[Game]Akumajo Dracula Ubawareta Kokuin

CERO:B(For more than 12 years old)
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Game rank of 2008 Rank 158in 220 titles
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Graphic2.00(Very good)1
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Japan Released:2008/10/23(Thu) Nintendo DS
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1. http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/dracula_ds3/ (Translation)
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2015/04/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2977 Host:2716 Browser: 10122
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Graphics are not forced to use 3D in dots, it is beautiful and difficulty is high, and it does not mean that you can proceed even if you do it properly, the story is always reasonable, but it was better than usual.
The glyph of the magnet is interesting. You can grow items on the market. I think that it was fun personally.

2009/04/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28183 Host:28187 Browser: 2925(Mobile)
The face of the character is ugly. Oh buzz. Where did Tanbi of the previous work go?
I can not accept any more pictures. There is no possibility of painting or character design savory and dasa. I wonder why he changed it to a deco-star picture like this dead fish.
I want this one work to use pictures that do not have such animation or ambition. I do not know the Gothic character of Gothic!
The story is a somewhere woman whose main character is not related to Belmondo, her personality is unfriendly and erotic, and its tension has been lowered. Evaluation is the worst. Both pictures, stories, jet black? Sonia-like black history.

2009/04/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1187 Host:883 Browser: 10862
First of all, although difficulty level has a feeling that it became a little easier than the previous work "Gallery of labyrinths", it is still difficult enough after all.

Glyph suction. It can not move until it completely absorbs, and it is totally unprotected in the meantime. Until the previous work Seoul and Sub Weapon etc, you could get it just by picking up, the current work is troublesome.
.MP. It is impossible to reduce by ordinary attack alone. Instead it is supposed to recover quickly.
.heart. It is hard to recover (only one pair is recovered by the heart from the candlestick or anything, and even items are not recovered by half of the synthetic impression one time, although the heart repair is high and not falling), but with synthetic impressions Even with the early weapons, 15 decreases. The balance between consumption and recovery is a mechanism. In the first place, do not need a heart gauge just for synthetic impression? I think that MP consumption was enough.
Kill Cruz. It is all due to this extra new action that struggles with the early boss such as big skeleton. Do not make such a useless thing.
Glyph Palette. It is like Seoul of Doppelganger of "The Moon Cross", but on the game screen, while pressing A, the command becomes slightly more complicated and functionally degenerate. You seem to be able to create up to three patterns, but if you strengthen such a silly part, you should restore the functions that can switch at any time.
At the time of save, the graphic when recovering HP is getting very shabby. Even though the previous work was pretty flashy.
.Portion. The amount recovered further from the previous work, only 50. Even though it's just getting harder, why do you imitate it so far? And for the quite a long time you can buy at the shop in 50 potions and 29 on recovery. Even in the dungeon, we go around eight cemetary funerals, and only one potion that is more powerful than the potion is full recovery. Even though HP increases rapidly to 250, 300, forever it is the highest in potion 50, it can not keep up with it.
Exposition. Even if it can be bought at a store, one 30000 G is too expensive and can not be bought at Roku. There is no point in selling it if you can not buy it.
Magic instrument. Compared with the previous work, the number drastically decreases to less than half, but the previous magic ray has many things related to the partner, otherwise it is useless to say obliquely downward attack with command technique and whip There were many things. Because it was scraped down to only the minimum necessary, it can be evaluated sufficiently. Although it was also in the previous work, it seemed like sliding, even without a magic ray, it can be done as an ordinary action? In the previous work, in the former way, in the form of a quest clearing, a devil that makes sliding possible Whereas guides are available, this work has it from the beginning. There is no meaning if you set it to be unable to slide without a magician and have that magician from the beginning.
Akuma Castle Boss of Underground The Imperial Palace. Blackmore. The attack power is too high. Moreover, because the motion of the technique is fast, it is hard to get out. Even in Rasubosu of the previous work, there was no technique to eat 250 damage by one shot except for multi-step hit. Depending on the level, losing if you eat 3 to 4 with a single attack, no matter what you think.
The villagers' quest. There are too many things involving rare items that can not be obtained unless it is in the latter half, or even late in the end (moreover, only one of them is available for EX dungeon not related to clear).
Glyph for flight. Although there was a magic of the effect which is similar to the previous work, in this work, it is too late before getting into the room of Rasubosu to get it.
A demonic castle. Elegol and so on, as many bosses appeared as not to be able to win very much with one or two challenges. After struggling to break through a number of dungeons, this is too tiresome.
Money earnings. In "The cross of the moon", there are three treasure boxes and there is a room where you can earn nearly 1000 G at a time and did not have any difficulties with money, but after "Gallery of Labyrinth" there are no such rooms, and it is quite money-friendly . Although 4 to 5 digits are for sale items, at most 50 G coins are available at most. This is too much.
Dracula. Although most attacks are simple but not simple, only the second stage Bat Move is abnormally strong. It is difficult for Motion to distinguish it from other attacks, and if it hit, it is a multistage hit unusually. Moreover, the power of one is 100 or more. There are too many hits, and even the shield of Melio. Skumum can not guard. When it is issued, it is nearly defeated. If all the skills are even stronger yet I still understand but it is strange that there is only one such extremely strong technique.
.save. "Save the data on the cross of the moon" has three save data, the next "Gallery of Labyrinth" increased to six, "Stolen deprived" has also decreased to three. Do not understand what is wrong.

I do not like the most,
Dungeon. Until the previous work was to search within one big dungeon, now this work goes out and explores individual dungeons. Troublesome.

I cited only dissatisfaction, but there is nothing that is not funny. However, in various ways, I feel that the quality gradually drops as "the cross of the moon" 〓〓〓"gallery of labyrinth" 〓〓〓"stolen stamp".