[Game]Aishiau Koto Shika Dekinai

Game total pnts rank Rank 5,703in 6,255 titlesTotal -2 / Deviation 46.85
Game rank of 1998 Rank 250in 277 titles
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Japan Released:1998/02/11(Wed) Playstation
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2015/01/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A package drawn with a touch which is slightly unbalanced as PS software. This is the one of famous "Erika Sakurazawa" in the female cartoon area.
Originally there is a manga with the same name "I can only love you", which is the original,
By putting it in the game, I have arrived at the sound novel game of love stuff.
However, although the notation is officially becoming an "adventure", it is somewhat doubtful.

Well now the genre is sound novel, but what makes the story worrisome anything,
In a word it does not say that "a man who fell in love at a new workplace was actually gays".

Yes, the main point of this game is "Speed 〓〓〓〓〓nd deep delicate stories".

Does that mean that Mr. Sakurazawa's opinion on homosexuality is reflected? It seems pretty interesting, but I can not help being interested in it,

This was sweet ...

The thing which we actually saw was to make progress even though it advanced.
Anxiety, conflict that flows like a river in no time.
Somewhat exciting but still without quiet giggle (there are some men who liked the hero).
Kiss and sleep and develop like OK.
If I think whether there is a destination or not, that's it. It does not take as much as 1 hour 30 minutes per lap. Is that okay?
Supplementarily, once there is an ED for each character for each character, almost all flow is the same as halfway so it is a good place to go out.
I can only say that I can love it because it's a title, so if you say I love you, I can not say anything anymore ...

So the system is also bad.
Backlog function, no skip function, saves can only be done at the end of the chapter Unkind design like losing to the same-sounding novel of that time.
Furthermore, the story branch is not an option, and the system that pushes the button while the right lower cat is singing meow. It is unknown.
If the voice of the cat is carefully politely and concentrating on the story, I will miss first.
It seems like it is going to do nth lap in the end, is not it bitter so far because I can do it in 1 hour 30 minutes ...
However, it will not be difficult to imagine that it will be overwhelmingly overwhelmingly evolving as soon as it goes to that point that you have to watch the cat by chance.

... and so I badly written bad places so I will give you good points.
First of all it is a full voice.
This is purely pleasant as a work based on manga,
Because why a gorgeous voice actor is used, it does not feel uncomfortable and it is perfect.
The number of CG sheets (?) Is also large. People like Mr.'s work seems to be enough.
Although BGM does not remain in the impression, it is a superb level as atmosphere creation.
There is no point that I am doing my best.

However, it is totally insufficient to say whether we can overturn the thin story and evil system that these good points rise.
If you can avoid it, you can say that it was better to read the original if it was about anything except people who liked this work very much.
In the first place you think of people who read the original in terms of saying whether to start up PS for this game ...

However, there is no depressive development or cruel development because of the lightness of its development,
It might be good for killing time for those who are not good at such things, or who prefer a light story. maybe.

As a comprehensive evaluation, "I am very bad" I will assume.

System 1
Graphic 3
Usability 2
Difficulty 2
Volume 1