[Drama]My Daughter Seo Young

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Lee Seo-young (Lee Bo-young) and Lee Sang-woo (Park Hae-jin) are twin siblings who often suffered hardships along with their mother due to their father Lee Sam-jae's (Chun Ho-jin) poor financial decisions and getting conned out of his money led by his own ambitions. Desperate to survive, the twins have taken various odd jobs while Seo-young studies law and Sang-woo studies medicine in their small rooftop house in Seoul. When the twins' mother dies in Jeju-do, Seo-young reaches her limits, holds Sam-jae responsible for her death, and decides to walk out of his life. Things become complicated once more when Lee Sam-jae returns to live with them and causes more trouble for Seo-young. However, her life will take a dramatic change when she is hired by the wealthy Kang family as a live-in tutor of their youngest son, Kang Sung-jae (Lee Jung-shin).
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Lee Bo-young
Lee Sang Yun
Chun Ho Jin
Choi Yoon-young
Japan Released:2013 BS11 / End:2013
Outside Japan :Released:2012/09/15 / End:2013/03/03
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1. http://seoyong-t.jp/ (Translation)
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