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Drama rank of 1982 Rank 11in 22 titles
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KTV Toshiro Mifune
Ogawaei Akira Murao Wakuta Masaaki Ishikawatakahito Ichiro Miyakawa IKEGAMI KANEO KEN ICHI ONISHI Morizaki Azuma Yu Tagami
Norihumi Suzuki Kurumitetsu
Eiji Takakura
Yasuharu Hasebe Ryuichi Takamori Yoshikawakazuyoshi Ikuo Sekimoto
Mifune Production
Yuko Natori
Shingo Yamashiro
Midori Satsuki
Go Wakabayashi
Japan Released:1982/10/05(Tue) / End:1983/03/29
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2006/07/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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When describing the features of this work, the atmosphere is dark and it is plain to say. Well, the reason why this work is felt dark can be said that the spring past, which is the wife of Nagami Hiragiro and Hiragiro who are the main two, is casting a dark shadow.

If you briefly state the reason, Hirashiro and Spring will attract each other and will be tied together so that Hiraro will decide himself as a clan, and in the case of spring it will originally become a bitch as it is with Hirashiro Because I was spending unfaithful days, Gyuro's missing leg was a civil law, in other words both of us hidden things that are being chased together with existence who are not allowed to take a sunny eyes in the usual way It is because it is being forced to live while.

Although there is a background to drop dark shadows in the past of Hiragiro and Spring, the atmosphere is dark anyway compared with recent era plays, and it is not necessarily a type of work that can taste the exhilaration of morality punishment but still weak cities of Shirojiro It is also the royal road of a historical drama to rise up by themselves to slash the bad guys to protect themselves,
When going to slash the bad people, Hiragi asserts "Enma", but in the case of this work Hirasuro himself decides to slash into the bad guys and decides to swallow the sword kept by the spring in the closet Every time I see it with an exquisite feeling between the scenes offered to Shiro to the enemy team, it gets soaked every time and there is power and there is power and there is enough impression.

However, it is dark and dirty with respect to the staging and atmosphere during entrance to the enemy, and it is feeling sober than the atmosphere with a refreshing feeling with a bright feeling like "Mito Komon", but this kind of stormy landscape Personally I feel that the era drama is fresh on the contrary when I am familiar with recent era plays, and I certainly think that it is a style that does not fit at all in modern times, but even now, one place is like this kind of atmosphere In fact it is true that there is no person who can make a work, but in fact this work has a lot of erotic scenes so it may be impossible for the current Golden broadcast itself itself.

On the other hand, Mr. Shinko Yamashiro of Muto Semiyoru of Muto also performed dignified acting and standing, but when it says so to speak it is said that the scene that Muto Hanbei was exposed to the enemy's bullets fell down in the last round was pretty impressive It was. It is impressive that Hiragiro and the recollection scene of spring later used something frequently.

Although I have not seen this work in real time, of course, there were many opportunities to see in rebroadcast surprisingly and the place which was unusual with other era drama was a work which felt fun individually.

Evaluation is "very good".