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CERO:B(For more than 12 years old)
Game total pnts rank Rank 5,368in 5,906 titlesTotal -2 / Deviation 46.81
Game rank of 1994 Rank 196in 214 titles
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Turbo Grefx CD
Japan Released:1994/07/22(Fri)
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2009/09/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50084 Host:50098 Browser: 6307
Compared to the fighting work of the time made in large quantities due to strikes and Virtua, I felt unsatisfactory by all means.
This is the impression that I played this work.

The work itself is a ported version which added the story mode by mixing the second character's character with the first work issued on the PC,
It was content saying that the representative of the shop (waitress) such as "Scararch" "Hannah Millers" fight with the first place of legend and the prize money.

The rule is to play a one-on-one battle with 9 characters usable in the initial state and characters chosen from 2 people who will be usable by clearing the story mode,
If you set your opponent's strength gauge to 0 and take 2 preempted,
The basic performance of the character is also close to the fighting work of Super Nintendo such as punch, kick, guard, throw, dash,
It was nice to say that the feel of play was also the Super Nintendo itself.

A writer who uses a lighter like a flame radiator and a rocket punch as a weapon.
If you continue to win by Yuka and progress the story, words such as "cloned humans", "remodeled human beings" pop out from the middle,
Miscellaneous parts were conspicuous in setting and building the world view.

Evaluation is "bad" which is close to "ordinary".

2007/07/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
Oh, it was originally an eroge for PC. The waitresses fought over the prime location of the legend.
Character design was Mr. Takahiro Kimura who later played an anime such as "King of Braves King Ge Gaigar" and "God Soul Union God Danner".

Well, originally it is erotic, and when I see it now, I do not have super knockout technique that was standardized in "Fatal Fury" and it is not enough.

At the time of transplanting, a three person character was added, and the story mode was attached to the main character.

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