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Drama rank of 2012 Rank 4in 90 titles
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Sumio Omori
Riku Onda Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Yokoyama Masaru
Sakuma Noriyoshi
Kitagawa Keiko
Manatsu Kimura
Mari Hamada
Okada Keisuke
Masato Wada
Kenji Anan
Fumiyo Kohinata
Japan Released:2012/10/13(Sat) 21:00-21:54 NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION / End:2012/12/22
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1. http://www.ntv.co.jp/akumu/ (Translation)
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2016/11/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4405 Host:4425 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Hey, Nightmare Nightmare, it is interesting. However, I feel sorry for being suffering from a nightmare .. The prince of Gakuto was also good.

[Bad point]
Kitagawa Keiko who is a teacher's role, Nightmare chan is a bit tight ... a nightmare is in trouble ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Fairly good, good.

2014/07/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1615 Host:1688 Browser: 10300
[good point]
A nightmare is funny.

[Bad point]

Nothing in particular
[Comprehensive evaluation]

I was a little scared but it was fun

2013/01/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11601 Host:11433 Browser: 5682
[good point]

The growth of the hero 's teacher and Nightmare' s chances was consistent as a "blur theme". First. In the former, although the identity of the perpetrator of the defamation blog and the complicated back horn were also well inquired, to the latter where the suffering and conflict due to having ability which can not be done by the ordinary person was also seen, "To open up the future The importance of "also had a very heavy valvular looking face.

In each episode, the story that remained particularly impressive was the story of a transparent person.
Justice is different from each other, there are 10 styles if there are 10 people, 100 people
There are 100 kinds of justice, but transparent persons depicted in cartoons are characters whose distorted justice sensation has runaway, as well as the appearance of children who were interested in sanctions play by such justice, the nature of the hero was the same It was said that he was sharply depicting "the dark side of man".

There was also a deep meaning to imply something, such as the appearance of characters, while making effects in dreams, while making special effects technology etc, it could be said that we added depth to the development of the story.

Karin Kimura Masato - chan 's hard work of casting glowed, especially as a nightmare chan.
Kitagawa Keiko was not bad at all as well as having a good image atmosphere, but there was enough power to eat her and Mr. Gackt in the middle.
Mr. Kominata Masayo also had an individualistic taste.

[Bad point]

In other words, the fact that the boss of a certain organization that appeared in the second half was somewhat lacking in big -
Was the elder brother of Nao who was a withdrawal otaku somewhat stereotyped?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although the average audience rating seems to be less than 12%, it is a good idea that it was easy to comprehend the strange subject matter in a theme etc. that was easy to understand and positive as well, as far as I saw, to the end it was a class of Ryosaku in continuous drama in 2012 think. Although there were some minor disadvantages,
Still evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2012/12/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25733 Browser: 5829
A fun drama where strange music and science fiction come out frequently.
Among recent dramas, such Iromono is more interesting, is not it?
It may be a gag rather than a strange route, such as elementary school students' separation of elementary school students or a story that they flew away. It may be similar to a kind of drama drama that children enjoyed in the 1990s.

Kitagawa Keiko's psychopath teacher was also quite funny setting.
Well, in fact it is not a psychopath, but it was through the opening stage.
I thought that the script writer was wrongly used because it was different from the real psychopath, but it seems that it was a hint of truth.
Therefore, it is a waste to leave unusual feelings in the early stage and disconnect viewing.

Nightmare also seems to be floating in the sight of the class because it is a strange appearance, but it is okay to express a unique world view.
A visual of Tezuka Osamu's comic characters when he was active. The child role is pretty cute.
Youkai Human Bem is good, if such people live in modern people, abnormalities that are easy to understand may come out.

Special effects are also unexpected. I am looking forward to the success of creatures coming out of my dreams every time.
Was it made by staff familiar with animation, special effects etc?
In such a system I feel like I am fusing royal story with drama-like world view.

After that, I do not like or dislike Momokuro separately, but the song is good.
What I say, I also like to use idols for ending like 90's.
It is easy to understand one episode complete drama that does not feel like the current drama much.
I feel relieved when I heard something ending.

Children can enjoy it ... is it specification?
Recently, the majority of dramas are boring even high school students, but I enjoyed this "Nightmare chan".
I used to like this kind of drama.
Otaku temperament people, well, maybe I can enjoy it as it is.
"Youkai Human Bem" seems to have a child who was too scared to see children, but this is not so frightening and it was enjoyed and seen.
Evaluation is "good".

2012/12/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13456 Host:13351 Browser: 5345
Primary school teacher, elementary school teacher Muto Ayami was well-rounded as a good teacher with childish thoughts, but with internal meditation he had a naive black nature to get curse to the surrounding people.

One day, a child called Yuzo Otto is transferring to a class teacher. She had the ability to see a miserable future as a predictive dream.
The story that Ayami will face up to change the future implied by the nightmare that attacks one after another.

Overall it is a story complete with one story and a pretty royal story

Fight between Shiki Takahi who tries to use nightmare who can see a prediction dream starting from about 5 episodes, about 6 episodes, and a dubious organization behind it and Ayami,
Expansion with a sense of speed to betray expectations (in a good sense) such as Ayumi's past, and trafficking of children ... and the mysterism revealed at the same time, the gag which is incorporated appropriately, the overall balance is very taken It was.

Although there are so many elements, the theme "The growth of Ayami and Nightmare chan, friendship" at the root is not blurred at all,

The final round complemented this theme neatly.

General review

It is a high - quality drama that a broad generation can enjoy enjoying.

The audience rating is not that good so far, although it is normal if it says normal content, but recent dramas are a lot of dramas not even that normal (laugh)

Personally it is a drama No. 1 work of 2012.