[Drama]Katsu Kaisyu

Drama total pnts rank Rank 711in 2,625 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 50.62
Drama rank of 1990 Rank 10in 29 titles
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GUHOU SUGIYAMA Yamashitakosaku Katsuhisa Hattori Takao Horiuchi Eiji Kawamura
Masakazu Tamura
Ryo Tamura Takahiro Tamura
Kayoko Kishimoto Mitsuko Kusabue
Keisuke Sano Yoko Minamino Atom Shimojo
Masahiko Tsugawa
Kamioka Ryutarou Go Wakabayashi Hiroshi Katsuno Koji Moritsugu
Morio Kazama Toshinori Kanda Eishin Touno
Masami Horiuchi Ryuji Katagiri Hondahirotarou Kouji Naka
Kenjiro Nashimoto Show Aikawa
Tetsuo Ishidate Eiichirou Funakoshi Tetsuya Ushio Mami Nomura
Hisaya Morishige KEIKO TAKAHASHI Tsutsumidaijiro
Katsumi Kiba Junichi Inoue Seiya Nakano
Tomiyuki Kunihiro Yoshizumi Ishihara Daijiro Harada Shigeru Kouyama
Tetsuro Tanba Mikijiro Hira
Yoshio Kaneuchi
Japan Released:1990/12/30(Sun) / End:1990/12/31
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2011/07/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Acting by Masakazu Tamura who starred in the first part.
Such as a tongue or eccentric aspect overwhelming others who reminds me of the later Furuhata,
"Koitsu, not a useless" Feeling is sad.

[Bad point]
Cast change of the second part.
Tamura Ryohno She plays a moderate winship, but the impression that the former version of Masakazu version was intense so it could not be more than a thoughtful ogyan.
It seems that Mr. Masakazu's illness seemed to have occurred and it seems that it turned out to be Tamura Kazuya's total appearance as a result.

Epilogue also takes 30 minutes, so the back story is nearly three hours, a little sagging.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The last work of the end of the Edo era drama at the end of the year which had been airing every year.
At the beginning, "Goryokaku" is the main character of Enomoto who was the main character was told about the cheapness, and in the final stage the Southwest War, which became the stage of "Taharazaka", will be drawn with a win point of view.

Since the impression of the raccoon dog that Mr. Tsugawa Masahiko played was "Story of Goryokaku" in the series of works,
Mr. Tamura was appointed as soon as saying "Let's go with a fox this time," Mr. Tsugawa shifted to the role of Tokugawa Keiki.
Where these two people are seeking each other 's belly while the shogunate is leaning, it is just a misunderstanding.
It was disappointing that this change was the most interesting in the first part so it was the second part that the change of the cast of the navy and the entanglement of the two were little.

However, in other drama such as drama in the Edo period, it is a position to watch Ryoma, and in the drama "Parent-Child Hawk" it is a marine vessel like a good youth,
Enclosing the mistress, convicting the maids, while the groove with Miko Tamiko was over, as it was too severe for the eldest son, whatever was not buried ....
As a mother, Nobuko said "Although it is a common thing in samurai" and it is a shogunate as a public offender, while keeping in mind the future of the country as well as the framework of the Tokugawa shogunate,
As private individuals, it is sarcastic to have dragged on an absolute old warrior-like tradition.

Because the main character is the hero, it does not dominate, it does not do, and there is a feeling that it is somewhat long, but there was a reasonable response.

2007/12/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I was adding this before I knew it. Speaking of Katsuhiro, there are still episodes or impressions that got caught by a man 's symbol on a dog by a learning manga of the Gakken and a dog chewed by a man' s symbol, but it seems pretty from the present that the actors were luxurious .
Mr. Sho Aikawa was also appeared in the Okada Chief, but I did not think that he would make a career so far. I think that the theme song of Mr. Takao Horiuchi was also well matched, and I think that his intense life drama, who was a leading figure in the Meiji Restoration, was an ambitious work that was well drawn. Evaluation is "very good".