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Drama rank of 2013 Rank 8in 124 titles
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Kankurou Kudou
Yoshihide Otomo
Go Inoue Teruyuki Yooshida
Rena Nounenn Kyoko Koizumi Kasumi Arimura
Nobuko Miyamoto Toshinori Omi Keizo Kanie
Watanabe Eri Hana Kino Jun Miho
Hairi Katagiri Tetta Sugimoto Mitsuru Fukikoshi
Denden Sansei Shiomi Sei Hiraizumi
Yoshiyoshi Arakawa Teppei Koike Ai Hashimoto
Souta Fukushi
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Japan Released:2013/04/01(Mon) 07:30-07:45 NHK Sougou / End:2013/09/28
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1. https://www6.nhk.or.jp/drama/pastprog/detail.html?i=asadora88 (Translation)
Opening movie (1)
連続テレヒ小説 あまちゃん OP
Compose:Yoshihide Otomo [Fan reg.]
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2017/05/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6713 Host:6715 Browser: 10249
[good point]
Bright style Aki's lively character None of the characters have personality and a sociable gag is also fascinating with the sense of Kimihiro Kiyukiro shining brightly

[Bad point]
Yui's unhappiness. It would have been nice if I let you go to Tokyo about once.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Currently, there are various Noh years of the leading actor or the entertainment world is often tended to be dried but the talk is very interesting so it is very good

2016/11/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4405 Host:4425 Browser: 5171
[good point]
A lot of armpits were naturally covered by the hero, and it covered the highest. It's been a while since lastly ... Kyokyo and Hiroko's W cast are amazing, are not they ... a competition for a dream ... the opening theme also rises from the morning. Hello ...

[Bad point]
Hara, Ai Hashimoto and Fukushin, after all, was the first dream frustrated? So, Ama-chan is ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
With this drama, I think that the place where I faced the disaster was pretty lively, but it is important so to speak. I think NHK's role.

2016/07/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15216 Host:15005 Browser: 5171
I heard that it is a pretty good reputation as a morning truck, I attempted to watch the rebroadcast as a machine, but I felt betrayed.
People in Kita Sanriku can hear good speaking saying that they are nice, but the impression of being insane was stronger, did not they?
That first impression, Daikichi makes the mother of the hero as the successor of the marriage
(There is no doubt about the living circumstances of the main character of the current family in Tokyo!)
It is a point that lied that her mother (grandmother to the hero) is in danger.
(I thought it when I was Morning Dora "Massan", but I can feel the bad taste of the screenwriter.
Or is it because of NHK 's intention?

Both the hero and her mother were not both good in character.
In the case of mother: Basically the mouth is bad. I could not deny my husband's unilateral divorce.
In the case of the hero: I could not deny the feeling of licking my father.

At that point the viewing was discontinued.
In the title "Ama-chan", I will describe the meaning of "sea girls" and the growth of the heroine who was "a sweetbread of life"
It is said that the meaning is put in, but it did not come to mind to see the footsteps of their growth.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
[Worst] I will assume.

2015/07/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5198 Host:5201 Browser: 9207
Oh, it is nostalgic. Jejejee!

At that time I was watching because the nori was good. I really liked the song.

However, the one who is over is too impressed, the real goodness of this drama has gone down,
It is my honest impression.

I did not dislike Reina Noshi,
It was a performance with a strong impression of a little pushing push.

It was a bright way to end, so we say "very good".

2015/04/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45021 Host:44873 Browser: 10268
[good point]
Goodness of the word.
It is good from the OP to the end, so you can feel better.
Bokeh is interesting almost every time.
There are many blurs that remain felt in the impression, such as "100 roughened after rounding!"
There are many good people who support the characters Aki. There was a part which can not be hated by a bad guy as it was.
Hiroyuki Suzuka 's apology.
It was good that I apologized properly for Suzuka as a shadow of Haruko. Thanks to that scene I got it refreshed.
How to end.
Kudokan Screenplay drama tends to be negligible, but this drama was an exception.
I think that perfection degree is high as morning Dora.
[Bad point]
Yui is a bit sad.
Missed the opportunity to go to Tokyo many times, he said "I will not go to Tokyo any more!" Even though I visit Tokyo at least once, I think that I should develop it like giving up because it is completely different from the ideal.
[One word]
Although the previous work "net and love" has been overworked, it is content that can be enjoyed frankly. If I say morning drama again, it must be as bright as this.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
very good.

2013/09/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1526 Host:1471 Browser: 6425
[good point]
The first half of Sanrika.
Drawing in parallel the Adachi family mainly the Young lady of Amano family and Yui who admires Tokyo,
It was an expansion that felt depth and depth while the stage was limited.

[Bad point]
The treatment of Yui since entering the second half.
A character whose beauty degree is higher than the main character and paired falls down is a tradition of morning drama that walks down life, and in the work so far, at least as much as opportunities to test his life, she ties her to localities Deployment is severe.
Particularly I had a mental disappearance, with no catharsis, a disappearance of the mother, taking reasons and dispensing information.
(The fact that the wife of a prefectural assembly member was a full-time housewife without having any involvement with a sponsor was a lack of reality in itself)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a remarkable work in recent years, at the same time it is affirmative after entering the second half, a work that would have broken down.
Originally it was an expansion that the leading character Aki moves forward while mutually influencing with his best friend Yui,
After entering the Tokyo edition, the work color changes to contents like surrounding characters are moved around Aki.
Also, the Aki is "not able to read the air", "erotic attitude to the opponent seeing it under", "pass the responsibility even if you feel frustrated"
Ita part started to stand out, and the surrounding adults are sweet to her. Haruko is my only mother, Tsukkomi,
That is why it does not mean that the growth of the main character is promoted and there is no meaning more than merely venting.
In a sense, there are places that seem to be a modern child and not hate, but that is "merely a heroine correction" such as "There is a talent that everyone likes", and then, in the beginning of the 17th year as a root dark girl living in Tokyo It also contradicts the setting.
... It seems that one of the reasons for returning to Tokyo where I grew up was "to face my old self that I was useless" was undoubtedly forgotten,
Success at the end of Tokyo has a strong sense of being pulled by Haruko who took off as a female president.

Indeed, the Tokyo edition fulfilled a certain degree of compromise with Aramaki and Suzuka, who had been involved through the existence of Aki,
It should have been called Haruko's story that Yori also returned to her husband and was able to show her the country figure living in the heart in Tokyo.
However, as a story of Aki, even though I thought that her growth had been stopped in the first half, even if I shifted the starting point and tried to Tokyo first with Yui, the talk was established even if the Tohoku earthquake occurred I will.
In fact, when I tried connecting Sanriku and Tokyo edits, "Summer I had been curing with cardiac surgery did not draw a process even after the earthquake and returned to active work"
"Yui's father who developed cerebral infarction can re-haul out after the disaster due to the rehabilitative description of the extraordinary degree"
"In the first half and the last stage, sightseeing associations and railroad mans who feel a sense of crisis in a fashionable attitude turn into playboy hanging out with snacks in Tokyo edition"
The forcing of development and the difficulty of consistency become conspicuous, such as "a change in postcard in Tokyo in Taikai does not make any sense".

In the morning Dora and Taiga recently, one writer writes the volume several times as much as the other drama that has become less than one course,
The form of cooperation with the producer was taken, and the power balance of both seems to be changing for each work.
In the case of this work, what Kudokan wanted to do is the Sanno edited pattern that the producer takes the reins in the Tokyo edition.
Focusing on nori, I can certainly feel the competence of the script that brings together the places, on the spot,
The floating layer reflected in the audience rating seems to be easy to stick to such a person who watched the story with "point" alone.
For those who are conscious of "line", however, it is too strong for the expansion described above, and the mass media that praises for reasons of high viewing rate are also rebounded.

In the modern mono morning that the hero is searching for himself there is certain momentum,
I think that the image like the rolling puppy of the Noh Noon Rena who starred was also in the work color,
The feeling of the whole work became so severe that it later became and my feelings cooled down.
There were good places, but there are many places that I can not stand such as declining Yui to the shadow of Aki. Evaluation is "ordinary".

2013/07/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21979 Browser: 1965(Mobile)
You can see excellent performance and fun setting of voice actors, and it is a work that you want to cheer by helping the simplicity of the heroine.
Although heroine 's mother' s extreme remarks are a little troublesome to handle, but changes in the mind are also being reflected, so expectation in the future.

2013/06/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11146 Host:11345 Browser: 9831
In short, because of the severity of the previous work "net and love", it is a translation that makes this work look far better than the reaction.

However, it was a level called "Mashi", and the content itself was interesting was hard to compliment even with flattery.

The protagonist of thought that was depressed in Tokyo, like my mother's hometown when my mother who broke my dream in Tokyo returned home, and I am interested in the job of the northern sea girl and going into such work, The neighborhood is like a usual morning drama.

However, because the author has something to say, "Surreal construction not in the world" has strange insistence, "Does not this scene need to be?", "To the habit of local people, It is noticeable that the place like "Is not studying?" Is prominent, and I'm getting tired of listening to surprised expression "chie! In the beginning of Tohoku in the first place it is almost impossible to hear such an accent.

The concept of raising various things for the town development is certainly not in the morning dollar so far, and I think that some people were interested in the disaster area by this work. But the story is not funny and actors who are not from local people are forced to speak Tohoku dialect, but they will wilt rather than to have familiarity.

Although the concept of bright and fun is surely more than the previous work, it is not necessarily a connection to fun, and even if it was originally a morning dra, even though it made Kudokan work, I did not feel it much, but the previous work It seems that the drama itself seemed to be ridiculous in itself, whereas this work was a bit merely like it was not interesting, just about a little ranking up.

It seems that the climax is going to recover from that 3.11 tragedy, but with such a style it seems impossible to express the vividness and spicy of the tragedy that is hard to describe. Even if you make a theme as to how to get back from there, the leading role does not look like that ... ...

Even though NHK also sold its name in the commercial market, I even even seem to have just repeated the last year 's foolishness that he only adopted the scriptwriter, whose production and style are one - way, just because of his name recognition.

I will refuse, I like Tohoku. But I dislike drama and kudokan. That is why I rarely criticize.

2013/04/14 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3232 Host:3252 Browser: 12769
Tentative impression by the second week.

Since "Tappan", the first PR relatives of morning dollars in two years.
My mother ran away when she was young and her hero met his grandmother for the first time,
"Good luck" with Tappi Toshinori who was a good adviser in "ripong" is a father role point related to the basis of the story more,
It seems that there is an intention to compare also to the office side, such as where the rebroadcast has begun in the evening of the BS frame.

Just in "Tappan", the mother was a deceased at the beginning of the story and the hero did not even know that he was an adopted daughter.
For this reason, in the case of this work, when preparing another actor at the young age of mother, it was more than the hero, while there was a mistake which twisted too much setting that there was no influence of key person character and individuality weakened I'm looking forward to digging characters for me (lol.

Originally I thought whether to focus on the story of my grandmother and granddaughter as well as "Grandpa", but in parallel with the hero who places his grandmother in Tohoku and a father in Tokyo and tries over with his grandmother and the countryside It seems that I will draw a drama of "adults who can not put foot on the ground" through mothers who are fluffing between them.
However, the character of Haruko who is her mother and her story is more interesting,
How is it that the main character Aki is being eaten considerably at the present moment? (Laugh)

From the opening student's clothing Aki is expected to be transferred to school because of sexual training and things like happening up to the disaster after a few years, but how far can the hero grow,
Future developments will draw attention to how far you can move your mother.

2013/04/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8361 Host:8352 Browser: 7394
[good point]
The main character is cute (:
I felt like an interesting morning drama.
I just started but I think I can expect a lot.
Aki 's growing figure is good.

Is there a scene of the disaster because Iwate?
I always think about what will happen

[Comprehensive evaluation]