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Game rank of 2013 Rank 39in 75 titles
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Japan Released:2013/11/07(Thu) PlayStation 3 PlayStation Vita
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1. http://akbstrip.jp/ (Translation)
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2013/11/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14704 Host:14682 Browser: 5141
〓〓ITA version. Clear all routes, about 25 hours 〓〓
[good point]
Graphics evolve becoming VITA than previous work
Battle has become easier than the previous work (difficulty is more than previous work, but difficulty adjustment is possible so individuals can handle it). It is also good to see how much physical fitness remains for each clothes by numbers. Easy to recover is also good, Unison can also be created with introduction of partner system Improvement of calling "he" who increased width properly "You", "You" etc.
Chara - daza changed but I did not have any problems personally. It seems easy for the character model to do It is that everyone's voice matches, and if you do all the routes I get attached to the character
The town of Akihabara is evolving from the previous work and the atmosphere is good but the area is expansive but the town area is expanding
Whether it is conditionally possible to make charms appealing if all the routes are done. Every heroine is cute
In the previous work, a cute little sister who just wanted to cry was a support character
[Bad point]
There are fewer elements than the previous work. With this, the choices of conversation that the work feeling has increased in the sub events also have no meaning other than favorability. I wanted more interesting answers for each alternative. There was only about how to reply in any way
The previous work was better done for the scenario. This work may be influenced by the replacement of the writer mostly by striking with the war who found the main mission which is not deeper than the Funnel Route in the town
There are only two real branches of the drop route and the furious route. The other route is the extent to which the heroine role of the drop route changes. The previous work was also similar. Sorry to have thought that there are also four heroines here
The road is long. Even if you enter the city, people will not come soon, and for a short time it will become a ghost city. The town also moves automatically in the block, but the road every time
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there is no doubt that the game made better than the previous work, there were many roughly edged sides, most of all, I wanted another twist in the scenario. Although the choice system also remained, I felt deterioration there. I certainly enjoyed it, but I felt that playfulness of the previous work had decreased. Evaluation is "better" falling than the previous work. The charm of Akihabara, the most important one, is to make it feel the previous work. I would like to expect that the disadvantages are improved and 3 will come out