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Michiru Ooshima Yuko Takeuchi
Yosuke Asari Naohito Fujiki
Hiroshi Fujioka Misako Konno Gannosuke Ashiya Ineko Arima
Umezawa Tomio Yuko Natori Hitomi Sato
Inoue Charu Katsunori Uchiba Fukumoto Shinichi
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Japan Released:1999/10/04(Mon) NHK / End:2000/04/01
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2012/03/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Fujioka Hiroshi is cool even though he is strict.
Asuka in his childhood "Since you are bullying, do not be complicit in that," if you enter into the scolding craftsman's world, without mercy and without mercy,
I will go out of the store and do parent-child confrontation and win if I progress as it is.

Although my husband's shunsaku work is also a childhood friend, although the setting is solid, the standing position as an understanding person who has long been seeing Asuka while being a human in the outside world was good, and also that I majored in archeology is also about to forget my dream It is persuasive to push the back of my wife who was getting.

[Bad point]
Hiroyuki Fujioka was too good to be cool (laugh). The main character who injured the shop's rebuilding was the biggest and the hero got hurt, "I am a man who crushed the shop by winning Asuka (= active hero), and confectionery is not made (= does not transform)" say
My uncle who was a trouble maker pulled a 1st rider and almost gagged that "the appearance of justice 's side!"

In the first place Asuka is born as this person eloped, while being stuck to the roots for a long time has influenced the story for a long time, being brought to root for a long time at a married partner (her father rather than mother's fianc莨〓 Such,
Even while setting the main character 's growth mainly, about half of it is a work whose father is pulling a story.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
NHK series drama set in the world of Japanese sweet craftsmen in Kyoto.
There was also one side which was drawn by heaviness as heavy as being painted to the severity and fear of the tradition, moisture.
Especially the main characters are "not being bound by the tradition and let the guests be pleased," incorporating the material of the confectionery,
We are going to mass-produce the factory, but punchies that we can get tired of the novelty things.
When I bred the tradition, I bought the anger of the Japanese Confectionary Federation and the fact that Asuka lost the parent-child confrontation turned out to be Todome and the store collapsed.
Continuous drama works that have been somewhat painful at the level of sadness coming from youth of the hero are quite rare, and this area divides the evaluation around here.

However, with Asuka being encouraged by her husband and restarting making sweets, everyone who gave up giving up shop reconstruction gathered,
All troubles and conflicts all together with my own life, the development of the final stage that makes a series of confectionery that incorporates them, and the end of the dead is recognized as a catharsis that pierced the theme of connecting people's minds with Japanese sweets It was overflowing.
About 20 years old who saw crying as a new American society who can not escape from feelings of students about the hero and individuals,
Remembering the job and remembering the work In the twenties who had become a tengu while not noticing, in their thirties who are tired of the severity of reality and are about to forget their dreams,
From there the process of recovering dreams focusing on memories of girls' age and the process of the royal road are firmly in mind,
I think that worth watching is a little more than a certain work that the buckwheat has ended with a lie, such as connecting the heart.