This title belongs to the series of Armored Core
Game total pnts rank Rank 3,604in 6,371 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.84
Game rank of 2005 Rank 145in 266 titles
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From Software Playstation 2 PSP
Japan Released:2005/03/03(Thu)
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1. http://www.armoredcore.net/acff/ (Translation)
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2005/04/20 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20384 Host:20319 Browser: 6339
Since I saw things like endings, I got a general review.

Since the work to adjust the aircraft to the steady state continues, it is plain in the beginning.
It takes quite a long time to build an aircraft that wins the first league and how far can we withstand that kind of work?
It is a game against my own patience.
However, once a certain aircraft is assembled, it will be fun because the league will be able to fight so far.

As it becomes possible to fight as it is, I would like to try to compete against other users, but with PS 2 only I can not upload data to the web.
Of course I can not go out to the official game.
(It seems that you can upload data if you have PSP version).
Although there is a story that participates in the grand prix even in this game, offline, I think that it is still a matter of fact that users fight against each other.
However, it is a big problem not being able to upload data to the Web if it is only PS2 version.
If there is a next work, I want you to think about this point by all means.

2005/04/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20384 Host:20319 Browser: 6339
Play only PS2 version.

Works that changed the direction slightly with the AC series so far.
AC customization is the main and operation is almost impossible. AI performs the operation of AC in the match.
Manufacturers did a lot of drunk things.

However, since the title is ordinarily set as "Armored Core", was not there some people who expected the AC series so far?
How much it was the same series, it would be better if you had a little more consideration.

In the game, five basic aircraft are prepared in advance, but there are still many things to do from the beginning, I think that the threshold is high for beginners.
At first, there is a tutorial explanation in the game, but it was still difficult to understand.
Even so, I will do my best to set up the aircraft, but although it is tough together, when I become a high-level league 5 bodies must be used, customizing is troublesome.
I wanted you to have about 3 bodies at best.

After that, it is fine,
It is troublesome to set a game every game during game. I want you to remember the setting.
During the game, I want you to know which one is "unit 1" "unit 2".
"Team" so I wanted an atmosphere that I am doing my best with my teammates. I am too lonely.

I have only played for a few hours but it is interesting for now.
I will write a review if there is a chance.