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Game rank of 1993 Rank 91in 228 titles
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Koei KOEI KOEI Koei Tecmo Games KOEI
Japan Released:1993/04/02(Fri) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Japan Released:1993/10/01(Fri) PC-98
Japan Released:1994/02/18(Fri) MD
Japan Released:2005/07/29(Fri) Windows
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2012/02/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25231 Host:25372 Browser: 10030
Play in the SFC version. The objective is to build a branch office in all areas and be the number of passengers per year by target area number within 20 years. However, if it is a beginner level 4, professional will be achieved in 7 areas.

Although this work should first connect the navigation route with a high rate of return and secure passengers one after another, in the case of 〓〓〓 it is more advantageous to make the headquarters to the western city overwhelmingly. The reasons are as follows: 〓〓〓All cities with high population and high commercial tourism level are in the west side. There are many cities like China, but the tourist level is low and demand for routes is small, so there is little overall re-entry.
〓〓〓The aircraft of the west airline is often superior in terms of performance, but if you move the head office to the east, you can not purchase it, even neutral countries are expensive and disadvantageous.
〓〓〓Because of the matter of 〓〓〓 Western countries are more abundant in terms of initial funds, the eastern camp is disadvantageous.
〓〓〓Even in the acquisition of slots for departure and arrival, since the cities with high sightseeing level and high demand for passengers are all in the west side, the eastern nation is considerably disadvantageous due to its long negotiation period. In some cities negotiations themselves are impossible.
〓〓〓As for the country's brand image, the West tends to be higher

Also, the effect of this campaign is thinner than the previous work, and dispatching subordinates makes it impossible to use the subordinates for a long time. In other words, dispatch to the campaign is binding for one year and its effect period is also one year, so if you continue to run the final campaign continuously, one of your subordinates will be in full dedication and the lower player The path to the reversal will narrow.

From the above, depending on the scenario there are some differences, but if Tokyo, New York, London is headquartered, you can play in an overwhelmingly advantageous state, which makes this game boring. Brand image is also effective, and if the difference between headquarters position is noticeable, it is specification which is impossible to reverse in any way. However, in Scenario 4, I think that Berlin is integrated into the EU and each city has grown so that it is somewhat easier to do. It is a pity that Hong Kong has become Chinese territory (laugh)

〓〓〓Form of the future 〓〓〓
In the final scenario, Russia joins the EC and Europe is integrated, and Jumbo which can capture more than 1,000 people including B2000 HC will appear. It is a different future from the present but players are thinking whether there is something to feel something playing.

[Bad point]
Ownership of business seems to be obviously bad. Once acquired by another company, it is impossible to obtain any amount of money in the fund until it is sold, it lacks reality, and makes it difficult to clear within the period.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I did not remember since I cleared quite a few, but clearing with level 5 professional with headquarters in the east side is probably not achieved yet. Instead, it's probably impossible for the western partner, although it is also due to the partner. Oh well there was such a difficult point, I could not be satisfied with everything, but evaluation was "good" because I had lots of fun.

2011/11/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1320 Host:1336 Browser: 7300
Airline SLG second bullet.
Although increasing the number of passengers is the same as in the previous work, it is becoming the wind that it aims at the air king by acquiring the share in each area.

This time we can make seating allocation not only for routes but also for ourselves, so that we can make super high class machines so that we can add attention to both routes and aircraft and have attachment attachment.