[Game]Another Century's Episode : R

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Game total pnts rank Rank 3,321in 6,337 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 48.17
Game rank of 2010 Rank 67in 122 titles
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From Software
Japan Released:2010/08/19(Thu) PlayStation 3
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1. http://ace.gameskouryaku.com/
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2010/11/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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First of all, please recognize this as an ACE that was reborn as a different one rather than a reverse one.

Although there are many deterioration points when considered as ACE, there are certainly good points.

Good point Changes in OP and aircraft due to evolution of various graphics (since hard has changed, so it is natural)
I made the airplane properly individual personality than before (AS and others in particular)
Addition of a great skill that absolutely hits by a speed sense which runs through with hyper boost (additions of infinite fist and acasic buster etc) There is not a normal fuselage in a hidden fuselage (It is quite a personal opinion ...) You can use arms as much as possible with a weapon panel (additional weapons etc) (more troublesome and familiarization required)
The CPU is doing its best (less stuffing and moving just now)
It becomes invincible when it is in a stop state of great skill (There are machine differences)
The giant can not be repeated and it is difficult to become one pattern (there are many problems in tension ...)
Custom Soundtrack (This will personally help a lot)

Bad point Many difficulties in operability (such as boost)
Fighting aircraft has many disadvantageous battles Tension system is bothered There are many difference bugs in graphics due to aircraft (although there were also many previous work)
There are few series that the story is completed (it seems to be done in the next work)
A large boss that is stressed by the aircraft is very troublesome (It is hard for fighter aircraft)
Most songs are BGM (If you use a custom soundtrack you can manage it) Movie you can not fly (it's the most troublesome to play)
The theme song is not Hitomi Shimatani (it is too personal for me)

Although there are many bad points overall, there are not a few good points as well. I think that a story should still be thought of as ACE. I will expect it for the next work as operability will be somehow still. Therefore evaluation is [very good]. Thank you for reading such a long sentence at the end m (_ _) m