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Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. Kaneko Fuminori
Aki Isoyama
Mikio Satake
Yuko Fukushima Yu Takami
Shida Hirohide
Tokio Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
Tomoya Nagase
Saki Aibu
Ryuta Sato
Nanako Ohkouchi
Kyoko Toyama
Ryuji Akiyama
Tomokazu Koshimura
Tetsunori Akira
Ikko Furuya
Yuki Saitou
Junji Takada
Jun Fubuki
Japan Released:2007/10/12(Fri) / End:2007/12/21
Official sites
1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/uta-hime/ (Translation)
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2015/12/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27630 Host:27745 Browser: 10948
The drama of the Latin people in the rural areas of Shikoku and the drama of the hero who may have a splendid past (possibly) may have folded over and it was quite a funny drama. The postwar reality and the people's hope are pushed out as the whole atmosphere and it is difficult to express the unique feelings only when watching this drama.
The last revelation of the protagonist of the last stage was felt somewhat crowded, but in the final round of sadness there remained about half a day of reverberation.
It was somewhat like it, better than the hero, I liked the croissant pine. A good example of "I do not know what would be a bad guy until the end."
While the characters are only people with good roots, severely bad reality is strictly deprecated and carefully drawn. I think that there is love for the character of the producer.

2009/11/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11897 Host:11914 Browser: 11768
What is this drama ....

Screenplay is Gudaguda

Acting also Gudaguda

As a result, the audience rating slump

It is a problem that you can not be conscious because of the hairstyle although you reproduced the era of the Showa era.

Of course it is worst in evaluation

Such a drama is not a level of terrestrial wave.

2009/06/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1328 Host:1089 Browser: 7322
I think that it is a drama to choose a person, but I am addicted to not doing much continuous drama.

[good point]

The point that the character is finished in a story that is painful and emotional although there are no bad people in the characters.
Also, the deployment that made use of various hints was magnificent.
I kept thinking Taro intently from the girlhood, and Suzu who kept on encouraging was a good girl, it was really cute.
Miwako was also a good person, it was painful to watch it ....
While depicting the Showa period when peace came, the cruelty of indirect war was also transmitted.

There were many people who can cry as well as supporting people.
Taro's fight with a hot friendship to make it think Aho-chara Jelly temple reformed James, who refused to think as a friend of Mr. Germerman,
In fact it is a hetare if you think it is a scary guy, and in fact the croissant pine which actually suffered a big pain in the war,
Makako who thinks that Miwako's suffering is due to thinking that he is a strange aunt who has no hesitation and has a painful past.

In the long path of hints from the 1st to the final round, there is nothing to groan.
Singer who came out at the beginning, Sakura Koizumi and his son. The existence of Koizumi Asahi, the meaning of the movie theater he visited.
In the word "curry" of the last Matsunaka Ruriko, the lacrimal gland broke down and it did not stop even this way anyhow.

[Bad point]

The point that it was difficult to understand the transition of the first episode from the present age to the 1950s era.
It took me a while to grab that the main was the Showa 30s era.
It is regretful just because the hints were full of times.
The behavior of the characters who feel as if they are in the stages may also choose people.
I think that most of the names of the characters have only nicknames ... I think people who draw can draw.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I think that the person who finished the race until the end has a considerably high evaluation.
This work is also featured in a mail magazine published by a certain business magazine,
"Everyone around me was hammering on Monday because it was a topic of" Utahime ", so I was surprised if it seemed that Soudya ratings was high."
The sentence of and was listed.
Even though we were awarded the 2nd Galaxy My Best TV Award and that the call for voting would have been done on the net,
It is certainly a work that was powerful enough to create viewers who are drawn into tremendously
(I think that 'Organizational Votes' by pet' s calls by fans are not mechanical work, so I think that it is ant ... so it has the power to do it).

Certainly, in terms of confusibility, it is certainly a disadvantageous work.
Even so, I can empathize with many characters, I think that I highly appreciate it as a work that has both themeality and construction of hints at the same time, and both laughter and tears were there.
Although I saw Nagase Tomoya's performance for the first time, it was wonderful, and Aiki Aibuta does not think that it is a special skill with other roles, but Suzuki was hooked at the highest.
Evaluation is "highest!"
Suzu was really tired, but it was such a splendid ending that there was only one way to end it.
The tears did not stop, but the aftertaste was good.

2009/03/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26581 Host:26621 Browser: 6034
[good point]
The point that all acting seeps into feelings

[Bad point]
Human relations was difficult to understand, it was the last and fast pace

[Comprehensive evaluation]
When the story finished, the feeling of collapse attacked me.
That was a big piece of it.

There seems to be various evaluations, but I want to be honestly pleased with what I felt as a good work

2008/12/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27797 Host:27972 Browser: 6994
[good point]
I enjoyed it safely.

[Bad point]
Currently, I think that it was not a work that the era is seeking.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There seems to be someone who does not grasp the story, but it is doubtful.
It was a simple, clear and pleasant story ^ ^

2008/07/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45216 Host:45096 Browser: 6342
It seems that it was a low audience rating, but it was a funny drama for the time being.
Tosa dialect of Aiki Aibutsu ("~ Jaruki" "~ Chuto", "Kojan to", "Nanja ~" etc.) Pretty Kurukuru looks forward looking every time.
The actors who consolidate the sub is also quite firm, too Nagase holds down Toco suppresses Skillful acting Junji Takada serving as an uncanny father and a mother of the mother sea (〓〓〓a little missing) such as Yakuza pine of German hetare, Saiko Yuki is strange? I am working as a small mother ,,, I feel the era. (It was good ,,,)
However, the essential story ,,, Although the atmosphere like NHK 's drama in the morning is nice, the songstress that became a trigger to watch is not ...,,,,. I wanted you to sing to Aibu ,,, I knew later but originally it seems that it was the stage of the german character and the screenplayer in theater, so the setting and so on seems to be almost the same ,,,,,
Although it was an interesting work, I think that there was confusion on the viewer side as it seems that the subject and content are far apart. (Actually, it was the same with myself)
Evaluation is "good" close to "very good". There is not much freshness in the scenario, but the performer's enthusiasm was a fun work. For Aibu love you can see an irresistibly cute dialect and a smile. It must be a fan.

2008/04/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4496 Host:4533 Browser: 5288
[good point]
We have a lot.
[Bad point]
We have a lot.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

People who have seen it to the end have made a very good evaluation.
People who do not see much have a bad evaluation without being patient.
And the audience rating is 6% in the last round and 8% in total.

In short, it is getting less stable. Many Japanese people can not see until the end.

People who badly appreciate comment that "I thought that the diva is Aibu Saki, I did not know who Utahime is."
The misdirections are extreme.

Do not you think that such a drama drama (a story that cultivates the songstress and builds up) is a chic?

I think that I would like to highly appreciate this drama in that it disappointed greatly even in relaxing in that respect.

2008/02/01 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2744 Host:2622 Browser: 3876
[good point]

There is not it.

[Bad point]

To destroy the great brand of Aitake grandly

The fact that this program was broadcasted adversely affected the live comments on Saturdays and Sundays

The deployment is uneven and cheesy

[Comprehensive evaluation]

There is no other than the worst. It is the first time for a drama that took the horrible thing of making such a gorgeous cast as garbage and causing huge damage to the commentary .....

2007/12/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22923 Host:22686 Browser: 4184
I have only seen about one episode (bitter smile)

Well, I think that it is difficult to understand the contents for people who do not know Tosa dialect.
I am a guy in Osaka, I could not understand what he is saying.
Although it is rude, I wanted you to broadcast only in Shikoku, not nationwide broadcasts.
With that, it is only me who feels that deployment is somehow fast.

It was a drama hard to understand what I was talking about.
It seems that he did not suit himself.
I think it is really difficult to evaluate just by looking at one episode, but I will evaluate it already.

2007/12/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29154 Host:29249 Browser: 4184
This was also a dish of Dora in autumn 2007 that the broadcast ended the other day ... ...

[good point]

Stage setting

I think that the era of the 1950s and the place called Kochi prefecture were first good. The former was a hero of the early generation, which was impressive that the poster of James Dean's masterpiece "The East of Eden" was seen,
The atmosphere of such a time when Japan recovered from scars of war and tried to make a leap toward high economic growth was reproduced well (What is also what myself who is not living in that era say this ...... I think that the latter is still innovative in a sense that Shikoku, which is not familiar, looks from the Kanto people like me.


I think that the performance of the heroine role was skillful. Emotional expression was particularly skillful. However, Eiko Koike is out of place ... ...
No, I personally do not dislike it ..........

[Bad point]

Screenplay .........

I think that the subject of the woman 's love story itself was not bad, nor the man who was at the mercy of the huge creatures of war, but I had a weak impression now. Surely such sorrows have certainly been communicated, but it is not a level that makes us feel empathy,
It was said that it was able to pass it off as much as possible .........

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The impression that the drama in this autumn is totally bad is strong, and TBS itself has a feeling of being straying like Kameda riot etc. However, unfortunately this is also the Sanma uncle of the same station (personally as an entertainer or as an actor As I thought I was tasting out .......) and Masami Nagasawa's "Hatachi no Koibito", it was the impression that the weakness of the script spurred the boringness of the story. Although the actual audience rating was low as about 8% on average on the average except for the last episode, it may be said that it was a bad work that could not fully exploit the setting and casting.
Evaluation does not like Tokono itself too much,
It is a place like "ordinary" which is close to "bad".