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BANPRESTO From Software
Playstation 2
Japan Released:2006/03/30(Thu)
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1. http://www.ace-game.jp/ (Translation)
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2011/10/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26848 Host:26998 Browser: 7291
This game started from 3 Personally it was like buying it for 0083 and Brepa's wishes or GP 03 Dendro, GP 02, Neuer, Nelly to say that it is not an exaggeration to say that basically robot animation in general I liked it so much I also have a lot of animations that are interested in this game But since I did it from 3, the operation was quite difficult. Especially in 3 I was using only Nirvash, so I got into a habit and fought hard

Although it is the overall evaluation, the awareness of the aircraft being out and the quality of the action are high and can be enjoyed somewhat if the person watching the robot animation can be enjoyed Also the degree of completeness as a game is also high, so it is also for some unknown people I hope you enjoy it as

If there are disadvantages it was wanted a combination attack with a different work It is strong in trashiness of Dan Bain and Burepa so in that two ...

Evaluation is very good

2009/09/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29414 Browser: 7773(Mobile)
I definitely played version 2 of the version which was released as much as 3.
My favorite was Raiser, besides it, the exhilarating action while the opening of 〓〓Gun and El Gaime was flowing burned.
Although the original protagonist was a subtle feeling, if you know to some extent the crossover between the works can also be enjoyed and as a person who often used the form that assaults the boss while shooting down the small fish with the shooting, it is the endurance of Raisizers Activation of VMAX which is the highlight after the decrease has been quite looking forward.

Since the system is close to shooting action, the aim has become 180 degrees in outer space, etc. First of all it was a hard time to lock on.
And there is also a rather troublesome stage of destroying the designated place inside the fortress and the difficulty of obtaining the hidden aircraft due to the secret condition hidden in the stage clear, so move the aircraft smoothly and move the stage Although it is a game that requires techniques such as how to be done, since the production where the opening theme flows is still a nice point, evaluation is good.

2009/08/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34145 Browser: 1972(Mobile)
I have cleared now, so I evaluate.

Can you tell a robot version Musou? It is such a game. The small fish is weak anyhow, and the boss is troublesome.
Combination Attack is similar to the Musou Muro Ranbu system which automatically accumulates gauge when physical fitness is low.

The story is good as it is, but there are places where it is hard to see the original work.
Especially at the end of the stage where Melt Randy's fleet of macross stage advances to aim for Orphan, said Yurika of the final stage of the Nadesico stage, "If Akito is kissing Ines! I think that the speech "beautiful ..." is painful if you do not see the original work.
Crossover was quite fun for Brain Powered and Dan Bain crossover.

I often used wing zero. It is an aircraft that knows the importance of combo. The destructive power is a demon. I have not released militar yet.

We also used Death Size Hell and Falgen. Death Size Hell is quite a habit, but fighting is quite strong. Because Phalgen is fast anyway, it can fly Bujibun.

I have a lot of stages and I do not get tired of it because there are elements that can be incorporated.

There is speed feeling, and the stage is also wide, so it is comfortable.

Moreover, if you remodel it will make most aircraft stronger.

The drawback is whether the camera work is bad and the radar is narrow?
After that, there are places where there is a gibberish part if you do not see the original work. You can understand sparibo without looking at it, but if you do not watch this original work it will really become tiny. After that BGM is in a shabby place. I think that sound quality is the ringing melody of mobile phones.
At the end God Gundam is weak. Why not? Special move is difficult to use, hyper mode does not activate unless the durability is less than 1000 .... It is really hot because the deathblow is really an original!

Also, thanks to this game, I also wanted to see Nadesico again.

Also, you can really burn like air battle.

2009/01/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17726 Browser: 2044(Mobile)
1 is unplayed, but I think that this is more complete than 3, I think firstly, I am happy that I can move the robot of various works freely freely like this (I am eager for myself) It was a work that it was not likely to be) so the impression of playing was a single salt (sparobo was a simulation)
The stage is also vast and, above all, as a private individual, the air battle is too acute! (So much less in other games)
Fighting in the air, it burns for some reason (lol)
The story has quite a volume, and it is splendid and magnificent, and it is GOOD It is fun to go back and forth to various places, and even better operability is being done, but the only lock on function It's subtle ... No, it's pretty hard to use (how many times has it been drunk boiled)
Also, although it may be unavoidable, the performance gap of the aircraft is still quite reasonable, but even if I did not know the work of most of the appearing robots I could fully enjoy it, the last of the story was undocumented It was also impressed The realization was a work that would have been really difficult, there is no doubt, a game like a dream to a guy who likes robot actions Evaluation is "very good"

2008/01/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7666 Host:7548 Browser: 7317
Thanks. It is an action game enthusiast.
The so-called arcade Gundam type work was done at an arcade or at a friend 's house, so I never bought it myself.
This work was the title of that hand that I bought for myself for the first time.

[good point]
I think that the exhilaration feeling of the exhilarating action is very good. Personally it is better than the Gundam Musou. In order to balance shooting and batting, the exhilaration feeling of shooting is thin when it is a blowing system like Musou. I thought that this type of action was finished in a way that I could feel the refreshing feeling by shooting very much.

Shooting is interesting, but shooting is interesting. It gets pleasant when I gradually get used to it and start to feel it. From Vulcan to laser to missile ... and so on we have a very wealthy weapon form, so each one has its own characteristics, and when it becomes possible to use properly, the crisp enemies will be able to defeat them. Because the batting system is hard to use for the reasons listed below, it will be possible to enjoy even with a high degree of difficulty if the shooting is successful.

It is interesting to avoid enemy attacks where evasion is funny. Since things of this kind will surely do only Musou system and Devil May cry series, if it is not successful, systems which can not produce high scores initially struggled for embarrassment at first, but it became fun to avoid avoiding it It was.

Difficulty adjustment is appropriate Even if evasion and shooting are difficult, there are also some aircraft that can be knocked down just by pushing the buttons and there are expectations with a barrier and a shield, so the balance of the difficulty is very good I thought there was.
I thought that it would be a work that could get a refreshing feeling with any hetare player if the members were properly done.

It is interesting to cultivate the farming and it is nambo with breeding again. During the campaign I was at a loss as to which aircraft to train and which aircraft to use. It was fun for the first lap anyway.
In addition, the training system has been very well kneaded. "Experience value" obtained according to weapons that you defeated when you defeat the enemy by yourself, "skill level" that rises with a fixed value for each aircraft when you let him on at the same time as the ally's aircraft, the results at the mission "Ace point" where the amount obtained in "Ace point" is determined and "Aircraft performance" to grow using it. It was a miso that "proficiency" does not increase even if you use it. Full completion is impossible unless you use it all evenly, and during the campaign, you are always in doubt as to whether you are going to earn "Ace Point" quickly and getting "experienced value" by defeating a small fish. I thought that it was also the charm of this title.

I'm glad it's because I like dragner who has armored war dragner. It is very funny.
It was good that I could use it from the beginning. It is a pity that I did not get involved in the story in the beginning. .

It is a pleasure to have lots of various mission characters come out to various characters. I think that I can thoroughly play because I get lost as to who to use. Since each characteristic is exactly displayed, I did not feel that there are "many usable aircraft in vain". I am also happy that there are many hidden aircraft after clearing.
Mission is also abundant. I thought that there is no tired of coming because there are various stages. I felt this was highly appreciated.

[Bad point]
. There are too many bugs "There are equipment items that can not be used (do not demonstrate the effect)" are still pretty, the most painful is "Favorites are registered incorrectly". This is a fairly bad bug, is not it? I was surprised to see the capture site on the way and to know. I thought that the chosen aircraft did not grow much.

Explanation There are too many missing points I was in trouble that the explanation of the bar on the aircraft selection screen was lacking. Despite the fact that the explanation about the consortium machine system and growth system is too halfway and I did not know without seeing the capture site is a deduction.

Dictionary and the like are inconvenient In particular, I wanted the exhibition of the dictionary properly. Many players including myself do not know all works. I did not want to miscellaneously arrange it in the dictionary, but I wanted you to properly write which title is the original story.
Especially when the enemy forces of the end of the horizontal letter are intertwined, I do not know where but where. Grados? Poseidaru reclaimer? I do not know which work was which, and it is unknown where we fought so far. Moreover, it is also a big deduction factor that you do not know which one is belonging to. None of the animations of the 80's, no one can understand which works robot which one is a glance even if seen at first glance. It is regrettable that it was difficult to grasp by machine viewing.
If possible, I was delighted to show the difference between the original and this title.
Because these should be specifications not only for strangers but also for fans.

The inconvenience of the camera that the camera does not lock the bad target was strange. Especially the example Nadesico wooden lizard was pretty much inconvenient because it was locked in preference to a small one.
Apparently it seems that the deck target such as Battleship and Nana Fushi was specified to be postponed.

Because the enemies repel the hit attack at the short distance where there was so - called paleness, refreshing feeling in fighting battle was lacking.
Especially when you use a character living in a short distance, it was a wasteful impact as a result of the existence of Palen.
Of course, it is difficult for Palence to happen after the enemy's attacks are canceled, but it is not easy to distinguish it on the screen, it is likely to happen abnormally at high difficulty level, so unreasonable system for difficulty adjustment I felt like it.
I can do it, but I think it was a difficult system to use because the timing was hard to pick up. I think that it was good because it seems that it is no longer 3.

Story is subtle 1
I think that the story was supposed to be weird as Nadesico comes involved in strangeness. Or has it become obsolete things? I think that the tightness of the story increased by 40% only when Nadesico does not appear. This is also true for other banpre works Nadeshiko comes up with. .
However, this time this was particularly terrible among them. The character is not how it is, but the story has completely collapsed.
There is a lot of enemy forces, and it is leisure to go to Jupiter as soon as possible with the work force that is the only one that can compete with that,
I also went to the moon to help Akito elsewhere. I'd like to say I should do it without permission. Events on the last Mars ruins were singing out loud and finished in a big burst of laughter.
3 I hope that Nadesico will not be obliged.

Story is subtle 2
The significance of the existence of the protagonists is too subtle. Or rather "a feeling of getting on" is at its peak.
Even if there are no hero's story, the story goes forward, there is a feeling that forced the heroine and the hero's event there, and a mismatch is also a good place. I think that it was better to have kneaded a little more.
Furthermore, the bulkholtz email system is also cheap, is not it? I think that it was okay to learn sparibo somewhere about getting involved in the event a little more.

I think that it was good even if there was a long mission with all the missions short.
I feel like I was always fighting time limit. As myself accustomed to masochistic, I think that it was possible to evaluate even better if there were two stages with volumes.

Play is inconvenient because there are many fuselages It was inconvenient to nurture a fuselage that exists in the middle, especially in training. Even if you select a work, when you return it is the original screen. Now, for example, if you want to train two fuselages located in the middle, scroll it all the way, or select "select a work" 〓〓〓"select a fuselage" 〓〓〓"train" 〓〓〓"return" 〓〓〓"select a work" 〓〓〓It is supposed to be "choosing a fuselage", which may be a small thing, but the more you play, the more stressful it was designed.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is "very good" on "good" side. Considering that you bought it for 1500 yen in second hand, it will become somewhat sweet. Anyway, there are a lot of characters, so it is good to have their features properly. And the growth system was also very good.
I think that it can be evaluated as an excellent work that can be played for a long time easily.

2007/12/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12883 Host:12790 Browser: 3020(Mobile)
I heard that ACE 2 is a masterpiece .... somehow Yuka ..... It was good that the scenario was using Kichin and a good place of various works. BGM was also solid. Afterwards there were lots of aircraft and I was glad that they made good use of each feature. There is a multi lock on that was not in the previous work. However, I did the ACE series in the order of 1, 3 and 2, but enemies are weaker compared to 1 in the meantime. Besides small fish soldiers and bosses, weak, it was boring. Even extra missions are weak enemies and can not be over the game. There was not Rasubosu either. Another thing, I could not get a little CG's CG. Because it was slightly deformed. Well Well comprehensively it is high perfection degree.

2007/01/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15336 Host:15736 Browser: 3875
There is little spoiler, please be careful.

I had been worried since before and bought it because it was sold at a bargain price.
The story is short, but is it good?
It was somewhat comfortable holding down the original scene.
However, G Gunn was a little poorly depicted ... If it is to say, it ended with a feeling that "It is not actually the case thought to be completed."
The lean wings do not start the story itself (it seems) So it can not be helped.
Also, I do not say Master or Schwartz, shuffle alliance, but because it is "tap" or "that voice", I wanted you to have only Tibodee besides Gomagon but also Demon (laugh) Because it is good for a bonus ...
I also wanted a shining Gundam, and the pilot is Demon.
Also, Reverse Chia, there was not much sense of existence.
This time is rarely a story centered on Albion, so it did not have to force it out.
Instead of reverse sharpness, was it better to take out ZZ or V that did not appear in the previous work?
But, I think that if you like Nadesico and Macross you can enjoy it.
I reproduce various scenes.
The original is a common story, but I thought that it is good that there is no "Moe" that is common in sparibos now.
I did not accept the end in the octopus with 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓
Do not have a rasp boss ... was that person rasubosu ...
And ... if there is Mark 2 in Nelliebren or Elgyme & Raisiner, I wanted it to be released as a story.
I think that it is a shining aircraft on the story ...

Although it is battle, although the previous work was muddy, this time it is fast moving and feeling refreshing!
It is good to be ramped with your favorite aircraft ...
Although it is an escort mission, it was loose compared to the previous work, so I did not feel much difficulty.
The friendly troops are not special weak too.
It is mainly using the aircraft GP01, it is interesting that it is strong if you fully exploit it even with an aircraft like Ri. Gazi ...
It is fun to use various aircraft.
There are variations in how to fight and I can feel the brave appearance of my favorite aircraft.
No way ... I can use Gostelo ...
There are various techniques if the works are funny.
If you know sparibo and original, you can do it a lot.

It was a person, but I thought that it is good to reproduce variously with CG.
It has a distinctive taste.

Also, although disadvantageous, lock on is not an excellent performance like the "Gundam vs" series.
It was frustrating that lock - in was supplemented automatically with supplementing nearby enemies with ruining.
Also, although it is a personal story, the map is wide, it is on the direction, and it was regrettable that there are many similar sceneries ...
I do not need a branching ending, and if I save it, I will return to the beginning stage, so I do not have the motivation for the second week.
I wanted you to inherit the data to the rushed surface, so that you can see another ending from there.
Simple calculation is wasteful and labor intensive.
Besides, I was concerned about the shortcomings mentioned earlier.

However, since there are many scenes that I enjoyed, it is "very good".
This game is a work you can enjoy if you like action and Robo.
It was a rice cake inside.
I will expect it if there is a next work.

2006/12/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20153 Host:20267 Browser: 6287
I played it as a connection until Lima D got out. I thought that overall was considerably better than the previous work.
The problem of the previous work has been almost solved, and BGM excites scenes of the main points with an arrangement close to the original. I liked the wind no reply the most.
I think the graphics are complaining. Although the characters' graphics had a sense of incompatibility. The operability was much better than in the previous work. However, lock on was pretty bad as well as the previous work. I wanted you to be able to arbitrarily lock on ....
The number of units used is over 100, including hidden, so I am very troubled about which unit to use. In my opinion, Falgen who could not be used why in the previous work was so impressed with the fact that it was able to be used normally in this work. And it is strong!
It was good to be able to remodel the unit with an ace point. However, it is a disadvantage that points are difficult to accumulate.
The story was not bad, but I could not handle the shield of the counterattack a bit. Amuro alone is too lonesome. What happened to Shaa !?
Macross did not have Kakisaki in Skull platoon, too. Even though this man is supposed to be a member of a splendid Skull platoon.
What caught was the content of the mission. "Protect 〓〓〓〓〓〓quot; is the majority. Moreover, if the escort subjects are released, stress is accumulated because it gets buried easily.
Later, once there seemed to be a hero character and unit, I did not feel so good. I am involved in the story, but I could not feel like using the unit because it is too bad. The guardian is strong though.
The difficulty level is lower than the previous work. Because you can clear it by just advancing ordinarily. Therefore, there was no sense of accomplishment after clearing.
I want to make my own making it possible to arbitrarily lock on.

2006/09/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8815 Host:8727 Browser: 5234
Works that improved all that was bad for the previous work
Whether or not there are ally aircraft and the face of the pilot!
However, the most obnoxious thing with CG was discomfort was contradiction with the previous work
Why are they not chasing after the same time axis?
Raka Ram or Amuro .... The previous work members are supposed to be finished, but they have not been chased, but have become faithful to the original on the contrary ...
What I thought most was Le Caine's life and death
He should have been dead in his previous work
But reviving as a commander .....
For those who know the previous work, these contradictions are somewhat raised Everyone who is supposed to be in the Earth and being chased by ... ... (Age, Duba or .....
Although the songs themselves were okay, you should do as if you are using spar robo that has a feeling of strangeness in the macross dock fight.
I also thought that it was a bottle of rasubos, but with all of my allies strike me and finished ...
Anyway, I think that it was good that there was a branch ED in the first week when it seemed like such a work that was betrayed at the end although it was true to the original which I wanted to fight or let it fight, but it was good. ...
Ato is Banpre original.It is that there are few aircrafts from From So Wear. Especially in the case of a school building, the aircraft is not even out
Mr. Gabry knows Rakaiream, not as a way of viewing, that the setting of E 2 is different from the previous work

I think that this was sold if it was made for ACE first work

2006/06/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14774 Host:14614 Browser: 4184
The previous work is unplayed. I exchanged the button arrangement of rock and fighting with the influence of the VS series and played it.
The weapon type is of course shift type. Select type can not be helped if it is difficult to do.
I thought that graphics are not good, but I feel that the operation feeling is pretty good. It is refreshing because it can overwhelm small fish, it is fast, the tempo is also good, and the features of each aircraft are appearing as it is. It is good that the map is wide. It is also fun to be able to strengthen the unit regardless of sprobo. I'm glad that there is a volume roll as well. Character rendering was also good.
The story is amazingly fresh and unsatisfactory. I will talk. Well, Kole is an action game to the last, but I do not care.

I unlimited the limiters of W Zero, 〓〓Gundam, Age, Elgaim Mk - 〓〓〓 Rayzner Mk - 〓〓〓 Reisizer (Enhancement Type), Buster Ark. These units are playing and it is fun individually. But I feel like I've lost my mind to use it if I cancel the limiter (especially 〓〓

Buster arc is the strongest ...? The basic performance is highly deformable, the weapon's attack power is tremendously high above anything else. It consumes physical strength like Guardian level 4, but its power is amazing.

2006/06/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33979 Host:33871 Browser: 3875
If your favorite robot is out, I think that it is a work that you buy and have no loss. Zako enemies are refreshing to defeat, and graphics are also beautiful. The difficulty is that maps are a bit hard to see. In the stage breaking the barrier unit in the middle of the midfield, I wandered endlessly (sweat). Even radar can not understand at all.

My target unit is Zero Custom, Black Sarena and God Gundam. Zero custom releases the limiter and brought up to MAX so now I'm playing thoroughly with black salena.

This Black Sarena. In order to use it, I had to clear the main story once and it was pretty much cared, but once I tried it I was touched "It was worth the wait ..". It is too cool. It is good from the sortie scene. Ayato's mouth feeling (lol) is a nice feeling. Performance is quite easy to use without problems. Anyway it's fast. I was surprised at the beginning at too fast. Defense in the distortion field is also OK, even in the attack surface it is a good balance with distortion attack and battle with power as much as twin buster rifle. Although the shooting may be poor, Zako enemy degree is no problem. Fortunately Distortion Attack is not a body like Sparibo, but it is also good to have a unannounced toppings at Hokushin.

Although it is a God Gundam, it is difficult to use clearly. If it is not the stage where enemies of Zako appear, it will not be hyper mode. Skill is full of skiing and it is hard to apply ... It is too low even if it is said that it will become a light mirror stop water at a stroke with AP 1000 or less. Take that ski-ridden sky amazement in that state ..?

2006/06/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51609 Host:51624 Browser: 3875
Once clear it. It was several times fun than last time.
Just ... Las Boss. It was stupid. Because I thought it was Devil Gundam, I felt extra feeling.
And Miria suddenly became a friend. People who do not know the original are in trouble, are not they? I was fighting as an enemy until a while ago.
Next, I want you to put in various conversations of characters.

2006/04/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51958 Host:52117 Browser: 5234
I think that I want to evaluate because I was able to make hidden units appear.

Apparently, it seems that many people who have experienced previous work do a good evaluation. By the way, I played it from this work, but I enjoyed it very much. There are abundant kinds of units, and you can enjoy the multiplication of various works. There is a coalesced attack that did not exist in the original is also glad to play. The length and difficulty of the story mode are exactly right.

It was nice to have a special function suitable for the original for each unit. Roller dash of Nadesico, something of a dragner (I can not remember her name). Bren's Vital Jump is pretty cool! But the thrusters feature of Elgaim and Macross did not make it easy for me to use ... I wanted to operate without a thruster. But those who like the original work are still happy with these features, are not they?

I felt the story was pale as long as I raised the bad points. I liked Brend Powered and I bought this game, but honestly I wanted to increase the story about Bren more ... 〓〓
I guess it is impossible for so many different works to participate, but I guess there are other people who thought of something like those of me who liked me like something else There are not any story of counterattacks or anything like that , People you like can be betrayed. I also wanted to see the entanglement of each piece with a briefing like a spa robo!

... and I thought there was a bad point on the side of the story, but I enjoyed myself to such extent that I did not mind.
After all it's fun to be able to control your favorite aircraft and it's fun, because it's also a solid game as an action game now. I'm glad I bought it.

2006/04/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5644 Host:5458 Browser: 4184
I think that it is roughly the same that what the experiencer of the previous work and ACE do is doing it is college.
The problems of ACE have been improved almost.
Probably you think like this. I thought it was actually when I was doing ACE and doing it. Then I'd like to evaluate what you changed.
In the case of ACE there is no character character and pilot's face and voice do not come out 〓〓〓
In case of scoring, the face of the pilot comes out with CG at the time of sortie. Furthermore, the face of the ally aircraft's pilot comes out during battle. Furthermore, the pilot's face comes out by attack by combination.

Part 2 The ally aircraft is not in battle 〓〓〓
This time you can take two units with ally and be able to sort with up to three aircraft. In addition, it is possible to reproduce attacks of the original by possible combination attack by your own machine and ally machine by combination.

Part 3 Although the high speed battle is selling MAP is narrow 〓〓〓
It is 3 times the size of the previous MAP (it seems).

Part 4 Shooting and fighting come out in strange places, and fighting hardly hits anything.
Shoot and fight buttons separately. Besides, fighting will guide your opponent to the enemy plane to a certain extent.

Part 5 There are no custom machines for Dragoner system and W system 〓〓〓
There is a custom type properly for Dragoner type and W type properly

Besides this

Prior to that 6 40 aircraft 〓〓〓
Over 100 machines this time (including replacement and painting)

That seven enemy aircraft can not be used so much 〓〓〓
I can use it quite a lot so I can enjoy it a lot.

That 8 How to custom is which is + which will be -
It becomes a form to stretch just, the graph is seen, the performance of the aircraft is easy to see

It will be such a place. In this work and the previous work it is an extreme spoken month and it differs from the supopura class. Well this work has its drawbacks as well. It will be a story. But it is fun to erase such things, so I think that there is no loss even if you buy it with a new one. Evaluation is the highest

2006/04/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17743 Host:17758 Browser: 5237
Clear & I sent out the approximate fuselage so I had my impressions.
It evolved properly from the previous work.
The sense of speed and exhilaration are raised, the operability is improved, the volume of the aircraft and the stage etc. increase,
I was also strengthening the character directing properly.
I am watching the crossover so much and it is a lot of fun, and the fighter planes will fight together properly.
And GP01fb's booster pod is moving,
You can move forward with Batroid, 〓〓Gundam punching and kicking,
Beauty Balis has a roller dash on the ground properly,
Beyond the previous work, the behavior of the robot has been made to be unbearable for the original work.
Unhappiness is hard to understand radar in space, it is hard to see because the whole map can not rotate,
The story seems to have been cluttered.
But it was a piece that was good enough to dance dissatisfaction, a lot of volume was shining and it was very satisfying work.

2006/04/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52651 Host:52647 Browser: 5234
Compared with the previous work, the operability etc has improved remarkably. I will compare a lot.

In the previous work, shooting and fighting were the same buttons but this time it became separate.

In the fighting, the previous work was frustrated when it had even a little difference in altitude, but it is attacked diagonally to some extent in this work.

The previous work had to be set to auto operation in order to match the altitude automatically to the opponent, and it has become to choose weapons without permission, but now the work is now available for automatic adjustment only. (I'm very happy with my poor action)

Although it is a story, the number of missions has increased much more than the previous work, but the result is a very thin one. In Impact, Imaku ship attack of previous work Rakaiream was stronger. Also I wanted a conversation between the pilots in between the missions, it was a one-way street. The number of conversations in battle has increased.

The number of usable aircraft has increased by overwhelmingly. I can currently use 96 aircraft.
Although it is just an unpleasant idea, I also received the impression that I earned several in variation.
Aesthetic Balis or Dragonar ...

Although remodeling was a way that the previous work raised this way it was a way to go down, but this work is a system that raises using an ace point because there is a level for each performance. There is a graph and it is easy to understand the condition.
There is something good when it comes to MAX, as the unit experience value of the aircraft that you used each time you do a mission goes up. You may be looking forward to using Wing Zero and GP 02.

This work also fights and talks with warriors properly, but it is annoying to complain occasionally w (Because I am bad, I do not understand the reason well)

By the way, the theme song I like the former work.

It is a very personal thing, but the main aircraft I use is black salena. Strength is cool before. High mobility type can also be used and cast off (different) can be done. The technique that was a gekigan flare in the previous work becomes a distortion attack, and it is "It is a game ...!" And assaults and punches it with a goat (It resembles the technique of the scene of a single strike with the night of the original work last night) Operation of fighting I think that it is far easier to use than the previous work as the sex has gone up. It has nothing to do with the game at all, can you release this black salena Plamo or something else ... w

Although it became criticism of oleo, my criticism is much like this, so I am sorry to have pardoned w long sentences.
Evaluation is "very good". It was awesome if the story was darker.

2005/12/26 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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Theatrical versions of Nadesico, G Gundam,
And it seems that Lean's wings will compete in a special frame.
ACE has played once in a friend's house.
I'm not good at playing the game of the line that I operate by myself from long ago,
I wonder if it was quite funny.
It is fun to be able to fight among various robots as a robot.
I tried using black salena, but after all the operation did not go well.
I probably will not buy ACE 2 by myself, but I think that there are also things to play at a friend's house.
I hope this time the thinness of the story of the shortcomings of the previous work, the beauty of the arrangement of the music is corrected.
Also, I am very pleased that Banpresto original fuselage comes out other than Geschpension, but I wonder if I do not expect it there is no information.

2005/12/26 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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O G! Gundam ... ... I wonder if I can use it like a dragon ...
No way to go out to this game! I personally thought that it would be a guest as a "Gundam VS series" instead of a shooter's principal.
Because it is an extra, it seems only to be God.
I'd like you to improve the system of the previous work, it seems that there are combining techniques in Bren and Dragner as a new system.
I want you to speak to your side, the previous work was lonely ...

You look quite interesting, are not you?
I would like to buy it if it is good for reputation, I love G Gan!

This story is TV version and it may be a story of "past" like Sparibo R, although the story is connected with the previous work though it was out in the previous work Nade.

2005/11/13 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Information of 2!
Newly G Gundam !! This sounds interesting. Goddad to Devil Gundam ... Finger It seems that it is amazingly stunning in the near distance.
In addition, are macross related aircraft also? Are these new extras the only two works? Afterwards it feels quite nice like 0083 and zero custom etc.
Is participation of the super system mentioned by SPAROBO severe?
The previous work was incomplete in terms of the system and it was only possible to do that I am quite looking forward to this power up.
It seems that character directing and playing together can be done at the same time.