[Drama]UNFAIR the special: Double meaning

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Drama rank of 2011 Rank 78in 82 titles
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Takehiko Hata Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Inada Hideki Hideki Yoshijo
Kazumasa Nemoto
Norihito Sumitomo Hayakawa Hikari FUJI ART, INC.
Kie Kitano
Koji Yamamoto
Susumu Terajima
Sadao Abe
Masaya Kato
Mion Mukaichi Yuma Ishigaki Moe Arai Sakurai Hijiri Suruga Taro Shimizu Shin Atsushi Maruyama Suda Kunihiro
Kouichi Sato
Ryoko Shinohara
Japan Released:2011/09/23(Fri) 21:00-22:52 Fuji Television Network, Inc.
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2016/10/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9827 Host:9784 Browser: 5171
A spin-off work of the "unfair series" located chronologically between the theatrical versions "Unfair the movie" and "Unfair the answer", Ms. Kitano Yuki replaces Mr. Ryoko Shinohara who is the "face" of the series, heroine It is made up of content that approaches "truth" hidden behind the act, theater type crime ... once it is.

A new heroine who is responsible for "leading role" as a hot-blood character until foolishly, in order to keep clear difference from summer snowflake that was calm and cold, Mr. Mochizuki, but from the conclusion it is concluded that for his occupation "criminal" A self-right swing that pounds around the ideal image to the surroundings attached to the nose, I did not adapt until the end.
The appearance of Mochizuki who screams and scatters "Do not investigate the headquarters!" With just the thought of telephone = calling to the investigation headquarters without confirming the possibility of incidents early arrives "Why do not you listen to me what you say It is a brat itself, which caused a tantrum as if it were not ?! It is ugly.
In addition, although it became an excitement material of the mountain road that turned into a "daylight" as a result, even after Yamaji rekindled the criminal soul while spiraling a violent thing that completely denies his criminal life itself Also what do you intend to not even show your willingness to apologize, this woman?
Of course, the backbone is also drawn as to why Mochizuki sticks to his own "ideal criminal statue", but the temple odor was too strong, so it did not attract interest as much as before. The attitude of persisting firm beliefs is fine, but it is too much appealing to the surroundings ...

The drama itself also progressed with the winding story accompanied by scattered handwriting named "the usefulness of profiling", and on the early stage, the true criminal's eyedropper was barely visible to the viewers, so I did not feel much fun. Well, in the strength of self-manifestation desire "to impose my ideals to others", Mochizuki and the real culprit also have splendid commonalities emerge. After all, the translation of "story of the same hole" was the one driving the story w

Nonetheless, the truth that had been hidden behind the executing offender as "puppet" which keeps parodying as a pictorial figure of the real culprit, and the word "to merely make it easy for him to kill" stops Todome to the real culprit There are points that should be spectacular, such as mountain roads to do, but ... well, for some reason this time, there are too many disadvantages to exceed those advantages. Even irritability to Kokubo who tastes a delicious feeling every time I superimpose a series on an incompetent habit may be the peak of this work.
After the end roll, a true heroine snow level appears in the face showcase level, but I was made to realize again that it was "unfair" with arrowheads and snowy plains.

2015/08/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15166 Host:15498 Browser: 7953
[good point]

Mr. Susumu Terashima's favorable performance. Supporting the fact that Yamaji of casting was falling into overstimacy as well as other upper police departments were drawn as appropriate through past tragedies, but in particular the final stage regained a passion and the main character Kino Kitano It was momentum to eat halfway.

Mochizuki that Mr. Kitano said, "The past is an excuse for you!" Against Yamaji's valve is "You could say such a thing, I could say such a thing, it's too much to say" It was not done, actually the person himself was also reflecting, but "the intention to go to the truth" was a hero of the type which is generally likable to feel without blurring.

[Bad point]

Although not as much as the career of the "Odoru Daisousasen", Kokubo thinks only of his own style, etc. It is an incompetent and incompetent person who is too stereotypical, especially in the attitude in that murder scene, "This is Is not it a pride as a police officer or just a micron? Still, it seems that Yamaji himself seems to be convinced,
I pressed my responsibility against himself well ... well ... "It was useless".

Although the real culprit was so unexpected, there was no character in halfway with the other man who thought that it was the first culprit (such as whether this person had room for sympathy), such as craziness. Originally though it was supposed to have been able to draw like Mr. Terashima even more here ... ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Well I say to a different country I took out shoplifting but I can not talk about a certain high school. I guess the organization is such a police organization or a company. There was nothing like "There is nothing fair in the world ... ..." as the catchphrase ended, and on the other hand, that kidnapped victim was not killed and was not rescued and the last ..... But it was not necessarily to say that the aftertaste was bad, so then I wanted you to do something a bit better with Kogaku and the real criminal's character stand. If you look at this series again, the view will change, but even if you add Mr. Terashima's favor and etc., "Very bad" is reasonable. Privately.

2013/03/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16600 Browser: 3457(Mobile)
Kitano Ki was loud. Besides, the second half was drowning.

2011/10/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49829 Host:49832 Browser: 5345
[good point]
It was good that the original casts such as Kaoru, Yamaji, and Kokubo were out.
I was also happy that the theme song and the inserted song were the same.

[Bad point]
In this time Kitano Yuki was the leading role in replacing Shinohara Ryoko, but no matter what I thought it is not a substitute. I do not look like a detective ....
Afterwards, no characters are standing at all compared to Snowpea. Clear miscasting.

The criminal is Barebare. I immediately understood. I guess it's okay to tweak a bit more ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Was there any meaning to make this?
Snow flat may be the leading role, or you can talk about where Snow Hei moved.
It is quite disappointing.

2011/09/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7132 Host:7047 Browser: 9669
[good point]
Cast Speaker Theme Song

[Bad point]
Wonder if the main character is not Snowpeace

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Personally I was lonely that the main character was not Snowpea, but I wonder if the story of Mochizuki this time was also good and interesting, especially with relation to mountain path management.

And Kaoru likes fun characters.