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Nintendo DS
Nintendo Co.,Ltd.
Japan Released:2005/02/24(Thu)
Official sites
1. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/anoj/ (Translation)
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2015/05/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 447 Host:355 Browser: 9629
[Total playing time]
About 10 hours

[good point]
How to use .DS features are better
Field etc was well done

[Bad point]
I do not feel attractive to characters
Story is subtle

[Comprehensive evaluation]
My older sister had the DS body and borrowed it, but at that time the DS was fresh, and I felt this work that I made good use of its function was very innovative

However, it is regrettable as a simple puzzle game, but it is a place where you do not feel attractive to characters and stories ... Is something ordered to make demonstration software from the Nintendo headquarters and what is it I felt like I made it without twist. I think that it is a type of work that I dislike, too honorable

Well, I think that it is optimal as an introduction to DS, and since it can be evaluated that it is a work fully played as a role, unusually "normal" ...

2015/05/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13598 Host:13708 Browser: 5173
After that, even though I'm making such a masterpiece adventure game such as "Wish Room", "Last Window", but it is so relaxing and astringent, there is no element to sell, the strong style of stubbornness gets stuck and the project goes through It is a development work of a company named CING that has gone bankrupt.
No, indeed, the game is interesting, sticking to the dunes, but I think that there are neither the original nor the child when it gets crushed.
Kyle. Hyde series is about as much as I want to buy when a sequel comes out, but maybe the game of a company that was crushed by somehow solves it for a sequel.

Well, atmosphere is the same as "Kish" later, such as "Wish Room." It is the same as Hide series, sound effects and game content are exactly the same.
I mean, in a nutshell, this work is like an insufficient volume version of those series. Since "Wish Room" etc. is a later work, it seems that various improvements have taken place here.
Kyle, where the drama of different people intertwine with each other, compared to the Hyde series, due to the small number of characters and the shallowness of the description of each person, I do not feel as urgent as that series but the endings are refreshing I was not felt. Well, it may be said that there are places like prototypes, so it can be said that they are not to be missed.

There is a catch phrase "touching mystery novel", and a lot of cryptography etc. utilizing the function of DS appeared.
Kyle that takes more than a day clearly.While compared to the Hide series, this work is as thin as it really can be done in four hours or five hours, but still there are some " Some things think that it is raising playing time, but there may be a part.
Especially, the key that is caught in a certain bookshelf. I struggled hard, really. Nothing happens even if DS is folded?
On the contrary, when it comes to the final stage, there is not any unexpected nor twist, the expansion which does not even become "mystery novel" progresses, usually remembers the criminal from the old memory, is "a mystery novel where anything of this is touched?" I end up with feeling. Moreover, since there is no action selection other than speaking and moving, the last was "just to listen to the truth".
It's not an accident, "a mystery novel to touch", it is a "escape game" that was prevalent on the Internet around this time. Search the items from the room, give out the key, go to the next room and proceed to the end. It was such content. As that high-quality version, there are parts that I enjoyed while feeling nostalgic as a human being who was hooked for a while in "escape game".
However, the catch phrase is clearly wrong. Well, this is inconceivable for this work.

The last, as expected, will finish a little freshly.
Features of CING's work "After suspense ended, it ended refreshingly with growth and human relationship there" featured well and it felt somewhat funny in the last.
On the scenario side, excitement and unexpectedness, aggressiveness is conspicuous, but as a story of friendship with memories of ghosts and remembering memories, parents who reunited for the first time in eleven years is also something that is peacefully seen.
It is unfortunate that the CING ceased to exist in the form of bankruptcy as it expanded more and it was connected to works such as "Wish Room" and gradually improved in quality.

Evaluation was a little troublesome, but it is "good" for sweet eyes.
Well, now this other code is on a wagon at about 200 yen, but after the "wish room" it is a reasonable price even though it is second hand. I feel that the difference in treatment is out there.
If you think that it is the price of a cheap escape game it will be enjoyable enough. Because volume shortage is a problem, it is not a poor quality game separately, so please buy it if you want a game that kills time a day.

2007/10/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12283 Host:12449 Browser: 6299
Demonstration software which can know the function of DS.
In my sense of play, the feeling that the search of the town in RPG continues endlessly.
I will search for objects where an event is likely to occur and keep touching all the time.
The point is that what you want to say is ... it is too boring.

I put a title on "Another Code"
How is it that the player can not participate in any reasoning at all?
I felt a little scam.

It is a nice feeling to solve puzzle-based mystery, but that's it ... Hey ....

2006/10/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 474 Host:4 Browser: 5234
Anyway it is too short game.
It will take as long as half a day if I just clear it normally (I was around 4 and a half hours)
Also, because it is a reasoning adventure, I get tired of knowing the neta once.
But the first time I was able to play it interesting fairly.

I think that the good point of this game is that we are using the functions of DS abundantly.
I think that it is a game made by using the touch pen as well as two screen functions well.
It is also rich in gimmicks, is not it?

About the story is not bad, I felt that the twist was insufficient.
Especially the deployment of the final stage could not be excited as I could read ahead.
It is too bad that the whole lacks excitement.

The degree of difficulty is quite high.
I can not proceed any further so that I do not understand if I do not understand the function of DS.
It's only the first lap ...

Evaluation is "very bad".
I can not deny the feeling of volume shortage due to price. It is enough to just play a lap.
So I can not recommend it to people with a fellowship.
On the contrary, it may be a work that you can enjoy the function of DS to those who are introducing DS.