[Game]Akumajo Dorakyura X Kuronikuru

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Game rank of 2007 Rank 83in 231 titles
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Japan Released:2007/11/08(Thu)
Sites about how to play the game
1. http://www.leiji.jp/diary/?date=20071113
2. http://suu.cocolog-wbs.com/blog/2007/11/psp_x_5eae.html
Official sites
1. http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/dracula_psp/ (Translation)
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2011/03/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4776 Host:4588 Browser: 8841
Although it is unplayed, I watched the movies (normal end and good end) until clearing, so I will comment.

It is an action game in which graphics are beautified following the traditional whip operation so far.
It is characteristic that introduction of movies and voices are attached to characters. The voice of Dracula is cool (Mr. Wakamoto Norio of familiar with Ms. Konoko and the cell).
The player's voice comes out during the action.

It is PSP soft, but besides "Chronicle", it will be advantageous to play with "1 Bunka no Boku" and "Nocturne Nocturne" with 1 piece.

Regarding the system, I think that it is good to have a grace to get back the previous weapon even if you take what you do not need in subweapon.
The performance of sub weapon has also evolved. When introducing a part,
The cloth began to return after staying in a certain place,
Holy water moves horizontally from the place to be able to attack,
Dagger came to spread in three directions.
Some opened a book as a new weapon and attacked the whole.

I do not know what is useful anyway, but it seems to be able to back things as well.

The stage is basically all 8 stages, but it seems there are subgroups with dashes by helping characters on the way, the endings were also different.
By helping you seem to be able to use another character like Mary.
As it is normal, Rasubosu ends in a two-step deformation,
By the way the character helped it was a rasp boss directed towards the good end, it was up to 3 levels deformation.

Anyway, looking at the Dracula series and thinking in common is about the pearl falling after knocking down the boss, but everyone desperately wanted to jump and want to take ....

I will make a comment from the position "I think it is good".

2008/08/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1187 Host:883 Browser: 4926
In this series, there has never been anything cleared properly, right? I do not dislike it, but it is difficult.

Even in this work, the poor operability of the jump is still the same. It is hard to do. Just for jumping it is hard to get used to.

Richter's jump button The back jump of pushing twice is just an obstacle to say clearly. If you do get inadvertently you jump back and fall on the needle, and you should not have such a thing.

Maria, who becomes a player character if you help, is struck from Richter but weak, but it is quite funny when you're doing it. Normally attacking birds (pigeon) will penetrate, so the boss opponent will hit multiple stages and you can jump 2 steps. It is quite convenient. However, unlike Richter, the consumption heart is different by sub weapon. If you are not careful, as soon as you have repeated Dragons, Sukarakan.

Also, although it was difficulty at first, I thought it was difficult, but as I was doing it many times, I got used to it gradually and I was able to go to the boss pretty well without a mistake. I do not feel like I am somewhat easier than my previous work. However, it is just right for me.

The other is a captive woman. I do not know exactly where I am. The back route is also the same. It is hidden in such places that you never notice when playing normally. There is no person who can take 100% without relying on a capture book or a capture site. That neighborhood is uselessly too complicated.

Besides, it is fine, but there are a lot of enemies with long leads, such as the big man wielding an iron ball, the knight of spear use, the knight of a strong sword struck abnormally, and so on. Well, there are things to beat down. However, it is nice to have a room where recovery items, hearts, sub weapons, etc. are always placed before the boss. But, for example, Minotaur and Doggeza are pretty weak, but Durahan is strong, and I feel that there is considerable unevenness in the strength of the boss.

However, Dracula of the two-step change is pretty weak, is not it? ... If so, is not it stronger on the boss Duraghan stage 4 route?

In general, the evaluation adds "good".