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Kumiko Tabuchi
Yoshimata Ryo
Kyozo Nagatsuka
Kanako Higuchi
Yoshinori Okada
Kono Yasuro
Miho Matsuda
Asako Kobayashi
Yuichiro Yamaduchi
Hiroyuki Nagato
Mayo Suzukaze
Hideki Takahashi
Ikki Sawamura
Tomosaka Rie
Takaaki Enoki
Mikijiro Hira
Yukiyoshi Ozawa
Taizo Harada
Kouji Matoba
Yuya Endo
Kimiko Yo
Aiko Sato
Shigeru Saiki
Masato Sakai
Shota Matsuda
Keiko Matsuzaka
Izumi Inamori
Mayu Tsuruta
Atsuko Takahata
Yumiko Takahashi
Masao Kusakari
Takuro Tatsumi
Baijaku Nakamura
Tohru Emori
Maki Horikita
Hideki Togi
Mayumi Wakamura
Yuriko Hoshi
Hiroshi Tamaki
Mikako Ichikawa
Ryo Katsuji
Japan Released:2008/01/06(Sun) 20:00-20:45 NHK Sougou / End:2008/12/14
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天璋院 篤姫 オープニングテーマ曲 [Fan reg.]
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2017/05/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4748 Host:4637 Browser: 5171
[good point]
I do not see much Okawa, but Mr. Miyazaki, there was a sense of presence, and I was watching. It is memory of that extent.

[Bad point]

I do not mind ...
[Comprehensive evaluation]

Evaluation is low, is not it ... It is one of the big rivers I have watched. Even in the morning, Miyazaki-san, the face is modest, but something was good, it was good. I have forgotten so much, so I can only put on it normally. If it was then, I think that the evaluation above.

2015/01/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13535 Host:13320 Browser: 5173
[good point]
Masato Sakai and Hideki Takahashi were good impressions in the casting.
Especially the families who played Sakai Masato became a multifaceted character with historical reasons, a keen sense of being stupid as a person who can not be said to be appreciated, loneliness and long-lasting despair and perception.

Takahashi Hideki also ranked up as "It fly like it" because it was public Hisamitsu.

[Bad point]
I did not like the performance of Aoi Miyazaki so much in this work.
Although she feels that she speaks more expressions than words, she feels that it is much better even among the same-generation actresses, but Atsuhime has a lot of scenes that is smiling barely. It seems to be a smile to expand viewership.

I think that there was a "likeness" accompanied by the position and age, such as the person who had clumsy integrity from the stinky hetareness of Eita who is the role of Komatsu Zen sword.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Normally, the work which the mother who was not watching Taiga etc had been eagerly watching. Impression like blending 'Cinderella' and 'Anmitsuhime' with Okawa.
I do not feel a heavy feeling or the like through the screen, but for that reason, it is easy to enter and the threshold is low. Is it a good mouthfeel, does not it have richness and depth?

Compared to the later "Yae" etc., the balance between the depiction centered on the main character and the depiction outside that field of view is good.
It is impossible for the range of action to compare with historical facts, but considering the historical background, is it acceptable as a creative play?
However, this part will depend on the original of Tomiko Miyao as a template,
On the other hand, the same author who sees the work of a woman on the other hand will not make the heroine suddenly like "a straight heart"
It is reasonable, I understand if I watch it as having legs color.
When I looked it up, about 30 years ago, I became an SP drama starring Ryoko Sakuma of "You Taikyo". I want to compare it.

Honestly, the heroine did not feel so appealing, but the impression of Tokugawa Ichigo and Shimazu Norikaza mentioned above are good,
After having disappeared, the neighborhood where the influence remained has likable.
In addition, the final smile of Atsuhime while lonely people were living ahead of those who lived the era together was a totally different thing from that at the time of young, "I think that Miyazaki Aoi performed a good acting at the end."

I do not even think that it was a really good work, but well "normal".

2014/11/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26283 Host:26193 Browser: 7905
Taiga Drama version "Girls' cartoon".
I think that this is perfect for representing this work.

Compared to successive Taiga,
There are many adaptation and directing, contents more important than the historical facts of the interest of the story.
Besides, for those familiar with history, it was a symbol of the end of the Ouhu period,
It seems that there is sense of incompatibility, as Akira Tenjosan is drawn like a saint named Kimiko.
He tried to get the full power as a guardian wearing a young generals, and showed a reluctance in the reform of Oku which was made as the old state of Keigi,
It is a person who has some doubt in its behavior.
If you change your perspective, it is a symbol of the luxurious Oku life, cutting off the shogunate with a strong power from behind.

But let's dare to make it all interpret "to the viewer"
I felt that I finished it in a story like a certain kind of magic that seems to be Atsuhime Gumbare!
By setting the "enemy" for Atsuhime as a symbolic villain, we make it possible for viewers to emotionally transfer to Atsuhime,
Jump off adversity and finally settle and resolve with enemies. It is exactly the young girl's cartoon taste of the past year.

And this development is also seeking to viewers who repeatedly spoken in this drama "Do not mind if listening to one".
Impersonate viewers by repeating persistently,
I'm trying to get into the story. That would be exactly on the palm of the staff (laugh).

Aoi Miyazaki who played Atsuhime, there was something nearly imposing her enthusiasm, and it was enough to see.
This work does not use heavy famous noodles that are idiosyncratic, poor acting skills, such as Idol, Talented Talent, Janny 〓〓〓
I think that it was also great to have used many actors who are quite astringent in acting skills.

Evaluation is "very good".
It was said that he was selected as the No. 1 place in the popular vote of the Okawa at a certain site,
As a long drama in recent years it reaches the region of Ryosaku. You will not regret seeing it.
However, as a masterpiece with many famous masterpieces is the best masterpiece, and it is not so good as to be good.

2010/02/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44564 Host:44655 Browser: 6405
The stage called Ouku where the flow of time is gentle and the era of the era called the end of Tokugawa are fighting.
This is the first thing I knew from watching this work.

Because the story and time progress is done in the form that the celestial hospital listens to the events and events occurring mainly outside Oku and outside from the aide,
There is lack of dynamism and intenseness peculiar to the Bakumatsu object.

Also, as I did not mention one thing about Yoshida Matsuno in the episode of Ansei's hell, how to handle events and events at the end of the Tokugawa is quite stupid,
Acting as a protagonist with a low level actor appointed, acting against the leading character and hostile person blatantly acting to encourage viewers' discomfort,
The creator's paroxysmal entrance also touched my nose.

From the contents of the last stage, the savior, who can read the intention of the author who tells the painting of heavenly disposition, but because there was no competence to the producer,
It was often that the celestial hospital looked like a person in front of Lacus Klein.

Although the deductible material due to the lack of competence of producers is conspicuous, the evaluation focuses on the concept of "draw the end of the cherry blossom in the celestial hall," and Komatsu Zen sword,
Considering the challenging spirit of the producer, it is "very bad".

2009/10/11 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10414 Host:10524 Browser: 6081
First of all, it is impossible that Atsuhime is Aoi Miyazaki.

While Atsuhime is being closed up again, I think that many people saw pictures of his later years,
It was an appearance that felt "the strength of will" surviving the turning point of the era such as the end of Edo period. However, Aoi Miyazaki unfortunately did not have the ability to express such "strength of will" etc. Even though I personally did not have a bad impression when I was NANA, it was overrated too much.

Certainly I am Yukie Nakama, Misaki Ito, Masami Nagasawa "Japanese Three Great Oversexual Young Actress"
Although I was aware, Aoi Miyazaki is a good match with the top in that, Yukie Nakama with overvaluation. I think that it would be better for him to play Wadomiya.
(I think that HORIKITA Maki chan of actual casting is overrated too.)

Eta-kun of Komatsu Sword role was also weak and miscast,
Neptune of Toshinori Okubo who appeared as a "comedy frame" why it was "worst miscast" is Yasuhiro Harada.

Speaking of Okubo Toshimori, the former Prime Minister of the Genkai had not been able to demonstrate his skill like Mr. Shigeru Yoshida of him and his grandfather,
Probably cheap, I think that you can understand "impossible" as soon as you think normally.

Even if the story, together with mediocrity of the script, there is no excitement or anything else, there is nothing wrong except for stubborn stuff, such as eroticism and eroticism. This year's "Tenchijin" also killed Kato Kiyoshiro, unnecessarily pulling out "azurisato" such as wasteful work
(Do not sing until "everyone's song.") It is definitely a "worst" evaluation here, but I think that it would be better to abolish the Taiga Drama itself altogether. Looking at uselessness in the last ten years.

Evaluation? "Worst" would normally be appropriate. Miyazaki Aoi-chan has no particular thought,
She may also be a victim of this work or masochism coverage in a sense. I think that it would be nice to continue the actress work that was in line with him.

2009/07/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6673 Host:6668 Browser: 3875
[good point]
Mr. Miyazaki's acting acting as the protagonist, Atsuhime was good.
I think that the transition of the world of the Edo period was well expressed in the drama.

[Bad point]
Dare to say, is not it that the tension of the river drama as a whole is small?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Atsuhime who was the last Ooku of the Edo Shogunate. That Atsuhime served as Ooku, closed the Ooku with the end of the Edo shogunate, and it was a story that fulfilled his life.
Among them, the most impressive thing is that Atsuhime praised Tatami as much as possible, assuming that foreigners are tall, saying foreigners will come to Japan in the opening of the country, It is a scene where Atsuhime welcomes a foreigner and interviews it as if Atsuhime himself rides on the stacked tatami and looks down from above. I think that it was manifestation of a feeling that I do not want to be fooled in a foreign country in a sense. I felt humorous or interesting, but ...
Considering that the audience rating was relatively high and Mr. Miyazaki's performance was also good, it may be said that it is Ryosaku.

2009/06/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1328 Host:1089 Browser: 7322
Although it was a skip look, it is impression that when coming to the end, it was not bad than I thought.
Miyazaki Aoi ... Mr. Aoi Miyazaki ... Honestly, I have never thought that this acting is good, and I am one of the actresses who do not know at all what they are going to be acclaimed for,
For young actress I think I was doing my best at the old aging makeup and the old lady talking (even in comparison with the one-string morning doll ...).
I think that the two "opponent roles" called Etsuta Komatsu, Mr. Masato Sakai who is playing the role of Tokugawa, was very attractive.

Well ... I mean that the taste of the work is not purely favorite.
As a form of the work, it meets a certain line ... ...
Because it was not bad than I thought, I will assume the evaluation is "bad" rather than "very bad" at the time of comment
(Considering the balance with other works, on August 28, 2009, we lowered the evaluation from "normal" to "bad" by one stage).

2009/06/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20098 Host:20264 Browser: 5288
Evaluation is normal because it seems that I saw what I was doing after Darwin came by myself. But Atsuhime 's husband had wonder and personality. It was good to gradually open your mind.

2009/04/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29418 Browser: 7642(Mobile)
Will you call this "big drama"?
The performance of the actor is good.
However, I am too conscious of the young generation.
I speak contemporary language and the production is animation.
It is lacking to say the depth of the story.
It was a big river which was not really interesting.
I love history and it was a daunting work with only sighs, which I can not finish at a level that I do not think enough as myself who likes historical dramas and Taiga things.
Hissatsushi worker 2009 can still be seen.

2009/03/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13412 Host:13470 Browser: 8090
I did not miss it every week, I enjoyed this work.
Starring Aoi Miyazaki, the performance was good.
The performance of all the other characters was perfect.
This work was the subject of Tenjosan Atsuhime, which is famous for the kitchen of the Tokugawa family 's Three generals shogunate who lived from the Edo period shogunate until the Meiji era.
Starring Aoi Miyazaki, the character of Atsuhime Tenjosan,
I'm doing fine.
Besides, the performance of all the characters such as swords and Wadamiya was perfect, it was attractive.
Period evidence was well depicted, the story was easy to understand.
As for me, it is a masterpiece that can fit into five fingers in the "big drama".

[good point]
1: The performance of the heroine and other characters is perfect.
(All actors who played aristocrats and daimyo playing mainly on Atsuhime played by Aoi Miyazaki were good at acting so that they were charming as they could perform as figures of people)

2: The human pattern of Atsuhime played by Miyazaki Aoi.

3: It is easy to understand since era era by scenario is drawn in real.

4: Music (including theme songs), there are a number of songs that are fantastic.

5: A lot of scenes that can be moved.

6: Works that gave high ratings.

[Bad point]
None at all.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In "2000 Taisei Drama", it can be said that it is a decent work ....

As for me, it is the most favorite work among 'Taigara Drama' in 2000's.

Evaluation is "highest!"

It is a really wonderful "big drama".

2009/02/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5396 Host:5476 Browser: 8090
[good point]
. Early morning (Imaizumi Shimazu family edition)
Yamasaki Shimazu and good fortune. Affection for the parents of this parent (Atsuhime). Mr. Kyoso Nagatsuka and Mr. Kanako Higuchi who played this role are really wonderful. The scene of parting of the opening stage and the scene of death of Yoshige were impressed and tears appeared.
Shimazu Yoshiaki (Mr. Hideki Takahashi)
I think that it was a fine acting, not ashamed of the name of the heavenly sake. I felt that I had a case that made me feel the size of the instrument.
Masahiro Abe (Mr. Masao Kusakari)
In this drama, the person whose image matched the most. This depends on individual values.
Katsuhiro (Mr. Kinya Kitaoji)
To be honest, since I am in the most favorite category among the people of the end of the Tokugawa period, I have always been expecting from the beginning when the role was decided. Also, I betrayed that expectation in a good way, I think I was playing the character of victory. These big names gave me a very good taste in this drama, so I managed to see it without getting tired.

[Bad point]

You can lose something to tell me detailed about Geisha. It was the most annoying and unpleasant thing with this drama.
I will say a word. The archipelago is not patient at all.

Lack of explanation of historical incidents and backgrounds and their thinness.

To express the end of the Tokugawa shogunate.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the point drawn not only from Atsuhime but also from the viewpoint of Komatsu swords is the point that should be evaluated. The attitude that these two people belonging to the power which gradually conflicts, while trying to fulfill their respective roles while thinking and living each one, seems to be a moving story if imagining it oneself. However, if you are told that the actors actually played by the actors they are playing, it is not surprising that you can hang your head. No, although it is an undisputed area about acting, in this regard it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the nucleus of the story, so it was inevitable to feel unsatisfactory. Perhaps it is a musical solution by personal values.
Moreover, although the thought from Akitoshi to Atsuhime is transmitted so painfully, the feelings from Atsuhime to the sword are not drawn much. Even though one was in the middle of romantic feelings (Atsuhime would also be known in the play), it was hard to find anything wrong.

In addition, although I think that the hero can not be helped at the time of Atsuhime, many descriptions in Ooku and many "depression" at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate (or maybe it should be said) is not totally transmitted . Needless to say, if we express the era of the Edo period in one word, the word "turbulence" is appropriate. I think it is a painful task to describe the rapidly changing situation, but if the broadcasting period is one year, the story is different. I do not intend to put a stingy on the script, but I feel that I could not cut as much as I thought that I was able to feel more "turbulence" personally. Although many historical incidents as well as this drama were drawn as well, it felt that the momentum had gone away by relaying Oku whenever there was something, and more than anything was boring. Naturally I think that Atsuhime's response should be drawn, but there are not many Tokugawa Shogun fans who felt that this scene was "do not care".
And the historical incident was the fleet led by Perry, the Uraga arrival, the change of 〓〓〓膩〓〓〓〓〓 the Changzhou conquest, etc. It is the extent to which the historical facts are chewed a bit and the "turbulent" It is far from the end of the Tokugawa period, and drifts in a certain atmosphere of certain meaning. If you are a person who knows these times well, it may be possible to divide it by cutting it with a heart that "Takaka is a depiction of a drama", but unkind to those who do not know these times extremely . Besides, young actors such as Mr. Aoi Miyazaki, Mr. Eita, Mr. Maki Horikita etc. are also appointed a lot, and young people who are not interested in history should be able to easily predict viewing. Although the intention of the producer is not what I know, I can hardly imagine that young people and people who are not familiar with the end of the Tokugawa period are familiar with easy-to-understand content and a thin tone of the Tokugawa shogunate. This is a part I did not agree with by seeing this work, and can be paraphrased as a defect.

If you try as a drama without thinking deeply, I'd like to put "very good", but since I can not convince the above mentioned [bad point] I will make it as "bad".

2009/02/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16388 Host:16432 Browser: 8090
It is the first time to see a big drama, so I can not compare it with the past ...

I think that it was drawn very carefully as a drama.
There was not a particularly conspicuous and poor person in casting, and including the starring Aoi chan, I was surprised to live a good role.
This may be because it is a big river that can play the same role for a year.
Historical drama is probably a lot of mountains, but this has been developed from Oyu joining castle to not get tired of marriage battle warfare, which is seen every weekend.
However, if it says that there was no middle mold, it turned out to be a lie ... I think that feeling as if I am missing until haemorrhasic castle has become conspicuous since honesty Shimo passed away.
Even so, I think that I had returned the original momentum from the bloodless castle to the end. Although it was feeling that "why is that" a little why Korea's theory of flying was flying?

The content is above the passing level. But ... Will BGM manage somehow? I think that this is the single biggest bad point.
Slow Tempo's OP is the highest level, and there were many BGM's that this is a good song.
However, there are many songs that will offset it ...
Especially when I heard for the first time "the demon becoming a demon" (the song which was the theme of the next notice of the final stage) I blew it. Even though sum is supposed to be an image drama in the first place rock tuning ...
The image of the drama is totally overwhelmed. Sometimes I was too concerned about BGM and could not concentrate on the contents.
Oh yeah, this BGM, the place where the sound is too big and whispered in a small saying overall was difficult to hear (I did not know if there were any complaints in the final stage, but I became grown up ...).

Evaluation is stupid of BGM's deduction point ... It is "very good" at the top.
It is great to have a commemorative work that made me feel like seeing the river drama that I had avoided more than anything (even one year is too long ...).
I will keep watching from this year.

2009/02/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3240 Host:3241 Browser: 4926
[Bad point] Too far apart from historical fact. I thought I was insulting the river drama.

[Overall evaluation] It was contents for geek girls. It is the worst piece alongside Shinsengumi!

2009/01/01 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13570 Host:13380 Browser: 6034
[Points I thought good at that time]
Teaching of "Do not worry about seeing one" ... is reasonable.
The point that the Komatsu sword strongly promoted "Great Government Reimbursement" ... I felt his hot spirit trying to absolutely avoid the bloody battle.
Tokumi 's wish ... I was impressed.
"I myself, Midori, I thought for the first time, I want to leave Shogun Tokugawa. If I leave it,
You can protect yourselves and their descendants ... I am a family member. "
Originally it was Atsuhime who aimed at Shimazu Family Adopted and Shoguns in Tokugawa Shoguns (aimed at strengthening the Shimadzu 's speech by putting Yutaka Ibashi in the next general), but her husband. It is the point that I chose the way to live as "a person of the Tokugawa family" by my will with the love of Tokugawa family.
Tokugawa after his death, Atsuhime is a son - in - law who has a relationship of trust with Maemo and Wakamiya ... I was impressed that the wish of Tokugawa Ichiryu continues to live.
It is the point that Atsuhime kept the Tokugawa Yoshinobu turned into "enemy enemy" and reconciled with him.
And last! It protects the women in Oku .... Of course not only Atsuhime but also the efforts of Katsuhiroku and others are also indispensable.

[Bad point]
I mentioned above [points I thought good at that time] in general
Although it may be the influence of morning drama "Massan" in 2014,
It is because he was bothered by the malice of the producer who tries to bend the historical facts and try to raise a real person or raise it strange.
I think now, "Why were you moved by such a drama ...?"
I can not help thinking.
In the final story, the episode of "Theory of Conquest of Han" was cut.
Also in the final story, the flow of the era was a rapid pitch (early Meiji era 〓〓〓Atsuhime death).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I am supposed to be [very bad].

2008/12/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) [Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 46302 Host:46288 Browser: 6034
Although there are many criticisms such as miscasting or "girls 'comics like girls' cartoons"

"Good" for the point of focusing on digging out unknown great men who were buried in history and spotlighting.

Although it is a person like the point of the turning point in Japan, it is neither in the textbook nor memorized in memorization,

I think that most people did not know if I did not take the spotlight in this way as a great man who fell down from history.

The story which was said to the end of the Edo era leading to Meiji had an important meaning which formed "Japan now", I was curious.

It was just a whim or whatever I happened to start seeing Atsuhime, but it was a subject that gave me an answer to the complaints I was smoldering.

From the island country to the state, Japan, a page of a new story was written and started as Japan,

In the days before the dawn, when people who tried to make the foundation of Japan made life, it is an era when there was a drama in which the passion for the life of individuals was thin in the history of the world.

In the times when individuals were able to move the country, I felt that I could not see the flow of the entire era, with only stories concentrating on individuals.

It seemed like Atsuhime existed like a missing ring which binds the name of the era and the loop of chain of events together.

Atsuhime thinks that it is a person who can draw meanings as one picture as individuals in the history, incidents as being in the great river of the times rather than stippling.

I felt the steps of the era when Edo became Tokyo from Edo to Meiji, there seemed to be a step in Japan,

I think that Atsuhime is a story that fills the step.


Matsudaira Harunaki "The British who saw it for the first time since the reign", Takamori Saigo said, "None of the mediocratic medicine of mediocrity,

Satsuma lord principal Shimazu Yoshiaki who was praised as close as acclaimed.

Born in Tsuya branch of Satsumajima, now Izumijima Tsuya, it is expected to be Tsuyoshi, that Takamori Saigo is suffering, the highest authority of the Tokugawa shogunate,

Atsuhime was elected to marry the thirteenth general Shogun Tokugawa inheritance.

It is a woman who carries rare stories of narrative that was sent to the Tokugawa shogunate with her political ability expected.

Akihita had the opportunity to read directly the emperor's letter which was also equal to God by Qihei.

Even though most of them were politically married at that time, what Atsuhime carried on the back was not a domestic servant but rather a successor to the third generals'

It was Atsuhime 's political control ability, which was expected to swift to the thirteenth generals Shogun Tokugawa as if to recommend Mito School' s Hitotsubashi Yoshinobu who was in conflict with the Kishu school.

The existence and individuality of Atsuhime was chosen as a key point of the branch point which influenced the end of the nation's heavenly work, undertook the expectation as a single person, and came and fought as a woman.

At that time it was still only the situation of the house only in Japan, but as fate challenges Atsuhime,

It is swept away without being inevitable at the center of the turning point and turning point of the torrent of the world trying to swallow Japan.

And Atsuhime does not draw a step from there, do not run away, do not give up fighting defense.

An old woman has a single core passed ... ... but it is swallowed by the torrent of the world,

The gravity of Atsuhime staying in the center of the country that collapses while undulating twisting is extraordinary.

Besides, Atsuhime says that he is trying to beat his fate while leaving unscheduled as "the authority of Tokugawa" that he decided to devote himself to life,

It is not inclined to the desperate destruction action that the Japanese continued from the days of Heike.

In other words, there was not a measure to stop the war, but as Akita Atsuta Atsuhime fighting all the way, while trying to kill everything to the battle, he tried to defend the Tokugawa until the end.

Atsuhime stands in front of the era in which hopeless destruction thrusts at a tremendous speed, Japan and the world that runs out of control of the great battle on the principle of men, staying in the midst in the midst,

Even though there was a way to escape, he fought himself in torrents, resisting himself, holding all of intelligence and means and fighting with all his might to defend what Atsuhime decided to protect.

The last general of the Tokugawa is Atsuhime, maybe Atsuba was the last Samurai who was destroyed as Tokugawa went out.

Living as an individual who lived like an angry warfare era was felt painful.

Although the existence of Atsuhime has never climbed on the stage stage of the historical story as in the bird of the Oku basket,

For the people of Ichii, when famous for the historical heroes, when Atsuhime fell down and died at a poor house with a city,

Many people from Ichii came and gratefully thanked Atsuhime for saying good-by.

On November 20th, Atsuhime passed away, he was called "the twentieth day", he says that he made habits of eating foods of Atsuhime with Atsuhime's portrait being raised.

It is also Atsuhime 's boldness, the depth of instruments that it was "Katsuhiroku" that Atsuhime continued to be a single friend and a solitary friend with interchange until the end of his life.

While watching the era, the strange woman who broke through the times, rushing through the times, hit the whole body to the torrent of the era, an expert man, the life of each other and the fire will fade away,

I thrilled to imagine what kind of strange friend relationship I had in my life.

At the end of the Bakumans, ceasefire in the civil war situation, Takamori Saigo, who was kicking off the human in Tokugawa,

It was abandoned by the people of Ichii of the castle and the officials of the Tokugawa shogunate, struggling inside the shogunate which is about to fall as it escapes like scattering the spider's child,

As the politician who won the political leadership in that alone, he continued to defend Edo Castle, the center of Japan which is going to be broken.

Saito Takamori et al. Who was able to become a burned land in the attack of Edo attacked the heart of Saigo Takamori as a petition for a death to become Atsuhime's 1,300 letters,

It seems that the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ppreciation and respect that he led the Edo bloodless castle without killing one person without fighting anyone was expensive for the people of Ichii.


Japan, which had been secluded, was for the first time exposed to the threat of foreign countries, denying the obstructive Japanese system,

People whose names remained historically stood up to make a new open country that could crowd with foreign countries and actually did it.

What they did is drawn heroically from the perspective of the present, but in Atsuhime's central pillar of disintegration,

From the point of view watching the era of torrents while doing as much as we can to the best we can see the meaning of that whole era.

I think that the occurrence of World War II began with the arrival of Perry's black ship.

Before that time the United States and Britain came to Japan, I thought that it was the beginning of the great war that I dominated the weak countries of Korea and China and others and confronted Japan the threat of the threat which had been colonizing.

Japan, which had been threatened with a threat equal to rape, was forced to attack and defend and spread to the illusion that the United States and Britain, the authority of the powerful powers, were scattering,

I think that my eyes were blinded and lifted up.

In those days the authority of the Tokugawa shogunate weakened and there was feeling of blockage in Japan.

In order to change the sense of blockage, I think that things from foreign countries could be seen as opportunities to see things only from the perspective of defense and attack.

So neither the people of those days, neither Saori Takamori nor Sakamoto Ryuma, Shinsengumi, who are embroiled in the passion that can be said to be blind, are not too virtuous and noisy.

Suddenly water is hung on the nest of the ant that was living watching only his feet, I feel painful like falling into a panic and going down and forth.

Aligned with other countries, catch up, overtake - more equally, homogeneously, to the winner, to the ruler, to the ruler, to the weak cookie, I think that the world has started to move the country with such competition principle.

I think that the responsibility of the world war is also in the United States and Britain which had scattered the flame of the war of trampling and control.

War responsibility is a loser and we have been a weak country only to pursue in Japan as though it was bulky,

I think how to account for the cause of the world war named colonial rule that I was doing.

The unique climate of the isolation country is obstructive, but I think that it was uniquely fostered. I think that it was the personality of the country.

Although it is not a closed paradise, outside is not a paradise that was opened again.

What happened when the country was opened is that the civil war civil war that occurred only in Japan was globalized and expanded to the world.


Atsuhime's fate is predictive as it was structured.

When I am at a birthplace in Kagoshima, in order to overwhelm the curse of a woman trying to eradicate the family of Qairaku using magic from the house fault between the branch and the head family,

Atsuba who was welcomed by Qiaora's adopted daughter like amulets in order to succeed Kirakiri's family whose children are going to die one after another.

A sympathy that reminds me of the role of Tokugawa Shogunate's destiny to be destroyed by Atsuhime, which is the sole life-limiting role of Japan.

Satsuma of Atsuhime (Kagoshima) is originally resistant to cross cultures because it encounters frequently with foreign ships,

When he arrived at Perry, the shocked Japanese shrine did not suffer as shocked.

In order to make full use of its tolerance, the Satsuma people tried to transform the Tokugawa shogunate and to overthrow in order to turn foreign threats into opportunities for Japan transformation.

Atsuhi suffers from a caught between the Tokugawa who decided to be his whereabouts of life and Satsuma of his birthplace.

Edogawa Honmaru of Tokugawa who Aki handed over to the Emperor is not Honmaru itself.

Honmaru is a temporary castle that Atsuhime relocated to because it was burnt down in the civil war.

It seems that Atsuhime prevented Japanese mainland itself itself from being hijacked by a genuine God.

Geographically, Atsuhime's hometown Kagoshima is geographically equal to foreign countries for the mainland, both Ryukyu Okinawa and foreign countries have normal trade,

In a sense, it was a boundary line that bridges the mainland and foreign countries.

It is not a mainland nor a foreign country.

Yakira who adopted Atsuhime was conceived to recognize the fair and equal position as part of the mainland as well as this Ryukyu during the reform of Japan.

Atsuhime who had lived in Sakurajima in his hometown Kagoshima was like a foreign person who crossed over the sea from the outlying boundary for the mainland,

Even though I am at the top of Ooku, I feel painful for people who do not have any ideas.

However, Atsuhime established the preparedness to offer himself to Tokugawa who had married the end of life and never returned to Kagoshima which told parting across the sea.

While doing that, I miss the taste of Kagoshima and frequently send seasonings such as red miso,

Now that it is the lord of a country, it is a human smelly pretty attachment and popular odor are seen.

In the hanging scroll of "Sakurajima distant view" that depicts the landscape of his hometown that did not part with the end of the lifetime from the Tokugawa period,

I am deeply impressed by the deeper feelings I kept secretly while holding that deep emotion to put it up to the end of my life until the end of my life.

The life of Atsuhime lived till the moment of death is the desire of a hometown towards his hometown Kagoshima where he can never return.

At the same time at the same time with such a strong hometown, I pushed the remarks of such a strong hometown and never returned home,

I think that when I was a lifetime, I decided to protect the Tokugawa shogunate instead of Atsuhime 's lives, I thought that it was a person of resolutely determined determination and preparedness.

Although the last scene of the drama was a smile of an actress without a sense of tension going through mind,

I do not feel bad if you think that it was for the hand that was awarded to Real Atsuhime who passed his life with a sense of inconvenience.


It became an adopted daughter of the same name of the soul of the Satsuma people, became a daughter of a Konoya family, one of the squatters in Kyoto,

Became the wife of the 13th generation Shogun Shogun Tokugawa Ichiryoshi who is the highest power of Japan, became a mother who is not connected with the blood of Tokugawa Iemo,

After the death of his / her own nature, it became essential to the center of Japan, and when the Imperial Wombus, Empress Emperor 's real sister, went to the bride of Maemo,

I saw the last of the Tokugawa Shogunate's last general, Tokugawa Yoshinobu lasted 300 years, and experience the death of the Tokugawa shogunate that lasted 260 years at his own knees.

The last of the Tokugawa shogunate which was the center of Japanese culture, I caught the last of one period of Japan,

I heard the pain of the beginning of one era of Japan and the bloody birth as my own pain.

It is interesting that Atsuhime is interesting, as opposed to Tokugawa or the Emperor, rather than as a power person, as a mother as a wife as a mother as a mother-in-law,

As families, close relatives, people, as everyday, it seems that they are constantly cutting into the other person with the same attitude.

I do not think anyone has experienced a strange family as Atsuhime.

If it rains, leave the birthplace of a rain leak that you have to put an umbrella in the hallway, to adopt a rare great person, to adopt a national center, to the wife of the supreme authority,

It became a marital relationship like brothers and sisters, became a widow in only two years, has a son with no blood connection, becomes the mother-in-law of the sister of the Emperor,

As the war brothers and wishes like the two major powers of Japan broke out, as if they had jumped to the national scale war as it was,

The position as the supreme authority, the living place and the goods all lost, and to the just people.

It is the fate of Atsuhime who keeps running, not knowing what to stay like the name of Atsuta, Sumiko, Atsuhime, Tenchuin, Atsuhime who flowed one after another.

Oku 's life changed from living as if he had done the extreme of luxury such as shining new clothes that do not cross the water five times a day,

I become a red-aged man who puts on my presence and turns everywhere like a wanderer.

Tenpokuin's core will remain unchanged as the environment changes as soon as it needs to wear kimono and underwear that are only one piece of clothing.

Although lost literally "one country" that was in hand until then, I am interested in playing Katsuki Seibu and Yoshihara in the life of the poor,

I enumerated what I had lost, enumerated what I was supposed to gain, and there are not many things that tend to be immersed in illusion rather than reality.

In the first place Atsuhime warned the luxury of Oku, cut down unnecessary beauty, was the sensibility of the daily living person.

Atsuhime who reclaimed his life with his own hands and reclaimed the reality of the Tokugawa shogunate as well as his hands at the same time,

Even though the survival of the Tokugawa shogunate was changed over to life, it seems that it was a true figure of Atsuhime, contrary to the attitude that she tried to protect.

As Akihime as a single person as a politician, I think that it was a realistic and substantial consumer, a practitioner as a woman.

Atsuhime continued to be a single human being who never changed its status and authority, kept wondering about the landscape of his hometown and the simplicity of the warmth family even if it is poor.

It seems like I had always wanted to be just a person.


I think that Japan was supposed to be summarized to the insignificant divine entity for the first time when returning Japan's real power from Tokugawa to the Emperor, called the Great Government Refugee and the Kofun Union.

Tokugawa is a power person, may have died and become a god, but at least he sees a real face looking at practical affairs,

It was not a critically respected god but a special person.

Emperor Meiji was buried after that, was created by the strategy of Takamori Saigo, Toshimichi Okubo, Mokoro Iwakura, a god who was made a god by man.

I think that Takamori Saigo, who was in charge of the Great Government Administration, was the last Japanese samurai and the first soldier.

After all, the sense that brings out the same priesthood as the Aoi no Miyoshi in Tokugawa, "the flag of Nishiki" is not different from the thing that soldier warrior has been extinct in the world of warring country warfare in the history of Japan.

By using the method of using the emperor as unchanged from the age of warring States, wearing a method like getting into a slave spirit wearing the skin of modern civilization,

I think that it was inevitable to borrow the name of modern civilization that comes to the trace, and to enter an instinctive and animal war.

Atsuhime may only be emotionally trying to defend the Tokugawa shogunate, but I did not notice it,

It seems that he tried to avoid the assault on the Japanese world war that will come later.

To accept and affirm that reasoning that it is the situation that the force was forced to change the way of the state by force,

I will do such a way to others.

Atsuhime is interesting as it seems there was only a place that only sensuously refuses a way not to be fair, whether the other party is a world or another country.

The speculation of the power to make Wadami that was engaged with Emperor Arisugawa originally for wedding and consolidation,

There were a number of such schemes in the history of Tokugawa, and considering that Atsuhime himself was doing it now, Atsuhime's behavior is interesting.

Atsuhime accepted what Tokugawa did for himself, and now he opposes the anticipation of Tokugawa in opposition despite himself striving for the protection of Tokugawa.

Atsuhime will not do anything like leaving herself to coast in the Tokugawa shogunate or emperor wherever he is.

Always face each other independently with their own thoughts and sensibilities, examine each one as extremely as possible, instantly make tremendous judgment.

If Atsuhime was stopped being married so that Wadamiya could be abducted to Tokugawa,

It is dreamed that the martial arts marriage was not done and the military force of Meiji Restoration that will occur after that, the runaway to the world war was stopped.

But Atsuhime, of course, was not foreseeing the world war that Japan is dragged in afterwards.

But Atsuhime 's behavior is predictive.

Atsuhime is not just a sense of justice that causes a refusal reaction to domineering or unfair, no matter what the other party is, just having mere normal morality,

Perhaps it was just an ordinary individual who had the sensitivity of ordinary people.


At the end, I saw the appearance of Japan stuck to the war principle so that I could roll down the slope.

The appearance of Saigo Ryosumi who seemed to have a feeling of grudge in the Tokugawa shogunate is painful more painful than a stark person whose history story is generally told.

It seems that Japan's appearance of shifting to the Fukoku Military with the male principle and trying to jump into the world warfare is "painful"

It may be because sadness is included in Atsuhime 's line of sight looking at the times.

After all, it seems that Japan was occupied by the threatening national American since the time of the arrival of the black ship was an inevitable consequence.

Fighting over America, rather than overtaking the United States of America rather than pursuing the wishes of the American intention,

As America 's speculation, as an axis of evil, it was torn as a hammer of American justice, and as the US wanted it was robbed of the country as occupied state Japan.

America repeats the same thing like universal DNA, can not help controlling and dominating others,

Japan attaches to slave guts with Japanese universal DNA, trying to acquire power by deifying humans into deity.

It seems to be opposite, I think that they resemble each other very much.

The United States and Japan are rather magical rims separated by the sea by the black ship that came from it and linked by the sea, rather than a magical edge.

From a distant historical great tale, I was living desperately trying to find a weaker, more human and painful match with the times,

It was a work that made people close at hand at that time.

Through the presence of Atsuhime 's shadow center in that era, through individual existence, individual people of that era that only knew the name,

Individual episodes are connected and become drama.

A man, who was said to be a great person, a wonderful person, is somewhat runaway, and the heart which was trying to do just the best of those who was in the accusation can see a glimpse,

Every single student who is only a supporting member of history that disappears without knowing its name is connected by a single thread that is not Atsuhime "single way"

As a line drawing depicting one history, it is drawn with the same raw weight.

Atsuhime himself was not enumerated in the name of a historical figure, and although it is the last highest authority of Tokugawa, I think that I had close line of view to the people of Ichii.

Drama is a fiction based on historical fact, and I would like to know the actual real story of people involved with Atsuhime at that time.

But I think that it was unexpected how to spread the story of the thirteenth general Shogun Tokugawa.

The acting power of the actor was also a showroom.

It was good that I could draw Mr. Komatsu as an attractive central figure who was a central character who is making the current Japan but not a central character in the historical story.

There was neither a supporting role nor a central figure, I felt that it seemed like a strange feeling that Atsuhime's human nature was bleeding, making everyone think that it is an important central figure living in one era.

Atsuhime takes care of his / her work until the last one of the employees after the Tokugawa shogunate has broken down, carries the fate and responsibility of each and every person who is mainly responsible for one country,

I ran through to the end and was able to run all the way to the end through the ends of the era.


To be civilized and modern is to do technology development that is not defeated to other countries, to do wealth forces, to strengthen armaments.

For Japan after the black ship, it means that civilization is opening up. It seems like the emperor worship spirit shifted to Western praise.

I think the sensibility of Atsuhime is modern and civilized.

To be civilized is neither technology nor military power.

Even though I am different from myself, I try to understand the difference and I think that I can pay respect to the other person as a person.

I think that reading comprehension that understands the difference with others, whether it is young and young, does not lose curiosity with vitality and capacity to accept different things.

I used "sewing machines" for the first time in Japan, actively listened to John Manjiro's experiences in America and positively showed an understanding of foreign cultures.

Since each country is unexplored, they are different from themselves, so they are homogenized for reasons that they are not civilized,

Mr. Saigo said that the United States Britain of the 'civilization' nation that had been colonizing was doing a barbarian spirit that was not yet open and not civilized.

But in the end, both of us think that the other party is "barbarians" so war will happen.

Atsuhime thinks that sensitivity is international or human beings global.

Politics, ability to manage living, ability to analyze the times, brought together a bird's-eye viewpoint and micro-human sensitivity, I happened to be there,

I think that it was a truly suitable person for the leader.

I think that it was a person who could be said to be a smart emperor who was able to see the situation in a bird's-eye view while simultaneously seeing the weight of one's life and life.

In a similar situation, as a battlefield who survived the mercy war broken up into the east and west so as to interlock with the shaking country,

I feel strange human nature, sensibility of Atsuhime in the phrase Atsuhime wrote at the end of Wakamiya where I friends with my life as a close friend.

Despite being a benign thing within the life zone of the living and death of the comrade, it also has a dynamic perspective that cosmically takes a bird's-eye view of time.

In a cosmic thing called flowing time without stopping, I will positively challenge somewhat human-sized and small micro-personal feelings.

<The flow of the water of Hayakawa that you could not stop aging is also a flashback>

"Atami Hakone Yuji Diary"

I think that the flow of the great river called Atsuhito continues to flow in the minds of people in various times, now and in the future Japan's era.

... ....

In the case of politics, history is not a joining of individuals, it is born as a separate gigantic creature that immerses individuals,

Politics is also doing huge creativity in the form of history.

As for the Emperor system, I also see extremely Japanese-style political works.

The Emperor System was not created by the Emperor.

Even when I forget socially, it is politically taken over,

The political reason for that existence is, as it were, the olfactory sense of politicians, so it is not limited to the emperor.

As an alternative, I did not care whether it was a Confucius family, a Buddha house or a Lenin family.

At least politicians in Japan had been aware of the absolute monarch's need as a means of promising their eternal prosperity.

Mr. Fujiwara of the Heian period did not doubt that he was a subordinate to the Emperor while doing self-support of the Emperor, and he did not think of trouble either.

Worshiping the Emperor showed dignity of himself and was also a means of feeling dignity himself.

"Theory of Depravity" Yasuga Sakaguchi


If so-called black ships, or Tango boats, did not bring someone to leave two white flags on the coast of this country.

If you are truly carrying a mission of peace-oriented nationality to those who are trying to urge the country to open even if the black ship appeals to the force ......

"Before dawn" Shimazaki Fujimura

2008/12/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think that it was good that we picked up Tenjoson Atsuhime, who had not attracted attention as compared with Wadamiya parent and child principal at the same time, in a big drama.

Atsumi Miyazaki's performance is glittering. In the last round there was a scene dating back to the adolescence from the later years, but I was impressed that the age-specific performance separation was clearly understood again and it was good. Mr. Masato Sakai was well represented as a complicated man who was deeply innocent and had an outward appearance, which was generally considered stupid and appreciated. I think that the details that two people are building a relationship of trust were also shown in detail.

As those who set aside, the impression remains such as the establishment Hirosato (Miki Hira), Nao Ii (Nakamura Ukyo), Katsuhiroki (Kitaoji Kinya), Sakamoto Ryoma (Tamaki Hiroshi) etc.

Semi-protagonist Komatsu sword sword Okubo Toshimmento Saigo Takamori and others are a bit frustrated. Saigo Seiyoshi 's role as Saigo Masa is acting well, but it seems to be a bit of a bite in excess of NHK' s drama. Yasuzo Harada Okubo also had a sense of incongruity at the beginning, but I felt that at the end it would be it. Still it is not very good. Mr. Eita has a question as to whether the image that seems to be weak will remain until the end and was suitable for the Komatsu sword.

Speaking of the big drama Spotlight is cast on the leading role It is quite possible that it will be the achievement of the main characters until the things that are not in the historical facts, but this time it is also worrisome that those kinds of adaptation have been made.

Anyway, Akihime was a fun drama. Hopefully, the existence of Atsuhime who got a lot of attention will not be buried again like Hideyoshi Toyotomi ('96 Taiga. Hideyoshi) and Kazutaka Yamauchi ('06 Giant name is Tsuji).

2008/12/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Hmm, it is finally over. Let's say we will make an evaluation soon.

Originally I was worried about Miyazaki Aoi, who is the youngest audience of many audiences including me, who is acting as a star of the river drama ... but how pretty it was that I entered the temple.

I properly performed the girls' age and the later years. No I do not mind ....

Mr. Sakai Masato who played Atsuhime's husband Tokugawa Tsunari was also great acting skill. He embodied a complicated role living with a kind of reserve and a kind of pride pretending to be stupidity.
Although I thought that it was a good actor since "Shinsengumi!".

Uchihime will have a deep relationship with Atsuhime It was Kinya Kitaoji who repeatedly appeared in the river drama, who played the sea boat, but this one was stable performance on a fossil. The screen tightens.

Other actors' performances were also good, and it was quite impressive.

Hmm ... born in the era of turbulence, the shogunate who slanted it = a single story of a woman who hardly supported Tokugawa Muneya had something unexpectedly attracted.

The reason that I could leave the Tokugawa family is that the place due to her efforts is also great.

2008/12/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The broadcast finishes finally .......

[good point]
Presence of the Komatsu sword.
Although I longed for Atsuhime in my heart, I could express well that I knew that it was an unrequited love, became blue by that, and played the role of an adhesive that handles the relationship between Saigo and Okubo about.

Recently the existence and role of Komatsu have become more highly appreciated than Saigo and Okubo, but it is well understood by this work and we will consider the catastrophe of Saigo and Okubo at the subsequent role of Southwest And, as Komatsu was there ... I think it is very interesting. I think that it was this work that let me reevaluate the existence and achievement of the Komatsu sword that I had not been looking at so far.

Komatsu Zen sword himself was immediately sick after the restoration, but Atsuhime who had never returned to Kagoshima for a lifetime also said that because of that thing, "Satsuma in me has already become a thing of the past" There might have been a thought. Eita 's acting power was demonstrated without regret as long as I thought so.

Also, the character of Tokugawa Ichiryu who was a wise man who had keenness against the reputation of Shimazu Yaori and Shogun generals also appeared well. On the other hand, it was drawn as Yoshinobu that was supposed to confront Atsuhime and Iwakura as a person who was pretty annoying and unpleasant (well, I think that Iwakura was a truly unlikely person, anyway, regardless of actual Yoshinobu) However, it can also be said that as a destroying side, and history has always pointed out the part that the winner is justice.

Afterwards, although this character of Kotobukiya was sending things like Tsundere without yearly rewards, it is also quite nice feeling in the style.

[Bad point]
However, as a matter of fact, it may be interesting as a human drama, but the essential style does not get excited as I thought. I was not attracted much by the surrounding heat, and I thought that Ryoma 's character was also miscast.

Aihime Miyazaki's Aoi Miyazaki was also a pretty thing to think that there was not so much dignity because it was a baby face at the beginning. In the latter half, when I thought that a little was ... ... when I was in Wakamiya, it was already the end of the broadcasting, and the appearance in the interview last day just because I did not get used to it, Although it would be rude, there was also the impression that "I was old". Well, it is the actor who has to do even difficult role, so it seems that such hardships are beyond imagination.

HORIKITA Maki of Wadomiya was completely miscast, even I felt like a doll somehow. NHK also seems to have to use an actor with some familiarity, and there is no way it can be such a way, but still it seems like whether we are choosing the actor's selection kitty, like last year's gakuto, I also felt doubtful.

I think that it was good to do as a female drama, but since the surrounding men are moving swiftly, I think that we can know so many things in a somewhat deep-sea garden-like ooka As a historical drama, rather than pushing a women's point of view, due to the movements of the surrounding parishioners, it is a halfway thing that you do not know whether it is the story of a merciful wisdom guy or the world of Ooku I think I got it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the viewpoint and making were not in the wrong direction, but it may have been a bit impossible to write that the turbulent period of the Bakumatsu at Ouchi perspective.

Also, it may be appreciated that the depiction of the part of the point of view towards people who were not able to spot much so far and the activity that depicted it, but as works of the Edo-kai, halfway images is. I think that it was better for a female drama to be a little more foolish of the existence of the guys, but I think that due to the movement of the surrounding men ... ... became an obstacle.

Although there was also a part that glows in content, it was halfway feeling as a big drama. After all, if the Okawa is not a heavy one of the hero's god, the light does not shine ... In a way, in a way, this work of a female protagonist showed in sarcasm, just like the year before last "Tsuji named" It seemed like.

2008/11/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think whether it is the liver of the evaluation of this work whether to think that the story advances by Atsuhime principal as good or whether it is bad.

Personally, the story from the viewpoint of Atsuhime withdrawn in Oku is not so bored, especially as Atsuhime per midfield does something and the surroundings praise it repeatedly honestly got bored.
Even if it is in the latter half, there is also dislike that it is ransacking too much the movement around Atsuhime than the important thing of history.

Although there are viewpoints of people who told Komatsu and Saigo, it seems that Atsuhime eventually seems to be seeing things only from the central human relationship, so it seems that the vision for the movement of the times is very narrow.

The tempo of switching between a comedy scene and a serious scene is too bad.
Serious scenes do not feel interesting by feeling that they are forcibly forcibly raised by acts such as BGM from performances of actors.

2008/10/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11821 Host:11593 Browser: 2982
[good point]
It is quite quick to deploy.
Miyazaki Aoi.
Overall performance is good.
It seems like to understand each other hot.

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The best.

2008/09/14 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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If you think that this Hoshoin appeared again, this time it will not come out.
It's a funny and interesting person so increase the number of turns.
Although there are lots of attractive people, it may be impossible to have less time to come. Also Ichigo is stick reading ....
But it is safe because the people of Keikyu who started Tsukiko Nda and supplemented it. (Lol)
They have a great presence.

2008/09/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7713 Host:7874 Browser: 4483
Something like Atsuhime is w - Ru you. I love such places.

2008/07/20 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5396 Host:5476 Browser: 8090
〓〓〓July 20 broadcasting minutes. There is spoiler.

It is nearly impossible limits.

Especially what was this time.

Kojima's speech

"Thanks to the selfish selfishness (who was it?), The islands became very patient."

What is it?

Until the successor (14th generation) is decided, I asked the kitchen "that much, the next generals are Yutaka Hitotsubashi ..."
It is awfully annoying and I do not think it is the line that the Kojima saying Kiki to the kitchen says.

If you call it a "calm" island that has suddenly drawn from blood after the inheritance has been decided (it is patient), that is too funny.

Also, I had thought this from long ago, but I think that the words that Miyazaki Aoi ordered was not suitable. The words of the indignant kitchen are too awkward, and there is a sense of incompatibility.

I wonder if I will win the ship as soon as possible ~.

2008/06/22 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35635 Host:35372 Browser: 4926
Did the engine finally hang?
Because there is no battle scene this time, the flow of time is felt moderately.
On the other hand, it seems that it may be divided between pros and cons, even in the atmosphere of the Oku unique trembling.

Although Hirokawa and Eiki were good, it is impossible to think whether there is no turn already.
I want you to come out again as it is a glitch.

I am not getting tired of seeing this as a housekeeping.
I hope to continue doing funny things from now on. (Lol)

2008/05/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4580 Host:4635 Browser: 5234
It seems like a program where everyone's likes and dislikes are divided clearly,
I am seeing that the story of Atsuhime is not bad.
Just feeling Miyazaki Aoi is a bit cute when playing Atsuhime?
Opening your mouth wide and laughing, it's a princess that is not too good.
That is why I would like to have an impression of a funny mischievous princess.
I get a little weightless impression.
I think that it is possible to make a mischievous impression simply by gesture smiling without showing teeth.
Mr. Eitora's weakness - attitude, feelings to the princess seemed indecisive like initially somewhat disliked, but Eta says the parting scene of departure before adoption and Edo is adopted I felt that it was good. After all it is a good play. Now Eita is looking forward to it.
Mr. Hideki Takahashi is impressive, wonderful performance without complaint,
My evaluation is "very good".

2008/05/10 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14055 Host:14209 Browser: 11343
As I expected, it is not interesting.
As a rule of the river drama, the story of the main character is not funny for women. It is recently that "Tomoe and Matsu", "Konjo Tsuji" etc. are all wrong.
The story of the heaven trade-in system and the story of the historian who walked the life to live while literally swaying like a big river literally is interesting. This is prominent "Hideyoshi". That was interesting. Then, "Kazeba volcano" the other day was also interesting so much.
Why does not it become interesting if a woman becomes involved in the leading role, because the likelihood of river drama is lost and it approaches home drama.
It is because there are only a few events that have been left in the historical fact, such as everyday life, romantic relationships, etc., and such things come down to it, there is no other choice but to take advantage of the span of one year.
This drama is also steadfast. Perhaps the audience rating has a great influence on Mr. Aoi Miyazaki's appearance (I do not like it so much).
After all it thinks that it is the delicious drama that there is a protagonist with big drama drama nature. If this is the case, Korean court drama chanjum is much more funny. Even though women are made to be the main characters in the same way, they also have their own fiction, do not make time-crushing episodes as much as possible, and always the drama is moving.
I hope the producers firmly think about these things.
If you make a drama with topicity of an actor it will be the same as a commercial ....
Since it has not been completed yet it is bad and I will keep it.

2008/05/09 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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Recently there are a lot of developments that enemies and friends are good friends with Atsuhime.
Because I am a high-ranking person, I can not expressly condemn it,
I wonder whether it will get better or worse because I am a girl with an unusual character in that era.

It is making it a piece with a low threshold in places where it does not seem like Okawa.
Thanks to that, it makes it easy to get on topics even if you watch it from the way.
It is not bad to go forward with a good tempo, but the same pattern continues to flowing and tired comes, so I'd like another idea.
The flow until now is before long before the story begins to move in full swing.
Watching the generals dies or Atsuhime goes into Oku sightseeing?

2008/04/30 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Somehow Atsuhime (Miyazaki Aoi-chan), everyone can divide divinity without finesse,
Show a tooth whitening teeth, "Nika ~ ~ ~ !!"
Old-fashioned men extended their nose down, and on the other hand, it was thought that "Well, it is a hidden princess (unconsciously flattering with a man, jealous)",
Especially older than the same name, I wonder if it is a type that is objectionable to my sister.
Except for some, men and women have different ways of contacting her.
It seems very difficult if I enter Oku, full of women.

A smile showing a tooth (it seems to be a lot to a younger sister who has an older brother), an expression of no warning heart, a manifestation of intention to trust an opponent,
Either way, the opponent is grateful, especially older. Her older brother! (Lol)

It was one of the few lords that were seriously saddened in Japan who had been forced to open abroad and was confused Japan Shihozu Yoshikira.
Such blood is not connected but such as Saito love as father, Saigo (〓〓〓I think there is an objection) and Atsuhime.
These two people seem to be a relationship between a strange and a fake brother and sister. Both of them should have inherited the father's will,
It is a development that the way to go gradually deviates gradually.

"Atsuhime", the title is something implicit.
Atsushi 〓〓〓Stilt? 〓〓〓Friend of Stilts? 〓〓〓Childhood Friend? 〓〓〓It was such a good ~ 〓〓〓 that genuine boy's goro Goro, ah, a fate of fate ~.
Goro is a crybaby brother's position with a bit of retraction as opposed to twin's big sister.
There is an image like a younger brother appearing in the lyrics of "Seto no Bride", in me.
However, he is the initial level in game character, basic performance is low,
It seems to be a big-fish character that seems to raise the growth rate at a stroke with class change on the way.

For the moment it is repeated two patterns.
One is to cut off the retreat from which the princess should return,
Patterns that people who made good to the princess will leave something to the princess (this is a songwriter!) Will disappear one after another.
This pattern is no longer a classic in Taiga.
I wonder if Japanese people who are masochistic (?) In nature will receive a fate that must bear the brutal will of the deceased.
However, the revolution rate of leaving is quickly abnormally earlier in this work! It is just a bit too strong. Do not give sunshine soaked in sentiment, do not miss it.

Another thing is, Princess, dive into enemy team without hesitation, only say what I want to say, I do not know anything but the enemy is very sensitive,
What's more attractive to those who followed the princess? When they became princes and enemies later,
I wonder if this will be effective afterwards as a body blow of the early stage in the last round.
Somehow, while changing these patterns delicately, I feel like continuing until Qiaola leaves.

Although a famous fictional character appeared from the beginning from the previous work of the river drama "Feng Shima Volcano"
I can not see this time (no, I do not know), Orthodox, or a person who sees it is easy to enter, characters with stability and their contributions.
It is hard to choose Castung too safe. There is no surprise.
Any kind of role looks like that actor's elementary style, I feel that those people are somewhat overpowered.
There are not so many so-called "chameleon actors" that change their way of playing each time depending on the role.
If you raise it up well then Ahonba famous? Hence in this drama it stands out considerably, of course, in a good sense.
People who are totally out of sidelines are lacking in entertainment, but is this because Satsuma people are honest?

For Japan, the biggest turning point, their appearance at this time, and the connection of their destiny can only be really lucky.
But this princess is one who suffered with this connection.

Since I have never read the original, what will happen next will not change, but from the historical perspective,
Naturally it will be brought to the climax, that "an incomparably beautiful incident in Japanese history" ("Edo Kaijo" Hakoneji Shigeragro Shincho Bunko) (〓〓〓
I wonder how the princess will be involved. Does the role of 〓〓〓get a similar handle?

Princess' s grandma said, "What is the role of each person" (one person role) of the theme of this work, "role" for her?
While she is in a position she can not choose her own life or Japan's fate,
Perhaps it may be that the surroundings are just selected by her intention.
(Actually, I learned that some mystery book "O O Esper theory" is being cast,
Every time the other party collides against Atsuhime, it seems that Atsuhime is also Esper somehow ~)
In the process of washing Bakumatsu at the end of the Tokugawa period, will she be like a softener to make it fluffy?

Omiba (dead word?) She is being swayed around like she is swinging with her princess,
Many beautiful girls but Jimmy Menzu, Jimmy deployment. It seems that the relationship between them has not changed dramatically yet.
Well, feeling like seeing Atsushi without being impatient? (What ...)

Below is a snake feet.
[Even if it goes back to the turning point] ("Arashi 's blank white book")
The biggest threat.
"Because I can not talk a bit at all?"
There is not a lot of sense of crisis and it is feeling now that the underwear condition is continuing.
Inheritance, Crossing, Receiving, Harris, Keigo ... .... A keyword that comes out every time.
Every time, the princess also knows "in a noisy way" in a Kojima saying.
It is OK even if I start seeing it from now.

Pattern 3. (Although Pattern 1 has just changed a little bit,
Although it is a muon limited, when I meet Atsuhime, I reveal myself and become obedient. At the same time, leaving is quick.
I got a house, Abe.
I thought that it was boring and boring character for Abe 's depressing performance,
My evaluation changed a bit for me just before his departure.
Abe will regain herself with a naughty remark like a princess' s blues. Lee loaded don sink, feel! I was also surprised to see Mito's old age for the first time in his hospital just before my departure.

If I refuse to leave, should I not be obedient in front of her?
(Recently I hear that it will be a uts if it is not obedient to me.

There is one person who can not communicate with Atsuhime Magic here.
Last Shogun Kyoshi who has no idea what you are thinking.
In the face of Atsuhime he never met his eyes.
If Atsuhime's Nika ~ had the opposite effect of Medusa's eyes,
In other words, when looking at their eyes, people do not become stone, but they are stones that were in the original state,
If you think that your mind changes here, not your body here,
He may not be obliged to change the position where he is currently putting on the stone state of the mind.
At the same time I will not leave till the end of the end, pretending to be modest and actually being an awesome character.
In this work there is a lot of characters with no back and front, and such an incomprehensible and eerie existence is priceless.
The position of the princess who has to push him like that is gradually enemy.
(It seems like there are many facsimile modes in the recent NHK drama?)

The blue leopard Tagoro (band sword) does not change, it is Ujiji. In the work I am drunk.
I do not yet know if it is as intended.
After Atsuhime went to Edo it has not made much noticeable. His necessity is one more in the drama.
"On the other hand in Satsuma ..." has become a face once,
Even if we change scenes from Edo to Satsuma because he looks like a human being of Satsuma at all,
I do not understand what he is standing, really Satsuma?

[Daughter of steam and daughter of tears] ("Tenryu Atsuhime")
"Director (〓〓〓saying that he is the greatest person in the field), how do you ask the princess to cry this time?
Is it a dollar and opening? Would you stop, is it urulu? "
"No right eye of left eye dollar"
"roger that!!"
I do not know if there is such obsession as the obsession that the Atsuhime cries and grows up, but it makes me cry every time (sweat)
I wonder if there are many viewers expecting what kind of next will come with abundant variations of crying.

In the "historical secret story historia" which had been done on July 23 NHK,
It was a grandson who first made a steamship in Japan by Japanese people. It is amazing ~.
It is a princess that he chose with such a fond of excitement and inquisitive spirit, so it is not necessarily a useless person.

First of all than Atsuhime I should have pushed Qi Akira's great achievement from the first half.
In the drama there was no pinning why Saori 's death Sogo doll, sword sword, Satsuma wanderers were disappointed in such a drama.
By the way, when you tell Katsu Naito
"Qi Lingguo is a bigger person" ("Hikawa Shingon" Kodansha Scholarly Bibliography 2000 P84)
"Akira is an Elai man" ("The Sea Loop Word" Kodansha Scholarship Library 2004 P17)
"Sanctuary of Satsuma is an Elai person" (ibid., P. 42) 〓〓〓About Junichi Kaori

It will be erased all the time.

[No longer shinigami] "Strange outside Sakuradon gate"
Finally Ii also touches the princess's poison.
Those who saw it from the last 5 minutes should see Atsuhime as being involved in that assassination.

In Satsuma it is because it is a lesson to learn, "Do not tell me when you listen to one"
"No prejudice" is the beauty of Atsuhime, but,
Pardoned by such a girl, men who are deceived as if the death gods sucked their souls, if they devote their heart to heart.
Does the revolution have a celebration of blood beside us?

In that respect the female members are still good.
Next time Ichinomiya is replaced with Kojima.
At first, I hated each other, but after that I would inherit the pattern of spirituality.
Atsuhime is a side who teaches like Geishima, Wakamiya becomes the side to be guided like Atsuhime before.

History may repeat human relations of "manneri" ... message.

[Pitcher change] "The messenger of Oku"
The winning request in case of trouble. How many times did the Relief Pitcher wins?

"(Saigo is a dare) I'm trying to become a bad guy"
Elders of the Satsuma clan, Gakusho Hiroshi.
Elder, Nao Ii.
And this staff's story, Takamori Saigo.
I will take all responsibility on my own, buy dirty acts, and fulfill my mission.
If the celestial boyfriend realizes such a thing, it will be likable to that person.
By that, for example, that partner got a real intention and it is being hollowed out and the life is being shrunk.

On the other hand,
You can not hand it out but everyone got scattered scatteredly,
"He who has no grasping place" in the place of Tenpan,
Last 15th generation Shogun Yoshinobu.
I quickly placed the soldiers from Osaka Castle on the Great Government Referee and tripped it,
Although there is something that is not his sense of responsibility, the smallness of the vessel, is it because this bonbon was better than that,
It probably did not want to become a dirty work by the bad guy.
"((Keihiko is proud) is a person of high pride ~ 〓〓〓quot; (role of Yumiko Takahashi)
Therefore I live a long life without Akihime Magic.

Here is a mystery, existence that Qiao Akira was looking ahead of time early,
The reason why only Atsuhime (?), Saigo, Obihiro etc. had a big hit in the future, but only Yoshinobu did not go well,
That is because I think he was not able to become the 14th generation general.
If he takes the initiative and holds the court earlier,
It seems that it has continued a little more than Tokugawa heaven.
(Although it may have been a good thing for Japan though)
A young man was overwhelmed by the courtroom because the person was too good.
He had no shit.
As a result, I have given Satsuma time to deepen my relationship with the courtroom.
Well, then, the primary cause of the crushed Tokugawa is Atsuhime !?

Although Saigo took a large army to attack Edo,
Even though Atsuhime speaks to the surroundings and pecha no kuni,
Keihiki kept silent alone in a dark place, its comparison was an interesting one.

It does not matter, but it looks like a pretty good audience rating. It is popular with my aunt.
Does it look like Bellbara?
Antoinette is indeed Atsuhime, indecisive feeling Felsen is a sword, Oscar is a long time ago Saigo, now wins,
I wonder if Andr莨〓is looking at my eyed patch (gig!).

[Letter from Nigiri from the Flag of Nishiki] "No blood capture"
(As expected by most people?) The trump card is Yaakira, is that the hand of this time is not wins, will it be Atsuhime?
What stamped the seal in Saigo?
It was a dialogue that I did not have in the drama,
"What would you think if that grandson! (Qiao Bing) knows this situation now?
"Princess of the Lord! Princess, I just cry everyday with this thing (rather than crying out other than this)"
I wish I could have threatened Saigo if it was a bad winsome mouth (laugh).

So this drama, I wrote ahead of time to get there, but after all I said Atsuhime 's a daughter,
I guess it was better to have pushed pilgrimage Qiao Bing from the first half a little more.
As for people who are the starting points of all Satsuma, Yaori, Atsuhime et al. Are only those who succeed his thought to change the country unlike the way.
Saigo, I thought that it was not so if I thought that only herself inherited the remains of Qi Ring in that letter.
I wanted you to paint in more carefully from the encounter with Qi Ring and Saigo, Masakazu and Masaru.
There were not many things that remained in the impression after collecting the recollection scene with Yaori at that scene due to lack of the neighborhood.

[Conclusion, AT (u 〓〓su) Princess was AT (active telepath)!
"One way"
Ability to see the other 's mind, going through lies fairly.
Even those who are hostile friends are as good as friends (at will).
And even if it looks at all it is disproportionate, although I do not know if she soared in her single word "I ask Satsuma"
Goro who seems to be poor and does not have majesty, exerting its power beyond its original ability.
From these, she is active. Telepath. In other words, it has the ability to brainwash with telepathy.
They (pretty much men) who became prey should do what is good if they are running regularly (petrol)
Because she was injected with nitro without permission,
I passed through the times with speed more than speed.
Therefore, the engine breaks in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye. I will leave early.

Well, it is from the story of the drama 'Nanase Futatabi' and 'Where is Yamatai koko' (Yuichiro Whale 's Written Inference Bunko)?

2008/03/21 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1042 Host:821 Browser: 7322
Evaluation is basically done by looking at endings, so I will keep it in comments, but it is currently "very bad" at the moment.

I thought that it was not bad.
A typical morning Dora Heroine Regards, a hero like a prospective and bright good intention chunk.
However, that "good intentions" is not fully affirmed,
I thought that where there is a failure from the person of the "good man" position properly
(In that point, likewise, Aoi Miyazaki was likable from the "Junjakirari" which is the leading role).

However, the era verification is too cruel.
For example, it is something you should never do to avoid self-sufficiency at the Kikimoto residence of a nurser.
At the time, death was hated, so a woman with an old-fashioned idea like Kikumoto can not be harmed at the place he serves.

The behavior of Shimadzu's family after adopting a adopted daughter seems to be only a selfish rather than a "strength".

Miyazaki's atmosphere is also pretty, but it is hard to see as "Princess".
Because it is long since entering Ooku, it seems that it was a neta to appoint a dignified actress a little more.
She is smiling, but scenes of getting angry or lamenting are weak.

Regrettably, Mr. Eiga who plays Hideo Igarashi is sorry that it is somewhat weak impression at the moment.
As long as he sees the past appearances, aside from the work as a historical drama, I think that the performance of a person is stable and skillful, so it is a problem of completely attaching a character at the screenplay stage.
In the first place, the excitement of Jororu is well, but the reason why I was drawn to you is impossible to understand ....