[Game]Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight

Game total pnts rank Rank 2,348in 6,110 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 48.42
Game rank of 2017 Rank 13in 33 titles
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Japan Released:2017/03/16(Thu) Ps4 PlayStation Vita
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1. http://awvssao.bn-ent.net/ (Translation)
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2017/04/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"Axel. World" is an original subscription and watched anime version, "Sword art. Online" is an evaluation from a position with little preliminary knowledge.
The world view of 2 big titles was fused well and it was very interesting.
From the beginning to the end consistently the drawing of the story went well and the type of side episode which is out of the mainstream of the story was also abundantly abundant, there was a response very much with Boryumi.
Although the operation felt somewhat complicated, we were able to deliver a variety of attacks and skills, the battle was vivid and speedy.
I felt that the enemy as a whole was somewhat weak and thought that overall difficulty was somewhat easier.

The progress of the story is somewhat monotonous, and characters of "Axel World" and "Sword Art. Online" gather little by little, while becoming a battle at times, they eventually become friends It was feeling that we will continue adventure.
The personality of the characters who become their friends is also attractive enough, there are also many scenes that makes laughter and impression of the conversation scene, I felt charm.
The performance of the voice actors who served as the voice of each character was a splendid word and added a color to the work.
I felt that the story was being well-knitted with feeling approaching essence little by little, and after having cleared, there were various sub-events and I enjoyed it.

Weapons and armor are about the same as other action RPGs, such as collecting materials by knocking down enemies, buying in blacksmiths and shops, but there are indications of destinations to go forward and flying freely in vast fields There was a refreshing feeling as it turned.
Other actions There are many things in common with RPG, but I felt independence was maintained also with the original kind design of this work.
The picture was beautiful and BGM was also good.

I felt that a lot of interesting things such as the story development that is concerned ahead, a battle where mutual rich characters that become friends one after another, eliminated stress property, the performance of voice actors etc. are glowing ryosaki.
Since there was no disadvantage and it was possible to play happily, I will make the evaluation "highest!"