[Drama]The woman from Asio

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Honami Suzuki Yukiya Kitamura Dai Watanabe Reo Tamaoki Sachie Hara
Akira Emoto
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Japan Released:2014/01/18(Sat) 21:00-22:13 NHK / End:2014/01/25
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1. http://www.nhk.or.jp/dodra/ashio/index.html (Translation)
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2015/11/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
〓〓〓Victims such as villagers of Yanaka village, victims of Tanaka village, Shinzo Tanaka, victims of Echigo Copper Mountain Mineral Poison Case as Ashio Copper Mountain Mineral Poison Case, Eiko Fukuda, Sankiro Ishikawa, Yoshinori Yukinori, Toshihiko Sakai, Takigi Ishikawa et al. I took up the inner side of the people on the side.
Criticism of the fact that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, the Iwate in the East Japan great earthquake disaster, both the Miyagi prefecture people and the Okinawa citizen in the US military base problem have killed local weak people for national policy I thought that it was a work of great significance in present Japan that came out.
〓〓〓Instead of painting all the people on the victim side mentioned in 〓〓〓as a person who does not shake strongly, it is not possible to thoroughly condemn the case, accused the Tochigi prefecture side, got out of the village, We also drew a weakness such as getting in and soaking up. This created a reality in the work.
〓〓〓The hero Nitta Sati was a daughter of a poor farmer in an unfamiliar Yanaka village, as a result of losing her mother by mineralization, he came up to Tokyo as an opportunity to meet intellectuals such as Eiko Fukuda, and a relationship with Takiki Ishikawa Through the process of change of the inner surface until gradual professionalism germinated and self-reliance gradually cooperated with the provision of information to the police, it was drawn carefully with a conflict. Also, the performance of Maoko Onn who played Sachi was very wonderful.
〓〓〓Hints were pasted and collected securely. Especially, it was brilliant that the stone of the Watarase River received from Tanaka Tanaka at the beginning was collected as a vice president of Furukawa Mining, who was managing Ashio Copper Mine at the end, was.

[Bad point]
It seems that the location of the scene in Tokyo was Hokkaido Pioneering Village, but for Tokyo it is a wide road width, there are street trees beside the tracks of the streetcar, and it is too bad that the houses were not dense was. I wanted CG to draw a house on the open space and devise it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
When I look at this work, I feel sacrificed for the weak in rural areas for national policy, and even if there are victims resulting from it, I feel that the constitution of the Japanese government has not consistently changed since the Meiji era I can not go to. Even so, it's worth enough to appreciate it, and since it is made very carefully in terms of content, it is evaluated as "highest".

2014/01/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The first part. Modern drama from a common people perspective exactly.
Sachi 's parents who were victims of the prosperity of the country and elder brother who came to the system side through the Russo - Japanese War,
Historical figures and Orihara are centered on the hero's main character and are arranged in an exquisite position symbolizing the era of the time.
And, as Sachi who did not know right and left gradually expanded his vision and bring his own will, Maeno Ono starring Minoku with the words being kept to a minimum.

In scenes where information leaks to Kusabe Kusakabe etc. In other dramas it is a scene where villains and branches interact.
Mr. Yutaka Matsushige, a police officer, also had a presence on the limited scale than last year's Taiga,
Hiroyuki Onoe serving as a subordinate also played the opposite role as when playing with onomachi in the morning dora, and as opposed to having a charm in the eyes, it remained in the impression while concomitantly supporting.

[Bad point]
Second part.
I can not deny the feeling that a story such as love with Ishikawa Saki got away from the Ashio Mineral Poison case.
For this reason I got a feeling that scenes throwing stones at the last stage got to be attached.
Although the character of Ishikawa may have indicated the state of the state that the upper side is gorgeous but the inner side is tattered.

There is also a feeling that if the onomati and re-co-star of Genki Yuko also reached this point.
What is the feeling of people who become like actors and shadows of popular actors?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Modern drama which should also be called the back side of "cloud on the slope". At the same time, while depicting the current nuclear power plant in Japan and the Fukushima problem and getting knowledge and broadening his / her horizons,
With that, I will show the importance of taking a step forward as a theme through the main character Saki.

However, I can not deny the feeling that I painted the majority of things drawn in the first part and the second half got elongated.
Whether it was better to do it either in a little less than 2 hours or on the contrary as to whether Saki would act with Shozo Tanaka and Eiko Fukuda as long drama.
It was a work missed by mere composition because the theme and performers were good. With "good" than "very good".