[Game]Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf.Achse

Game total pnts rank Rank 4,874in 6,260 titlesTotal 0 / Deviation 47.50
Game rank of 2008 Rank 162in 219 titles
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Japan Released:2008/02/28(Thu)
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1. http://subtlestyle.net/akatsukiaa/index.htm (Translation)
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2008/11/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30269 Host:30458 Browser: 7505
As the giant world continues to decline, it is not a frontier arcade game that can create layers like at least Merubura that have never come to something like a gaosen.

The perfect person is cute, though, the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓rying to catch a glance at first glance is good, but the problem game itself is delicate. It is unusual for doujin ga to have a large divergence in the way each other's character is made, and in other words it is not like being permitted except for coterie gay. That's right, because Akatsuki is a coterie gay, why is this so ...

If there is no opponent there is no reason to raise games and it is a niche and difficult market Beaten the giant world and it can be said that it is perfectly a planned collapse This work from a doujin work is an ordinary arcade It can be said.

2008/10/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9047 Host:9238 Browser: 6034
It seems to be a fighting game which advanced to the arcade from a doujin game after everything from Melty Blood, but it seems that it was not talked about much, either in the game system or the character has a cause, or the field of fighting game declined Because it tends to be?
This work is a solid motion with classical graphics and polygons.
"Great blow"
Start, "Yes?" Round Start signal is peculiar.
If you try it without avoiding it like that, the game system is rather simple. It is easy to remember.
Some of the characters have strong characteristics, so it does not mean the same thing no matter who uses it, (perhaps) whether the minimum condition as a grade game is satisfied.
However, at the time of an intruding, you can not have the freedom enough that you can change the character even on the side that was penetrated.
When you use one character you should include your thoughts and souls.
The degree of freedom that can be changed slightly each time there is an invasion is somewhat uninteresting.
That's why I will not change.

I used more people who are "complete"
It's Eddie + Slayer.
A drill-like technique and a unique step make them reminiscent of each other, but speed and combo are less than Guilty, so it's not even fun.
Although this game may be misplaced to request here because three shots of hitting, throwing and defense in defense are selling.

Well is it "ordinary"?