[Drama]Stand By Me-The Capricious White Paper-

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Etsuko Shihomi
Noriko Ogawa
Yoji Matsuda
Yosuke Saito
Machiko Washio
Mami Nomura
Mansaku Fuwa
Chizuko Ihara
Mitsunori Isaki
Takeo Nakahara
Tsuyoshi Iwase
Shiro Ito
Misa Jonouchi
Susumu Ooka Akimi Yoshida
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
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Japan Released:1987/08/28(Fri) 21:00-21:54 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. / End:1987/09/25
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1. http://eightyslove.seesaa.net/article/439430868.html (Translation)
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Song:Misa Jonouchi [Fan reg.]
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