[Game]Advanced Great War Abbreviation 2001

Game total pnts rank Rank 2,437in 6,231 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 48.48
Game rank of 2001 Rank 92in 214 titles
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SEGA Dream Cast PC
Japan Released:2001
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1. http://sega.jp/pc/soft/advd2001/dc/ (Translation)
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2004/04/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5504 Host:5350 Browser: 3646
Prior work which was a legitimate sequel of "Advanced Strategy Dawn Dengeki Operation -" which gained popularity in mega drive,
It is Sega's masterpiece that has improved "the advanced advanced strategy - European storm. German electric shooting strategy ~" further, this is.

The graphic and weapons group that can be used have increased dramatically after about 10 years in the previous work, but the thinking speed of the COM side is slow
There was a drawback that 3D screen was hard to see.
That is improved in this work, it is good that usability is improved from the previous work.

The number of units that can be owned has also increased (more than 300 total!) We can now enjoy collecting more and more uncommon weapons.
It is good to be able to capture enemy units, but I think that it is also wonderful to be able to provide surplus weapons to allies.
With this, we are able to actively back up friendly troops who are disadvantaged in production capacity and excellent weapons!

I'm glad that the map editor also resurrected, but unfortunately it is unfortunate that I can not use this wonderful feature in campaign mode ~.
The mega drive version was able to use map editor in campaign mode, but .................
Well, if you use this function it certainly will be a victory, but this time it may have been forbidden.

Also, I am a little dissatisfied not to attack the German army on my side.
In the Mega Drive version, the German Army on the other side of the way was able to succeed, but ....................

When around September 1945, the German Army will begin to enter new weapons that will not appear in history one after another,
This has also increased in kind, fun has increased!
Especially the German Air Force's large jet bomber is amazing ~.

Whether the battle ship's anti-air defense capability has declined compared to the previous work, is it convenient ...................
In the previous work, it was suicidal act to set off an attack on a battleship with an aircraft (anyway, the anti-air defense power was too powerful, the military aircraft on the side of attacking was almost swept away ........ I was stunned to that, but in this work,
I think that the game balance is well taken.

It is a bit of a pleasure to come to the Japanese army with a fictional warfare edition!?
However, the Japanese army is a problem that the Army's armored troops are weak.
The former army did not take advantage of the warfare in Nomonhan at all.
The former army was too inclined to spiritualism to try to know the concept of modern warfare at all ...........
This is a lot of reflection.

Regarding the transport machine, it is a problem that the German army 's Gigante has become overly heavy and it lacks flexibility in the weapons group that can carry than the previous work, but the standard of the previous work was ambiguous, There is not it.
Military aircraft can not replenish fuel and weapons ammunition unless it is stored at the airport also because it increases the reality more,
I think that it was good.

It is good that the number of maps that can be captured increased.
In particular, I liked the addition of a map to protect German home from enemy bomber units.
Even in the actual war, Germany suffered from indiscriminate concentration bombing of Britain and the United States.
During the day the formation of B-17 and B-24 of the US military, the British Lancaster heavy bombers destroyed the city of Germany thoroughly at night.
By the way, a night fighter was added from the previous work ... ................... this,
I like it quite well.
Some nightfighter aircraft have excellent ground attack capability, so you can use it variously to attack non armored troops.

I hope the sequel will appear at PlayStation 2 .......................
I hope I can use the map editor even in the campaign mode, and I can operate the enemy army with a back technique.

Regarding tricks, with glad features, this was also good.
It is convenient to be able to put the unit in various states up to 3 degrees ~.
With this, it is now possible to evolve weapons that have not evolved quite easily!
Even in the sequel, I want this function to be attached.