[Drama]Itsukakonokoi wo omidashite kitonaiteshimau

Drama total pnts rank Rank 540in 2,619 titlesTotal 4 / Deviation 51.33
Drama rank of 2016 Rank 10in 117 titles
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Yuji Sakamoto
Aoi Teshima
Michiko Namiki
Kasumi Arimura
Kora Kengo
Mituki Takahata
Takahiro Nishijima
Morikawa Aoi
Sakaguchi Kentarou
Kenji Urai
Seiji Fukushi
Ryu Morioka
Nagano Mei
Sakurai Yuki
Ken Yasuda
Akira Emoto
Issei Takahashi
Miyuki Matsuda
Fumiyo Kohinata
Kaoru Yachigusa
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Japan Released:2016/01/18(Mon) 21:00-21:54 Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Official sites
1. http://www.fujitv.co.jp/itsu_koi/index.html (Translation)
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2017/01/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6422 Host:6188 Browser: 5819
I hear that audience rating and reputation were bad but I personally like it. I did not have a worried skill by Arisumi Arimura and I had a good feeling, and I think that it is okay for the characters to be daunted anyway. Unlike from 5 o'clock to nine o'clock, etc., there is a kind of lonely atmosphere that is unspeakable. I can not recommend it to anyone who likes love rice, but it is a wonderful work.

2016/06/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29168 Browser: 5213
I did not expect it when I began seeing honestly, but in the latest month 9 I thought it was a good workmanship, or was it a drama betrayed that expectation in a good way.

From the first episode, it was the thing that I asked you to introduce that power even though Mr. Akimoto Akira and Mr. Hikari Mitsushima had appointed senior's famous place, but what each way of life is dexterity While I could not complain, I was able to have sympathy to the appearance of young people who were trying hard to overcome themselves with disadvantaged circumstances.

It seems that it was a story from around 2011, even though Mr. Jiro Sakagami's death or Sazae's Hoopairi voice actor change (even Chibi Maruko's sister's role was ... ...) ... It seems that they were touched and that they had social influence beyond generations.
Despite the depiction at the nursing care field, it seems that complaints have come, I can not say anything because I have never worked at the site, but irregular employment I have to care about whether to renew my contract,
Power harassment, the difficulty of paid digestion itself (Kaneko desperately asked the company to desperately take it and got reluctantly reluctantly), Internet cafe refugee ETC ......... also polite the problems of contemporary Japanese society seriously While thrusting ... ... thing.

Interpretation saying "Sounds and drunkness", "interdependent talks." Although each other's love was real, there was a strange feeling that there was nothing somewhere in the clouds ..........
In the workplace I also understood the feeling that I wanted to play another myself in the city I got out of the company, even though I was in a difficult position to evaluate even though I worked hard on my work at the workplace, another person to be noted with this drama The supporting supporting worker would have been the Ibuki younger brother.

Although he was born between a father and a correct wife, he was strangely unnecessarily dark and heavy, despite being a child of a mistress. It was also becoming like a rival of Koi's love (Actually, I was allowed to have dinner together with my dad until I lied, but my father told me that lie), but it was like a frenzy attack on sounds And there was a faithful face that could not escape from his own fate, having a complicated conflict against his family, elder brother and other family members.

My father who was expecting on behalf of my older brother and a brother's brother who wanted to drag his father from the chair of the top executive was also temporarily temporary, and eventually the sound is the last .......
Although it was, Nishijima Takahiro's performance had a peculiar aura that could be unpredictable as to what to do in a good sense, a little dangerous, but also to be felt as loveable.

In the end it says somewhat pretty harmoniously but everyone has been walking forward in their own way regularly and there is something that is heartwarming, and it can be said that the interaction with that family / family of sounds is also good in this sense to the very end Probably. It seems that the viewer rating did not affect the viewer, and I certainly did not say there was somewhat excessive depiction none at all, but I was pulling out the merit of each of the young actors.

Of course, Kenzo Takara and Akira Arimura were also .... However, in particular Mr. Nishijima said "GJ !!"
The evaluation is "very good" in that it was.