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Game rank of 2009 Rank 104in 175 titles
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Marvelous Entertainment Inc.
Japan Released:2009/06/04(Thu) Wii
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1. http://arcrise.web.fc2.com/
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1. http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/game/wii/arcrise/ (Translation)
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2009/08/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6984 Host:7023 Browser: 7225
[Total playing time]
62 hours

[good point]
Load is short
We liked the character. The story is not fun unless there is such a thing.
This is an advantage and a weak point, but the boss fight was more interesting than the side each time the enemy was more than this side and there was a tense feeling.
I think that it is a good way of saving to let the expression of emotion only by character painting divide it more than move a character on the screen with conversation like Tales, even if there is a variation of a little more.
Battle Simplification Command. I would like you to do such things with Dragon Quest
The package of all members of the game body was fake, rather than fraud, it was fake and it was unexpected and I enjoyed it.

[Bad point]
.wii Why is gray dirty?

Camera work is bad

I think the town and the field are wide, but making is appropriate and there is no interest.

The number of Copipe residents in the town is too large to call each person voice,
Even if the content of the conversation is boring and it is not related to the main story even if it is not heard, I almost did not call out.

The thinness of the existence of the coin, I'm not cute, I'm not gamble with the gag staff,
I do not get involved in the story.
It would be nice to say that it was a complete failure as a mascot character.

In the first half there is somehow but the battle really gets shinned from the last stage, even if it is a small fish, if I mistake the command input I get tired instantly.
People who can enjoy it will be fun but I get tired. There were scarcely scenes that you can feel that the level has risen in this game.
Always weak, from the beginning to the end, a storm of recovery if it got into battle.
At the very least I wanted you to set up a full recovery savepoint before the boss battle, or AP used for lightning arts will recover if you defeat the enemy.
I remembered the weaknesses and patterns of the boss at first look and knew that the rematch from the annihilation would become a real fight.
I suppose it's about 80 hours if the playing time of the redo portion also matches. .

I thought the piece system was interesting, but since the composition of the piece changes with litter fighting and boss fighting, the piece 'wanted a function that can "save the state of the piece". Before raising the level, pushing a "small fish warfare set" will change the composition of the piece.

Even if you change costumes, it is not reflected in battle and usual scenes, and there is little reaction of characters against it.

Is not it bothersome to pick up on the way, including the enemies in the latter half, the handling of characters is sloppy and disposable (death) stands out.

The roughness of the time series that Sherry supposed to have stayed together a little while ago became a memory loss and became a resistance leader.

I did not have that budget, but I wanted the OP songs.

A lot of .WP can be taken out from the boss in large amounts, but most of them are meaningless because they can not be defeated under the growing weapons.

Because the party members are boring, we have chat but we do not have interesting conversation contents. And few.
There are also no Moe elements and events. If it is said that it is not aiming it will be until then.

If you get used to it, you do not mind, but when you press the button on conversation, you get a picon, a sound comes out, and I wanted the specifications to be fake.

The impression of the character is weak, it does not remain in memory. Especially the main character. Tales who would have referred to the original, not to be liked and disliked by the work, although all the characters are standing.
I do not know if the reason was because there was no part of play or whether it was insufficient.
In that sense it can also be said that it was a cosmetic work that is not close to a character moe ..? It was a homosexual.

[Comprehensive evaluation] "Bad"
In one word the enemy is attractive, but the hero and the heroine are boring guys. Is not it interesting that it is not interesting?
But the overall tempo is good, from battle (other than boss fight) to talk. It's abrupt as long as you return the other side, it's also unfolding.
Just as I say many times Boss fight is a muzzle Because I'm eating time so I think that I think I missed a light user like me who tried to interest only scenario and character,
It's a pity that the story is pretty fun. I think that the difficulty setting should have been set up so that a lot of people should do it, but this difficulty is also the personality of this work - mostly similar pakuri other than that.
In the scenario half of the characters that appeared in the package in the first half will be enemies The user betrayal development was truly fun with the feeling that he wrote Abyss, but as it is enemy as it is, it pushes with the confrontation of the two sides' assertion as it is It was still better if you told me, but it is disappointing that it will be like the hero after all in the second half.
Put the enemy who is the enemy to the ars side as it is, absolutely.

As it turns out that the story has been reprinted of Abyss, Sinfonia, it seems that there was not any place to watch, except for the development that the fellows become enemies.
I felt absurd about Adair being crazy and returning to sanity, I wanted an event like there to be more than that (I can tell everyone who is dead) but this was too much capacity or over budget I wonder.
Even though it is said to be a bit strange, Adele can only see anemone helped by Charadesa ...
Well I'm just going to follow a little bit with a hidden dungeon.

As a general manager I did not get bored with wii 's RPG and it was able to be done to the end, but the system, the script and the character are not something that rough cutting is conspicuous conspicuously.
I think I should do those who are tired of the recent RPG who will be able to win the command by appropriately advancing the story.
If there is a next work softly hand combat a bit more. It would be better to change the non-personality game title later.

2009/07/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1392 Host:1231 Browser: 8090
[Total playing time]
It is around 30 to 40 hours.

[good point]
A character is very good w
Conversation between characters is especially bb
The story is also fairly interesting.

[Bad point]
Especially nothing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well what do you say, Tales + FF 罩〓2 feeling.
Actually I did not expect much, but I did brilliantly. I was hit by a character!
Also I do not feel tired (controller and button operation only) It is also good I hope!
Please try playing once! W