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Drama rank of 2016 Rank 113in 117 titles
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Mitsuo Kurotsuchi
Hitomi Shimatani
Rena Tanaka
Eisaku Yoshida
Kumiko Akiyoshi
Kaho Minami
Nenji Kobayashi
Kenji Mizuhashi
Ogata Kanta
Mitsuko Oka
Saburo Ishikura
Mitsuru Hirata
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Japan Released:2016/01/12(Tue) NHK
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2016/01/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Only scenes that dyed Arimatsu iris seems to be a serious scene ....

[Bad point]
However, under the surface of water it is only doing talks that do not directly relate to dyes.
Is not the local people annoyed by being planted with a bad image in tradition?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is still before the return but the limit. NHK drama 10 has a lot of muddy series, but this is extreme.
Why can not I make a true drama through dye making?

It is not good to not put out the character who held the darkness, but there are no true characters in the main character.
Tatsuzane's father who threw away the heroine summer in the girlhood is said to be "a clumsy person" by her mistress.
It is just pampering to affirm that the useless man is not doing uselessly as "clumsy" but wanting to cheer but dumping her daughter as "clumsy" etc.
Speaking of sweetness to myself, Reiko who is a master of the small summer,
Letting money and power to say things and getting all the favorite things, it's too much to say "I want love."
If you draw a certain pink guru with a drama it would be such a feeling ... (Kumiko Akiyoshi 's performance acting like that is wonderful).
While the hero 's small summer is not standing in a beautiful place it is a good mashi while studying with Reiko, while being drawn care of dogs and doing nothing as to whether the technique of dyeing came up from the first episode or not is a master I was stolen my design ... What did you come here for in order to meet a father or former girlfriend?

It is better for the commercial program drama of the counterprogram (although it is hard to say that it is a healthy setting).
There is no other than to divide this work as a neta. Evaluation is "worst".