Game total pnts rank Rank 1,142in 6,337 titlesTotal 8 / Deviation 50.14
Game rank of 2003 Rank 53in 200 titles
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Character/Setting2.00(Very good)2
Graphic2.00(Very good)2
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Game Boy Adobans
Japan Released:2003/12/08(Mon)
Official sites
1. http://astroboy-gba.sega.jp/ (Translation)
2. http://sega.jp/gba/atom/ (Translation)
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2016/05/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1320 Host:1065 Browser: 4701
I'm content game of of such Tezuka All-Star action + ADV, but I've played in a state that does not almost know the Tezuka work

[Total playing time]
About 5 to 6 hours Kana true ED specific guy saw

[good point]

[Bad point]
. Too towards Tezuka fan
The battle is a minor and it is fun to itself move a lot in its bulky operability, but its balance is bad
I had to repeat the same stage over and over again. I was disliked, so I saw the strategies from the way

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Story guess is dug do is shallow I'd say
There are almost 60 actions in the game that ends in 6 hours, but almost 50 characters are coming out. There is little explanation of what kind of character they are. Such a character is not familiar with it, it is not a fan, Somewhat poorly explained scenes were strong and suddenly developed There were some scenes that I felt that it was super-deployment probably, but fans are preliminary characters and phrases in advance I understand that it is okay, but I think that it is okay with that, but if you think about it properly, you should be strong enough to feel as if you think about it properly. Because it is an all-star work, it is unified also as a character's name and appearance there is no feeling, miscellaneous also such a point, understand in addition to the impression, such as complicated fan Shizu We Kuna'

Although it is said to be impressed, it is only some fans who are really moved, most of whom are touched somehow Somehow it is a kind of game whose evaluation is raised by impression or the like, I think that it was better to make this game purely ADV with quite a lot of holes if you look calmly. That would increase the number of depictions and should have pulled out the charm of charm that would be attractive

I felt that the evaluation was a game that was overvalued with a typical minor correction usually I was only fairly interesting about the story but it was not good as an action game but it can be done for fans I felt that it seemed to be good, and even if I read reviews of various places, the fan seems to be content that is satisfactory, so I'm going to rate it as ordinary as taking a while

2016/01/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2416 Host:2363 Browser: 5171
How effectively you use EX points.
This is an important point in capturing this work.

The content is an action that mixed shooting.
The story as the background is a crossover based on "Marine Express" which Atom met the character of Tezuka work such as Blackjack, Sapphire and sometimes fighting while talking.
In this work, there are four attributes (Atom Heart) that center on Astro, Heal, Gentle, Brave, Blackjack at the limit of tenderness and heel,
The limit of kindness is the bird of the fire, the color of the character is done to say that it is Sharak at the limit of the heel.

Looking at the operating system, move with the four-way controller, punch with jumps and jets with the A button, punch with continuous hit with the B button (the fourth blows off and kicks)
With L button, machine gun, Ar cannon with R button, cross key 〓〓〓+ B button to kick, cross key 〓〓〓+ B button to finger beam,
It is easy to familiarize dash and hand with AB button simultaneous, invincible during dash, enemies blown off by kick are used instead of bullets,
Pressing the A button immediately after hitting three punches, the cancellation dash and usability are outstanding.

Besides, it seems that we can make Atom power up by advancing the story, sorting it to life,
It is possible to set it according to the player in such a way that it sorts it to the jet, it has a tutorial and a score attack,
You can play from the stage you cleared once with stage select, Continue restarts just before the infinite game over position,
If you also have an auto save function, there are no impressive features as well.

Needless to say the evaluation, of course.

2015/06/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2327 Host:2375 Browser: 5173
First off clearly. This game is fairly interesting, perhaps it may be the most interesting software in GBA's software

The operability of the action can be played pleasantly with the contents to say as treasure Treasures It is good to increase the score twice and triple as you apply the attack in continuous especially The points are not particularly meaningful I earn more and more I'm playing and feeling good When I first did my difficulty I was difficult but it was a good seaweed that can be cleared normally But it is unbeatable during the dash so I will use it I think that anyone can clear it if you get used to it

Also, although there are many things that the carague is often stupid as it is, this game is made based on the original work, that is, with the respect of the Tezuka work I am part of the original work of BJ and Fire Bird and Anime of Astro Boy (Heisei ) Although it is a bastard who knows only a part of it, even the scenario itself was still able to be enjoyed even though it was still fun You can enjoy using Tezuka characters as it appears to be high and anyone can enjoy it, and Tezuka fan would be a tearful person Personally BJ I like the scene that the teacher fights in surgery. If you are a fan reading BJ's original you want to see it

Evaluation is "highest"

2007/04/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37510 Host:37375 Browser: 6213
2003 Atom year, the best picking only.
I did not anticipate that a game with a high perfection scenario will be released so far with a carague.

For the treasure fans, to Seven force fight, which is quite a while ago, (as usual five forms)
A place familiar with nostalgia flowing at exquisite timing enough to misunderstand that "was composed for this scene?" And a little fan service is a nice place.

The content of the game is somewhat difficult to cling,
"Enemy attacks are avoided by avoiding by jumping but avoiding with a dash", "At the end of the punch attack is canceled, further attacks are possible from the cancel dash"
It may have been a bit painful for players who can not understand the system here.
Even if these two points are suppressed, it is possible to clear up the mouth of the Heisei anime version which could not beat the bad guys thanks to global standards and thanks.
Well, it's already poor.

I think whether this game is comparatively easy to obtain at regular wagon sale regulars,
If you can get it, it is recommended that the overseas version "ASTROBOY - OMEGAFACTOR -" which has been readjusted and greatly improved in completeness.
I also have Japanese mode.