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Drama rank of 2011 Rank 80in 82 titles
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Kazuhiko Yukawa Satotoya
Yoshihiro Ike
Yoshiki Tanaka
Nanako Matsushima
Yumi Shirakawa
Hiroki Hasegawa
Yuko Oya
Shiori Kutsuna
Taishi Nakagawa
Ayabe Shuto
Miyu Honda
Saki Aibu
Sei Hiraizumi
Hitomi Sato
Masanori Ikeda
Maho Nonami
Shusuke Saitou
Yuu Kamio
Fujimoto Kanata
Miyoko Akaza
Sunaga Kei
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Japan Released:2011/10/12(Wed) 22:00-22:54 NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION / End:2011/12/21
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2016/11/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4405 Host:4425 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Mita, I'm scared, but Mita also existed in the past, I thought that he was really kind person.

[Bad point]
Hasegawa-san, did you see this for the first time ... terrible kudz father ... Child, poor thing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Children are still active, right now ... Mr. Hasegawa, my image at this time was strong, my evaluation was low for a while, but now, a lot, a drama, a movie is also big Success
Mita's image is also intense, that gray, but always the same coat ... Thanks to Mr. Mita, there were a lot of people wearing it ..
Mr. Saito's song was also good ...

2016/06/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5870 Host:5837 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Mysterious feeling reminiscent of horror

[Bad point]
Because the title is very similar to that drama, it became the cause not to see in real time ...
There are few decent people and irritated people appearing There are many developments Educatively it seems evil

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it was very interesting, there are many points that are irritated, and the impression evaluation that has become an expansion which can be expected as going to the latter half is assumed to be good

2015/10/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45565 Host:45339 Browser: 5139
[good point]
The character was fresh and interesting. Mr. Mita in particular.

[Bad point]
Atmosphere that is too dark.
This might be the charm of this drama, but I could not enjoy it personally.
I think that it will be a good drama depending on the story, so it felt unusual.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I saw the whole story, but I think that it was a work that I have not seen if it does not become a topic.
Overall, the evaluation is very bad.

2015/06/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5198 Host:5201 Browser: 9207
Although it is now, since I evaluated "net and love" last time, I will post evaluation on the same screenwriter's connection.

Anyway my family members are self-centered. After listening to each request, he said "I got it", and Mita runs away. This was too terrible.

It was only unpleasant whether Mita's painful past or even hearing it.

And at the end of the end I was not convinced because "thanks to Mita."

I was going to stop watching premonition at the time of the notice CM,
It was about seeing it with a recommendation of a friend.

Unfortunately I did not suit myself. Evaluation is "worst".

(Revised August 18, 2015)

2013/07/30 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
At the time of this broadcast there is no opportunity to watch at all, appreciate in the rebroadcast of commercial.
I have repeatedly laughed dry laughter.

On the other hand, it is a comment that first emerges that moralism = teaching in a good sense is important.
The majority of the characters dressed black real intention that the limiter of reason came out from the beginning. Moreover,
The fact that Mita of the hero loses feelings in the past experience and said in a lack of ethics is exercised even in criminal acts,
Mr. Seto, mostly "Rakers," but this is a newspaper 〓〓〓Seiji Harumi Association is not going to be crushed, "Mita san made it possible for the family ties to recover" is too reality.

If it says after all as a drama, literally neither mi nor lid,
In the first half, I said "I am feeling pity" while listening at the house of the Minagawa family who stands by looking at the abusive family in disgusting dishonor of his house,
It is hard to keep up with the final stage as Mita does not feel catharsis while Mita reveals the inner Keba of that Minagawa family.

It is also the world that works that attract public attention by extreme character descriptions such as "Homemakuko" in the 1990s and "Peony and Rose" in the '00s appear around several to ten years. Evaluation is "worst".

2013/07/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18633 Host:18423 Browser: 2705
I enjoyed this drama when I was doing it, but when I finished I got a quota ... No, it did not matter anything. (Is not that the topic of the show like that?)

Just let's say that Matsushima Nanako is better where the performance got better as compared to "Himawari" and "GTO"

Evaluation is normal

2013/04/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 292 Host:371 Browser: 10943
[good point]
I think that the character of Mita is good.

[Bad point]
People other than Mita were normal.
Also, the story was playing from the second half. It is ragged.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it can be said that it is not bad so well since it was a bit emotional at the end.
But the result is very bad.

2013/04/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48179 Host:48118 Browser: 6622
At first it was fun to watch with only intense characters

When I continued watching, I got tired of whether there are only disgusting people in this story.

My father may well have forced her to commit suicide

Still they are raising and raising children

I do not know if you do not know it or because it is a child

Attitudes towards their fathers are too bad for their children.

It can only be said as unpleasant.

Even if Mita something happens somewhere in the past, trying to kill people without feelings

Fluid is strange as obeying children's orders.

I think that the reason why it was popular in the world probably is thanks to such an intense character

I think that the essential story was collapsing.

2013/04/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9167 Host:8960 Browser: 5345
[good point]

Characteristic characters of characters Characteristic actions of Mita's acting actors Acting actors
[Bad point]
It was sagging in the last stage

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I have not seen the drama recently, but one story that I happened to see was a funny little jackpot

2013/04/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8754 Host:8817 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Absent. Acting acting actor who often played such a trap if it says so strongly.

[Bad point]
When I heard why Mita came to not laugh, it became really unpleasant.

What is "Do not smile on your face"?

Mita's mother is terrible. You must tell me anything at all !!!

It is really unpleasant.

Why was such a high audience rating taken?

I do not mind eating the theme song. It only increases the dark atmosphere of the drama.

This scriptwriter makes even a dark muddy work in this morning draft.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Of course at the worst.

2013/02/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19345 Host:19453 Browser: 5829
[good point]

There is no midterm in the story and it is a series of expansion that can not be read from beginning to end. Due to the secret of my father my family became disjointed and I became stuck in the scene to make my heart interact over many stories.

Character setting is skillful. Everyone plays an important role, such as troublesome urges and fearless grandfathers who are brutal, and crusobabae next to trying to collapse their families.

Despite the unknown grouping other than Natsuko Matsushima, everyone was fully demonstrating their personality in servitude. Especially Hiroshi Hasegawa who is the father role thought it was the best casting. Although it is a real noisy man, the role of father who can sympathize somewhere and does not hate is exquisitely good taste.

There was reality in the development which does not easily forgive people and forgive minds to people, the story was also carefully made.

Although there were many dark and scary developments, it was not so heavy that there were plenty of laughs and laughter somewhere, which made it a good relaxation agent.

It was good that I carefully portrayed a family rather than going around various families.

The final scene was goose bumps because of the simple setting "not to laugh". It is impossible to be able to prepare a development that is exciting to the highest at the last end.

[Bad point]

Screenplay: Despite the great success of the work with the power of cast, it is strange that only Nanako Matsushima who piggybacked on success is featuring ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

When I was watching recording of rebroadcasts in time killing, I watched it all at once. I could not count as many good ones I could not count on all the dramas I've seen so far. I can not help but hit this much. It might have been the most fun of all the dramas I have seen.

2013/02/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10861 Host:10938 Browser: 5345
Although it was an ordinary evaluation during the main broadcasting, since Nittele series programs pulled just the neta that I tried by mistake just because it was over, it is already full of stomach so I do not want to see rebroadcasts, I do not want to buy.
So now it is a bit negative.

2013/01/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23122 Host:23164 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Theme Song & BGM
[Bad point]
Last round (It was nice to laugh at Mita but after that I felt like that
There are too many people with bad personality (like the elder daughter 's boyfriend or someone next door)
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was watching it in real time, but it was like I had the impact for the first time in a long time. Although I liked pretty well the first one, especially the last episode was not quite right.
Well it's good overall ... is not it.

2013/01/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3927 Host:3829 Browser: 4692
I listened to the drama that I sold for a long time and tried to watch it ...
There was only the production team of that "Queen's classroom", and the place to draw the work of a man was amazing.
However, I could not see the will to sublimate further messages, but I just got an annoying impression.

There are too many wasted settings. Even if you can do anything, it is Rubik's Cube, is not it possible to get the game down?
Characters with misfortune attributes are valuable because we usually finish as gag in few seconds.
The part where human nature is questioned. Bifurcation point If you do it at turning point, it is only cold and aftertaste bad.
Moreover, I was not able to suppress irritation because it was done over and over.
In animation, scenes which are laughed by laughing in the performance of deformation etc., tempo etc etc were only bruised even after such deception was done with live-action which is not very effective, it remained afterwards.
Especially Mita's bag and the second half grandfather 's character change can only be done with animation ....

How to start an episode, how to deploy from there is also bad.
Despite having a big theme at the forefront of "family", I feel that I do not concentrate there.
It does not try to delve into internal problems and it can not deny the feeling that it depends too much on external stimulus.
It is too easy because everyone is expressing how to lift up in a form that makes everyone understand easily.
(It spurred further floating because of its skill as to how to make that noise)
As I repeat such a technique, it was enough to say "Are you doing deliberately?"
More than anything, the story itself is too dependent on expeditionism.
"Mr. Mita, good place!" "Oh, that's where it does not come"
It also hurts that there was no composition that could feel a surprise on reading.
To the extent that acting is good enough to distract himself as "I am cheating with the ambition of acting".
Later developments, foreshadows reminiscent of the past were fragrant except words.

My father's apology was heard in the "election speech". There are major reasons for fathers, and in reality there is no fault.
However, in that speech there is too much reality where to solve it after all is loose.
Even in the scene where Mita's past becomes clear, recollection scenes are only used for a few seconds,
The scene that I talked all about from me seemed to be an "interview" instead.
Mr. Mita thought that "I think this is" and everyone in the family chewed on a preaching and said, "Yes, I will do that" Because "I do not have Mita san, can not you answer yourself?" It was.

Children of Ausashiya were in the learning manga often "Why? What is it?" Position was.
There is no feeling of tension because there are relatively many patterns that every brother acts with.
Children wish variously by my mother.I felt a contradiction though there was no scene to find answers independently although hope was put in.
Even though it was still "teacher and student" as "Queen's classroom", even though it was still established, I felt relaxed in a bad way if I was "assistance and a child of a client" in this work.
Especially when I heard mothers committing suicide, they reminded me, "Do you really feel like that at the moment?" And with the restlessness, even the unrestrained image of "brainwashing" has been brought up.

A question mark is also attached in other human writing methods.
The final answer of Mr. Mita's mother-in-law, Does human being made such a short-circuit to the behavior of the lady next door? Is not the description too rough?
Is it easy to do so? Can you be up to words like this far?
I felt even more ridiculous anymore.

It is the final story that you do not block your mouth.
Beginning with the lift which can be said to be the deification of the celibate of Urara,
Driving down as soon as it started as if you were waiting,
I did not let the neighbors do it before the end because the mistress' s end was done with lines.
The last meal scene seemed to be a ceremony ....
It is enough to cut your eyes only by cutting out the scenes here in the atmosphere,
Since the transition was a transition, there was only a theatrical smell in a bad meaning.
I was convinced here already. The father's men and neighbors did not need it from the beginning.

Having a private theme that is hard to deal with "family"
It was good until I drew a negative part, but because it was interrupted, I passed "cruel" and became "bad taste".
The way to solve it was a bad name, a name that was overly relying on the role Sharimanaku's theme was suddenly raised and it was established.
Therefore, I could not feel freshness (in a good sense) anyhow.
The thing that I thought to the end is that this work was popular due to the unwelcome nude horse gut "human misfortune is the taste of honey".
Indeed, families, in particular human beings, carry more or less misfortune.
However, I paint misfortune like a simple stimulus and I can not welcome this work which ended easily by relying on sexual theory easily.

Without hesitation "worst". With the thought that human beings are not so easy.

2012/12/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11601 Host:11433 Browser: 5682
It definitely seems to be the number one drama of the topic of 2011 last year, but I would suffer something I would like to say to other people, but it was a drama like a poisonous toy in a bad meaning such as a distorted self-centered chuo and drastic developments.

From Akita and Yuki 's house, my father was an indecisive womanisation, driven herself to her suicide until she got married, and thought it was absolutely unforgivable if I was his child's position, but my child Kids are also children, Kaito is the bully of the bullying group
(Although he was a cheeky rogue who was also a cheeky gobble), he was actually pointed out that "it is different from what I am doing", but actually it was pointed out that the violence of violence I was asking for sanctions and I was merely being forced to seniors as a result that my mother had handed over to my mother or I had no eyes to see a guy eventually had been swayed to be good for my seniors but I asked Mita to kill myself, The story was also gruesome. My father-in-law also thought that he was a poor person who could only show himself, only by shouting halfway because of "heart weakness", but he was ordinarily fed up with owner of self-righteous thinking circuit Sane
"Lucky" that became a second half of habit is also ........ Kolo assistance. (Bitter smile) It was awkward.

It certainly changed from the first half which was only collapsing the family, the second half gathered together,
Whether saying "〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓quot; or saying that a mother was accidentally dead was also forcibly saying,
Only an inconvenient and whitish feeling came up. Certainly the root was not a bad person, but because the reason I did not see the surroundings was that the sister-in-law who had troublemaker side also seemed to be Matmo .......

Mita was Mita, it was like a robot, or there was no interesting, and it was easy to read the real intention of doing a cold treatment to the family at the end, but I was not able to sympathize. Anyway the past was too miserable. Although my husband and children died, on the other hand, my brother who was aristocratically deceived and died by myself was also a sibling brother, but my mother who had condemned her mindless though it was not Mita, Even though my mother, who had been preoccupied with her sibling brother, was taking over as herself, he was devolved by "Farewelled impression of impression" but it was terrible to the contrary.
Even though the other side supporting acts were squirming just a taste every time, there was a grudge against the collapse of the family life also against Mita, but Minagawa was also "what was the" mother of the tragedy "in the end of the end? .
At the very least I also thought that "I am sorry I made you scurry unpleasantly until now" or something to apologize (especially to Mita!), And Kaito's homeroom teacher was just an incompetent bad teacher.

Regarding Mita's immediate family, if the second phase is to be produced (Mr. Nanako Matsushima seems to be afraid to be afraid of image fixation), if this spot is also hit by this misery past past edition Actor's acting was certainly a first-class product.
I do not deny it either. However, Mr. Chu was also saying, but unfortunately it does not necessarily become an evaluation point because he was unnecessarily uncomfortable. For me.

In recent years' drama, "Drama that did not make audience rating as much as I thought, although I gorp the affiliated talent with the power of the office", "Although I was able to get audience rating, I was strangely mischievous if I looked inside Although it also thinks that it is divided into two types of two, "Drama"
This "Mita of the housekeeper" can be said as "the representative bad example" of the latter.
Mr. Kazuhiko Yukawa is "the classroom of the Queen" (This also, "I would like to focus on the severity of the world"
I say that it is a conscientious arrogant attitude, that kind of thing that learns nature from experience etc. ) And so on, so I do not know whether something is being taken care of social groups by something, but in the end this person can only make works that have a different character from Kudokan with a strange feeling? Right. Such a bad question also became big,
It has become a boom in a strange fashion, the quality is worse than mere rub-off.
It seems that a certain continuous television novel that starring Natsukira of today is also reputable.
Evaluation is severe, but in that sense I will only consider "worst".

2012/08/05 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14863 Host:14820 Browser: 9929
The return of the "Queen's Classroom".
If you express this work in a word, it will be like this.

The story starts from the place where the Mita lamp of the housekeeper arrives at Ausuda family.

First of all, Mita, who is assaulting a bully in the episode encountered by the second son in bullying, Mr. Ahsuda who is on the verge of family collapse as he discovered that his mother's suicide is father's affair,
People of the Abushida family who answers straight to the youngest child asking what the child does not know, etc.,
The behavior of the people of Mita and Aso Taipei like a robot who does not speak almost all the lines other than "I knew" is insane.

In addition, the boy whose boy came to complain to the Ausuda family as a result of his son being assaulted by Mita, his father, who shouts at someone '
On parade of an unpleasant person who will come with all sorts of insensitive people even if you look at people other than those of Aso.

What is more deadly than anything is that the people of the Aso family felt Mita "a gentle person" around Mita's past revealed by pulling the first half with such a condition
Saying sort of things like "poor man" and getting in contact with Mita, I adopted the same way as "Queen's classroom" closed with tears of Mita's tears with the people of Aso Town,
If the first half is terrible, it is terrible, the rewinding of the last stage will be reflected in a lie.

For that reason, it was often surprising that the reputation heard from others of this work and the reputation heard from others and the intensity of the gap when he actually watched it.

2012/05/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3721 Host:3759 Browser: 4895
Mr. Mita's performance which is surreal feeling which is not present in the drama at the time and does not emit any feeling at all was good.
Although it is just that work, how to pull to the next time is fine, but the contents were not so deep, it was feeling like going to the final round ah.
I also had surreal gags, but it was another work I wanted tweaked.

2012/04/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15438 Host:15273 Browser: 5345
It was a shock that the title gradually became a tribute to a certain work and I thought whether it would start with a surreal gag touch and gradually turned out to be a very different work than expected. Especially, I was really surprised that from the point where my father who was somehow unreliable impression was found to be a genuine scum, "Are you seriously doing this with a drama !?" Even though it can not be likable, I think that I am convinced that many people were attracted to the drama if they were thoroughly done.
It was a good and bad drama with a strong impact.

2012/03/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3536 Host:3517 Browser: 5345
Although it is a work that overturned the topic with an overwhelming audience rating at the end of last year, it is honestly subtle impression if it is said whether the high viewing rate and the interest of the work were connected.
The story is a drama that Mita, a versatile housekeeper acting by Ms. Nanao Matsushima, will solve the problems that occur one after another at a father's family.
As the story develops with unpredictable development every time, I was able to enjoy the unexpected nature. The theme song was also in my work, it was listening and left in the impression.
First of all, I think that Mr. Mita's outstanding presence was prominent as a first impression.
Thoroughly every feeling.Inactivity enough to suppress facial expressions and even terrible terrible feelings.The performance ability to penetrate cold attitude was amazing.
In a word of "I was conscious" for various requests, I was impressed by the posture that I did it indiscriminately, but properly (or try to do it).

Of course, the casting skills of the other casts were wonderful, I thought that not only inside the family but also various problems such as human relationships in the school, the neighborhood, the workplace were performed well.
Fathers who should originally play a role in halting problems at home also tend to shake themselves among families and mistress problems, tend to become real famous and ineffective, and to solve the problems of families in the middle of "home collapse" The point that Mr. san is going to set aside is the highlight of every time.
Although it is a dark and heavy atmosphere, I thought that the atmosphere was made well, thanks to the goodness of the tempo and the performance of the casting team.
BGM also complemented the tense atmosphere.
A variety of problems, large and small, will occur one after another, both inside and outside of the family who lost their original appearance, but the theme nature such as "restoration of family ties" was felt everywhere was also good.
Mr. Mita's identity which is revealed every time he / she follows the trace, I felt the appeal also to the hint of the hint line.
The first half was focused on various issues inside and outside of the family who were real fathers absent. From the second half I was impressed by the affair affair, the father who was away from my family is clumsy and returning to home while in a muddy form, focusing on Mita's past, including the past.
Although it is the impression which was gathered up firmly as a whole, it is a regrettable point that the scene where play was somewhat in the story appeared with eyes, the atmosphere called "crops" was exactly developed.
In addition, the manner of sorting was also somewhat aggressive, and it was regrettable that there was a point where development could be prefetched.
Also, there was no salvation, it was a dark atmosphere, and there was a scene that I felt somewhat overdone.

When I looked through it, I enjoyed a lot of points that I fascinated, such as the performance and message nature of a solid casting team in a heavy atmosphere, I enjoyed it.
However, since the above dissatisfaction point had a somewhat impressive impression, I regard it as a negative factor and make evaluation "good".

2012/03/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14146 Host:14267 Browser: 10414
[good point]

I think casting ability is wonderful.
Everyone, including a child, was really good.

[Bad point]

Although it is said sporadically, there are only unpleasant characters.
Everyone, including the main figure, was selfish and very unpleasant.
Because there are good people, the villain glows. Everyone has no meaning if they have bad personality.
"Bad people" are essential to the story, but "unpleasant characters" are not essential.
Why would you write something like this, although viewers should have fun?
Kill someone, but I will revert it, I just wish that.
And the housekeeper who underwrites it is also caught. ... Is not it all good to arrest?
(Especially Ogassan next door was nauseated)

Rather than that, scenarios are no good first. There is no saying only that the screenplay is bad.
I do not want to say such a thing, but clearly speaking it is an amateur level. I can write even a monkey.
The most terrible thing I thought was a scene where a housekeeper went to a shop alone and prepared meals for two people.
That's too blatant of you. I can only see Mr. Chan just for it.

How long will the various variety shows will be pulled together?
It was not interesting at all. It's the worst.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

40% audience rating ... It will be some mistake.
Is not it a good example that popularity and interest are not equal?

Again, casting ability is very high.
I'd like to expect from my future success.

2012/02/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3260 Host:3158 Browser: 5378
This drama got the most audience rating last year, it was talked about anyway ... It was a drama which did not suit me.

[good point]
The line of "It is OK" by Mita of the hero. Later bags contain whatever useful things are.
The four pretty children .... just that.

[Bad point]
Although the past of Mita is revealed on the way, it is not convinced that saying that it is the end that the brother - in - law brother who had harassed Mita ignited the fire at home and burned Mita's husband and son burned down and committed suicide. As far as I thought, my brother-in-law brother should reflect on hell! Mita's mother is also terrible. She said that her father died from her daughter or said "Do not laugh twice until it dies" ... a merciless mother to her daughter.
There are many unpleasant people. The children 's father is suffering the wife who had been thought to have been deceased by the accident due to the affair, and the neighbor is hysterical and selfish with educational mama. "What do you want to do?"
The bully to the second son, the youngest child trying to commit suicide (It is useless if you try to kill life in a kindergarten child!), The eldest daughter saying "kill me!" Or Mita lights the house or anything gloomy, gruesome story I feel sick with the continuation.

I'm sorry, I do not like the theme song "I want to be easy". I am too negative and can not be positive.
I can not understand what it thinks interesting only by repeating such scenes .....

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Evaluation? It does not come to mind except "worst".

2012/02/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24089 Host:24115 Browser: 5829
[good point]
Next time to be concerned Deployment
"Nice to meet you" (such as in the Queen 's classroom "I wake up badly")
Unfolding developments (surreal and laughable, there were also scariers)
.Final episode
[Bad point]
To be honest first thought that it was "like the Queen 's classroom" and said that he was the same writer.
There were scenes and settings somewhat similar to the Queen's classroom.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
After I came back from cram school every week I was watching with my family (lol)
Something is unpopular at this site,
It seems that audience rating was also high ...
It was surprisingly fun and so "in very good".

2012/01/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29390 Browser: 6652(Mobile)
Breakthrough rate One of the charismatic drama.
It is horrible for a housekeeper to settle the case, but it is occultly, I can understand it. It is Mita of a housekeeper. . . (...)

2011/12/22 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11024 Host:11158 Browser: 9831
Because the character is a confusing character of a very unpleasant character, I am convinced that I think? The screenwriter of the "Queen's classroom" was working on it. It is a funny story and it is a translation that unpleasant behaviorists were all together.

Everybody is selfish, selfish emotional housekeeper like robots and terminators came in and more complicated matters, and by the time it finishes, "By you ..." Explosive sensation explosion due to circumstances of the producer who is strained in human praise forcibly. I have not studied how to draw a theme and how to draw about human personality at all.

The script writer seemed to think only like the Nishio Ishin Seiki systematic kitchen 2 and other characters of that line and only the person with the discomfort index 99% can be drawn even though there is personality in the character. Even a story is not fun at all, and even in a manneri, it is already losing even with the quality of style already that the original story "original maid watched" wrote the characters' humanity and humanity is more interesting.

The mass communication was also just talking about this work by talkability and over publicity, just making it worse and meaningless without worrying about the situation and it was not so interesting that the story was totally at all . It might be meant to draw problems in contemporary Japan with this, but the viewpoint is completely deviated. I should not make it to such a family, I am not depicting that I must manage to recover from here, but I just feel the thrust that things will worsen as it is and then I will manage somehow with honoring principles It was.

Not limited to this, there were only such impressions in NTV's drama, and I did not have a good impression on my own, but I did not try to learn such a problem but compiled that it would manage somehow with ratings and topics I just felt it, and luxurious cascading has been wasted.

It is such a drama, the day tele, and only the feeling of running to the commercial with viewers and directorial came. I can not erase the drama's bad impression by not making neutralizing agents that dilute it, just like poison, and something like a silver bullet.

Such a thing, feeling only bad impression and discomfort, there is only one evaluation to attach to the drama where there was not anything.

2011/12/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The housekeeper saw it as though it was a parody that I saw. I saw it several times (even though I saw it I only saw it until the early 30 minutes)
I feel various severity somewhat ... High audience rating is seriously aliens but ww
I guess the housekeeper is separated from other people despite humans Is it the heart of iron? Mita is w
I can not write this scriptwriter in the same way, it is the Queen's classroom

2011/11/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Because I had a bad feeling, I avoided myself.
But by chance, my family was watching during meals, so I was supposed to see it ....
It is a work that feels only discomfort, I can not bear with seeing.

There are only characters, disgusting guys, who are spectacularly self-centered ones. This drama.
Unexpectedly, "I do not think you have such a disgusting guy so far .... I wish to say that."
Furthermore, since the performance of the actor is superb, there is nothing uncomfortable.
If there is only that performance skill, what you can appeal to a better drama .... I feel sorry for you.
Even the tragedies such as the collapse of families that happens during the work, none of this also happened if the parties were thinking about the other party like a crowd,
Because it is only what has prevented the deterioration of the situation,
Even if I look at it I can not empathize at all and I do not feel like sympathy.
No matter how much the situation got worse, you could only say "Are we bad?"
Besides, it does not try to notice it, so it's not too bad ten million.
Describing the tragedy, as well as the character of the characters,
It was just something that just said "It's eye-catching on delirious depiction" and it was a bad mood.