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Kazunao Furuya
Shingo Nakagawa
Shingo Katori SMAP
Atsuko Maeda
Kitayama Hiromitsu
Mari Hamada
Yasufumi Hayashi
Masahiro Takashima
Mizuho Sakata
Sayama Ayaka
Harumi Shiho
Miki Maya Aoki Juna
Morimoto Shintarou Jounny's.Jr
Jinguji Yuta
Iwahashi Genki
Morisako Ei
Moka Kamishiraishi
Honoka Miki
Yamamoto Maika
Matsui Kenta
Chika Arakawa
Suzu Hirose Ishi Kaho
Shibata Kyoka
Tomoki Okayama
Kaoru Fujiwara
Inoue Sho
Ichikawa Riku
Riku Hagiwara
Sawahata Ryusei
Seki Shiyu
Marie Iitoyo
Asakawa Nana
Tanabe Momoko
Kondo Reina
Okada Ryunosuke
Hiroki Sana
Taira Yuna
Nakamura Yurika
Jiro Sato
Uema Mio
Hashimoto Tomoya
Eri Fuse
Reina Kurosaki
Ryouko Takizawa
Miyuki Matsuyama
Masako Miyaji
Kazuyuki Aizima
Yuko Maruyama
Kohei Watanabe
Nakamura Asaka
Kasumi Suzuki
Shigemitsu Ogi
Watanabe Sugie
Haru Otomo Karen
Ryohei Hirota
Yasuka Matsuo
Kizuke Ida
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Japan Released:2013/04/09(Tue) 22:00-22:54 KTV / End:2013/06/18
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2013/07/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
I think that it is an academic comedy inspired by the hero and ghost heroine,
It was a serious style drama such as educational problems in contemporary Japan. This work.

A hero who plays Shingo Kuratori, "There is sense of justice, seen in other teacher dramas,
It is not a good teacher who burned with a hot ideal, but it was a human smell that it was a "person who forgotten the ideal" that "what I thought was good rather than becoming lethargic due to the accusations of the students" It is. First. I was forced to rot with my bad older brothers,
The story of the student who was desperately scouted and wanted activities in the entertainment world was real, and the heroines who were ghosts also entangled naturally.
The final stage was the key person who became an important key person because the character distorted by the reason of the family environment, the neck of the main character seemed to fly, but the high performances of Mr. Takashima brother and Mr. Hamada Mari also shined Sane There were things that made me think about school and student, teacher and student, parents and students etc. again.

However, it was somewhat "the skin of a good side" that Noriki et al. Became a "simple relief role" of the hero and his colleagues' teachers, which was the setting of the education supervisor of the Board of Education Committee somehow, AKB Maeda Atsuko who graduated from was not at a level where he could not watch performance,
It was unsatisfactory whether to say that there was not another truly imminent thing such as "katsu" (certain professional baseball OB style) to adults who only thought about their appearance. I think that the child of the student role was trying hard like Risa.

Although it seemed that the last hero seemed to die, it seemed that it was a bit solid even though I was encouraged and eventually revived, but the setting place was probably a honorable mention that was a bit different. Evaluation is "good" slightly out of "normal".

2013/07/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33147 Host:33055 Browser: 5386
First of all, it was a good impression that there was nothing in the school drama "the hero is absolutely correct" (Gakushon no yanmi or GTO no Onsuka).
Even if the episode of student A is over, student A does not become the other majority in the way of developing drama,
It was also nice to properly engage in subsequent episodes.

Even though it seems that there are many things that tend to be in general dramas in general school,
My homeroom teacher who is indifferent to my students usually.The sermon of Kamiyama has many reality, "Look at the reality properly!"

Especially the last round. It was that the students opposed the transfer of Kamiyama to stand in the classroom ... but,
If it is an ordinary academic drama, I think that the principal's place will allow students to withdraw their students and will unfold the transformation of Kamiyama with a great mind. In this work, it was an expansion that scolds the student who said "If you become an adult, there are as many such reasons as possible, doing this every time!"

I think that the existence of Kawai, which is the opposite of Kamiyama, added good spices to the story.
I wonder if I am an adult even though I am an adult anymore ...
A student like Kamiyama who did not encounter a teacher properly facing students embodied something like this.
And it was good that Atsuko Maeda played it (haha) Really nice casting.

I think that the comical feelings of ghosts such as Akane and Mr. Yoshioka were producing a small pause with a good feeling for a serious story.

General review
I feel I saw an interesting school drama after a long absence.
Evaluation is the best!

2013/06/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24937 Host:25061 Browser: 5870
A drama focusing on delicate problems at the current school, set in junior high school.
It is a drama dealing with a complicated problem that can occur among students who are junior high school students only when they are junior high school students, confusing problems occurring among teachers, students, parents, teachers' evaluation, teacher quality etc. .
In the past few years, the drama of content that throws one stone about school education like this work is conspicuous, but it can be said that there is a growing interest in public education (although it can be said that dissatisfaction may be said) to the current school education It might be.

However, I think that there was a problem that can not be overlooked in this drama.
Despite dealing with problems with high reality, parts that lack reality were scattered.
One thing is Atsushi Maeda's dress. I understand well that I have beautiful feet, but I do not think that it is impossible to have such expensive dress at school. I like style ah (laugh).
Secondly, the scene where a teacher who acts Shogo Katori in the opening stage performed a carry-on inspection. To be honest, that is impossible.
This is a subtle problem if the inventory check itself is within the discretionary power of the school,
At least the way in the drama clearly shows student's privacy infringement & abuse of discretion ... .... It is natural for a teacher to take charge of students' bags themselves, Masuzashi (to let students send out), and for female students, female teachers are in charge. It may be a silly thing, but I wanted you to keep up to the details.

I can evaluate the point that ghosts are represented in a comically visible form. If it was just a school garden it might have ended up in an ordinary drama, but I think it was pretty good to use ghosts freshly. Apricot of a lying binding spirit,
The comical exchange of Mr. Sato's interest was fun.
What I thought was wonderful was the fact that I had newly created a comical scene of the ghosts for every talk.
Every time I saw it, it made me laugh and it made me feel like seeing the next.

Message to the student of Katori kun of the hero could be taken as a somewhat preaching smell, but it was not bad.
Personally I liked the times when honors girls ran away with boyfriend and boy who stopped football.
I would like to have such teachers, want to go to such a school, want to send my son and daughter to such a school,
I think that it was a heartful drama that the viewer can think like that.

2013/06/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
I was able to characterize both teachers and students and move them in parallel.
Characters with focus on each episode will never have a character only then,
Kana who came to trust him with help from unannounced inspection of Kamiyama will come to consult about Asuka next time,
Iwameri teacher, who is suspected of corporal punishment, has a relationship of trust with the baseball club serving as advisor from the last time,
The contents of each talk are well connected, etc.

Among them, the teacher 's assistant teacher Kawai teacher' s way of describing it is excellent as a teacher.
Despite the generation's closest to the students, they are indifferent to the students most and deeply under the water surface.
I can see that she did not meet adults who seriously face herself as a student, and kept making adults foolish.
If such a child becomes an adult, becoming a human being who can not adapt to the adult world by stupid children.
Staff who made Maeda Atsuko play this painful character is amazing just that.

[Bad point]
It seems that the production side also had a hard time in handling the ghosts.
Although it was able to do a sparse reduction by the whole, depending on the episode it is too convenient otasukeman,
Conversely, even if there is no ghost, there is something like a story being established, so I felt somewhat a variation in the condition of each story.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Originally it was a mere ghostly comedy touch drama or a work with a serious theme unexpectedly surprising.
Students refuse to interfere adults, parents assert only their rights and pass on their responsibilities, teachers sitting between them have lost sight of ideals.
In dare to such an educational site, he threw a word saying "nothing will start if it does not compromise."
And it is the duty of adults to first step in while trusting children,
Sometimes adults learn from their children so that their children respond to trust by trust.

Akane as a healing otasukeman to put together a story less than 1 course, not drawing a person who was completed as even a lonely Izumi vice principal while presenting a ghost character,
The scenes Kamiyama preached to the students were accompanied by other students so that they could not be viewed from above,
I was able to feel the serious attitude of the production side, such as how to draw the settlement of the relationship with the student before the transfer.

At the end, Akane prefers to have a bitter buddha to be fully buddhaed but the whole work was gathered with a good impression.