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Shinno Takeshi
Erika Seki
Kei Horie Kousuke Suzuki Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Atsushi Ito Mirei Kiritani Yanagimachi Kahana
Yusuke Yamamoto Shihori Kanhiya Richizuru
Noguchi Seiko Konno Narumi Toshirou Yanagiba
Hidekatsu Mashima Toda Masahiro Aoyagi Sho
BoBA Yukijiro Hotaru Ito Masayuki Nakamura Yuri
Hana Hiduki Mio Miyatake Takenaka Yukiko
Hiroshi Ookouchi Masaomi Hiraga Nihei Koichi
Yoshiko Nakada Namiki Shirou
Sai Tetsuhiro Watanabe Juri
Chieko Matsubara Sayaka Aoki
Mogami Moga Yokoyama Kota
Konishi Mau Kouen Kondo Kazuyuki Matsuzawa Kazuko Katoh
Masaoka Taishi Komatsu Ayaka Mickey Curtis
Ktono Taiko Satomi Nagano
Inoue Hazuki Rie Minemura
Takahata Musashi
Yoshinori Okada Akira Hamada
Yumiko Shaku Toru Nomaguchi
Sato Mayumi Syumei Kawashima Kinoshita Misaki
Kinoshita Akari Kazama Aki
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Japan Released:2013/01/17(Thu) Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. / End:2013/03/21
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1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/apoyan/ (Translation)
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2014/03/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
Although the emphasis was put on troubleshooting at the airport of the hero who received an unintended personnel change and its companions .......

How much was it that the story of my mother and daughter who was trying to devote himself to a villain by saying that he was unable to do things like mother at work first was also a reasonably unreasonable scenario?
It is also a story that the final tour was canceled. Some groups said that they wanted to do sightseeing itself for the purpose of making memories, and there were some groups that were fulfilled as they were, but Sousaka who made the cause of Baba retirement was somewhat "a skin of good side".
"The story that was sort of sumptuously summarized by arranging beautiful things that heard like they seemed to be screaming at Doya's face," everyone should understand, if you treat hard with sincerity and sincerity, everyone knows ".

First of all, he wanted to get back to the headquarters quickly, he was full of aura, and obviously the antipathy of other employees, especially the heroine, was deeply rooted. Although he promised, I thought that I gradually grew up in a new department, I quickly became a supervisor, and unexpectedly he was serving with a true heart for him, Yamamoto Because I was preaching to the older employee Yukinori-kun's young employee's way of drawing growth, etc., such troubleshooting also lacked extra compelling power.

If I think so, the performance of Mirori Kiriya was also stereotyped and uninterested in the final stage, it was not being fleshed out well by the character, but the relation with her heroine was also a bit abrupt. And the last hero returned safely to the former department .....
I thought that it was only "cold feint" waiting and "cold eyes" like cold eyes, but in short the book drama "is not as solid as the foundation, but it looks as if it was assembled It is said that it was like "house" or "a castle on the sand".
I had little sympathy for the major people other than Baba who had been forced to retire, and there was no catharsis either. Only the performance of Yamamoto-kun was good, but unfortunately even though considering it, the evaluation is "bad" on the side of "very bad".

2013/03/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36042 Host:36054 Browser: 5386
This is a drama that was not so interesting this season.
All troubles happen badly, and all solutions are "expedientism".

Endo of the main character seems to be troublesome painfully watching, but every time he speaks strangely he apologizes to his customers.
As I apologize to the customers, I felt only the effort to show myself well anyway, it was unpleasant to look at.
That's why the customer will fly for a while, but with the convenience of drama-like circumstances, customers immediately quit that kind of atmosphere.
I am going well for a moment and the troubleshooting solution is bad.
Person who individually indisputably has a sense of incompatibility than teacher individually giving each student "Kanpachi sensei" or "Gokusen", even if drama is deducted, it was preeminent uncomfortable feeling.

The trouble that happens is roughly "I can not get on an airplane because of a bit of circumstances."
Although I came all the way to the airport, I could not get on the airplane ... What a sad appearance is to show off is also great viewers' mental fatigue.
The only way to solve that trouble is to forgive you if you meditate after having an apology anyway ... only the pattern.
Despite the ten story drama, I feel like it was a manneri.

Also in the final round, we received a shoulder watermark with a development like a stuff that relocation is only one week ....
Although I saw it somehow, I was basically looking at it was not fun, and depending on the scene it became uncomfortable, so I made a worst evaluation.
Somehow, I think that it was bad for drama that the reason for the customer and the legitimate claim looks bad by making the workers the main character.

2013/03/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18589 Host:18685 Browser: 5345
It's pretty interesting, is not it?
It is reflected well that we work hard while supporting in the group.
The hero will do his best ~ (lol)

2013/03/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8361 Host:8352 Browser: 7452
[good point]
Was funny!(;
I was touched by the hero who was really interesting when Narita was actually used and the way he was doing his best.
Anyway, it was good, there was also an interesting scene and a scene that was impressed

[Comprehensive evaluation]

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