[Game]Akutoku Shobai Doronjosama

Game total pnts rank Rank 4,038in 6,129 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.78
Game rank of 2007 Rank 142in 234 titles
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Bbmf Application software
Japan Released:2007/07/18(Wed)
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2008/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48177 Host:48091 Browser: 8569
[Total playing time]
13 hours

[good point]
Points that Yatterman can play in genres other than action games such as Yatterman DS, Bokan and Dorambo. I am not happy with the action and it is a pleasing point for someone.
Card battle is easy to understand even with inexperienced card battle with moderate difficulty.
There are several types of cards as recommended by Mechasuke and Bikkuri Dokkiri Mechanism, and it is interesting that you can use it as a summoning beast during battle.
The basic operation simulation part is also just so named so in fact it is very simple without any complication like a simulation game.

[Bad point]
The operation mode is basically monotonous, so the part there gets tired quickly.
If I completed the card, I would like to increase the kind of card a little more, since the more wearing elements will be lost.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The stable fun of this application is a pleasant place for fans, just because RPG Yatterman of mobile application was a damn god with damn king of fun of Charague.
The player controls the drambo, manages development (battle basic parameter UP) and card purchase (battle option increase) while earning money with various vice business and keeps winning the battle against Yatterman is a game aimed at . Although it is once operated simulation it is safe since the liver of this game is in the card battle.
The basis is fighting with a fist of mechaism between mecha with cards of short distance or long range attack, auxiliary card such as counter and recovery. Bikkuri Dokkiri Mecha card is summoning beastly treatment, and the called surprise docky mechanism gets added to the party as NPC until HP ceases to exist.
The enemy Yattaman uses the asuka meku mechanism and the surprise docky clear mechanism of the ally also have ancillary ability basically, and it supports battle with various abilities such as automatic counter, long range attack seal, damage substitute etc.
When it collects funds with vice banking business, it becomes a battle with high probability because it gets in the way of Yatterman, basically it is developing to collect cards little by little while collecting cards while repeating battle many times from the early stage. So get bored with the card battle itself and end there. Perhaps it is suitable for people who have not experienced card battle game as much as simple rules.