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Suzuko Hara
Hisashi Kimura Han Choru
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Yuji Oda
Tao Tsuchiya
Dean Fujioka
Syuntaro Miyao
Sei Matobu
Masato Yano
Eisuke Sasai
Susumu Terajima
Miki Nakatani
Yua Shinkawa
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Japan Released:2016/10/16(Sun) 21:00-21:54 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
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1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/IQ246/ (Translation)
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2017/02/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25710 Browser: 9784
It was one of the early stupid drama, although it was also a little funny making, it was a mystery work that was fairly fascinating.
In addition to the so-called "false stories" 'Furuhata Ninzaburo' like a single episode being completed, there was a series of dramas that surrounded Mary T. 's masterpiece, but if you do not do it you do not need the latter I guess it might have been.
I think that it was a drama which was not big fun and not stupid but was stable at the level that can be seen every week.

Well, the setting is a foolish drama.
From the title I am guessing the hero's unusual genius brain named IQ246, but Yuji Oda of "Odoru Daisousasen" will perform acts imitating Sugishita Ukyo of "Aibo", so that at the beginning I feel uncomfortable The person was big.
I will get used to that part soon, but the genius image that Yuji Oda imagined might have been quite different from the character that Yuji Oda played until now. You were convinced immediately from the second episode, were not you?
Afterwards, a butler who assisted him, a detective stupid of the Metropolitan Police Department, etc. There was a royal road arrangement in old age east and west, it was an atmosphere that mixed various mysteries and drama.
The name of the person is a parody of the "Sherlock Holmes" series, but I think that the feeling of being stupid, including this aggressive feeling, was good.

Even luxurious guests of each talk which is Uri of the bankruptcy were also retired at the time of this broadcast, Hiroki Narimiya (who was playing Kite's daughter to the police at the guest's time, From the SMAP just before disbanding, such as Inagaki Goro, it seems that somehow symbolized 2016, did not it?
There were various types of culprit, there were also types that can be compassionate for selfish type, too much motivation like aiming at the royal road as well. There are almost no notable times.
However, words and attitudes towards the Sharaku culprit have become one of the highlights. As it is, I can say that there is fruit as it is, and I can understand the treatment of Maria T, and it seems cold, but in the second half I feel a sense of justice that is thick in love and it certainly became a knowledge that can be liked.

However, Maria T. was regrettable.
It seems that the real thing as expected was done in the story and it is good, but the development that "Maria T died in a detention place" came along, and "Eh!? The black curtain was not this?" And when I showed the surprise of a rapid change, it was just a camouflage and the identity was a bargain.
I thought that the latter half of my opponent was scarce in particular.
As a drama of mystery, every "one" is intentionally inherited, but because of that, it is also plain, and at the same time it is said to have picked up the fun of the mystery firmly.
It seems that the series of this work will not continue ... ....

Evaluation is "good".
I aimed the mystery of such interestingness, and in fact it was feeling that I could actually experience the mystery of such interestingness.
There is no such thing as "Mystery love is deceived" made by mystery lover!

2017/01/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46552 Host:46448 Browser: 8287
[good point]
Drop: Possibility to be targeted if it falls on the side of the police, whether it was a good result that it can be a boredom of Sara Seiyaku can also be monitored and a sequel is also possible and possible

[Bad point]
Maria: T: I wanted you to twist your identity a bit more, although silhouette appeared as soon as it was, it is too bad, but it is too late
The Last Battle Leads to Yourself: Genius vs Maybe I could not have conceived how to convince men of genius
Naming: I understand she is using Sherlock Holmes as a former material but maybe forcibly

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the topic was monopolized by Sanada Maru and the escape shame in a timely manner, the work which contained similar elements which were not lost so far in content has not been particularly noticed in terms of originality Genius vs Genius' last in the way I was able to do it was a place I wanted more excited

2017/01/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4895 Host:4870 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Dean's action is cool ... Afterwards, your role is not a detective, so forcibly take me to the police,
I thought that it is nice to think that I am thinking about becoming an opponent rather than a partner.

[Bad point]
Odus is similar to someone ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is viewing once. As impressions of the inside, seems to be much better later. But I felt that I do not have to watch it. I think that it does not blur the point that there is gentleness to think about becoming a partner. Selfish prince but ...
I think that place may be good, but ... close to good ... ordinary ... the later evaluation will be left to others.

2016/11/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
The suspense drama is also about to be fun about the storyline faces in general.
I think again what is important is the personality of the character (including those involved in the incident in each episode, sub-characters) ....

Oda Yuji Actor Haruhon Sakuhi is an intellectual school with an eccentric aspect seen in "Furubato" "Aibo"
Tsuchiya Taiho who plays Koto Kaito is a female detective serving as a helpless assistant (luggage?) Seen in "Galileo"
Dean. Fujioka plays the 89th generation Kensomichi is well-deserved stubborn well witnessed in "Mystery solves after dinner".

Although the story is also at the standard level, it is hard to say it and it is lousy to make poisoning medicine like suicide irrespective of the trick of making the second story alibi, but the viewer's rate seems to have a place of popular casting I will.
Noodles and juice are on top of the usual level The ingredients are gorgeous, so it feels like you can eat as it is.
Is it saving that the story has been suppressed by excessive acting that Yuji Oda who is challenging for a new character is idle?
Tsuchiya Taiho is a pattern since the starring of the morning drama, but this can not be helped with problems at the stage of setting and screenplay.

Evaluation is about "normal".