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Drama rank of 2010 Rank 24in 100 titles
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Dan Schneider
Robin Weiner Joe Catania Bruce Rand Berman
Miranda Cosgrove Nana Mizuki
Jennette McCurdy Kobayashi Sanae
Nathan Kress Misato Fukuen Yusuke Teduka
Jerry Trainor Syuuhei Sakaguchi Motoko Kumai Yu Hayashi Masako Katsuki Yasuyuki Kase Hiroshi Iwasaki
Mindy Sterling Roko Takizawa KUSUNOKI TAITEN Tomoe Hanba Akira Ishida
Victoria Justice、 Arisa Ogasawara Toa Yukinari Hikari Yono
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Japan Released:2010/11/16(Tue) 19:25-19:50 NHK-Kyoiku(ETV) / End:2012/10/03
Japan Released:2013/08/31(Sat) 19:25-19:50 NHK-Kyoiku(ETV) / End:2013/12/07
Outside Japan :Released:2007/09/08 Nickelodeon
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2012/09/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34046 Browser: 2413(Mobile)
I was watching it every week at high school, but the characters were cheerfully refreshing, especially in the hero's curly. Especially when challenging the various projects on a body-by-body basis, especially when challenging the world record everyone is burning, while being struck by the sleepers it is doing something smoothly, while the world records are being witnessed by the unexpected incident a little more Although it was impossible to achieve, at the last minute I was admired by the punch line of the fact that the model made by Curly's older brother is recognized as a world record.

Besides, at the school's episode Freddie was paired with a naughty naughty boy, but the boy's character was interesting. He seems to like wrestling, but Freddie is involved in many things, but after that, he smells the smell of the insole of the shoe without a crazy, and Freddie who got angry with it asked "Why do you do that?" On the other hand, the answer that is meaning unknown until the perfection "It is because of smell" was made to burst into laughter. There are intense impressions while a slight scene, such as devouring beef jerky delivered by the curly people at a disposal.

In the dubbed voice actor Freddie changed from Mr. Fukuen to Mr. Tezuka, but both were well-liked and it was a very high quality international drama.

Evaluation is "very good" I will.

2012/03/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 440 Host:185 Browser: 10132
I am regularly watching because it is broadcasting in a good time zone.
It is fun to watch because there is a voice actor and the tempo is also good.
I am watching it with my family and friends but it's interesting to say that "This, Full House Kan" is like that generation and MONO.

2012/03/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32360 Host:32227 Browser: 5682
It seems to move the time zone from this fiscal year ... ......

[good point]

The theme of Internet programs will be some kind of cut.
The enthusiasm of the protagonists, "Let's entertain the viewer" itself is transmitted.

The theme song was also a nice song, I think that the singing skill of the lead role combination who was also in charge of vocals was more than that.

Also, the dubbing voice actor, both Mr. Mizuki Nana and Mr. Sanae Kobayashi are stable in the American female voice as imagery, I think that there is no miscast especially.

[Bad point]

Although it seems like a comedy in style, I can not laugh a lot, such as those who are not pleasantly curious such as Louvert etc are terrible eyes. Although parody is also actively adopted, if you say somewhat maniac or if you do not know the original story well, it will hardly fit in the points.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

NHK broadcast overseas dramas had works that laughed anything including Alf and Full House,
This is honestly subtle. The theme is good and the level of performance of voice actors is high,
It looks like they are not connected properly. Maybe you can recognize the difficulty of laughing all the people? Evaluation is well "normal".