[Drama]Last Cinderella

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Drama total pnts rank Rank 242in 2,498 titlesTotal 9 / Deviation 54.68
Drama rank of 2013 Rank 4in 117 titles
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Music2.25(Very good)4
Graphic2.00(Very good)4
Voice/Actor2.00(Very good)4
Character/Setting1.75(Very good)4
Story1.50(Very good)4
Made me think25%1/4
Hot heart0%0/4
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Information about this title

Ryoko Shinohara
Haruma Miura
Nene Otsuka
Shozo Endo
Satoshi Hashimoto
Saori Takizawa
Kaoru Hirata
Yumiko Nogawa
Naoko Iizima
Naohito Fujiki
Japan Released:2013/04/11(Thu) Fuji Television Network, Inc. / End:2013/06/20
Official sites
1. http://www.fujitv.co.jp/Last_Cinderella/index.html (Translation)
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2016/11/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4405 Host:4425 Browser: 5171
[good point]
With this, I became Miura Kimi fans. It is myself who immediately quits the fans, but this is why I spent so much time and money,
He is the first time.

[Bad point]

No special
[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was awesome.

2016/09/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4650 Host:4682 Browser: 9081
[good point]
I get addicted. cute.

[Bad point]

Nothing in particular.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

2014/02/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24937 Host:25061 Browser: 5171
A book drama where twitter was supposed to be amazing during the broadcast period. I was worrying about that for a long time, but I finally saw it.
The work makes me feel innovation, but the basic is a royal road love comedy system. I think that it is a type of drama that at least women accept everyone.
A little surprised at the small number of evaluations though it is a drama that has become a topic for that much.

[good point]
Overwhelming Miura Haruma 's coolness. It is Kyung-jun (laugh).
Three triangle relationships are definitely wonderful of course, but the other characters are very funny and attractive.
A splendid scenario and composition where the work is passed as a work.
The strange casting was fair.

[Bad point]
Was it a bit scary scenes a bit ... (laugh).

First of all, I would like to mention casting as an evaluation point.
Choose Japan's best handsome, Miura Haruma that also combines acting skill with the hero.
And Naoto Fujiki who also hammerous role playing like Props' big tactics and this work is also GOOD.
Shinohara Ryoko 's choice, which performed her extraordinary role as an old man, is also wonderful.
Tentatively, casting is perfect as I can not complain.

And this drama is not merely Miura Haruma, Naoto Fujiki Naohito Kyunkun drama, thanks to the perfection of the work until it is spectacular.
Three love patterns were also attractive, but although characters of Shima and Cocorico Endo who plays Naoko Iijima, Ken chan of the bar manager, ED neta, and various things were stuffed, the characters 1 I think that it was wonderful that I was able to put a solid spot on one person and I was able to put together the talk properly.
The balance between comedy and seriousness is exactly right.

It was a very high quality and innovative content, but the high performance of casting that I can not miss.
I think that it became a big factor that I was able to enjoy it despite the expansion of the royal road.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I had my love-com series drama high in perfection after a long time. It seems that the viewer voted on the final round of the conclusion, but it is a very good idea.
Well, the first time Miura Haruma says "my Cinderella", it seems that the endings may have been visible as well.
The final round of Naoto Fujiki's expression was inconvenient ....

2013/08/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
As far as I saw the first 1.2 episodes, there were things that seemed to be "interesting this time."
However, from the conclusion it gradually became a story. It was a piece of "2013 Spring Da Sorry Award Candidate" that revealed mediocrity of the director and thinness of the script.

Mr. Ryoko Shinohara role playing cherry blossoms, surely inserted the theater version of the movie.The theme song was sung as beautiful as I could not believe it was almost 20 years ago. But, therefore, it did not match the subject "I am not used to love" "The difference story of a love love affair between old and young older brothers". It does not suit Mr. Shinohara who is beautiful to be called "aunt" from people who do not have favor with the Lord.
As Mr. Fukuyama Mr. Masaharu Fukuyama says "I will never get anything to follow two rabbits", I was not only a singer but also an actor, but as a performance acting as such an actor at all It was said that it failed already at the time of another cast.

Ritaro Fujiki plays also Rotaro who plays such Mr. Shinohara beat the cherry blossoms and hateful mouth acting, "I think it is a good relationship with each other to fight", it has become a form to deceive cherry blossoms in translation, Haruma Miura To Hiroto I was pretty saddened from above as "You can not make cherry blossy happy". The two of us were not the bad people but the people who had a favorable feeling at all,
It was a big deduction factor that made it a noticeable supporting character kyara noticeable.

Chiyoko, who was dating Hiroo, was a character who had distorted love, but she was still okay as she still felt room for duty. Ichikawa Yui-chan playing peach was pretty much super-subjective though quite supremely subjective thought that the woman like Sakura who let her go on smoking while not smoking around without even having trouble in the first place is not it. In the final stage, Hiroo said, "What kind of auntie is good !!" It was cluttered, but since the cherry blossoms have charm as women far more than you even though they are older. (Bitter smile) Although there is no grudge against Yuki Ichikawa who performed body acting also in certain scenes of early stage with Haruma-kun, in the end it got appeared in this drama with the role which was eventually disposable halfway The other girls who were involved in Hiroo at a certain event of a bicycle, once thought that they had been thrilling once more, I was involved in the last cherry blossoms, but a certain guy who ran into it, As you promised to return, "Ca !! Fujiki san is cool !!
I thought that it would be a yearning expansion, and I could not protect it, and also to the cherry blossoms as I was going to retaliate again someday. Well after all Haruma-kun was the last last ... ...,
Mr. Fujiki recently was a bad example that was nothing but a Kimutaku 's upright role in the end, although the drama was a bad example, there are many half - dramatic cast dramas with less than 2nd role. For fans, this will be "It's an image of Fujiki-kun !!!" Exactly.

In addition, although it says for a long time, although the end was gathered as it was easy for the end, it was too late to pay such a bad impression. As you can see, Miura Haruma-kun,
Although it was not the main business but also actor work as well as the other way it was only about the extent that it was not barely seen by the existence of some supporting role such as Mr. Akira Endo who is given a good taste.
Unfortunately the evaluation is "very bad", but if it became more conspicuous like miscasting to more major casts this would be "worst".

2013/06/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12744 Host:12668 Browser: 9673
[good point]
One talk 1 talk, how to end the talking Basic Happy end, where the way of ending is not heavy

[Bad point]
Sorry for not having anything especially since it's about 5 episodes for sale (bitter smile)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Naoko Iijima was also extraordinarily sexy besides .. The peak passed, but it is top actress about 20 years ago.
Shinohara's Osan girls are also a summer, but I thought that the last red dress aura is the top actress aura.

From the middle stage, there was a triangle relationship between cherry blossoms and civilians and Sotaro, but it was interesting that the affinity relationship between Shima and Cocorico Endo until the middle stage was funny.

In sweet eyes "very good".