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BANPRESTO From Software
Playstation 2
Hitomi Shimatani
Nobuo Tobita Satomi Arai Hiroyuki Shibamoto Yoshiko Sakakibara
Toru Furuya Shuichi Ikeda Hirotaka Suzuoki Mitsuki Yayoi
Hikaru Midorikawa Toshihoko seki Ai Orikasa Ryuuzou Ishino
Akiko Yazima Chisa Yokoyama
Sigeru Nakahara Mika Doi Hirokazu Hiramatsu Chieko Honda
Japan Released:2005/01/27(Thu)
Official sites
1. http://www.ace-game.jp/ (Translation)
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2012/11/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30396 Host:30724 Browser: 5345
[Total playing time]
Is it?

[good point]
The degree of difficulty is not so high, the durability of the aircraft is high and it is not easily shot down. Still it is possible to taste the presence feeling.
Crossover and a previously unreadable story.
It has been reproduced up to sub fighting weapons.
[Bad point]
Dan Bain and Wing Gundam were somewhat weakly used ..

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Those who shoot down numerous small fish enemies one after another will not play games over opponent who was a strong player in the original such as Sazabi.

2008/01/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32764 Browser: 3023(Mobile)
Scenario is thin .... I will not talk in pilots scenarios. It's not that much progressing scenarios with reminiscence of Gabry, Lillina, Anna, Noin.

Is it over the level as an action game? The battle with a sense of speed is funny, but because the movement of the enemy is a certain pattern, it is easy to defeat and lacks sense of urgency. I wonder if I can fly aircraft that I can not fly with the original work. I want to evaluate Rasubosu as a sharp rather than a banpresto original.

Impression that the movement of the aircraft is too light. It is difficult to feel the performance difference of the aircraft when you remodeled. Why is Reisner and Black Sarena alone strongly odd?

It has been improved in a number of ways from a couple of points, and there is also no connection between the scenarios from 1, so it might be good to play from there.

2007/12/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12883 Host:12800 Browser: 3020(Mobile)
This is the best !! It is drawn into the scenario, the aircraft is as much as it is, and features are reproduced. The difficulty level is exactly better than anything else. The enemy is not too weak, the boss is quite strong. I was motivated to be shit. However, ... ... whether there is a friend ..... Would it be nice if there was a multi lock on.

2006/09/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8815 Host:8727 Browser: 5234
Works that have been done for tens of weeks to kill time
Pictures are good, battle quality is good as well


The presence or absence of a friend machine and poor operability goes up ... ...
It was good for ACE 2 to improve it

My favorite thing is to fight Sotheby?

It was good that there was a ghetto with a secret or a hidden aircraft and an AC style fuselage, but one saying .......

2006/07/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20153 Host:20267 Browser: 6287
I think that it is a very good game. A real robot is really cool.
For me it's nosebleed just by having W and Dragner w. I was sorely not able to use Pharggen.
However, this game operability is very bad .. rather difficult. I do not mind if I get used to it, but it is hard to get used to.
The difficulty level was also high, there were many unreasonable stages and stress accumulated a lot. It is a level that can not be described as a good story or flattery.
Although I was delighted with W's participation, I feel Mr. Noin was conspicuous in desperation. I will instruct you here as much as possible.
It is not convincing that the pilot who boarded the airplane operated by the player does not speak the dialog. I feel a sense of incompatibility just by repeatedly attacking without a dialog.
Do you think that there really is a pilot? I was also dissatisfied that the pilot 's face grat does not come out.
Music is subtle except for the opening .... Shimaya 's songs were somewhat nice. I was able to listen very pleasantly with the speedy opening movie.

Well, I can not get Sotheby yet ... (cry) Because the soul is drawn by the gravity of the earth ... (meaning unknown).

2006/04/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5644 Host:5458 Browser: 4184
I think that this game is interesting as it is, but it is still better than normal. To put it clearly I got hoped for too much. It's because the promotion movie was too amazing. In the movie it moves so much like Shakiyaki and the characters are speaking fluently, but when they actually do it almost speaks and it is hard to move, so it will not move smoothly. That is not all. The songs are arranged funny, and the story is equal to none, and it is disappointing that custom systems (wing zero custom or D - 1 custom etc) do not appear. But making the OP movie is the best class and the representation of water and the representation of the beam are very real. Besides, since OP songs are good, I can not wait to see it. Besides, since we can use robots that are not usually converted into action games (Dragner, El Gaime, Raisiner etc), we can evaluate it. But when I say that I will buy it with a new item I will answer NO. If it is about this, it is just about 3000 yen and is not it right? Now, 2 is on sale, but if you buy it would be better over there. The problems of the ACE are almost improved. By the way, it took me half a year to take all the secret. Basically likes epi and baronsu.

2005/11/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:2(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 13505 Host:13879 Browser: 7142
Well, it was interesting, but it was the impression that it is not worth buying at fixed price,
Personally getting tired was pretty fast, did not it?
It was friend's data that used epi first at the beginning,
It seems that 2 will come out, but what shall I do .... If I go down the price I will buy it second hand?

It was disgusting that there was no friend in the field,
That side is 2 so it seems to be somewhat improved so it is expected in that neighborhood,
Personally I think that there is still room for improvement in this game,

2005/11/07 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 11871 Host:11529 Browser: 5234
I am doing desperate desperately recently, but I will not go to think quite often ... orz
It is difficult to operate .... It is quite hard for me who is unfamiliar with the game of this hand .... It is more problematic for me not to be able to move satisfactorily with the aircraft operated by me rather than the enemy. That's why I can not do anything to finish the mission. It's like enabling impossibility. Well, maybe I'm just a stubborn ... orz
I do not know yet because I did not do all the story nature, but there is little, just battle is tough for me. I think that it may be good to have a conversation like a sparibo intermission a bit more ....
It will be fun if you get used to the operation, but until you get used to it is a bit painful. Evaluation is done after doing all but it is "normal" at the moment.

2005/11/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32763 Browser: 2743(Mobile)
ALL (difficulty degree also in all ranks) cleared, so I will evaluate it.
Story ... bad side normal music ... bad graphics ... highest operability ... very good character (including works included) ... ordinary system. Difficulty ... good overall ... good

The story was honestly subtle. I also have parts that I do not know about the original. I do not know if the relationship between Hokushin and Akito is just a word of revenge ... You do not come from Yurika in the first place. Well it's probably because it is a prerequisite to know the original as it will be strong elements like Carague. Even so, I wanted you to talk a little more.
I did not forcibly increase the appearance work and wanted many aircraft from one more work. Well this is OK though.
The operability was good. It was easier than AC. (Easy to have lock on after all)
Just like you guys, the performance is too different depending on the aircraft. It is remarkable when player battle .... Personally, V-MAX and more funnel system are unavoidable.
Music ... aside from OP and ED ... sound quality is bad. Aside from portable gaming machines.
Well I certainly went for it even if I said anything. I felt that the difficulty level was quite comfortable because I was doing AC series. But the escort system has failed quite well. It is troublesome and escorting goals are shot by buster rifle and erroneously blasting to blast furnace ... ... The story is deviated. Rabbit Honka This work is a good work, so I expect it to be a sequel.
It is a digression, but I wanted you to have a super robot also on the ground battle main. I like the supermarket better.

2005/08/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16049 Host:16071 Browser: 5234
Well, it was a game that we tried for a long time. First impressed by OP. There were two kinds of music, but neither of them was good, and, of course, it is from software, for example. Flames and townscapes, water color and machine color are wonderful and beautiful. And it was extremely satisfying because it reproduced finely scratches etc in the armor finely.
Armored by the operation, it was completely confused at the beginning with an entirely different operation from the core, but it makes it easier to crush the enemy as it gets used to it, so Armored.I am thinking that it is easy for the fans of the core to do it easily Did. However, although there were still stages that I could not clear. Personally somewhat disappointing is that the aerial battle has become main. Some enemies got down to the ground, some enemies were able to fight on the ground from the beginning like the Ashura Temple, but still most of the air battle was almost there, but I wanted you to consider the balance between the ground and the air a little more is not it. Well, even if I deducted it, it was pretty flexible and fighting was fast, so I enjoyed it very much.
It was good that the system had advantages and disadvantages in remodeling. It is quite wonderful because it can be remodeled as ace like aircraft body with high mobility even at the expense of armor and so on. Even so, Ogji and others are irregularly strong, so the balance is bad, but ... I think that Ogi is the strongest, but I have not used it much. Then it was fun to kick enemies with a hundreds or a weak aircraft. Well, it is better than having the balance of the strength of the aircraft because there is reality. Because the boss aircraft is so weak it is unlikely. Besides, I personally think that there is a mass production machine or a weak fuselage and attachment comes out and I think that "Coates debutinojayaro". Well, it was a bit of a surprise that Murakumo's cloud breaker came out. That was a bit unpopular. It was pretty fun to use it. But why are the funnels of Sotheby and 〓〓Gundam disposable? I wanted you to infinitely reduce the power like the Cuberley.
And the most disappointing piece of this work is a character and a story. I do not tell you not to be a character related to the stage, and when I talk, it's about the time the boss came. I also wanted a voice when attacking and hitting, afterwards when I acted around evasion. Besides, the story is pretty shabby. I was looking forward for it for a moment. Well, something Rondoru is becoming an inquirer, so it seems that there is a sequel ...
However, I think that there was no doubt that it was a good work. I can do it and extra stage is fun too. It is still the best real pleasure to run around as long as there is a favorite aircraft. I think that I would like to evaluate very well because it can be expected to be very enjoyable and sequel.

2005/06/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23321 Host:23314 Browser: 4925
I played it for the time being and wrote it all cried.
First of all, it is equal to none of the conventional spar robo that you want to immerse in the story and individual works as well as that real spa robo.
It is a game that you can steer that aircraft to the last, clearly defeating the enemies and cleverly.
I thought that it was a game for lights that saw various robot works from SPAROBO other than myself.
Although this game certainly involves only the involvement, it is made precise and beautifully well, but the main character of this game is various famous robot animation, and some people buy it for fun ,
It is incomplete content that I think that I do not have to put out in large collection work in any way daringly.
I think that it is quite often that dissatisfaction comes out considerably if there is a feeling for each work.
After all the main spindle is the world that is composed of Gundam Character Staff in Gundam.
I love Gundam, but it was awesome personally that I was not fresh and somehow managed to mess up with Noin.
Something strangely selectable and story development There is nothing wrong with it.
After all, what music do you emphasize personally personally, I am disappointed with this work. I understand if you ask ....
If the aircraft is the default game, the sound will be real and the sound will be remixed when the aircraft becomes real This sarcasm.

2005/05/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3395 Host:3362 Browser: 2617
I think that it is an interesting game. I also liked the many works I liked so many robots I liked. (Especially Dan Bain)
But, I think that operability is difficult, but I think that I can get it soon.

2005/05/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3174 Host:3341 Browser: 4928
It is dissatisfied that loading can not be done during game. It is normal that many usable aircraft are a good place, but because there is no story, we thought that we could not fully utilize each participation work.
Like this game, original generation just like the original generation, you can use only the original aircraft and I feel like having a conversation between characters between battle like spar robo would be a god game ...
Do not say so, is not it? It is an action game that you can use Banpre's original fuselage.
I think that I can sell it if made. Daisenger, Cybaster, H腴〓kbine, Altoisen,
I would like to use Wildberger.

2005/05/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40026 Host:39878 Browser: 3875
Well ... in short, it is regretful.
First of all,
One character does not talk (I move it by myself)
2 There is a bad stage (such as a speech stage or a mine removal stage)
3 Story is not equal to
4 Personal emotions Why does not ZZ come out although reverse shear or Z is out?

The advantage is
1 opening is good
2 The action is interesting, making full use of the characteristics of each aircraft.
3 There is a refreshing feeling.

It is recommended for those who like action and sports as many disadvantages.
Please drunk on the brave appearance of your favorite aircraft (laugh).

2005/03/23 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15394 Host:15409 Browser: 5234
For the time being, the achievement rate became 100% (possibly with all the secret achievement, the number of evaluations should not matter) so summary.

Since it is only "a picture" machine, it is a perfect score with respect to the appearance including the opening.
When you kill an enemy, it is like Armored Core that explosion from a while after lock on got off.

Regarding battle, it is not balanced because it reflects the unrestrained characteristics of each aircraft.
A characteristic airframe tends to lack versatility and become difficult to use.
On the contrary, I wish I could have made it a little better using this place.
It's like "There is no buster rifle here, is not it ~", or "There is only black salena's body shape".
Actually, it seems that the secret condition is playing its part, but it should be the FromSoftware's number one. It is unsatisfactory.

I am only complaining, but I'm enjoying it because I am making it 100%.
Finally I used the airframe Tohrgis. In connection with the above, this has no features and basic performance is high so it's easy to use.
(There are also things that only Gundam W knew the thematic song flowing in battle.The navigator is no no so it is also a story too.)
Vernier is extremely small and the duration of the dash is short, but in the case of Armored Core I am more severe.
As expected it is not possible to force all secrets, except for extras, all aces evaluation is easy.

2005/03/22 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15144 Host:15026 Browser: 4487
Other people are the same as impressions, so I will omit it.
It was very pleasing to personally manipulate Geschpen mk II.

2005/03/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 382 Host:233 Browser: 4483
This work was surprised, as the unit was very clear.

First of all, it was the opening movie that was overwhelming.
W appears at the same time as the beginning, and the scene to shoot the buster rifle for Leeo is wonderful.
Besides units, the explosion is also very real.
This movie is also a song, it is my recommendation.

The story is fairly long.
At first you might think "Operating system is difficult," but I think that I will get used to it as I advance the story.
Units will appear more and more as they advance the story.
There is no unique scenario of the series, and the stories of all works are gathered together.
Units that appeared will be available for the first time by buying at the AcePoint.
There was not a strong enemy in the story mode.

When you clear the story mode, the unit is added a little.
At the same time, a free mission will be added.
The free mission can re-do the stage that I did so far.
There is a secret for each case stage, and units will come out when it achieves it.
It seems to be difficult to achieve all.

Well, as the description of the game is good,
After all it is good to see it.
Especially amazing, it is incredible that it looks distorted by the heat of vernier and it looks distorted.

I like W series, so I often use it.
Wiping out enemies with Wist Buster rifle will not stop.
Also enemies with Death Size,
Duo "Cut it! Cut it !! Cutting round !!!"
It is also good.

The 2P war is somewhat smaller, but it is interesting.
But well, funnel, fin funnel is strong.
When I was in great war with my older brother, I was using Sazabi,
"Funnel deployment" "Dummy balloon deployment" and "Sniper with beam shotgun"
Honma is amazing when doing this.
The funnel and beam shotgun have the same red color.
Dummy balloon disturbing the opponent.
If you decide this, it will be dominant first.
Why do not you try it if you have a chance.
I think you will understand why you fear funnels with animation.

This game has good movies, battle is good, and even the pilot's feelings can be understood. (Personally〓〓〓)
For those who like this kind of game it is super recommended.

W is out, and it is the best in all.

2005/02/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38633 Host:38625 Browser: 3646
I did it several times at my friend 's house.
First of all, it is easy to operate, but if you get used to it, there is no problem, so I'm accustomed to it right away ...... I realistically reproduce the size of the aircraft, so if I fight against algebra and alias in Reisner and Bilbain, There was speed feeling and it was really good.
Also, it was a lot of fun to play with your friends in a battle of a dream.
By the way, I took Raizen and El Gyim to Robo. It was so cool, so I'd love to see some of the animation.

2005/02/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8584 Host:8718 Browser: 5714
I am pretty addicted.
Especially I like "Deathsize" and "Black Sarena" very much.
I am trying hard to get out of epi now, but it will not come out easily.

2005/02/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1037 Host:801 Browser: 4126
I bought impulsively with a certain B camera. But in the end it was a hit.
Although I was surprised at the number of aircraft's number of strokes, each feature is good.
Among them, Reisner did not disappoint. No, it's fun to use it for the best!
It certainly may be low in terms of airframe performance, but it is a expression of laser doan guns that makes me think that it is not easy for me to feel the laxity that I had when I was avoiding and the airborne discharge of animation. Good turning.
Among them, V - MAX! No, I was impressed (laugh) That appearance that is not ashamed of 'Aoi meteor' just as it glows blue and flashes with activation. And the amount of damage by a phenomenal continuous attack. Everything is the best! Because I already wanted to use this, I also used it without repairing (laugh)
However, at the very least I wanted the activation condition to be below 50% HP. Less than 30% is a bit severe. I wanted you to add a cheek that "V-MAX invoked!"
In the Gundam series, Z is not easy to use and it is not finished without features, so I am lacking in interest. Although 〓〓is easy to use. W system is more interesting than that. I am using W and Deathsize well. It's exhilarating to annihilate at a stroke with a buster rifle by W's blow.

It is operability, but it took me until I got used to it. I was puzzled because I had never bought this game. First of all it was difficult to operate the camera independently or use the cross key. Afterwards, it is also true that a little stress accumulated as it often happens that I did not match with what I was conscious about what searching ability is.
But is not it a level that you do not mind if you get used to it? I will not be bothered much now.
I do not understand secret achievement is much better than that. Under conditions such as organic plate collection, I would like you to have proper markers on. I have found only one on the seabed yet. I do not know how to do it because the target does not attach to the main gun even if it is a reabler.
Also radar defense is too difficult! (Laugh)

Besides being bad, there are other things, but overall I am satisfied. Especially thanks to Raisiner for putting it (laugh)
So slightly sweet.

2005/02/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15394 Host:15409 Browser: 5234
I found a fatal point unknown origin.
There is no incentive to hide the hidden aircraft ....

As of now I'm doing something with "minded heart", but maybe I will throw a spoon to achieve secret conditions.
I used Suezabi with Cuberley but I did not. Whether to admire Epion is quite difficult.

2005/02/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15394 Host:15409 Browser: 5234
Since it is a subspecies of "Super Robot Big Battle" to the last, it is not suitable for Armored Core fans (like me) "What is aura power?" Since it seems that you can not enjoy more than enough even if it is not boring, please try it if you find a cheap second hand in the future. I am borrowing that my brother who loves sprouts has bought it. Below, I will tell you what I thought compared to Armored Core, so please look at the gray though it is somewhat critical.

First of all, it is hard to tell whether it is difficult to operate. It is difficult to move because the concept of gravity is sparse, the camera operation is independent, movement is highly dependent on one stick, boost is very different from armored core, such as ON.OFF expression. I may not be accustomed yet, but I do not think it will eventually become as freely movable as Armored Core. Many special operations such as avoidance behaviors and up and down movements were provided, and I felt that the armored core contrasted with increasing the degree of freedom of normal operation and diversifying the behavior. However, it may be the correct answer as an operation method corresponding to the battle of outer space which is not in Armored Core. We also assigned weapons to each button because of the difference in weapons concept (Armored Core uses a single launch button (〓〓〓, multiple weapons switched and used 〓〓〓 Proximity attack is a separate button (〓〓〓.) There seems to be circumstance that the armored core does not break the button for movement. In the first place, the meaning of the aircraft is different, I think that it is not possible to force the operation method by force, but I think that it was better to move somewhat closer in order to break down Armored Core fans. For example, to make the key assignment finer. (But the company is different ... It is better to be broken down than Mazui.

Other than that, basically no complaints about battle. Although I have not touched many aircraft yet, battle itself is also interesting, as the use of weapons is important, and the character of weapons is diverse. Also, because melee attacks are easy to apply, I'm abandoning while admiring the swordsman at Armored Core is a big appeal. (The melee attack of the original software aircraft from the original software is just the blade of the armored core itself, the power is low.) It is not likely that people who like it talks by the pilot at any time talks. (I am not sure, but it is fun to talk even then, I know about Char.

Regarding normal screens other than battle (screens like strengthening or saving), there is no doubt the hand of the from software. To be quite clear (from the sense of Armored Core to the end, though it is) hard to use. You can not save load freely, and even if you strengthen you can not sort out tests. Ignorant, I'm thankful for the explanation of the term, but I was told that even if only the name of the aircraft's weapon was given out it would be a firefighter type or a batting type ....

As I thought, I felt the root was "sparibo" after all. However, I think that if you like Armored Core, I think that you like robots in general, so I think the fence is low. It is different from what I say the first time, but I want you to try it once.

2005/02/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34003 Host:33908 Browser: 1847
ACE had good points such as realism, degrees of freedom, exhilaration and so on.
However, in my opinion, I wanted W system to issue Zero Custom etc. first, and I wanted you to send out the voice of the character you are manipulating, too. Also I also wanted to see where my platoon was active.
I will definitely buy it again if 2 comes out.

2005/02/05 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:5(83%) Normal:1(17%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 16956 Host:16895 Browser: 5978
Gundam epion has emerged. It seems that it would be good if the rank ace in the free mission total 36 times.
However, I do not want to repeat one stage with one aircraft.
Pretty good.

2005/02/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:5(83%) Normal:1(17%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 16956 Host:16895 Browser: 5978
I can not keep up, the best !!!!!
The story has cleared.
The subsequent multi-mission is also interesting.
At the same time, the size of the aircraft was also the original, so it was pretty good.

The robot was pretty real. Thanks to From Software for this part?
I think the operation is a bit difficult. If you get used to it, I think that the problem will come to pass,
Since the camera is not auto, it frequently happens that even if the enemy is locked on, it is taken out immediately.
However, I think that it is good to have different combo differences for each aircraft, different special abilities and armed differences, and I think that there is a degree of incompatibility.

As I am, I think BS is the strongest. For some reason, if you strengthen up to armor maximum, the boss does not move,
I could defeat it with a hand canon shooting. More than anything, the movement is fast. In addition, the special weapon Gekigan flare damage amount is strange.
W-type Kandam is anyway fun. As for W, it is a buster rifle and 10 deprivation or 3 as originally produced.
Moreover, I think that the reload was long and it was finished in a nice feeling.
Death sizes approach and cut. Sandrock, too, but Sando was stronger in approaching battle.
There was also an original fuselage, but I think that there are many people who do not use after mass-production Geschupsten, only used for the first time.
Besides, a bit of a minor aircraft was also coming out. For example, Alstroemeria.
However, I think that it was good to increase the aircraft appearance a little more.
Although it is a boss, the night sky light. Fargen. Alpha Asir. Sotheby and others were strong.
Other Gundam series were interesting and using. Z Gundam can be transformed into a web rider form.
W could also be transformed into a bird form. Aircraft carrying deformation mechanisms are usually deformable.
I also shot the Buster rifle.
Especially 〓〓Gundam is strong. I. Field and. It was powerful like fin funnel and combo was strong, too.
Also, it was painful to move the camera.

There are also hidden aircraft.

2005/01/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 4184
I cleared all the stages once.
Although the degree of difficulty was ordinary, most of the time it is quite comfortable to move, the enemies of the last stage will become strong, but the degree of difficulty may not be high so far.
Besides the story mode, there is a multi play mode in the mission mode. The mission is still unplayed, but feeling that you can play the stage you moved in story mode.
Each story tells a story with past memoirs, goes through the stage, and said that it is a reminiscence, there is no dialogue of each character like sparibo. For that reason it may be useless to lose excitement as a whole, maybe there is a bit of conversation in battle, amuro VS sharp, hero and zex etc, but not satisfactory, well Well all the work involves the original story, After all, it is not enough just for a recollection scene, I wanted more conversation between characters.

It is very good about battle.
I used most of the aircraft (I also write impressions on the aircraft thing) I can enjoy it if I get used to operability.
Although there are many places where there are dissatisfaction points in operability such as ascent and descent using turbo, I could enjoy it even ignoring it.
There is also a feature in each aircraft thing, you can enjoy using various weapons, using different weapons and combo.
There are refreshing sensations such as wiping out with wings, thrusting in black salena and so on.
I used almost 〓〓Gundam ~ Fin funnel, beam rifle, Hyper Bazooka and I field etc. very good!
The enemy 's expectations are also quite attractive for many fuselages! Sotheby, alfa azir, night sky light, Falgen etc cool!
Especially the night heavenly light was a strong enemy for 〓〓agile and Sotheby combo ~.

Overall there are many improvements, there is no doubt that it will become even more wonderful work if you further improve operability and stories.
It seems there is also a sequel work, and it is fun if it comes out.

2005/01/30 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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It is a game that Banpresto is involved in. It is caught that Mr. Cain's voice is not Mr. Shiozawa.
It is Shiozawa-san in Sparibo GC which I was in a while ago ..

Although it seems to cling to the corner of the box, it is quite important in fortune telling in the future.
Oh, I have not played myself, so I will not evaluate it.

2005/01/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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There is only From Software which is engaged in Armored Core etc and the image is beautiful from the opening! (Armored Core has only seen it in video ...)
Although I can not say anything in the early stage, it seems that it takes time to get used to whether I feel that operability is subtle?
Is it the point that I was concerned about the slowness of avoiding only the left stick, turning (not using the cross key), descending speed.
Regarding the unit, many robots featuring a variety of weapons are interesting.
It is still early in the early stage, but I do not use much in particular, but the Gundam lineage that said Z Gundam is balanced seems to be convenient to use.
The original aircraft is a cloud breaker, it is a good aircraft that is easy to draw combos well into various weapons.
I do not have Armored Core, so how do you compare it? I wonder if I will play that one too.
In addition I think that I will write various evaluations, but because I am quite enjoying privately, so far it is "a position I think is good".