[Drama]Love Shuffle

Drama total pnts rank Rank 1,429in 2,480 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 49.13
Drama rank of 2009 Rank 53in 111 titles
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Sinji Nozima
Nobuhiro Doi
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Hiroshi Tamaki
Shota Matsuda
Yuriko Yoshitaka
Shihori Kanhiya
Shosuke Tanihara
Japan Released:2009/01/16(Fri) 22:00-22:54 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. / End:2009/03/20
Official sites
1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/loveshuffle/ (Translation)
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2012/09/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10947 Host:10878 Browser: 5682
[good point]

Music was good. Especially the inserted song "Eternal Frame" would have been a song of the atmosphere that fits well with the style.

[Bad point]

It was probably a deviant script and characters that lacked empathy. The second point is.
I was saying black Sox case or something (bitter smile), "You said it was a lie, Joe" or something, but it was because you did not have to target uke strange.

Husa of the hero certainly grew proactively in the latter part, but there is a place that I am serious and not thinking about afterwards of me (not being thinking about getting into a drunk while taking a job hunting and making episodes such as the police taking care of it) It was somewhat late to change such a bad impression, and it was sorry for Yukichi to be tormented, but I was quibbling with excuses and quibbles in my opinion. There was also a place where I hesitated often if the heroine was also said well, but it was not like I was able to sympathize with it, I feel like I ran away.

The actors also were praised in fact, it was also gay, was Mr. Shosuke Tanihara about the difficult role played. Karina is a terrible way of saying, but it is miscast normally. It is not limited to this, it is the same acting in any drama or movie. Hiroyuki Tamaki and
Mr. DAIGO says it is somewhat cool, or is not his role,
It did not suit me.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Noh drama involving Shinko Nojima has a big difference in the way she can not do it, but this one would have been useless. Descriptions of people were halfway, gags also slipped, and the main cast was also conspicuous far from the dummy element if miscasting stands out. It is also a thing to nod that audience rating was single digit by this. Evaluation is severe, but especially Karina
(And Yuriko Yuriko chan) are preferential treatment, even if you want to strongly think that you want to do your best not to work hard enough to make it possible for you to do a reasonable match with it, I will make it "worst".

2011/08/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7284 Host:7210 Browser: 5388
I felt it was funny with Love comedy on Hisabisa.
Although I also thought that the end was beautifully finished a little bit, the screenplay was wonderfully emotionally empathyable without feeling uncomfortable.

Especially the image of the eight characters and the actor was on top and each performance was excellent. To be honest, I thought at first what about DAIGO among these eight people, but at any rate I was overwhelmed by Yukichi.

Evaluation was very good, it was a TV drama that I could not wait until the last round just by watching one episode.

2009/04/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29126 Host:29312 Browser: 9207
[good point]
The character itself of each character has body temperature and warmth and basically, it connects with a person and believes and it advances to a love destination
The point that + emotion is the basis of characters.

Each actor is a manager, it is fun to watch.
The balance of taste of lightness, mystery and eroticism which can be seen as an adult fable that the main figure does not get confused as it is with group of 8 people and there are few other casts but a good tempo can be seen without getting tired often It is nice

[Bad point]
Whether it was aimed or not, the gag is cold anyhow, it is still bad

Two people of the main characters (Hiroyuki Tamaki and Kariena) are drawn lightly and the depiction of Umami's romantic emotions of the leading role is shallow, and there is a place that can not be understood, there is a place that empathizes with the empathy while watching the activity The audience who tried to do will be confused

Even from the time zone, eroneta and bare story are somewhat excessive feeling, lasting, it is feeling that it is too much gathered up with banging but I wished one episode

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even though there are various, it is made to feel good to see to the end, the finish of the aftertaste that has become the finished good finish is put together properly in the final story properly, and Nojima who left a refreshing impression can say that as expected The cast was also drawn attractive, and it was pleasant to have watched with each acting as a good actor.

2009/01/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30159 Host:30437 Browser: 7760
Wonderful! Even if the theme is diminished, I did not know that the story has such an interesting work. Very light tempo, how to lift is good, you can watch and be attracted.
Since it is good to display characters and figures of each character, it is easy to empathize, and you can sympathize with behavior and behavior. There are many elements of laughter with conversation of people living in the same apartment. There is a wide variety of venues that are not limited to the main character from a smooth story development and it does not get bored. Some scenes where several scenes are drawn linked are very good feeling, but it makes me think that there are a few lines of dialogue at all.

The closing method is cool, leaving the impact throughout, so I want to see the next. While progressing around complicated human relationships, the talk is easy to understand, yet the deployment power which does not read future progress is outstanding. Every one is independent, but has a role of firmly building up the composition. It makes me think that the story is spreading beyond imagination, in fact it is compact and it has a stable funness per episode and it is wonderful.
Cast performance along excellent screenplay was also very luxurious, and I was able to watch without complaining to the last with a splendid acting capability just like the previous reputation.
The story in which the idea is fresh and fully utilized it is firmly synchronized with various elements and it is very spectacular.

Evaluation "Very good"

2009/01/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11821 Host:11593 Browser: 2982
[good point]
Ideas to exchange sweethearts. In fact I would like to try it once.
Everyone is good at acting.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I can expect a lot.