[Game]Advanced Great war abbreviation German blitz tactics (Adobansudo Daisenryaku Doitu Dengeki Sakusen)

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Japan Released:1991/06/17(Mon)
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2016/02/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2416 Host:2363 Browser: 5171
Campaign mode starting from German invasion of Poland.
This is the biggest selling point of this work.

The content is a strategy simulation set in Europe during World War II.

First of all, the importance of the joint attack which does not receive counterattack by the enemy is the same as the series work of the past, but in this work bullets are not hundreds of batters but sometimes landing on hex next to the enemy unit and ally .

The player moves all units of allies 〓〓〓Production of unit 〓〓〓end of turn of enemy 〓〓〓rotation of replenishment Move the unit in the order of airplane, tank, infantry,
Because "Occupation" can only be the weakest infantry, secure the path of infantry on airplanes and tanks, destroy the city and execute tactics such as obstructing enemy supply.

Also, this work has the concept of weather (it can be turned off), as the rain continues, infantry movements become dull,
When the storm blows, the flight unit becomes unusable, snow falls, the river freezes and the ship becomes unusable. It is quite troubling.

Besides this, we can reproduce and re-train the unit that was done, an elementary mode in which the positions of each other's unit are full,
Intermediate mode where enemies and allies must search the enemy, advanced mode with only the position of the player unit, it is thorough for difficulty setting and advanced users.

Crank mode is a campaign mode in which the progress of the enemy is restrained and the state of the game is turned over with the less fighting force from the state where the enemy's turning from the state where the enemy's arrangement finishes to the start which starts from the arrangement of the ally's side.
This lets you know how innocent war was done by the Nazis through the game.

2009/03/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1488 Host:1522 Browser: 6312
[Total playing time]
I do not understand 4000 hours ..
[good point]
[Bad point]
Thinking time of COM
[Comprehensive evaluation] 100

2005/03/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25205 Host:25134 Browser: 3878
Numerous weapons of the Second World War era and numerous empirical values 〓〓〓〓〓f weapons & concepts of evolution,
Such as the romantic nature of "if ..." of history, which affects the map where winning or losing on one map goes on next,
It was astonished at that time to that maniac taste.
Although the sequel was released on Saturn and Windows, even if you consider game balance and entertainment that you can simply enjoy,
I think that this work is out of the group.

2004/05/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 764 Host:536 Browser: 3875
There are many SLG and RPG just like moving just above the layered rails, I do not know anything else that is such a difficult and hilarious game balance.
This game has the longest playing time in his / her life.

It saves save, it saves at the worst timing, and how many times have you started over from the beginning ... Even if there is a live saving, I will not be motivated anymore in 5 or the previous scenario.
Because it is a capture book or a back technique negativity school, I have tried it in various ways, already.
At first, I was concentrating on field guns and anti-aircraft guns with a reasonable idea of 〓〓〓〓〓rying to win as much as possible, but it is too weak for air strikes since the midfield.
In the next play I tried balanced emphasis, but as it got better with such a basic thing to do things, this game did not go well ...
In some cases I felt keenly that we had to destroy field tanks and tanks and squeeze tanks and put emphasis on anti-aircraft.
I finally brought heavily infantry from around the 3rd play, etc. (I think that I think it is stronger than the display numerals, is not it? Because the guards and aircraft dropped off and the air defense is also high, it can go anywhere)
Remembering to securely attack while stretching the net, the consumption of weapons drastically declined from around the time of battle.
Salerno and the second half are already demons.
I have done a big strategy after this game, I borrowed it to a friend, but I think that I am deteriorating anyway. I learned how great the game was the Advanced Great Strategy.

2004/05/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49495 Host:49287 Browser: 3646
Evolution. Improvement system and campaign mode are fun.
Great Strategy It can be said that it is a superb game design that has developed independently as it arranges the original rules well.

However, it is difficult. Without a backworking, I can not win at all.
It is amazing who has advanced to the map of the British Mainland Landing Strategy and Moscow Invasion with Gachinko.
I only saw it in the local battle mode, but I do not seem to be able to win any way.

Although it is straightforward when defeating the route, even if it is made here also to this overwhelming quantity of Allied troops, it is the continuation of the super difficult map that it is as much as possible to bring it to a draw.
"Eastern Front of Hell" is also literally hell. If you thought that you managed to kill you without killing even if you killed or killed, the battlefield was very big and time out (crying)
Oh no, I do not want to fly, like this how to win, give me an airplane,
Money is enough, partisan gloomy, the Italian army is obstructing that capital city, etc. etc ...
Would you like to feel the mood of German commanders at the time?

Evolution was a double-edged sword that could possibly have valuable experience valued by desperately saving. The elaborate spirit has become a unit which can not be used at all.
In the early type of No. 4 tank and prototype tea garters there are many people who have had painful eyes.
The capture book was indispensable.

It's not only difficult to exploit. The time required for the COM turn took a tremendous amount of time.
I will forget the war situation and action schedule while waiting, and my mind will be killed by anything.
If the time of COM is half of it at least, I wonder if I could enjoy more.

2004/04/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5504 Host:5350 Browser: 3646
At the opening, it is made fancy, such as being able to watch the monochrome picture of Hitler's speech and the scream of Hitler. I tried exploring the performance of weapons using edit mode, but the weapons of the German army were still strongest. In other words, as a result of comparing the performance actually, in the military aircraft department, concerning the offensive power, He162 developed and manufactured by Heinkel company is 180 with anti-aircraft power 180, attack of Messerschmitt MeP 1101 It exceeded power 150. Why does He 162 have higher attack power, but it is not clear .....................
It is the result of making it fight against various other military aircraft, but first trying to fight against the British 's Spit I (anti - air attack power 60, sky defense 50)
German Air Force's jet fighter He162 (with 30mm machine cannon) is a reciprocating fighter's Spit I (with a 7.7mm machine gun)
I won perfect victory with 10 to 0 live aircraft. Spit I was a large sky, unilaterally wiped out .......
Watching, something refreshing? In the early-type Spitfire fighter, can not you win the jet fighter indeed?
But with the best performance in the game, Spit X 〓〓〓(20mm machine gun mounted) was opposed by 8: 8.
It seems that the performance of the Spitfire fighter developed at the end of the war has remarkably improved compared with the initial type.
By the way, I tried to fight with the earliest mesh Schmidt Bf109E (equipped with a 20mm machine gun) in the German Air Force, but the result was the number of surviving aircrafts 10 to 1, again He 162 was a victory. The Soviet Air Force's Strongest Labor Chokin La-9
10: 4 lose the rampage, another Jakoblev the Yuko Buref Yak - 9U of the Soviet Air Force also does not talk 9 to 4. also,
It seems that the performance of the Soviet air force aircraft at that time was low. With US military aircraft, Mustang H (anti-aircraft attack power 120, sky defense 75) is 9 to 9
It was equally incompatible with expectation. Well, since the Mustang fighter was the best reciprocating fighter in the Second World War, we are convinced of these results ...............
In the confrontation with the British Air Force's battle bomber Tempest II (anti-aircraft attack power 80, empty defense 65), Tempest 〓〓〓is somewhat disadvantaged in 8 to 5. Brewster who was also used as an empty pearl in Finland and was fought against the Buffalo fighter, but the result was 10 to 0, and Heinkel He162 jet fighter was a victory. Well, of course?!?
In the confrontation between jet fighter aircraft, we are somewhat leading with 9: 8 in the battle with the British Air Force 's Meetia I (anti - aircraft attack power 120, sky defense 80). In the case of Mitea III (anti-aircraft attack power 140, empty defense 80), it was a similar result with 10 to 9.
If the jet machines are between each other, is performance not so different? However, if this is the case of US Air Force Aircraft A,
It was a victory of He 162 at 9 to 4. Even though Air La Comet A is a jet fighter, performance is inferior to Mustang H of Recipro fighter aircraft. Even if the machine gun is loaded as 37 mm, it will not be useful. Air La Comet B
It is 10 to 7, which is not also a compliment. It seems like a little better than type A .............
It was 9 to 3 when it was a US B-17 heavy bomber that is said to have been unable to shoot down in actual war. However, in this game, since the bomber and transport machine are originally limited to 6 aircraft, only 3 real machines have been shot down. It is a reasonable result.
In the case of the B - 29A Super Fortress heavy bomber that burned down the mainland Japan, 4 out of 6 survived. It is still not easy to shoot down the aircraft of the sky defense 80. In the UK Air Force's Lancaster VII heavy bomber, 5 out of 6 aircraft were shot down,
It was almost destroyed.
But since the British Air Force had been bombing at night, in practice this would not work as well ........
As an interesting combination, I tried to play against the German Air Force's local interceptor Ba 349 rocket fighter. Ba 349 is equipped with anti-aircraft rockets on the nose and there is fire power, but if you try to fight He162 jet fighter, the number of living fighters,
8 to 6, Ba 349 is somewhat disadvantageous. Well, since it is originally a special aircraft, it will be such a thing.
Well, it was quite convincing. I think that the game balance is well refined after all.

* Some typos were corrected.

2004/04/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6034 Host:5987 Browser: 3875
It was a WAR game played pretty much in mega drive Although I liked the big strategy series from the time of PC but campaign mode started around this time it was interesting and it was just playing but it is like a big strategy and the difficulty level is also high I had a lot of hardships.
That is a memorable work.
Today I want to have this kind of cosmetic SLG go on and on even in PS 2 today

2004/04/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5504 Host:5350 Browser: 3646
Years passed since it was released, but it was the best simulation game at that time.
Keeping on winning campaign mode, it is good to see endings different from historical facts.
Although it is impossible to obediently rejoice the ending that the Nazis will win ... ............
When I got to know the tricky technique, it was even more fun.
It was possible to freely change the state of the opponent country, to change the enemy, to operate enemy countries,
Tricks to make nuclear weapons usable and the map editor were particularly amazing.
It is good that the map editor function could also be used in campaign mode.
(Dreamcast version could not be used in campaign mode, operation of enemy countries is also impossible, this is a shame.)
There were abundant kinds of weapons, and there was not particularly dissatisfaction.
The Sega Saturn version was very dissatisfied with the weapons of the Italian army being omitted.
Besides, since the distance traveled by the aircraft was also allocated by the cruising distance, the moving range of the blunt bomber is wider,
There was a problem. )
Battleship think that this work had the most destructive power (especially against ground attack).
Even so, the weapons of the German army are still the most powerful ne.
Both the sky and the land, German army weapons are the best.
I was spared athletic weapons at the time, but I was able to learn a lot in this game.
It was pretty detailed.
Those who are military aircraft have been interested for a long time and knew a lot about it ..........
The Japanese army does not appear, but since the stage is Europe, there is no choice.