the end work by defeating the enemy. So we can not help using only aircraft with a range attack such as W Zero, Turn A and Freedom.
There are many stages that you can not get a secret unless you want to use it.
If you are not attacking Macross city like the previous work, if you enter the inside of the maze like base and destroy the object within the time it is the former if fighter aircraft (Okaa or God etc), if the latter is the latter speed The selling aircraft (Fargen, New etc) could have been more active. I wanted not only to beat like a hide-and-seek with the dominator but also a slightly different element.

And the more disgusting existence of particle field. At first I thought that this mission was the only one, but it is installed in almost all the missions on the ground. It is really troublesome. I think you should also set up a friend.

Although the movement of the robot is reproduced to the touch of being impressed, the critical battle is working, and the enemies are also many, so feeling that something Mikuni Musou is doing.

I want you to increase the content of the mission and the number of stories if you do not care about the good point (operation of Fay, return talk, lengthy explanation) if you do not care.

Although I told it spontaneously, because the Timan and song system with the boss burned, I will make it good (hopefully?
Sorry to be great though it is my first post.

Finally ... I thought that there was VS ghost

2007/09/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11055 Host:11262 Browser: 8090
Although this game, I was hoping for the previous work quite a bit.
I was not expecting it.
Participating works can not be complained personally, it is awesome.
Eureka, Kingha, turnaround.
However, the biggest dissatisfaction is that there are a lot of air ... the first can forgive, because the reverse sharp has come out.
Clearly, it is a previous work entrance other than Reverse Chia, Turn A, SEED, is not it?
It is regrettable that there is quite a lot of air, Turn a feels like being betrayed by the top class among participating works.
I had a bad feeling from the time I saw the demonstration using a coalescing attack with Turn X at the shop ...
Clearly I can only say that it is omission ...
If you want to increase your aircraft frankly, you can cut SEED and turn a piece that was active in the previous work and still have episodes left, G, W Gundam,
I wish I should have participated in Fafner of the Azure or Sega Pain ...
Heiro and A - Sap do not even subscribe in some cases ...
If you do not link with Dan Bine you do not need both, episode is short.
At least I wanted to make a conversation pattern.
Ryoko has no conversation between Hikaru and Izumi.
I can not convince that the aircraft is large enough but less than the previous work.
At the same time, it seems that Ginganam put out after Asham, but Socie and Hime's voice actor are the same.
The story is also an odd part and there is no important part about Kingje.
In addition I wanted Cowen and Stinger to be included as well.
However, I think that you can enjoy it if you like king or Eureka.
The link is good, Linkage and Eureka, links between Chage and Eureka, and so on.
Anemone & Cynthia and Garudo & Renton & Gaynor's trio are also good.
There are various tastes.
Original is not bad, is it quite attractive.
It is not bad to be able to select OP for music.
However, why there is no tack while Marina exists ...
Is Buster Ark? Eureka that is too powerful this time or a beard, so there is no problem even if you participate in the fight.

Rasubosu ... It is disappointing, is not it? No, it is not so terrible because it is an aircraft that was also added to your army in Spar Robo D. Rather, it is a hero machine ... and it is weak in normal and easy.

The character that I think should be given out personally.

Sociie, Harry, Kolen, Diana (turn a)
Cowen & Stinger (Chenge)
Shuffle Alliance, Rain (G Gun)
Isaac, Diakka, Nicole, Kagari, Mu, Kruse, Lacus (Gundam SEED)
Anna princess, Adeet (King)
Tack (original)

is not it.
It is quite large.
That was frustrating.
In short, the stage is also less than the previous work, so even if there were doubled, it was good.
Even if there was a stage like "I wish Irai's solemn!" Like the previous work, I wanted it to be there.
Also, I can say to all the recent games, but I wanted to be able to adjust the strength with an option as it is an escort ship or heavy too.
Multiplayer ... I just wanted you to feel like a Musou series and Gundam vs simply.

I write various bad places, but I'm pretty sure it's high and I love the previous work so we compare it.
But the music is good singing and it will raise the tension.
Music is too big to disappear, and I want you to adopt it even in SPAROVO.
Sakura and king are good.
However, there is no song other than Kingu, especially sakura ...
I am happy that there is "that elementary school student" as a hidden character.
The attack is fully reproducing the original!
Battle is pretty interesting except for particle fields being annoying.
Black. It is painful that Sarena could only fight once and made it significantly weaker than the previous work.
The beauty of the esthetics is very strong.
Nirvashu type 3 and the first Gundam and certain hidden Gundam, when the beard releases the limiter it is too strong ...
Is it the influence of original reproduction? There are many other powerful aircraft.
Even the strongest Buster Ark in the previous work does not even enemy like Him莨〓uren who reduced the armed weapon of Nellybren.
The effect of Nirvash 3's can be funny ... as it was originally ...
It is quite fun as a game.
Also I think that I will not end like SPAROBO F.
"ACE 〓〓quot; is about to appear, and the next work was written in questionnaire postcards anyway.

So, thought that evaluation should be "good", it is quite fun as a game.
It is "very good" sweetly because I like Kinge and Eureka.
But I will only say that it is nearly "good".
Eureka and Kingu and Chaenge only treat one, even if it is bad, I think that it made "good".
If there was not air and the stage was many, it was "the best!" It is regrettable.
Although I often complain, I play quite a bit.
If you like Kinge, Eureka, Gundam X, Reverse Chia, Theater Nade, there is no loss as you play.
I hope the air will be lost in the next work.

If you think carefully ... Because it does not feel the spirit seen in 2 becoming roughly made than air entrance fight or 2.
We will evaluate down to "good".
I really love the entrance work but I just finished it all ... It is a regretful work.

2007/09/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17829 Browser: 4916(Mobile)
It's funny. The quality is also high. You can not complain in battle. Sometimes I get buggy. Even in Sparibo, why esthetic valis is so strong, .... It surpasses other aircraft, is not it?

The battle is good and there is a problem in the scenario.

There are characters to talk and characters not to speak.
That is, the balance is bad.
Mr. Ryoko, it is totally silly. Is he being bullied, to the crew.
Do not get involved in the scenario need not be served.
Well, I wanted the scenario to be darker.

Afterwards, if you do not hit the spot even more on the enemy character side, the world view feels light.

The flow of the story was nice.

It's just a little quick. I feel tired if I do not have more leisure.

Well, so the framework is good, but the flesh is sweet.
Too much usable enemy characters, weak scenario, sudden deployment, highest fighting, incompatible character movies ,,,,,

But it is very funny.
The complaint above is the reason for love.

Is the new series PS3?

2007/09/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32761 Browser: 3023(Mobile)
It is the first impression that it would have been better to darken the story by cutting more extra things.

Too many air entrance warfare
The episode which is the core of the original (Yasserba, Asham relation, Bertigo warfare and Paturia warfare, the first story of Chene) and important character (Kingz's Kids, Adette, Medeilleu, Anna Hime, Charisma, Lance Slaw, Enil. Cowen, Stinger, Yamazaki etc.) are few.

Also, I wanted to see the tangle of leaning wing and Danbaine myself without having to incorporate Dunbine forces into the unit.

Then, the unit that can be obtained by route branching will change, but it does not mean that he or she becomes a fellow of Ryoma, but he does not come with a scenario separately. (Rangae must be entangled properly as Chienge is one of them) ), Something halfway treatment. I guess the hero is a participation in Midorikawa pressure.
Even the specs 2 of DX and Niru can not be obtained at branches ... ....

It is good for enjoyment, but I wanted you to make it a little more.

2007/09/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26232 Host:26151 Browser: 6306
I am attracted by the coolness of the promotion (lol) I bought it although I do not know past works.
Impression that it is not good for those who like this.

About the story dare to say B people in the world are a bit overpowering too.
It seems to be because the characters in B world talk often,
A It is slightly annoying because I will speak out of A world world than A world people.
A There are things that are quite popular among people who are in the world but ...

Later, a main character is a burst of laughter. What am Iuro (when I was first generation) and Kira?
No, if you truly add these two and divide by 2 you will become barrel.
Those who know "Super Robot Taisen J" think that "Shiun Clay Night" comes to mind.
Well the point where the support is older than the older (laugh) is the point of this hero?

There are stages of difficulty that are chewy as it is if it thinks about difficulty level emphasizing exhilaration feeling,
I think that it is quite fun.

After that, there are works participating in the story and works not participating,
I am concerned that there are many powerful fighters who are not participating.
Turn-A-Gundam, Nelliebren, Freedom Gundam (M) ....
No, it's okay (lol)

Later, I was surprised at the direction of shedding music with vocals,
When I make this directing, the final side seems to have flowed that song ... I thought it really flowed. The developer of this work is one who does not disappoint. It is wonderful (lol)

Below are the impressions of the used aircraft.

Equestrian replacement type hero machine as promised. Personally I like type G (high mobility type) and type T (remote control weapon type).
I like blue as the main color.

The style of fighting on the Nirvashu board is interesting. I just do not see the original, but I do not know,
I do not understand why a boomerang one boat is called multi lock. I feel like I'm patronizing a bit.
Anyway, Renton & Eureka aircraft is snowboarding and anemone skiing?

Freedom Gundam One of the strong aircraft of this work. It is terrible that it is Ballaena shockwave heaven. It is a pity that there is no multi-lock ... but,
Equipping with Mitia will make it stronger. If Freedom is B + ~ A, Mitia is roughly about A +.
I am pleased that the beam rifle shot of the combination with Justice is the title back pose.

Justice Gundam Mandia is more fun to use and used by normal people. Riding on the lifter and truncating it is fun!

2007/09/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20153 Host:20267 Browser: 6287
Although it was enjoyable as it was, since it was the main story of my own unknown work compared to the previous work, it was a bit like a chimpe kampum for the story.
I was amazed by the severity of the Supernova program and Fleden's treatment. It was okay for me to put out about Frieden 2 .... X's fish The enemies are all daughters.
I was amazed further that there were too many air entrants. Dan Bain, Bren, G Gun, 〓〓〓 SEED ... All these works are handled in air, and no story is involved.
At the very least I wanted you to put out about Gold Smear (Harry) and Providence (Creus莨〓.

Introduction of song which is also the biggest feature of this work excites the stage greatly, but only one loop is recorded, and when the event occurs, it stops forcibly and it wilts very much.
Since songs are fixed from around the end, you can not enjoy the stage with your favorite songs.
The character's graphic is also incompatible at the same level as the previous work. I wanted it to be 2D.

My mission is still escorted and stress accumulates as usual. The battleship is being bogged down as soon as it leaves a bit, and communication comes in as "Please come to the escort."
A new particle field has been added, but this was pretty daunting.
Also, although this is the original, I do not feel more attractive than previous work. A heroine girl who forcibly puts on a fighter saying that he casually caught a hero of a civilian is a piece.
The hero is also the main character and I am irritated just because I am worried about ujiji (well, I understand the feeling).
The road is long. Save time is also quite long. I wanted sorting movies to be able to cut.
Every time I saved it, it was also awkward for the heroine girl to ask "Do you want to save?" With a voice. Besides, I can not turn off the voice.
There were many bugs, freezes, and I was also damaged immediately by two episodes. PS2 often makes a strange sound during play.

Although the number of missions has drastically decreased, since the conversation scenes of characters are added before sorting and after the end of the mission, one mission feels a long time.
Ruri has kept the main at the briefing this time and will speak from the beginning. I wonder if her fans are tears.
Mr. Bright comes out, but the turn comes only a little.

Personally I think that the difficulty level is higher than the previous work. If you think that you have defeated the boss, you come out again, even with small fish enemies the leader unit is hard and there are many APs. Such a guy is in every stage Ujjuja.
However, this time it was easier to raise the limiter because the experience value of the unit became easier to rise than the previous work.
Units are aura buttler, dragner forces, Bren, Orman, 〓〓〓 Mithia etc are strong.
Bren will recover arbitrarily if left alone, so it is strong against long-term warfare and the chakra flash is extreme.
The true getter that I was expecting is low mobility (2 is high), the attack power is terrible, but attacks one by one is slow and difficult to use.

King Gainer and Eureka Seven are unviewed, so I did not understand what happened, but singing was high quality, the aircraft was fresh and good. Characters are also good.

Although I was dissatisfied many things, I still enjoyed it. It is very unusual for this series to end with this.
I wonder if you can manage to have a sequel. Next I would like to use F91 and V Gundam.

Even if it is, why did not Mr. Marin go out but tack did not come out this time?

2007/09/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50337 Host:50313 Browser: 5717
Completion edition with the third bullet of the popular work (probably) The high speed battle of the previous work was handed over as it was, and ingenuity to excite battle was incorporated in other respects. Especially the existence of 'Songs' which is the main feature of this time is great. It is totally different whether there is something or not. It can be said that this improvement succeeded.

And better radar improvement. Although altitude disappears, we can understand the situation of the battle at a glance, and there are many usages of expansion and contraction, so it was not useless function.
The enemy plane's action is fast this time. This can be said to be wonderful. If you are not careful your friendly will be destroyed soon. So the correspondent and the radar which convey information are much more useful than the previous work.

I was also involved in fine parts such as encyclopedia and conversation and I could see an attempt to eliminate the unknown points of terms and settings by incorporating various works, so I think that consideration to players is enough.

However, it is about this that can be highly evaluated. If anything, there are more bad points this time.

First of all, the thing that made the most drop in the evaluation is that the volume of the story is thin. As a result of putting emphasis on only participating works and number of aircraft, the story is thin overall. It is enough for Eureka Seven, but other works are not noticeable. It was disappointing that the story which put power in ACE 2 became a sequel to become this.

Clearly, there are many works that I do not need this time. Since it is a sequel from the previous work, works that participated in the war from different worlds or distant planets do not come up on the story. "Dunbine" "El Gaim" "Reisner" "Brain Powered" corresponds to it, but in "Dunbine" and "Brain Powered" it was a situation that only the aircraft could be used. Well it was ok if you did not put it out. The guest works "G Gundam" "〓〓〓Gundam" "Gundam" "Plastic Kyoshiro" "Gundam SEED" and much of the Gundam series. Which one is enough?

And, if there is no entanglement with the show, you do not need "wing of the lean", and "Gundam W (EW)" is not necessary either. There are works that do not need this. To be honest, it is good that only works "〓〓〓Gundam" "Plastic Kyosuke" should be made out of the above. It becomes quite clear. Then, participate in other forms by intertwining other works with the story. Or, since there are few participating artworks, I think that it was better to make the work involved in the story thicker. I can appreciate the point that I have put together the settings of participating works well ...

Also, the fact that the original story was just an accessory is also a big stink. Characters are not conspicuous because drawing a person background is insufficient. Both the hero's barrel, the heroine's fee and the rival Bercot are all eaten by that other character's characters.

In addition, there is no meaning of multiplayer which was another eyeball. It will not be advertised on this perfection. It is not halfway, rather than halfway. Early stage. demo. Trial version. It is only that much work.

I think that it is an honestly unsatisfactory work for the person who expected from the previous work. In the previous work there was a volume in the story and I also had the benefits of the benefits, but I could sense the character background of the original character as it was. This work is not there. Especially it was disappointing to have expected to "〓〓〓Gundam".

Although it has become a completion version, it probably will still come out. I say completion is the completion of the space war that starts with ACE 2, I think that ACE itself will not be completed. Next I want you to focus on the volume of the story rather than the number of aircraft. Clearly speaking, because the battle time is short, even in all 50 talks, I personally do not complain (although it seems impossible to speculate)

The bad points stand out, but the fun of the battle remains the same. Because it is also a work whose tension goes up in the ACE series by "song", evaluate "good". Well, Eureka Seven fans have a high evaluation. Because ... it is coolest this time and it stands out.

2007/09/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12696 Browser: 2999(Mobile)
No, it was a work without volume.
Although the number of usable aircraft is large, it was 3 to 4 kinds in terms of pattern, and it was quick to get bored.

It is good to have a song, but since only one is in it, it is accelerating to get tired of hearing it all at once.
There are a lot of works that do not get involved in the story, so withered points.
For example, Roland of Turn A does not get involved in any story and talks about Diana during battle though it does not go out.
... Somehow ...

Even if it is a story, there is little intertwining among each work, and the next development is easy to read, which makes it less interesting.
... Is this yourself who has seen each original is bad ...?

What I was saying, impressions like bashing work remained.

2007/09/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12514 Browser: 2983(Mobile)
It was my first time to play this series, but it is hot

Speedy and creepy action each attractive aircraft carries out with a theme song (with vocals) back.
It is impossible for a man to burn.
Around Bandai (Well the game itself was made possible by the power of from software), which has chosen a work that has never been picked up by Span Robo such as Rain wings and Eureka Seven

I thought if I get nosebleed when 303 or the diend becomes my own machine (laugh)

It is a work that you want the players to play for those who like robotics

2007/09/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33911 Host:33740 Browser: 3875
I have done it for only about two hours.

I was looking forward to it personally. I played both 1 and 2, so it was fun.
Although the game is not good at that, the stage is too wide, and the game will over soon. . . The aircraft also costs repair costs, navi noisy of the voice of a woman every time. (Do you want to save? There is a voice like you are annoying ....)
Personally, I wonder if 2 is better for now.

However, there are many recent works, and there are also happy things like theme songs and animation in battle.
Above all, getter !!!
It's just a bit too much.

Oh, the main boy was wearing a gundam SEED Kira for a moment.