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Other media: Comics:Aibo - Tatta Futari no Tokumei gakari - / Literature:AIBOU
Drama total pnts rank Rank 4in 2,605 titlesTotal 142 / Deviation 148.91
Drama avg pnts Rank 7in 291 titlesAvg 2.25=Very good/63 reviews
Drama rank of 2000 Rank 2in 42 titles
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Voice/Actor2.35(Very good)20
Story2.10(Very good)20
Graphic1.65(Very good)20
Music1.60(Very good)20
Made me think85%17/20
Hot heart40%8/20
Learned something30%6/20
Shed tears0%0/20
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Matsumoto motohiro Katuki Juniti Hiroatsu Shimagawa Yasushi Sudo Nishihira Atsuo
YASUHIRO KOSHIMIZU Hakaru Sunamoto Takeharu Sakurai Manabu Aso Fukazawamasaki RYOTA KOSAWA Shingo Irie Masashi Todayama Chiaki Manabe Hayashi Makoto
Seiji Izumi Oi Toshio Yasuharu Hasebe Kondou Toshiaki NOBUAKI IZAKI
Yoshihiro Ike
Yutaka Mizutani
Yasufumi Terawaki
Hiroki Narimiya
Saya Takagi
Sawa Suzuki
Ryuji Katagiri
Kazuhisa Kawahara
Seiji Rokkaku
Atsushi Yamanishi
Satoshi Jinbo
Shigeru Izumiya
Katsuhisa Namase
Yuki Matsushita
Masahiko Tsugawa
Hiroyuki Nagato
Masahiko Nishimura
Naoto Takenaka
Atsushi Fukazawa
Isao Takeno
Hajime Yamazaki
Kaoru Okunuki
Issei Takahashi
Reo Morimoto Risa Sudou Kyoko Kishida Yoshino Kimura Hondahirotarou Riona Haduki Takeo Nakahara Masahiro Koumoto Tetsu Watanabe Ken Nishida KENJI KASAI SHINSHOU NAKAMARU Ikuji Nakamura Yasumi Maezawa
Japan Released:2000/06/03(Sat) "Aibou Pre Season" / End:2001/11/10
Japan Released:2002/10/09(Wed) "Aibou season 1" / End:2002/12/25
Japan Released:2003/10/08(Wed) "Aibou season 2" / End:2004/03/17
Japan Released:2004/10/13(Wed) "Aibou season 3" / End:2005/03/23
Japan Released:2005/10/12(Wed) "Aibou season 4" / End:2006/03/15
Japan Released:2006/10/11(Wed) "Aibou season 5" / End:2007/03/14
Japan Released:2007/10/24(Wed) "Aibou season 6" / End:2007/03/19
Japan Released:2008/10/22(Wed) "Aibou season 7" / End:2009/03/18
Japan Released:2009/10/14(Wed) "Aibou season 8" / End:2010/03/10
Japan Released:2010/10/20(Wed) "Aibou season 9" / End:2011/03/09
Japan Released:2011/10/19(Wed) "Aibou season 10" / End:2012/03/21
Japan Released:2012/10/10(Wed) "Aibou season 11" / End:2013/03/20
Japan Released:2013/10/16(Wed) "Aibou season 12" / End:2014/03/19
Japan Released:2014/10/15(Wed) "Aibou season 13" / End:2015/03/18
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1. http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/aibou/index.html (Translation)
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2016/07/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45022 Host:44868 Browser: 10196
The series of this work and the factor of a big hit was to override the equation of "police = absolute justice" and put the theme "police corruption" that had not been hit by detectives and criminal dramas until then It seems to be.

Of course it was a development that I could not read ahead, but it was also due to the fact that each person's character, such as "Yeah, free time" and "Kameyama of special purpose" was established.

Mitchell. Narimiya Kun, I have seen a lot of partners with Sorimachi, but Mr. Ukyo 's "buddy", Kaoru was the most suitable for all reasons.

It is regrettably that the quality fell sharply since the temple (Yasufumi Teruwaki) got down.

2016/04/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19760 Host:19912 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Human drama that we can see every season was good.
The highest criminal drama that the missionary person develops mainly.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is an interesting work as long as it continues.

2016/03/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4801 Host:4849 Browser: 10172
Season 9.10 It is feeling after seeing properly and afterwards looking at places.

[good point]
Mr. Kameyama era was cheap. When Mr. Kamiyama and Mr. Kameyama's interaction look back from long ago, I had a breath and I wanted Kanayama to be doing my best all the time!
The most impressive story is the "Level 4" that I did in the middle of Season 7, but this time, Kameyama-san was the best-looking event in the last incident & showed my greatest success until now Times (I think that)
It was good to Mr. Kobe.
[Bad point]
It seems that Kai's interaction with Mr. Ukyo has become fun. I think Kai's last is the worst. With that, I can change my partner ...
Mr. Kanjo did not look much because I thought it was overly impolite with Mr. Ukyo, but the impression is not good
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Kameyama-san, Mr. Kobe is the best!
I wonder if it is bad after Kai. I will make it a good average!

2016/03/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39093 Host:39102 Browser: 10931
[good point]
Because it will explain step by step,
Even myself (masochistic)
I understood the story well.

Interaction between Itami criminal and Sugishita police department is fun

[Bad point]
There is no possibility of being bored.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think it's a good work.
Well, because it's popular, I can do season 14.

2016/03/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 663 Host:557 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Commemoration of the end of season 14.
As usual it covers various genres and it is interesting. It's amazing as it will not make me read ahead. Ukyo-san's classmate's story leads to a bad social problem. In the former Ukyo 's teacher' s turn, love was the axis, so it was a new pattern again. In a mystery where mysterious coincidences are connected by one reasoning, although stakeholders are complicatedly intertwined, refreshing when the mystery is solved. Meanwhile, ordinary people dyed hands on the incident, and we are not getting bored with the development of the personality that pierces the painful heart. Personally I am surprised that SF elements such as artificial brain and parallel world are included. Originally the affinity with the latest science and physics was also high, so the logic was solid and it was impressive. You can see how parallel ways are shown in the past "New W's Tragic Comedy". On the other hand it is freedom enough to have ghosts. And it was without a doubt that you read the trend of ISIS's indiscriminate terrorism that dealt with terrorism at SP. However, terrorists of Aibo are uncomfortable because they seem to have a cause but it is troubling.
"Fighting for the weak and isolated one is a hero" "Nobody who does not sacrifice is sacrificed"
"It is the people who will be sacrificed even if the cabinet is fought when fighting terrorism" "This country will not awaken unless the prime minister is in terrorism"
It is a pure logic if you do not even make a mistake. It seems that power was included in the meaning of depicting the facts of terrorists and ringing alarm bells.

The movement of the character was also showing moderate acceleration.
Mr. Crown Castle who is norinori at the level where Mr. Ukyo brakes the level. There are many times selling quarrels to each side with a bitter or bamboo than using personal connections to the Ministry of Justice. Fans will be reminded of last in the previous season when forecast from the specialist is foretold. I thought that it was a punishment belonging to a professional staff in earnest with the dismissal of the Ministry of Justice. It was fooled deeply by the reversal like blowing off fans' anxiety.
Mr. Itami begins to show the stickiness of Kaguya as a mere employee. Itami-san who is an ordinary investigation department will be thrilling if this is around, so it's cool.
Mr. Jikawa made a new flag called a victim if he thought that he was not a suspect in love. The tragic love that the opponent dies is a criminal drama that once experienced it twice, but Mr. Jinchuan is worried because it seems to incorporate even this even into the classic flag. How far can you trace your tragic love?
[Bad point]
The surrounding air is kissed by the reaction of Crowncock's introduction. I deceived Mr. Yonezawa and made it sneaky, I feel that Mr. Ukyo is also getting stressed How many crappy performances were there. Speaking of new developments, it is true, but there is no doubt that the atmosphere changed significantly. It was unexpected that Mr. Yonezawa and Mr. Chengchen became corrupted, and Ukyo's arrival finally broke off. It is Mr. Yonezawa who retired temporarily on behalf of Mr. Chengcheng. It is a pleasure to see how you can handle it well at this timing and re-boarding.

Katayama was sent off, and I thought that "This is Mr. Ukyo's independent runner?" There are some criminals who ran out of smell like accessories, but there are no big ones coming to crush Mr. Ukyo when it comes to this. Ministers and police executives are already over. Actually, is the schedule of the Ministry of Justice scheduled to be a masterpiece? It is difficult to exceed the former Minister of the Seto Inland Justice.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even if I say somewhat, I think that I succeeded in the mindset that blows off the uneasiness of the previous season. Although it is quite difficult for him to have a habit, Castle Castle that is rude can be thought of as a person with good treatment.
Since the original image was demodulated, the evaluation is "very good".

2015/10/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21252 Host:21261 Browser: 7457
[good point]
Every time there is thrill development
I will not mind if the two protagonists become accustomed to scenes to find out the truth of crime

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I also saw this drama. It is only in this other than Nodame Cantabile what I like in the drama work that the two protagonists find the truth of the criminal in a deployment with thrill was very good.

2015/07/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44294 Host:44182 Browser: 10268
Every season, I think that the fun changes as each buddy changes. personally,
Kaoru Kameyama (act / Yasufumi Teruwaki) era ... "the best"
Kobe Takami (act / Mitsuhiro Oikawa) era ... "Good"
Kai Ki (act / Hiroki Narimiya) era ... "Very bad"
is. Every time the season goes up, the number of doubtful developments has increased, and I feel that it has become less interesting. The next partner looks like Takashi Sorimachi, but how does it go?
Speaking of the series as a whole, it is a fascinating category.
Evaluation is good. (Score ... 83 points)

2015/04/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1059 Host:1144 Browser: 4694
It has a feeling that it is now in many work with evaluation so far, but since it is a very favorite work, evaluate it.
[good point]
One episode one story is quite interesting.
Individuality comes out also in deployment for each buddy.
There are times when we are just in confrontation and sometimes go on a dandy story, and there are talks to smartly advance while hitting the conflicting opponent, even if you extract only one talk, you can enjoy it very much.
Many things that are interesting things such as tricks and methods and "things like that" are considered quite often.
Characters are both habit and two habits, and even though there are things such as sub characters (in particular those who meet trickster) that character nature that hosts discomfort, they are all allowed as "personality, character attachment".
There are people who bring trouble only, people who catch up with each other if they face each other, but they do not hold a disgusting feeling for them.
People are made according to the treatment in the place and the talk, and it is quite amazing that few people take uncomfortable behavior.
In recent works there are many people who obviously take actions different from setting.

[Bad point]
I sometimes reach the conclusion that "Why does it happen" occasionally.
It may be due to my lack of comprehension, but there are scenes that I think I'm thinking that I'm binding too hard.
It seems that there are many cases in which investigations that seem to be rude to the partner are also often carried out, although it may be a special dealer with such a scene that unilaterally explores the person who thought doubtful.
I am a little worried that occasional irritability is occasionally involved.

In addition, although it is a personal opinion, there are many characters of women who are involved in Ira.
Often thinking to think a little more!

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will make it "very good".
In a bad point I wrote as "unexpectedly exploring the person who thought doubtful ... ..." If not, the investigation seems to be going on at all, and in order to write a state of unnecessary specialist It seems to be the best action.
Sometimes there are persons who have been made strongly with characters, such as criminals who have room for sympathy or custodians who can not defend themselves, and one patterning is avoided.
I can not do something that can be sympathetic, I can not do it because it is good for the judges to think after becoming a trial, so it seems to be a little unrelated to the police, but the fact that the background is also made for the one- It seemed to be a consideration for the viewer to be able to see it without getting tired.
It is often pointed out as to the storage of guns, but as it is a drama that is carefully made, I am looking forward to the next season.

2015/03/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 310 Host:546 Browser: 5387
There are quite a few incompetence of individual episodes, but as a whole series it is a good work saying a masterpiece of criminal drama. Two criminals (occasionally three people) belonging to a special dealer who is a scholarship in the Metropolitan Police Department, "Islet Runner", challenge difficulty resolution independently of the mainstream police Although it is skeleton, there are many contents with social property and there is fun that exceeds mere criminal drama.

The original protagonist was a genius and a weird person, Sugitoshi Sugishita Ukyasu and ordinary persons and two people in a contrasting way that Kaoru Kaori detective of hot-blooded people. While these two people are often seen white from other departments and other organizations of the Metropolitan Police Department, they reveal the truth of the incident. For the sake of justice, I think that the minus image of Ukyo who was occasionally impressed "ruthless" was softened by Kaoru of a human being and the whole work as a whole.

A large number of supporting workers are also finished. Newspaper reporter Mikako Okuda (to be married to Kaoru later), former wife of Ukyo Tamaki Miyabe, Ita criminal of rival of Kaoru, Mamoru Yonezawa of judgment, Mr. Tsunoda Tsunoda, Komiaki Onoda, former boss of Ukyo etc, The bargaining with others was very interesting.

Unfortunately, Kaoru of the first buddy retired from the police in the middle of the seventh season and exited the story (after a while it was a strange situation "Aibo without a buddy"). As a result, it seems that it was difficult to neutralize "no humanity" that Uchikyo occasionally feels (Kobe Takamori of the second generation and Kai Kiyu of the third generation could not compensate), I think that it was not good for the work . Also, I felt very lonely that appealing supporting minorities were lost one after another. There are now few members who have appeared from the early stage, and it is not impossible to see it as a different story in the middle.

The story itself has a feeling that the sad air is getting stronger these days. It is symbolized by the background of the exit of Ukyo's buddies. Kobe Takamori, the second generation partner, moved to the National Police Agency after the confrontation with the Ukyo quite violently over treatment of the criminal and left the specialist (the 10th season final round), and in the final round of the 13th season, It was a shocking ending that Aibo 's Kaori was actually a criminal (Ukyo also has indefinite suspension of suspension). Moreover, in the case of enjoyment, it was supposed to be conducting a crime (in the shadow, sanctioning was added privately to the bad guy) hidden all the while during the appointment. The staff may have touched it, but the aftertaste was very bad (there was nothing like a hint). In that sense, I believe that Kaoru who made a fair move and moved forward for a new ideal was very happy.

Ukyo's personality and behavior sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable. He never compromises on the pursuit of truth. It certainly is a fine thing (because it is not done with private interest), and it seems very reliable when fighting a villain with power. However, should such an action hurt a person and in some cases be contrary to justice (maybe more than a sense of righteousness in Ukyo appears in "Ah no Heart (Les Miserables)" You may get an impression "Jauber appearance"). There is also the impression that he is going "runaway" that most of the characters that are about to be stopped are gone. However, recently there is a tendency that the meaning of Ukyo's "righteousness" is quietly questioned, so I want you to dig down properly.

I think that it will continue as a series, but it is a fact that concern materials are increasing. Even so, as it is certain that it is a nice work, we will evaluate it as "good" for the moment. Personally, even if it is a single shooter, I want Kaoru to reappear (Is not it only to blow off the dark atmosphere that covers the work?)

2013/12/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1036 Host:893 Browser: 5386
[good point]
For each season, the drama of the special feature drawn is interesting.
TV Asahi's guess drama is out.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a drama to see even borrowing a DVD.

2013/08/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4891 Host:4750 Browser: 5386
[good point]
There are many series.
It is a point that re-broadcasting is not without hesitation.
It is the point that Mr. Mizutani is crisp.
It is a point that Mr. Sugishita's justice gets well in the scene of the last part of the story (to ask the culprit). (Only powerful and calm role)
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is clearly represented that police = organization.
Mr. Teruwaki Mr. Oikawa Mr. Narimiya and actor who is popular with women every now and several generations can understand the worry that many women want to watch the program with Mr. Sugitoshi's partner role as Mr. Mizutani.
There are times when I think that it is wishful for a criminal woman in Mr. Sugitoshi's partner role.

2013/03/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40262 Host:40349 Browser: 6290
I do not see the drama much, but I see this work once in a while when there is a rerun.

Due to the nature of the genre, it is inevitable that there are many murder cases, but every time, it can be hit by the unexpected nature and the story of the criminal.
Also the characters remained in the impression because the character was also unique.

Evaluation is "good"

2013/03/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18589 Host:18685 Browser: 5345
[good point]
I think that the story is good.
Finally Mr. Sugishita sometimes thinks "Do not say anything" where the criminal can kick the criminal (laugh)

[Bad point]
Kobe Short, right? Well I guess I had to do it from the flow ...
I still dislike martial artists as usual. I would like you to make some more friends.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
We are looking forward to solving further incidents.

2013/03/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23122 Host:23164 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Kamiyama with Kameyama
[Bad point]
I can tell you most of the detectives, but getting tired of doing it for a long time ... I did not want to be lost in Kameyama.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well ... evaluation is good.

2013/01/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25733 Browser: 5829
Kite who is a new homie is a hot-blood type, but somewhere is different from Kameyama-kun.
Kite has a baby somewhere, and I feel that immatureness is pushed out anyhow.
I guess I will draw on the growth of young people. However, I am worried a little because there is a feeling that it will not come out as it is after the talk about the father related.
Kameyama was anything but physical fitness heat, but Kami-kun was an elite temperament feeling, but while Kite is common in terms of "immature compared to Ukyo", it feels different from something again.
Other people are also unique like Itami and Yonezawa, and they are likable to be likable.

However, it is the drama of Showa that people raise the corner.
It goes overseas, and there are a lot of descents that are decided suddenly, it is a pattern that it stops being related to roughly Mizutani Yutaka ... ....
I think that it is definitely never to re-appear a buddy character that I dropped off once, and that's a shame.
If you say that Kameyama and God Division are re-appearing, is not it that audience rating will increase considerably?
I will not go to the cinema much, but if Kameyama and the divine department appear in the movie version I will go to see.
Toei has a lot of works that these performers disagreed ....

There are times when Kite-kun will have a little time to think something ominous as to ... ... but it's actually worrisome.
After that, it was regrettable that Onoda of Chief Cabinet Secretary died in the movie version. Was there something there?

2013/01/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24840 Host:24783 Browser: 5840
[good point]
Stable atmosphere
Basically one episode complete type
. Featuring two hours long feature, two weeks continuous impression

[Bad point]
There is not personally.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally, the criminal drama has a hard image and there was a feeling hard to stick, but this "homie" is interesting. The beginning and the end of the drama are reconciled with the familiar fellows and it is becoming fascinating contents without complaint every time, so I think that it is a drama that could be formed into a structure that attracts new fans and does not release old fans I will. Actually the Aibo series continues up to 11, and it is telling that it is high viewing rate every week.

During the 11 seasons, Ukyo's buddies, the protagonist of this drama, changed twice, but each companion shows different fun. (Lead player Mr. Ukyo is a genius, Kameyama of the first generation buddy is muscle, Kobe of the second generation buddy is a prodigy, Kite who is the current buddy is unknown.

2013/01/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13906 Host:13944 Browser: 7400
[good point]
Mr.Kyokyo is interesting and I feel secure to use honorifics
Everyone in the mission is unique and fun
Mr. Ukyo's partner
.Theme song
. Unlike "9 staffs" 2 Cool broadcasting

[Bad point]
Aibo changes the corner

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I saw only the special when Kameyama was a buddies and I only saw the buddies of this season, the kite being a partner.
So it's a temporary evaluation, but it's fun, so at "best!" Because it broadcasts and covers two courses longer than "Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Division 9 Division", it may not catch up with DVD even if it sees it on DVD.

2012/08/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10928 Host:10961 Browser: 5829
Unlike other works, places with abundant story variations are good. The reason is that there are multiple directors and script writers, but I think that it is a secret of success to have some sense of unity with that. Criminal Colombo style seasoning times and times of Hollywood flavors and people's things by skipping helicopters and sometimes (sometimes misfire occasionally) are all on a certain level. It is good that the actors can also watch with confidence because the character stands well. Speaking of bad things, there are places where the series is too long, widening the story or leaving unresolved, there are uneasy places where they can be put together well (like a certain pirate cartoon) . As new buddies come up and a new series begins, I would like to evaluate as "highest" with expectation.

2012/02/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20089 Host:20180 Browser: 7541
[good point]
Personality of the character. Mr. Ukyo's strength of calm and justice is great. Kameyama-kun was good, but Kobe-kun is also cool and I like it very much.
The way of the investigation is also realistic, and it seems to be "I see," looking at the high judgment power.
There are many interesting things to talk about.

[Bad point]
It is too long. Well, it's interesting, but from the beginning it will take a long time to catch up with the current broadcast. Even if the new season starts, it will not get excited and it will be easy to miss because it will not start unnoticed.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The work itself is quite funny so it's awesome.

2012/01/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36343 Host:36571 Browser: 5345
It is interesting to have a sense of affection for characters such as Mr. Ukyo as they are not looking at themselves on an irregular basis.
I was sad when Kameyama ceased but I am looking happily even at Kobe. Evaluation is very good

2012/01/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29393 Browser: 6652(Mobile)
As I thought it was a criminal drama, this is more than a criminal drama I do not understand. It is an old-fashioned store, and there is an intelligent landscape that is not bad at all.

2011/01/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36185 Host:36009 Browser: 2037(Mobile)
It is now a work that became a leading drama in Japan.
Speaking of "criminal drama" most people would associate the Odori Daisousasen with this work.
That quality is high.
[good point]
Unique character. Of course, as well as the specialist, the department, the discrimination, the members of the upper division of the Metropolitan Police Department are all songs. I have a good taste.
Basically one story is complete, so feel free to watch. You can watch it from any season without problems.
Variety of talk is abundant. From horrible things to horrible things, even to the things where the spine frozen is quite a lot.
[Bad point]
If you mention it strongly, is it somewhat like a mannerism? As far as it is unavoidable because it lasts for many years.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
This work that is very popular and also has the skill to match it.
I would like you to continue delivering a high-quality story.

2010/12/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14364 Host:14290 Browser: 9673
[good point]

[Bad point]
Not particularly

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although the man version of Ishihara Corps of Aibo only saw the corpse hidden behind his home, Oikawa Mitche version saw the direction of the old lady who was damaged but it was funny.

Personally Mr. Mizutani's performance is good although there is a taste, but I feel that this character itself is popular.

2010/09/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4045 Host:3787 Browser: 9207
[good point]
The name of Kameyama (calm??) Combination of Ukyo with calm and genius skin, hot blood but missing out

Deepest inference and psychological description of the criminal

[Bad point]
Internal conflict between police who do not get styled occasionally

Choosing people Ukyo 's personality

[Comprehensive evaluation]
About three years ago the audience rating was not so high, in recent years it has become a cartoonization.The movie making progresses steadily and the momentum of the large batch Hatsune Mikuni criminal drama. I wonder if he has done nearly 10 years.

2010/07/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12134 Host:12144 Browser: 4483
It is good to say that we have grown into a leading criminal drama in Japan.
Personality stands out firmly and personality is striking well, occasional cases are also social school. Occult. There is something humorous and draws abundant and we can not get bored. The achievement of reviving criminal drama fever is also great.

Please note that it contains spoiler below.

Pre season ... "Highest"
The trilogy which was broadcasted on Saturday wide theater.
Again I would like to add "best" as the origin of my partner.
From the first work I was dealing with political scandals as a social story.
A variety of elements already inherited also to the later buddy, such as depiction of rivalry relationship between Kaoru and Itami, a character using a tricky technique called train master to trap in women's clothing, has appeared.
And it is a second work that you can say that you decided to dabolize homibo.
A close friend of Kaoru and Miwako college era Asakura shows the true nature as a serial killer because of the impressive performance of Mr. Katsuhisa Nagase. The story The story of the three people talking about memories of the first half of the story tells himself if he knows the later development.
In the third work, a big pinch that Ukyo is caught in the criminal group. (It is rare for him ...)
The most important point in this work is Kaoru 's quotation "Where is my partner!" No matter what.
A scene clearly understanding that Ukyo was recognized as a partner while remembering a rebound.

Season 1 ... "Highest"
Although the audience rating seems to be incompetent, the background of the special purpose association formation.This season where Ukyo and Onoda's connection was described can not be absolutely removed from the history of partner.
Another witness "Asakura reappears" (I feel a scary thing also in the brains of the boy of the criminal)
"Cocktail of slaughter" that you are impressed unexpectedly in the appearance of the criminal who makes you feel proud of craftsmen
Kaoru and Itami's fumes Confession of Jam Bang is fun "confession of masks"
"Human disappearance" to show off a surprising technique of depriving hypnotism 200 million yen
There are many short stories, such as 12 episodes all in short, including the impression of the appearance of Kaoru who carries on Ukyo as the "last light".

Season 2 ... "Very good" ~ "Highest"
It begins with Jailbreak of Asakura and closes the curtain with his death, it is exactly the ascending descent champion of Asakura.
Will such things become weapons at "Murder dinner party"! I was surprised,
In "Piruita", various secrets of Okochi inspector are revealed.

Season 3 ... "Very good"
A tough and hard season that starts with a trilogy of "two headed devil" in which the martial arts compete against the current minister.
Kaoru will be temporarily transferred to the jurisdiction, and the "third male" Junko Junkawa will appear for the first time,
What is impressive in this work is to say Miwako suddenly a new lover's discovery!
Mr. Ragobuku appeared considerably controversial among fans.
Moreover, "Common murder" who widely warned the value of buddies seems to convey that the law is not something to save everyone, so it makes the viewer think about it.

Season 4 ... "Very good"
Kaoru and Miwako finally get married in the final round!
That's how unique it is and the older sister of Kaoru has a good taste This is it.
"Murderous serial killer" shivers into the occurrence of Muraki's wife's occult madness. "Whisper of the devil"
If the number of weapons possessed is number one in history of Aibo it is too scary of Misae's runaway "confinement"
It was also a time when a different color work such as "Ageha butterfly" which draws the tragedy of people who pursued the phantom butterfly was complete.

Season 5 ... "Highest"
It is a good workmanship even if it is said to be the best season in history history.
Even if it says anything special three versions ("Sugishita Ukyo the first incident", "Tower of Babel". "Sasanqua's bloom") are all wonderful!
Especially "Tower of Babel" is popular among fans as much as it can be a movie as it is.
Personally I was surprised also on the aspect of miscellaneous backwork using the Local Public Service Act used in "When Sasanqua Blooms". Is there such a thing ....
Even if it says anything, Onoda - san can do with special friends.

Season 6 ... "Very good"
5 is too bad I am not good 6 what is wrong,
"Compound eye court" cutting into problems of the judge system
"Edited murder" depicting traps lurking in interrogation visualization
Environmental pollution, such as the "castle in the sky" which is the theme of environmental destruction, it is a season where it is said that it is a truly social fellowship deal that deals with subjects that we are approaching in reality and it is not good to be evaluated a little more I wonder.
In addition, "New W's tragic comedy" is a considerably different color work using a method which can also be called a prohibition in a certain sense. It is a work that uniquely distinguish himself in Aiba world.
And in the last round of "Revelation" Onoda says to Kaoru in the last of the "Apocalypse" The words beginning with "Suginita's justice will runaway at times" is an implicit word that seems to make a big shadow to the future of the character of the future It was a unique lingering finish (it was supposed to be).

Season 7 ... "Kaoru graduation till" good "~" very good "/ Kaoru after graduation" ordinary "~" good "
Kaoru graduated (retired from the police) by some kind of adult circumstances (?) Before Ukyo justice went uncontrollable. Although the last incident of Kaoru "Level 4" was made to be exciting with a big story of scale as much as possible, it seemed that the SDF (partly speaking) was not too much and it was too far apart . The criminal who Hakamada played was abnormal enough to think properly.
... and the second half of the season is still stalling. I like Ukyo, but I am unsatisfactory.
I knew again how big Kaoru existed.
In the final round "Special Mission", a new homie, Kobe Takamori (Oikawa Mitchey) has appeared.
The story was closed (although it is not) the village was a stage so there was something like a graveyard image.

Season 8 ... "Very good"
A buddy new era when Mitchie begins to move in earnest.
At first, what happens with intellectuals in combination? Although there was also anxiety, this is quite good if it starts. The feeling that the two do not get together is producing places of moderate tension. In a sense, Kobe came into a dense life as an office in the agency, so I think that it is important to always leave a part that is completely incompatible with each other.
Moreover, it seems to be entertaining even if it is intellectual one even with a miscellaneous warfare even more than before.
And the last time the true purpose of the role Kobe received is revealed "The depression of God".
Ukyo and Kobe acknowledge each other beyond doubt and frustration.
"Welcome to the Special Letters"
This word that Ukyo had over Kobe was the moment of the birth of a new mission.
If it is only the last round, I will attach "highest".

The broadcast of Season 9 has also been decided and my eyes can not be removed from Aibo world yet.
Personally, Mitchy was quite qualified, so I'm expecting big.
Evaluating the power of entertaining as this entertainment entertainment, one aspect as a social school with strong message nature, the role as a revolutionary child blowing a new breeze into the stagnant criminal drama circle, etc. " will do.

2010/06/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41387 Host:41138 Browser: 4891
I have seen it many times with rebroadcast, but it is interesting.
Recommendation is from season 2 to season 6.
Mr. Ukyo from season 1 is irritated, or his personality is too bad.
Mr. Yasufumi Teruwaki baton to Mitsuhiro Oikawa, but I have not gotten used to it yet. It is not bad.

The disliked stories are "confinement", "revenge from the 20th century". That is because the criminal does not have a salvation.

2010/02/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The combination of Sugishita Ukyo and Kameyama Kaoru is good

A lot of tricks

There are many stories with strong message nature

The casting ability of the cast is high

[Bad point]
What Kameyama graduated from

The story inside the police is fresh

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A drama that does not get bored no matter how many times it is seen, the evaluation is "highest".

2010/01/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9764 Host:9831 Browser: 10871
[good point]
Combination of Sugishita Ukyo and Kameyama Kaoru.
Tanuki's father of Onoda secretary general.
Staff 's spirit of trying to make something with reality.

[Bad point]
Kaoru Kameyama It is still sad that the detective graduated.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
After Mr. Teruaki graduated, I was wondering what the buddies would be, but I was relieved a little because I was very interesting, such as super powered juveniles and transboundary investigations.
But as expected, I was still lonely.
This time a new "Kobe Takami" is Mitchell, but I like his character.
What I'm expecting most from this character is the view on 'justice' which is a forcible runaway when Sugitoshi Ukyo is a Kameyama detective who had never drawn much deeply.
Although the Kameyama criminal believed Sugishita Ukyo until the last minute, I would like to expect Kobe criminal behavior and behavior in the future.

2009/12/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A nice combination of Mr. Ukyo and Turtle! (Exactly Aibo)
All the characters that solidify aside have a presence!
Tricks are fun! ("Murder dinner party" etc.)
Tomorrow and my friend's fight! (Lol)
[Bad point]
The attitude of Kobe Tadashi (It hides the evidence, it may take the lowest attitude as a criminal)
The difference between ryosaku and kimono is intensified by the person who writes the script ("Noah's Ark" trash)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Turtle resigned in season 7, and we cried seriously at breakfast with good friends Kenichi Itami. I want to see those two genka again.
Postscript: In Season 9's 6 episode "killing", Kobe took the least action to hide evidence again and reopen in Hanasato Why did such a human scum become a detective! I can not hide my anger! I want to know the intention of the producer who removed Kame and put him in this place!

2009/11/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The combination of Sugishita Ukyo and Kameyama Kaoru is the best work.
Mr. Yutaka Mizutani, Mr. Yasufumi Teruwaki's skill of acting well is a work that can enjoy the story well.
It is a work that does not get tired because other casts are well suited for the performance skill.

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As a criminal story it is best to say Heisei Supreme The overall evaluation is best, please.