[Drama]Kaze no hate

Drama total pnts rank Rank 683in 2,624 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 50.62
Drama rank of 2007 Rank 38in 97 titles
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You Takeyama
Taro Iwashiro NHK-ENTERPRISES Komatsu Ryota
Kouichi Sato
Seiji Fukushi
Eri Ishida
Sakura Andou
Kenichi Endo
Sousuke Takaoka
Toru Nakamura
Takumi Saitou
Nozoe Yoshihiro
Miura Akifumi
Mayo Suzukaze
Yoshie Taira
Hitomi Sato
Keizo Kanie
Japan Released:2007/10/18(Thu) / End:2007/12/06
Official sites
1. http://www.nhk.or.jp/jidaigeki/kazenohate/ (Translation)
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2015/07/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2216 Host:2276 Browser: 5173
A plain and odd era drama.
Indeed, immediately after casting changed to the main from a child (in a child is not even a child) in 20's, it is uncomfortable.
Especially Mr. Endo of the castle castle! But this person was the best.
However, it was extremely heavy even in recent Thursday drama (much better compared with the Taiga etc ... of this year ...) contents.

The original is late.The similar work by Shuhei Fujisawa reminded me of "Sicure Guru" and there are many similarities in the setting, but compared to the case that "Syunigure" is the leading character and the enemy side clearly good and evil was clear, this work is deeper There is.
The process of the main character crawling up from the second son of the lower samurai to the chief elder,
There is a feeling for the people, but there is also ambition of own, and as a price I can not stand in the death of my first son, friendship with my colleagues will change with the passing of years.

Sugiyama Chubei who became rivalry with mixed love and hate, centering on the main character Kuwayama or Kanemon,
Nose city Yojo who continues to carry on a life-long business that slashed the work which is one of my close friends,
While supporting Kuwayama aiming for the same circumstances, I will continue to be a lower samurai standing by the people, Fujii Shoso,
The balance of their standing position was also exquisite. Evaluation is "very good".

2007/12/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43669 Host:43704 Browser: 4184
Certainly there are good places ...........

[good point]

That theme

My father also likes Shuhei Fujisawa works, but he says that it is just symmetrical with Mr. Ryotaro Shiba, which is also depicted well as the back horn of the hero who was supposed to finish his life as a troublesome I think that, like Mr. Fujisawa's style itself, which has drawn such "history of view from the bottom", I can have a favorable feeling.
I think that it is realistic, the state of day-to-day work of samurai at that time,
Even if it says a samurai in a bite, I feel well that I do not feel comfortable again.

[Bad point]

Cast it?

Mr. Koichi Sato certainly thinks that acting itself is skillful, but I feel a sense of incompatibility for aging. In other dramas recently appeared, "Sapri"
(Although the work itself was an air drama.) Or, I just looked at youthful acting more than the year, and it is superfluous. It is the same for Mr. Kenichi Endo of the role of Nozase. Nakamura Toru and,
Keizo Kanie, Mr. Mr. Suzukaze Masayo who appeared in a certain animation as a voice actor recently is not bad ............

Deployment ...........

Writing is also another flat plate, is not it another lack of excitement?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I do not dislike Mr. Fujisawa's work, but unfortunately I do not think that this is so interesting to see. It is a painful point that I can not feel too much charm in casting performance. It seems that we will have the final round next week, but I do not think there is any particular concern. Well, evaluation is a place like "ordinary" which is close to "bad".

2007/10/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
It seems that the drama will progress in a way that the hero who greeted the twilight of life recalls his life. Koichi Sato also said that "old age" can be done.

It is truly miserable that a senior samurai 's second son is also miserable. Living in a room ... As long as the early story is a nuisance to the house and something like a son-in-law, I have to have a miserable feeling for the rest of my life.

That's why the main concern of the Hayato Tetsuya companion who is the protagonist of the story is which house goes to the son-in-law.

So, one of Henta's fellows, Terada Kazusho found a lucky adoptor ... but this is said to have been experiencing one time of death, twice of divorce, a year with a ridiculous saying I came with a girl.

When I learned the fact, I regretted what happened if I tell it to Tomizo Haya ... No, no matter how unexpected and unfaithful the expression of the hero who grew and came to grow as Kuwayama or Kanemon Was good.

No, Koichi Sato is also good.